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Laura Ingraham Calls The Biden White House ‘The MSNBC Administration’ And Gets Hit With A Blunt Reminder

According to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, President Joe Biden isn’t actually running the country. On her show Wednesday evening, Ingraham declared that the Biden White House should be called “the MSNBC administration,” Mediaite reports:
“This is the Democrats’ entire political agenda in 2022: ‘We’ll protect from you the insurrectionists.’ “This isn’t a hard left country. They’re not going to be able to convince voters to dump the Electoral College, make D.C. a state, get rid of capitalism, or eliminate prisons. Not gonna happen. This isn’t the Biden administration, though. Is it really? It’s the MSNBC administration.”
Wow! That’s pretty rich when you consider that Fox News was constantly cheering for and advising failed, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump during his term in office. Additionally, at least 21 people worked at Fox News and later in the Trump administration. In other words, Ingraham is engaged in classic projection: Accusing others of your own actions. It’s the very same tactic used by tyrants throughout history. And that’s exactly what social media users told Ingraham as they slammed her for being a pathetic hypocrite:
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Bartiromo Screamed At Barr When He Refused To Steal The 2020 Election For Trump: Report

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo got into an enraged shouting match with then-Attorney General William Barr because he refused to say there had been widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, according to a new book from Jonathan Karl that will be released on Tuesday.

CNN reports that Bartiromo was livid that Barr wouldn’t join the attempt by some in the Trump administration to delegitimize the results which clearly showed Joe Biden would be the next president:

“Betrayal,” by ABC’s chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl, highlights Bartiromo’s damaging role as a promoter of reckless lies about the election.

In the book, which comes out on Tuesday, Karl writes that “Bartiromo had once been a widely respected and trailblazing financial journalist. As a correspondent for CNBC, she was the first television reporter to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Now she had her own show on Fox News and she was using it to boost a series of unfounded allegations designed to overturn a presidential election.”

Barr confirmed to Karl that the conversation with Bartiromo did indeed take place and that he refused to budge when she demanded he cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election:

“She called me up and she was screaming,” Barr told Karl on the record. “I yelled back at her. She’s lost it.”

Karl said he reached out to Bartiromo for a response, because, “after all, it’s highly inappropriate for a journalist to call the attorney general and demand he do something related to a criminal investigation.”

“Bartiromo did not respond,” Karl wrote, “but a Fox News spokesperson did get back to me and denied Barr’s account of the conversation on Bartiromo’s behalf.”

As we long suspected, Fox News and other right-wing media outlets such as Newsmax and One America News were all part of the larger conspiracy to stage a coup that would allow Trump to remain in power indefinitely. The riots at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were also part of that plot, and are being investigated by the House Select Committee.

Every single person who played any role in the attempt to destroy this republic and our representative democracy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That includes Maria Bartiromo, who should also be shown the door by Fox.

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Tucker Carlson Gets Crushed Online After He Mocks ‘Breastfeeding’ Buttigieg For Taking Paternity Leave

You probably recall that back in July, while he was on vacation in Montana, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was approached by a man named Dan Bailey who told him to his face:

“You are the worst human being known to mankind. I want you to know that.”

And now, yet again, Carlson has proved that he is indeed the worst human being known to mankind for comments he made about Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg taking family leave since he and his husband, Chasten, recently adopted twins.

On his show Thursday evening, Carlson not only chided Buttigieg for taking leave (which he’s entitled to under the law), but he also decided he’d toss in a line about how he wondered if “breastfeeding” had worked out.

What in the hell is that all about? Is Carlson just trying to let his audience know he hates Buttigieg because he’s gay, or is he suggesting that two men shouldn’t be allowed to adopt?

Whatever Carlson’s point was, his comments were met with anger and disdain on Twitter:

UPDATE: Secretary Buttigieg responded to Carlson during an appearance on “Deadline: White House, remarking:

“I don’t think that even speaks for most people, on the other side of the aisle from the party that I belong to. This is largely a consensus issue, not just the support for families like mine to have a right to marry and right to be treated equally, but also that families in general. Moms and dads have to be able to support their children including with paid leave.”

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Tucker Carlson Admits What We’ve Long Suspected: ‘I Lie If I’m Really Cornered Or Something. I Lie.’

One of the main requirements for being an on-air host at Fox News is that you have to be willing to lie, twist the facts, fabricate evidence, and misinform your viewers, even though doing can have disastrous consequences, à la the 2020 election results and subsequent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Of course, the people who work at Fox will never come right out and tell their viewers that they’re being lied to. That would destroy whatever modicum of credibility they might have in the minds of the right-wing MAGA faithful, many of who have now switched to even more extreme sources of bullshit, i.e. Newsmax and One America News.

But in a moment of stunning honesty, Tucker Carlson is admitting that he does indeed lie, telling right-wing Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” that lying is part of who he is, even though he immediately tried to take it back Media Matters reports:

“I guess I would ask myself, like, I mean I lie if I’m really cornered or something. I lie. I really try not to. I try never to lie on TV. I just don’t — I don’t like lying. I certainly do it, you know, out of weakness or whatever.”

So if you’re not trying to lie, that means you’re not a liar? Good luck selling that one in a court of law. Sure, I committed perjury, but I didn’t like doing it. Tell a judge that and the next sound you hear will be the cell doors closing as you settle in to serve your sentence.

Carlson also fessed up to harming people with his lies and misinformation, but he claims he didn’t do it out of malice:

“And I have to say. There have been many times in the twenty-five years I’ve been in TV where I think you know, are we using this, like, very substantial power that we have to put pictures on the screen to hurt weak people. And I have done that, inadvertently over the years because I got carried away. But I really try not to.”

Tucker didn’t mean to slag a person who was totally innocent. It was inadvertent; he just got carried away. That’s certain to make the person he attacked feel so much better.

Remember the man who approached Carlson recently in Montana and called him “the worst human being ever”? The reason that resonated so deeply with people is because it’s true. Tucker Carlson is a total douchebag, and a self-admitted liar. Those things alone make him a lowlife.

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Sean Hannity Says It’s Time For The US To Reinvade Afghanistan

Fox News host Sean Hannity thinks he has the perfect solution to the problem of Afghanistan, even though President Joe Biden is getting Americans and our Afghan allies out of the country by the tens of thousands each day.

According to Hannity, the only thing left to do is reinvade Afghanistan.

Yes, he really advocated that.

On his radio show Tuesday, Media Matters for America reports, Hannity told his listeners:

“Psaki claiming no Americans are stranded, but Joe Biden himself said, but we can’t guarantee the outcome. He put us in this position, it’s an impossible position. I don’t even want to have to ask our military men and women to — to go in there and go behind enemy lines to extract American citizens, but what other option do we have at this point?”

He doesn’t want to ask the military to go back in, but he just did exactly that. One of a million reasons we’re fortunate the high-school dropout Hannity isn’t president.

That’s not all Sean had to say. He continued:

“That’s not a great option, but that’s the only one we’ve got that I see. Will they do it? Will they risk their lives? Yes, they’re willing to do it. But if you don’t make the call today, it’s not going to meet the deadline that apparently you agreed to, Joe.”

Let’s see here: President Biden has access to the best and most recent intelligence on the situation. Hannity doesn’t. President Biden also knows from one minute to the next exactly how many people are being airlifted out of Afghanistan. Sean Hannity has nothing but the lies he gleans from the dumbest corners of the internet.

To hear Hannity tell it, all is lost:

“And that means that — even Adam Schiff acknowledges — Americans, you’re going to leave them behind. Behind enemy lines, hostage to the whims of a terrorist organization. What part of that are you not understanding? The magnitude of which, this cluster that you have created, and put our fellow Americans in jeopardy for no reason. Totally, completely preventable.”

Actually, what Congressman Schiff said is that we may not be able to get all of our Afghan allies out of country by the Aug. 31 deadline. That deadline, of course, could always be extended by the president.

Leave it to Sean Hannity to call for another endless occupation right as 20 years of that nightmare are coming to an end.

If Hannity wants to invade Afghanistan again, let’s see him put his money where his mouth is and suit up with the Marines. He wouldn’t last 30 seconds in battle before he crapped himself and started begging for his mommy.