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Steve Bannon Calls Lindsey Graham A ‘MAGA Traitor’ As The GOP Begins To Implode

Former Trump administration adviser Steve Bannon is furious with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and is accusing him of being a traitor to the MAGA movement and failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.

On his “War Room” podcast Wednesday, Bannon referenced remarks made by President Joe Biden that there were five Republican senators who support him but fear saying so because they believe they would face primary challenges from pro-Trump candidates:

“The five traitors — and this is the scumbags and slimeballs you have here in the nation’s capital — he got five Republican senators have told him they agree with what he’s doing. They agree with what he’s doing and they would vote and support him, but they’re afraid of, wait for it, the War Room Posse.”

Bannon then urged the five senators to identify themselves, taking direct aim at Graham:

“Have enough guts to step up and tell us, Lindsey Graham, who you are. We need you guys to step up to the plate, Lindsey Graham!”

Wow! Sounds like the GOP is starting to implode. And with Trump facing the very real possibility of being indicted in New York, Georgia, and by the Justice Department for his role in the January 6 Capitol insurrection, we could see the Republican Party in a full-scale civil war long before the 2022 midterm elections.

Donald Trump GOP U.S. Senate

Lindsey Graham Says He No Longer Supports Mitch McConnell Because He’s Been Mean To Trump

For those of you keeping score at home in the Great GOP Civil War of 2021, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says he’s officially done with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) because Mitch isn’t being sufficiently subservient to failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.

Yep. Lindsey says he won’t even support Mitch to be the next majority leader if Republicans happen to win back control of the Senate in the midterm elections.

During an appearance on Fox News Wednesday evening, Lindsey told host Sean Hannity:

“Elections are about the future. If you want to be a Republican leader in the House or the Senate, you have to have a working relationship with President Donald Trump. He’s the most consequential Republican since Ronald Reagan. It’s his nomination if he wants it, and I think he’ll get reelected in 2024.”

If elections are about the future, as Graham asserts, why would you want to hitch your wagon to a man who was impeached twice, lost by nearly 8 million votes, and has a lower positive approval rating among the public than gonorrhea, not to mention that he’s facing indictment in multiple jurisdictions?

But Lindsey was far from finished laying a massive smooch on Trump’s fat butt, adding:

“I’m not going to vote for anybody for leader of the Senate as a Republican unless they can prove to me that they can advocate an ‘American First’ agenda and have a working relationship with President Trump, because if you can’t do that, you will fail.”

Pay attention, Lindsey: DONALD TRUMP HAS ALREADY FAILED! He failed miserably and will go down as the worst president in American history. Step aside, Millard Fillmore and Warren Harding, Dotard Donnie is taking your spot!

Graham was asked Thursday by Fox host Sandra Smith if he really meant what he told Hannity:

“When you go back to the warning to Mitch McConnell, why would you do that in this moment in a midterm election election year?”

Graham snapped back with this reply:

“Are you not listening? It’s not a warning. He says he wants to be the Republican leader. I’ve acknowledged he’s been the most consequential Republican leader of my lifetime. … But look what Mitch accomplished working with Donald Trump. The question is, how do we go forward as a party?”

Graham then added to be an effective GOP leader “you don’t have to kiss Donald Trump’s ass, but you got to have a working relationship with him for us to be successful.”

If that’s the case, then why is Lindsey so eager to pucker up and kiss Donald Trump’s ass?

Republicans are convinced they’ve got the 2022 midterms all sewn up, but based on the way they’re sniping at each other ten months out, they might not want to count those chickens just yet.

Oh, and Lindsey, one other thing: Do us all a favor and wipe that orange and brown smudge off your nose.

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New Questions Arise After Lindsey Graham Implicates Ivanka In The Jan. 6th Insurrection

We’ve known for a few weeks now that one-term former President Donald Trump’s oldest son, Don Jr., was in frequent contact with then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on January 6, 2021, urging Meadows to tell the ex-president he needed to call off the dogs and urge his supporters to vacate the Capitol where they were rioting.

Now, however, we know that the former president’s favorite child, Ivanka, was acting as a conduit for messages traveling from supporters to the Donald and others in the White House on the day of the insurrection.

Oddly enough, Ivanka’s involvement has become public knowledge thanks to one of the most sycophantic Trump supporters in Congress, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who told CNN’s Manu Raju what he conveyed to the former president’s daughter:

Sen. Lindsey Graham said he didn’t text with Meadows on Jan. 6 —- but told me he spoke with Ivanka Trump to deliver a message to her dad. He said he wanted then-President Trump to “tell his people to leave.”

The Washington Post confirmed Raju’s reporting and added that Graham also told Ivanka:

“You need to get these people out of here. This thing is going south. This is not good. You’re going to have to tell these people to stand down. Stand down.”

Ivanka sent out a tweet on the day of the Capitol insurrection which read:

“American Patriots – any security breach or disrespect to our law enforcement is unacceptable,” she posted at 3:15 p.m. on January 6th. “The violence must stop immediately. Please be peaceful.”

That tweet was later deleted after a wave of criticism because Ivanka had referred to rioters as “Patriots.”

All of this is leading to an inevitable nexus: The Jan. 6 Select Committee will no doubt be demanding all text messages and other communications that were sent by both Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner.

With each day it becomes clearer that many in the Trump family were part of a larger conspiracy which was carried out on Jan. 6 at the Capitol. And if it can be proven they broke the law, they need to be referred to the Justice Department for criminal charges.


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Jen Psaki Slams Lindsey Graham For Lying About The Cost Of Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

Even though he gleefully supported massive tax cuts for the rich during the Trump administration which added $1.5 trillion to the national debt, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is now pretending he cares about the debt and deficits so he can try to kill President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better human infrastructure bill.

One of the ways Graham is doing that is by using a score from the Congressional Budget Office which he says would add trillions to the debt, according to The Hill:

The CBO released a report on Friday, at Graham’s request, that found Biden’s spending plan would increase the cost of the deficit by $3 trillion over 10 years if all of its provisions were made permanent.

Comparatively, the CBO determined that the bill, as it passed the House, would add $200 billion to the deficit in the same time period. 

But there’s a major flaw with that CBO report which Graham conveniently forgot to mention:

Democrats denounced the CBO report that Graham requested because programs created under the Biden bill are temporary and have built in sunsets. If the programs are extended, Democrats add, they’ve pledged to find new ways to pay for them. 

At Friday’s White House Press Briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about what Graham had said, and she wasted no time calling out the senator for his blatant lies, telling reporters:

“This is a fake CBO score. Is not about the existing bill.  It’s about proposing the extension of programs that were not agreed to. Without the commitment of the president which he has made repeatedly that he would not support extending these programs that they were not paid for, period. That is his commitment.” 

And then she took direct aim at Graham, verbally eviscerating him by noting:

“I would also note that there is a particular irony here. That shouldn’t be lost on Senator Graham. Maybe it is lost on Sen. Graham? I don’t know. That the plan that they proposed, and passed into law, the 2017 tax cuts, were $2 trillion were not paid for in any way shape or form and that didn’t seem to upset them at all. And I what I  will say, and they can thank us in any way they would like for this, our projections, and the projections of our economists is for our plan as it continues in the second decade it would reduce the deficit by $2 trillion, so we’re covering their irresponsible tax cuts to corporations and high wealth individuals.”

Game, set, and match Jen Psaki.


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Lindsey Graham: ‘40,000 Brazilians With Gucci Bags’ Are Invading Connecticut

Someone really needs to stage an intervention for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) because he’s starting to sound like some of the deranged primetime hosts on Fox News and is even fabricating facts and figures, much like his good “friend,” the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president, Donald Trump.

Matter of fact, Graham was appearing in Sean Hannity’s show when he began spinning a bizarre (and mostly fact-free) tale about Brazilian immigrants coming into the United States so they can make their way to Connecticut.

Yes, he really said that.

Specifically, Graham told Hannity:

“Now, what [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas did today, calling off all the raids of worksite, is going to be another incentive for people to come, because the word is out. You come, you claim asylum, you never leave. The policy choices of Biden are all over the world now.

“We had 40,000 Brazilians come through the Yuma Sector alone headed for Connecticut wearing designer clothes and Gucci bags. This is not economic migration anymore.

“People see an open America. They’re taking advantage of us. And it won’t be long before a terrorist gets in this crowd.”

A terrorist? You mean like the group of Proud Boy domestic terrorists who showed up at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and proceeded to engage in all sorts of illegal behavior, including the beating of numerous law enforcement officers? No need for them to immigrate because they’re already here even though every last one of them needs to be in prison for the next 100 or so years.

The Washington Post was unable to verify Graham’s massive lie, but a spokesperson for the senator was only too happy to double down on the fabrication:

Kevin Bishop, a spokesman for Graham, defended the senator’s comments, citing what he saw during his recent trip to the border and news reports about Brazilian immigrants. Bishop also provided photographs of luggage and shoes taken at the border.

“They have had thousands of Brazilians coming through there,” Bishop said. “As Senator Graham noted in Yuma, the luggage was nicer than his own.”

None of the luggage in the photos provided to The Washington Post appeared to be Gucci. The most obvious clothing in the photos was a pair of fairly clean Puma tennis shoes without shoelaces.

Quite clearly, Lindsey made up his story just so he could go on Hannity’s show and terrify the gullible lemmings who watch the network and believe the BS they’re fed.

Twitter users, however, were only too happy to provide the mocking the senator so richly deserved: