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Lindsey Graham Outs Members Of His Own Family – As Lazy

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, there are members of his family who are too lazy to work because they’d rather stay home and collect unemployment benefits.

During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Graham asked Shalanda Young, the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, about the temporary COVID-19 unemployment benefits. Young responded that the current unemployment level is the lowest since the pandemic began.

The South Carolina senator suddenly interrupted, remarking:

“(The) enhanced unemployment benefit is deterring people from re-entering into the workforce.

“There’s a lot of jobs out there that are unfilled and will never be filled until you change the benefit structure.”

Young told Graham:

“I understand the logic. But I’ve also not met Americans who would prefer not to work. There’s a dignity to work in this country.”

But Graham was having none of it:

“So the bottom line is I think there are people out there that are not bad people but they’re not going to work for $15 and hour if they can make $23 unemployed. That doesn’t make you a bad person. If you’re working for $15/hour that makes you almost a chump.

“I think we incentivize people not to work because simply they make more money. I’m not blaming them, I’m blaming us.”

But not everyone was buying what Graham was selling, no matter how much he was willing to pay an hour, and they let him know they thought he was flat-out lying to make his point:

As usual, Lindsey is completely full of shit. No wonder he’s a Republican.

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Lindsey Graham Has Bizarre Meltdown At Press Conference – Says ‘Deep State’ Scientists Want To Harm Trump

Has Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) been in the Senate for too long? Or has he simply lost what was left of his mind?

Those are pertinent questions after a bizarre performance Graham gave at a press conference Monday when he suggested that “deep state” scientists plotted to destroy failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.

The presser, which was held in Greenville, South Carolina, was set up as a platform for Graham to call for a congressional investigation into whether or not the COVID-19 virus had originated “from a lab” in China, with the senator asking:

“But first. I want to know, how did our government potentially get it so wrong?”

That led Graham to go off on a rant about a “group of scientists” (not a one of whom he named) who had allegedly downplayed the virus as nothing but a right-wing talking point:

“Is there a deep state science department? Is the NIH and the State Department — were people in those two organizations trying to tamp down the idea that it may have come from the lab because they support the lab?”

Well, wasn’t the State Department under the control of then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when the pandemic reached the United States? Is Pompeo part of the “deep state,” too?

That’s when Graham entered full meltdown mode:

“There are people that did not want Trump to be right. Trump suggested this may have come from a lab and he was called a xenophobic racist by suggesting it came from the lab in China. Well, some people just don’t want Trump to ever be right and those same people are stakeholders in the grant program where their livelihood is on the line.”

Not wacko enough for you? Lindsey put on his tinfoil hat and began spinning more conspiracy theories he failed to provide a speck of evidence to support, deciding to reference the Steele dossier and Russia investigation:

“We had all of this information that the document collected by Christopher Steele was not reliable but people used it anyway. They wanted an outcome. I think there is a storyline developing here that people wanted an outcome, they wanted to shoot down the idea that it could be a lab leak because Trump would have been right.

“So that’s what I want to look at. I think part of the motivations were political, not scientific.”

Political motivations in an election year? Say it ain’t so, Lindsey! That never ever happens, does it?

Now that COVID has become an Achilles heel for the GOP, they’re trying to blame the scientific community, China, Russia, Christopher Steele, and the “boogeyman” for their own ineptitude and their fantatical support of a clown who told us coronavirus would magically disappear when warmer weather arrived or if we drank bleach.

Sorry, Lindsey, but all you managed to prove with your surreal press conference is that you’re drinking the Crazy Train Kool-Aid, too. For God’s sake, man, put the cup down and seek professional help!

Here’s the video of Graham’s unhinged press conference:

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New Questions Arise About Lindsey Graham After A Trump Ally Says He ‘Knows About’ The Senator

Something very strange is going on in South Carolina, and it could well have profound implications for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), who just so happens to be the senior senator from the Palmetto State.

Recently in Hampton County, South Carolina, the state’s GOP chairman, Drew McKissick, was accosted by attorney Lin Wood, whose claim to fame is that he filed some of the most bizarre and batshit crazy lawsuits seeking to over the 2020 election and have federal courts declare failed, one-term former President Donald Trump the victor, even though he lost by 7 million popular votes and 74 Electoral College votes to President Joe Biden.

Wood is running to unseat McKissick as head of the South Carolina Republican Party, and during his confrontation with the current chairman, he suddenly dropped the Sen. Graham’s name.

In the clip below, Wood tells McKissick:

“I know about you and Lindsey. You need to get out of the race now. Nothing can stop what’s going to come.”

McKissick responds:

“You are supporting Chinese pornography. So just get your stuff off the internet buddy.”

Wood then repeats his original statement:

“I know about you and Lindsey.”

To that, McKissick tells Wood:

“You don’t know anything.”

Later in the clip, Wood is again trying to suggest that something is about to break that will supposedly be detrimental in one way or another to Graham and McKissick:

“It’s going to come out. You need to accept that.”

But McKissick remains undaunted:

“Hey, bring it on out buddy. Come on. I’m here. I’m right here. Come on. Bring it on. Come on. Come on. Come on.”

Once more, Wood reiterates his nebulous threat:

“I don’t think you want to bring it out but it’s going to come out. You and Lindsey. It’s going to come out Drew. I’m trying to tell you.”

What’s going to come out? That remains unclear; Wood didn’t give any specifics, and he’s known to be fond of conspiracy theories.

But Wood’s ranting has set off speculation once again that there’s something Lindsey Graham is hiding. Some have suggested Russia may have kompromat (compromising material) that proves they have given payoffs to Graham. There has been no evidence of this and it’s little more than speculation.

And there’s also the longtime whispers that the 65-year-old, never married Graham is a closeted gay man who is terrified coming out would be the end of his career in a state as conservative as South Carolina.

Whatever Lin Wood is referring to, this sort of negative publicity isn’t the least bit helpful to Graham or the GOP, and if Wood does indeed have some sort of information that would implicate Graham in something unsavory, it could do serious damage to other Republicans allied with the senator.

It’s going to come out, Lin Wood insists. We’ll just have to wait and see what in the hell he’s talking about.


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Tough Guy Lindsey Graham Is Now Threatening China With War

Now that he’s no longer on the White House’s speed dial and has become largely irrelevant, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is desperate to pretend he still has some modicum of power.

Proof of that was on display when Graham appeared on Fox News Monday, rattling the proverbial saber as he threatened China, even though he doesn’t make foreign policy.

Graham was asked this question by host Ben Domenech of The Federalist:

“What do you think we need to be doing in terms of sending China a clear message, given their increased military activity and all the different ways that they’re challenging us on the world stage?”

Graham responded:

“Stand up for the Uighurs. Your father-in-law is rolling over in his grave now, the America John McCain fought for and was willing to die for is changing in front of us. I like what Trump did, he stood up to the Chinese. You steal our stuff, you’re going to pay a price. Human rights still matters. Let the Chinese know that if you try to take Taiwan, we’ll have a war and you’ll lose it.”

Human rights still matter? Is that supposed to be a joke? Donald Trump never talked about human rights in China. He was far too busy starting a trade war that he lost and that may have also played a part in costing him a second term in office He even told Chinese President Xi Jinping that he completely approved of putting the Uighurs into concentration camps.

Now, however, we’re is supposed to listen to Graham the hypocrite and believe he’s earnest in his concern for minority groups in China? When will Lindsey do the same for minorities in his own country?

Sen. Graham needs to sit down and let the experts shape U.S. foreign policy, because it’s clear he’s auditioning for the 2024 GOP cattle call. As if he has a chance in hell of winning.


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‘Rambo’ Graham Humiliated For Claiming He Owns An AR-15 To Battle ‘Gangs’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tried to make himself sound like some sort of a tough guy during an appearance on Fox News, but all he accomplished was humiliating himself when social media began relentlessly mocking Senator “Rambo” for his bragging.

Speaking with Fox host Chris Wallace, Graham brazenly declared:

“I own an AR-15. If there’s a natural disaster in South Carolina where the cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be the last one that the gang will come to, because I can defend myself.”

Actually, Lindsey, your house will the last one because you creep everyone out and no one wants to see you in your boxer shorts or whatever it is you wear around the house.

Graham was immediately pelted with hilarious mocking online:

Poor Lindsey! He wants us to think he’s a macho man, but we all know better. Then again, so does he.