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Lara Trump Gets Slammed For Posting Video Of Her Son In Pouring Rain – Calls It Building ‘Character’

Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump and wife of Eric Trump, executive vice president of his daddy’s company, the Trump Organization, is getting slammed on social media for a video she posted of her 5-year-old son being forced to ride on a small children’s car in pouring rain as she notes that doing so will build “character.”

In the video, the child, Eric L. Trump, who goes by the name Luke, is seen squinting his eyes and trying to see as a torrential rain pours down on him. At one point, he also appears to be crying.

The rain is part of the first wave of storms from Hurricane Ian, which is slamming into the state of Florida, and it appears to have caught Lara by surprise, because she includes a caption on Instagram with the video that reads:

“Thought we had a clear window, turns out we built some character instead. Everyone stay safe!”

In the video, you can also hear Lara Trump remarking:

“Oh my God, Luke. Come on, you can do it, let’s go.”

This is the same son that Eric and Lara praised as being a “hyper-savant” in June, with Lara commenting:

“I feel like our son could almost be like an Elon Musk type. Because he looks at things in a way…The things he observes when he looks at like a video or picture, I’m like, ‘Wow, you’re looking at that in a way I never even thought of.’ That’s Elon Musk.”

Once the video was shared on Twitter, it didn’t take long before Lara was slammed for humiliating her son while the internet watched, which certainly seems to be a form of child abuse.

Cruelty and sadism seem to be hallmarks of the Trump family.

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Dense Lara Trump Claims Canada Is Becoming ‘Like North Korea’

Lara Trump desperately wants to be taken seriously, but something she said Monday evening on Fox News proved she doesn’t have a clue when it comes to something as basic as the trucker protests taking place in Canada that have hurt the Canadian economy and also slowed down business in the United States.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s nightly whinefest, Trump insisted that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had become a authoritarian dictator because he had police disperse protesters in Ottawa using powers under the country’s Emergency Act.

Hannity began the discussion by noting that a similar “freedom convoy” is on its way to Washington, D.C., adding:

“It will be interesting to see if the Democrats treat them the same way they treated the summer of 2020 rioters.”

That led Trump to remark:

“They’re not gonna be treated like the summer of 2020 rioters.”

Trump then added she considered Trudeau to be “everything – basically – a tyrant would encompass,” before she made an absurd comparison of Canada under Trudeau to the repressive authoritarian regime in North Korea:

“It is tyranny, what you see happening in Canada. And let me tell you something. When you think of a tyrannical government, you often think of places like North Korea. Sean, this is how it starts. They start chipping away, one by one at your freedoms until you don’t even realize they’re gone. It is a really dangerous game they’re playing up there in Canada.”

That’s not even remotely accurate.

The definition of tyranny is, according to Merriam-Webster:

1 : an act or the pattern of harsh, cruel, and unfair control over other people. 2 : a government in which all power is in the hands of a single ruler.

How is it harsh, cruel, or unfair of the Canadian government to use laws already on the books to make sure the country’s economy doesn’t grind to a halt? Aren’t Republicans supposed to be in favor of business and trade?

Secondly, Trudeau answers to a parliament and the voters, making the country a parliamentary democracy.

Like so many on the right, Lara Trump thinks anyone who disagrees with her is a tyrant. And yet she hasn’t said a word about how her father-in-law and members of his administration tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election and stage a coup. That’s the first step to tyranny.

Sorry, Ms. Trump, but your lies don’t pass the smell test.

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Twitter Claps Back When Gaslighting Lara Trump Says Donald Only Made $4 Total As POTUS

If you thought you’d heard all of the absurd bullshit that can possibly come from the mouth of a member of the Trump family, consider what Lara Trump claimed during an appearance on Fox News: Failed, one-term former President Donald Trump only made $4 a year as president.

Oh, and according to Lara, her father-in-law also “worked all day everyday for the American people.”

First we have the $4 a year statement, which The Independent notes, is apparently based on Donald donating his presidential salary:

She told Fox News viewers on Tuesday that the former US president took only $1 (£0.73) a year, or $4 in total, because he donated a large amount of his salary.

“I’m old enough to remember when we had a president who worked all day, everyday, for the American people, and by the way, took no salary.”

Not bad enough? Lara even asserted that Donald didn’t golf that much:

Lara Trump also said Donald Trump “clearly wasn’t golfing a quarter of his presidency.” But it was close: He played nearly 300 rounds over his single term in office, costing taxpayers more than $150 million. Millions of those tax dollars went into his own pocket since many of the golfing trips took place at his resorts.

However, while Fox Host Sean Hannity didn’t call Lara out for her blatant lies and gaslighting, Twitter certainly did, and she was quickly handed a well-deserved round of mockery and fact checking:


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Lara Trump Says Joe Biden Is Using Inflation To Destroy Thanksgiving

According to Lara Trump, whose only claim to being the least bit relevant is that she’s married to Eric Trump, President Joe Biden is glad there’s inflation in the United States because it’s how he plans to take away the “traditions” we value as Americans.

Appearing on Fox News Wednesday evening, Lara immediately let the world know she doesn’t understand even the basics of economics, remarking:

“They (Democrats) have told us from the beginning that they want to fundamentally transform America. Well, how do you do that? You have to change America from the inside out. You have to take away our traditions. So it might seem a little funny and a little ridiculous — oh, don’t have a turkey then people won’t come over, where last year remember they didn’t even want us to get together, so I guess we’re lucky they’re letting us have Thanksgiving this year.”

Last year, Americans were urged not to get together for the holidays because COVID was rampant and Donald Trump had failed miserably at controlling the pandemic.

However, Lara was far from finished spinning her conspiracy theory and proving that her tinfoil hat is way too tight on her head:

“But at really the core of this, they want to divide Americans up, they don’t want us to have any common ground, they don’t want us to have any shared traditions like Thanksgiving. A lot of places last month actually did away with Halloween because they wanted to be inclusive of the people who didn’t celebrate Halloween. … It all goes to fundamentally transforming this country, and the way you do that is you make sure we have no commonality whatsoever, no traditions as Americans whatsoever, you start chipping away at that. And they don’t care that Thanksgiving costs a lot more, whether you’re driving to somebody’s house this year, paying for all that food on the table, they don’t care. Joe Biden is certainly very happy right now where he is for Thanksgiving.”

Reaction to Lara Trump’s paranoid babbling was immediate: