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Lara Trump’s Claim That Donald Always Tells The Truth Gets Destroyed On Social Media

According to Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of indicted sex offender and former president Donald Trump, the release of a report from special prosecutor John Durham is proof that the disgraced ex-president has been right about all of his crazy conspiracy theories.

Lara appeared on Newsmax and remarked, “How many times has what he said actually come true? Pretty much everything he ever talked about — and, by the way, he was mocked for saying — have all come true.”

But as HuffPost notes, the former president is almost never right, and he wasn’t right about the Durham report either.

The former president had claimed Durham would uncover “the crime of the century.” Instead, the report called the FBI’s activities “extremely troublesome,” and concluded the agency shouldn’t have launched its collusion probe, but did not recommend new charges or “wholesale changes” to guidelines or policy.

But when you consider that the Washington Post tracked the lies and falsehoods uttered by the twice-impeached former president during his four years in office (over 30,000 total), Lara’s claim of her father-in-law being “right about everything” is total bullshit.

Twitter users were quick to set the record straight for Lara.


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Lara Trump Gets Slammed For Posting Video Of Her Son In Pouring Rain – Calls It Building ‘Character’

Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump and wife of Eric Trump, executive vice president of his daddy’s company, the Trump Organization, is getting slammed on social media for a video she posted of her 5-year-old son being forced to ride on a small children’s car in pouring rain as she notes that doing so will build “character.”

In the video, the child, Eric L. Trump, who goes by the name Luke, is seen squinting his eyes and trying to see as a torrential rain pours down on him. At one point, he also appears to be crying.

The rain is part of the first wave of storms from Hurricane Ian, which is slamming into the state of Florida, and it appears to have caught Lara by surprise, because she includes a caption on Instagram with the video that reads:

“Thought we had a clear window, turns out we built some character instead. Everyone stay safe!”

In the video, you can also hear Lara Trump remarking:

“Oh my God, Luke. Come on, you can do it, let’s go.”

This is the same son that Eric and Lara praised as being a “hyper-savant” in June, with Lara commenting:

“I feel like our son could almost be like an Elon Musk type. Because he looks at things in a way…The things he observes when he looks at like a video or picture, I’m like, ‘Wow, you’re looking at that in a way I never even thought of.’ That’s Elon Musk.”

Once the video was shared on Twitter, it didn’t take long before Lara was slammed for humiliating her son while the internet watched, which certainly seems to be a form of child abuse.

Cruelty and sadism seem to be hallmarks of the Trump family.

Donald Trump Lara Trump Social Media WTF?!

Twitter Claps Back When Gaslighting Lara Trump Says Donald Only Made $4 Total As POTUS

If you thought you’d heard all of the absurd bullshit that can possibly come from the mouth of a member of the Trump family, consider what Lara Trump claimed during an appearance on Fox News: Failed, one-term former President Donald Trump only made $4 a year as president.

Oh, and according to Lara, her father-in-law also “worked all day everyday for the American people.”

First we have the $4 a year statement, which The Independent notes, is apparently based on Donald donating his presidential salary:

She told Fox News viewers on Tuesday that the former US president took only $1 (£0.73) a year, or $4 in total, because he donated a large amount of his salary.

“I’m old enough to remember when we had a president who worked all day, everyday, for the American people, and by the way, took no salary.”

Not bad enough? Lara even asserted that Donald didn’t golf that much:

Lara Trump also said Donald Trump “clearly wasn’t golfing a quarter of his presidency.” But it was close: He played nearly 300 rounds over his single term in office, costing taxpayers more than $150 million. Millions of those tax dollars went into his own pocket since many of the golfing trips took place at his resorts.

However, while Fox Host Sean Hannity didn’t call Lara out for her blatant lies and gaslighting, Twitter certainly did, and she was quickly handed a well-deserved round of mockery and fact checking: