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Nancy Pelosi Has The Perfect Clapback To Republicans Who Want To Regulate Women’s Bodies

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has had more than enough of Republicans trying to control what American women can do with their bodies, and she’s making it clear that she isn’t going to sit idly by and let the GOP continue to attack the rights of women in the United States.

At her daily press conference, the Speaker was asked about Republicans in Congress making speeches on the House floor in which they reference her. She replied:

“We’re not going to negotiate a woman’s right to choose. What are you going to negotiate? Whether a woman can have contraception? Is that cause for negotiation? Whether people can have birth control? A little bit here. A little bit there. Yes or no? Look, you’re in my wheelhouse now because I had five children in six years and one week. God blessed us with that, and Republicans have said on the House floor Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows more about having babies than the Pope. Yes, I do, and I think other popes would agree…That’s what we’re talking about. Respect freedom of reproductive health.”

Men have no right telling women what they can do with their bodies. How do you suppose Republican men would feel if they were suddenly told they had to have mandatory vasectomies if they weren’t fathers by the age of 40? Or how would those same men like being told they can’t have sex without the approval of the state legislature?

The government should never get into private matters that are between a woman and her doctor. If we’re going to open that door and demand that women be subjected to a different standard, then we might just as well go ahead and declare that no one has any rights so the world can know we’ve become a nation of tyranny.

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Abbott: Texas Women Who Are Raped Won’t Need Abortions Because I’ll ‘Eliminate All Rapists’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said Tuesday that women in his state who are raped need not worry they won’t be able to get an abortion because he plans to “eliminate all rapists” in the Lone Star State.

At a signing ceremony for yet another piece of bad legislation (which makes it harder to vote in Texas), Abbott was asked:

“Why force a rape or incest victim to carry a pregnancy to term?”

The governor responded:

“It doesn’t require that at all because obviously, it provides at least six weeks for a person to get an abortion. That said, however, let’s make something clear. Rape is a crime, and Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them.”

No need to worry, ladies. Gov. Abbott is going to do what has never been done in the history of the world: Completely eliminate rape by arresting all the rapists and prosecuting them for the crime. Why didn’t anyone think of that sooner? This Abbott guy must be a freaking genius!

Actually, he’s as dumb as a damn stump.

What Abbott conveniently neglected to mention was that rape is already an underrated crime because women feel shame when it happens to them. And yet now Texas wants to all but guarantee that women and girls who are raped or victims of incest have no choice but to give birth. It’s beyond horrific; it’s inhumane and outright torture.

Even worse, for Abbott to pretend he actually gives a damn is also perverse. If he cared, it wouldn’t have signed the anti-abortion law in the first place. If he cared, he wouldn’t try to make it harder for people to vote.

But like nearly every Republican in today’s GOP, Greg Abbott only cares about himself and his own self-aggrandizement. Everyone else is secondary to his political ambitions. Too bad there isn’t a law to cover that crime.