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WATCH A GOP Senator Defend Trump Despite His Being Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Not long after a jury in New York found failed former president Donald Trump guilty of sexually assaulting writer E. Jean Carroll and then defaming her when she came forward with the accusation, a Republican senator appeared on Fox News and eagerly defended the disgraced ex-president/sex offender.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) was being interviewed by Fox host Neil Cavuto, who asked him, “While I have you, Senator, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention, you know, former President Trump has been found liable for battery in an alleged 1996 attack on E. Jean Carroll. The jury has ruled that he has to pay her $5 million. He’s going to appeal, but this is the latest case. There are probably others. I’m just wondering whether you think that dings him as a potential presidential nominee for your party,”

Hagerty tried to deflect the question and change the subject.

“Neil, we’ve been watching this legal circus in Manhattan unfold. This is just the latest act in it. Uh, I, I don’t think this is having an impact on the American public’s viewpoint. I think the American public is very focused on what’s happening to the real economy right now. Look at what happens at our border right now. We’re about to lose Title 42. We’re about to have another, you know, increase in the crisis there. Look around the globe at the, you know, the various crises that have been precipitated by this administration. I think that’s where the focus of the American public is right now, and they’re gonna be looking for leadership to solve that,” the senator responded. “Joe Biden is not the one to deliver that leadership.”

Cavuto then inquired, “So someone like an Asa Hutchison, the former Arkansas governor running for president says that the president should step down facing all of these legal battles. He was referring first and foremost, obviously, to this earlier case. I’m just wondering whether you agree that maybe another nominee wouldn’t have as many as many burdens, whether justified or not.”

Once more Hagerty refused to utter a single word of criticism against his political lord and savior.

“No. Neil, I think we’ve seen President Trump under attack since before he became president. This has been going on for, for years, and he’s been amazing in his ability to weather these sorts of attacks. The American public has been amazing in their support for him through all of it.”

It’s been said before but it needs to be repeated: The GOP has become a cult and their cult leader is none other than Donald J. Trump.

Crime Donald Trump Sexual Assault

Trump Is About To Suffer ‘Significant Political Damage’ After Being Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault: Report

Now that he has been found guilty of sexually assaulting and defaming E. Jean Carroll by a jury in New York, failed former president Donald Trump is also about to find out exactly how such a verdict will impact his bid for another term in office.

According to Ryan Goodman and Norm Eisen of Just Security, Trump has now gone “from an alleged sexual assaulter into a proven one” and that will result in a very serious hit to his political future based on recent history.

Specifically, Goodman and Eisen cite studies that show voters are much less likely to cast a ballot for someone who has been convicted of such a crime.

In November 2017, 61% of voters – including 56% of men and a nontrivial margin of white men (50-43) and white women (55-37) – said then-President Trump should be impeached and removed from office if he were proven to have engaged in ‘sexual harassment,’ according to a Quinnipiac poll. That overall support – the eye popping number of 61% – was higher than any poll tracking public support for impeachment and removal from office for the scandalous conduct in Trump’s first and second impeachments.

Additionally, polls taken while Trump was still in office show that over half of those surveyed said the disgraced and indicted ex-president should have resigned over the sexual assault allegations brought by 26 women.

What all of these numbers suggest, Goodman and Eisen conclude, is that “These results are no surprise when taken in context of recent social science studies. Rigorous empirical research shows that Americans generally consider sexual assault incompatible with serving in elected office or positions of public trust.”

Today’s verdict is just the beginning of Trump’s legal problems, as he may still be indicted for racketeering in Georgia as a result of his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election and could also be charged with violating the Espionage Act for illegally taking classified documents from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Crime Donald Trump Sexual Assault

Trump Gets Mocked As ‘A Witness Against Himself’ In Brutal Closing Argument Of Carroll Trial

During closing arguments Monday afternoon at the defamation trial of failed former president Donald Trump, an attorney for writer E. Jean Carroll, who brought the case against the ex-president, made it clear that the deposition of Trump shown last week to the jury is all the evidence jurors need to convict him.

Attorney Roberta Kaplan focused in on the portion of Trump’s testimony in which he said it was “unfortunately or fortunately” a historical fact that famous men can get away with sexually assaulting women.

“Who would say ‘fortunately’ to describe… sexual assault? He thinks stars like him can get away with it.”

Kaplan then added, “In a very real sense, Trump is a witness against himself. He knows he sexually assaulted E. Jean Carroll.”

Kaplan concluded her remarks to the jury by noting that if Trump were truly innocent, he would have shown up to tell his side of the story and rebut the allegations against him:

“He didn’t even bother to show up in person.”

If the jury concludes that Trump did indeed defame Carroll, they can award as much in monetary damages as they want. Also, a finding by the jury that the former president is guilty of defamation will, by definition, mean that a group of 12 men and women decided he did indeed commit rape.

Crime Donald Trump Sexual Assault

Trump Could Be On The Hook For An Enormous Amount Of Financial Damages As Defamation Trial Draws To A Close

The defamation lawsuit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll against failed one-term former president Donald Trump may go to the jury as soon as next Tuesday, and that’s when we’ll learn just how much jurors think Carroll deserves in financial damages.

The amount could be astronomical, according to ABC News, which notes the decision is left to the jury.

First, the jury will have to decide if Trump committed battery when he allegedly raped her in the mid-1990s.

If they decide that Trump committed battery, they are expected to be asked to what degree. After that, Carroll’s attorney has proposed that jurors be asked separately whether Carroll has proven that Trump engaged in forcible touching, sexual abuse and rape. The judge has yet to make a decision on that proposal.

If the jury determines that Trump did indeed engage in battery, their next decision will be to decide how much to award in compensatory and punitive damages. There is no limit to how much they could award to Carroll, and that’s what should have the ex-president and his attorneys worried.

In similar cases of defamation, awards have gone as high as the $45.2 million handed down by a Texas jury against right-wing conspiracy theorist and broadcaster Alex Jones. Jones was accused of calling the Sandy Hook mass shooting a “staged event” and suggesting that the children killed had been “crisis actors” used to push for more federal gun control laws.

Since Trump often brags about being rich, that could also play a role in the jury’s decision of how much money to award Carroll, especially since they will have heard testimony that the former president raped her and then made defamatory statements when she dared to accuse him of the crime.

The indicted ex-president is also facing legal problems in Georgia, New York, and possible federal criminal charges for his mishandling of classified documents.

Crime Donald Trump Sexual Assault

Trump Says He’ll Cut His Trip To Ireland Short So He Can ‘Confront’ E. Jean Carroll In New York Trial

Despite insisting for weeks that he would not play any role whatsoever in the defamation trial brought against him by writer E. Jean Carroll, failed one-term former president Donald Trump is now suggesting that he will cut his trip to Ireland short and return to New York so he can “confront” his accuser.

The Evening Standard reports Trump made the remarks Thursday while golfing at his resort near the village of of Doonbeg, Co Clare.

“I’m going back to New York. I was falsely accused by this woman, I have no idea who she is – it’s ridiculous,” he said.

He said he is having to cut his trip to Ireland short because of the trial.

“I’ll be going back early because a woman made a claim that is totally false, it’s fake.”

He said his accuser is a Democrat and the judge is a “rough judge”.

“He doesn’t like me very much, he was appointed by Bill Clinton,” he said.

He added: “It’s a disgrace but we have to do it, it’s a part of life.

“It’s a fake claim like all the other claims, just like ‘Russia Russia Russia’.”

The indicted ex-president also called the defamation lawsuit a “political scam.”

“Because of that I have to leave Ireland and I have to leave Scotland where I have great properties, I have to leave early.
“I don’t have to but I choose to.”

Trump also suggested that the Carroll case is politically motivated because he’s running for president next year.

“This is a political attack. This is the only way they think they can win the election because (Joe) Biden is losing.”

The disgraced former president’s attorneys, however, may not allow him to testify under oath in New York, if only because doing so would open him up to potential perjury charges because he’s known to lie about everything.