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Herschel Walker: In Order To Pass The Green New Deal We’ll Have To ‘Get Rid Of The Government’

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker said Tuesday that his goal is to “get rid of the government” because it will allow Congress to pass much-needed legislation.

Surprisingly, Walker said he would vote to pass the “Green New Deal” when the time was right.

“When they get to the point they want to get to with the Green New Deal, I will raise my hand [and vote yes], but we’re not at that point yet. So, why are they trying to force it to something that we’re not ready to go yet.”

Walker continued:

“Think about it. They’re going to our enemies; they’re going to terrorists; they’re going to dictators, asking them to help us!”

The candidate added:

“We don’t need them to help us. We can help ourselves. We need to get rid of the government and get back to the people.”

Get rid of the government? If we did that, there would be no Senate, no House, and no president. So Walker wouldn’t be a senator. Instead, we’d have some tyrannical clown like Donald Trump telling us all how to live our lives and how many times a day we have to bow down and pay homage to him

Does anyone have any idea what in the hell this idiot it talking about?

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Lindsey Graham Should Be ‘Incredibly Worried’ After His Grand Jury Testimony In Georgia: Report

Five days ago, on November 22, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) finally testified before a grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia as part of an investigation of the 2020 election and attempts to overturn it by former president Donald Trump and some of his allies.

According to the Washington Post:

The South Carolina Republican and Trump confidant was first subpoenaed in July, as Fulton County prosecutors sought to question Graham about phone calls he made to Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state, in the weeks after the 2020 election, and other issues related to the election.


Raffensperger later told The Washington Post he felt pressured by other Republicans, including Graham, who he said echoed Trump’s claims about voting irregularities in the state. He claimed that Graham, on one call, appeared to be asking him to find a way to set aside legally cast ballots.

A former Georgia state senator is warning that Graham should be “incredibly worried” about what will happen to him next.

Appearing on MSNBC Sunday, Jen Jordan, who has also appeared before the Fulton County grand jury was asked by host Katie Phang:

“While I have you here, Senator Lindsey Graham testified before a Georgia special grand jury this past week. That grand jury is investigating efforts by Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election results.

“Fulton County prosecutors wanting to question Lindsey Graham about phone calls he made to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the weeks after the election. Jan, should Lindsey Graham be worried about his legal exposure?”

Jordan responded:

“Yeah, they all should be. Look, the way that the district attorney in Fulton County has been putting together this case, kind of brick-by-brick, clearly from my perspective it looks like they’re trying to build a RICO case that is really problematic for anybody who is involved.

“That is the whole point with RICO. If you are just kind of one of the bricks, one of the cogs, one of the people who did something to move the conspiracy along, and you are gonna get caught up in it.”

Jordan added:

“The district attorney has been very very serious about this. If I were Lindsey Graham, if I were any of these folks, Rudy Giuliani, I would be incredibly worried.”

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Lindsey Graham Does 35 Push-Ups To Support Herschel Walker – And It’s Even Worse Than You Can Imagine

In an effort to get Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker elected in next months runoff election, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday evening and agreed to do push-ups to prove his support for Walker.

Queerty ran across the video of Graham working out on Walker’s YouTube account and reports:

The challenge came about after Sean Hannity spoke to Walker and Graham on a Fox News segment. He said that Walker impressed him previously with his ability to do push-ups. Hannity suggested Walker check out whether Graham was up to the challenge of doing some himself.

This led to a campaign video in which Graham challenges viewers to donate $34 if he and Walker can each do 34 push-ups. It’s unclear why they plumped for the number 34.

In the video, Graham happily gets down and does 35 push-ups, followed by Walker.

Before you watch the video, you might want to make sure your children and elderly relatives are out of the room. It could well be too much for impressionable youngsters and lead to cardiac arrest for anyone over the age of 60 once they start laughing and can’t quit.

Graham was also present when Walker was being interviewed and the candidate proudly proclaimed that “This erection is about the people.”

Erection election in a pumped up direction. Since Walker is too clueless to explain policy, the push-ups tell all you need to know about the “substance” of his campaign.

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Newt Gingrich Says Herschel Walker Is A Better Black Person Than His Democratic Opponent 

Proving yet again that he knows even less about race then he does politics, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is now claiming that Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker deserves to win the December runoff against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) because he’s a better “African-American.”

Speaking with right-wing host Charlie Kirk on Real America’s Voice, Gingrich remarked:

“I think that Herschel Walker has the courage, the integrity to be a really remarkable U.S. senator. And I think, having an African-American with his background — somebody who is good at business, somebody who has given over 400 speeches on military bases to help young people dealing with PTSD because of his own experience with having had concussions playing football.”

Gingrich continued:

“I think Herschel would be such a dramatic improvement over Sen. Warnock, who is a hardline, um, left-wing politician, that I really do think that it’s worth a lot of effort to make sure Herschel wins.”

The real reason Gingrich identifies so closely with Walker is probably because both of them are serial adulterers and hypocrites who are emblematic of today’s Republican Party. They want to impose their beliefs on others but don’t think their so-called “religion” applies to them.


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Herschel Walker Gets Trolled With ‘Astonishing’ Campaign Ad That Uses Donald Trump’s Praise Against Him 

A campaign ad released this week by Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) against his GOP opponent, Herschel Walker, is generating lots of attention and may wind up being a turning point in the upcoming runoff election scheduled for December 6 in the Peach State.

CNN reports that the ad masterfully uses former president Trump’s praise of Walker against the Republican candidate.

The ad opens on Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement earlier this week – and specifically his support for Warnock’s Republican opponent in the Georgia Senate runoff, Herschel Walker.

“We must all work very hard for a gentleman and a great person named Herschel Walker, a fabulous human being who loves our country and will be a great United States senator,” Trump says.

As Trump continues to speak, six words appear on screen to close the ad: “Stop Donald Trump. Stop Herschel Walker.”

And that’s it. That’s the whole ad.

Simple, to the point, and incredibly effective, CNN’s Chris Wallace noted.

“It is just playing Trump’s endorsement of Walker and clearly, the Warnock campaign feels this is, as you say, an albatross. This is a liability for Walker, not a plus.”

Why is the ad such a problem for Walker’s campaign? Because Trump isn’t exactly the most popular person in the country. Matter of fact, his endorsement in close races has been shown to increase Democratic turnout and suppress the number of Republicans who decide to cast a ballot. So tying Walker to Trump is meant to make it clear the two are joined at the hip, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains.

Warnock’s decision to nationalize this race around Trump tells you that he believes the former president is a net negative in the state, and will function as an anchor on Walker’s attempt to get a majority of the vote.

Trump may wind up destroying the Republican Party completely. It would be the first positive thing he’s ever done in his life.