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Trump Absurdly Claims Hamas Terrorists Are ‘Pouring’ Into The US And Blames Obama

According to disgraced and failed former president Donald Trump, Hamas terrorists are streaming into the United States across the U.S.-Mexico border, and former president Barack Obama is to blame.

Here’s a post Trump made today on his financially-troubled Truth Social site:

“The same people that raided Israel are pouring into our once beautiful USA, through our TOTALLY OPEN SOUTHERN BORDER, at Record Numbers. Are they planning an attack within our Country? Crooked Joe Biden and his BOSS, Barack Hussein Obama, did this to us!”

The people “pouring” across the border are from Mexico and Central America, and they’re seeking economic opportunity. They’re not trying to carry out terrorist attacks on the United States.

What Trump is really trying to do is distract from a very damning fact that directly implicates him and his administration in possibly funding Iran and Hamas by allowing the sale of $6 billion of Iranian oil.

The New York Times notes:

As part of the deal in question, the U.S. facilitated the transfer of $6 billion of Iranian profits from oil sales from banks in South Korea to Qatar so that Iran could use it for food and other humanitarian purposes.

But that $6 billion is not U.S. taxpayer money, as Mr. Trump and others, including Vivek Ramaswamy, another of the Republican presidential candidates, falsely stated. Nor is there evidence that the money, which officials have said is subject to Treasury Department oversight, was used to finance the attacks.

What Hamas has done to Israel is disgusting and an act of horrific barbarism. They deserve to be punished for killing innocent civilians. And if Iran played a role in the attacks, they too should have to pay a price that will be determined by Israel and her allies.

Fear is all Trump has left. He’s terrified that his numerous indictments will send him to prison for the rest of his life and his only hope is to win in 2024 and try to weasel his way out of his crimes.


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Franklin Graham: Israel To Blame For Attacks Because Citizens Aren’t ‘Forced To Carry’ Assault Rifles

As battles between Hamas terrorists and Israeli forces continue to rage in the streets of the Gaza Strip, noted fake Christian Franklin Graham is suggesting that Israel itself is partially to blame because it doesn’t require that all Israeli citizens carry assault rifles 24/7.

Appearing on a Newsmax show hosted by Greta Van Susteren, Graham was asked for his thoughts on the terrorist attacks that have left over 1,000 Israelis dead and many others missing or presumed taken hostage by militants.

“First, the Bible instructs us in Psalms 122 to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And I certainly am praying for the people, the Israelis,” Graham began. “I’m not praying for their enemies. I pray that God will give them victory over their enemies.”

Graham then compared gun laws in the United States with the laws in Israel.

“And so in this country, we have a right to protect ourselves [under the Second Amendment]. So you have a right to have a gun and protect yourself. In Israel, it’s difficult to get a gun permit.”

Then came his suggestion that it be mandatory for Israelis to lock and load at all times.

“But as far as having an assault rifle in your home or a shotgun or a hunting rifle, these things are very difficult. And you would think that Israel would require anyone living close to the border of Gaza to have weapons in their home and maybe even be forced to carry those weapons. And I just, for the life of me, I can’t understand what happened.”

After noting that he wanted to “put blame on the Biden administration and the Democratic Party” for withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which is nearly 2,000 miles from Israel, Graham concluded his demented ranting by saying only God can solve the problem.

“Only God can fix this and straighten it out. Our politicians are off-the-charts crazy, and I don’t understand it. But what you’re seeing in Israel could happen here one day, I’m afraid.”


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WATCH Nikki Haley Get Swatted Down When She Blames Biden For Attack On Israel

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley got a heavy dose of fact-checking Sunday when she began spouting lies during an appearance on “Meet the Press.”

Host Kristen Welker asked Haley if she thought it was irresponsible of Republicans to blame President Joe Biden for attacks on Israel by Hamas terrorists that have left at least 600 Israelis dead.

“Do you think it was irresponsible of your rivals to level that allegation without any evidence or proof?”

Instead, Haley decided she’d attack Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, suggesting that the $6 billion which is scheduled to be returned to Iran played a role in the attacks.

“They go and spread terrorism every time they get a dollar; it doesn’t go to the Iranian people; it does go to terrorist attacks, and Secretary Blinken is just wrong to imply that this money is not being moved around as we speak and yet, and that’s it.”

Welker pushed back:

“And yet, ambassador, there’s just no proof of that. Yet this is just the hours after that immediate attack. Is it irresponsible to level that charge when you really don’t have any evidence of that at this point in time?”

Rather than directly respond, Haley tried to change the parameters of the discussion.

“The evidence is look at what the Iranian people have done to freedom-loving people around the world look at what the Iranian people the Iranian regime has done to threaten Israel over the years.”

Once more, Welker corrected the former UN ambassador for the Trump administration.

“Ambassador Haley, just to be clear again, the secretary of state said categorically they have not seen a link.”

As is so often the case, a member of the GOP (especially one running for president) is only too happy to disseminate lies and conspiracy theories because they have no actual answers or policies of their own. And yet they wonder why the majority of Americans don’t believe a word they say.


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WATCH John Kirby Swat Down A Fox Host For Saying Al Qaeda ‘Feels Pretty Good’ After Drone Strike

National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby gave Fox News host Brian Kilmeade a lesson in foreign policy and how to fight terrorism during an interview on the network Tuesday.

Kilmeade began the interview by trying to downplay the killing of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri by a drone strike in Afghanistan:

“I do think that one would believe if the leader of the Taliban — excuse me — the leader of Al Qaeda is not in a cave or hiding out in the mountains of Pakistan. That he’s on the balcony in the capitol, that Al Qaeda feels pretty good about their presence in that country and there’s more than just one guy.”

“But that’s not good news for us.”

Kirby, a retired Navy rear admiral, responded:

“I’d actually throw that back a little, Brian. I don’t think they’re feeling too good about being in Afghanistan right now.”


“Really? If they were worried about it, they would be hiding in Pakistan where we couldn’t even find them.”

And that’s when Kirby took Kilmeade to school and gave him a lesson in how to fight terrorism abroad:

“I mean, I don’t think Al Qaeda can look at what happened over the last 48 hours and feel like Afghanistan is going to be much of a safe haven for them. We have proven that over-the-horizon counterterrorism capability works.”

Al Qaeda is on the run and trying to find a new leader. Their power and reach are greatly reduced, and we are all safer as a result.

If Trump had killed Zawahiri, Fox would be ready to hold a ticker tape parade. But because Joe Biden pulled it off (much the same way former President Barack Obama sent Osama bin Laden to a watery grave), Brian Kilmeade is trying to make sure the current president doesn’t get any credit. It’s the same old shit from Fox.

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Psaki Says What We’re All Thinking When Asked Yet Another Asinine Question By Fox’s Peter Doocy

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki managed to shut down Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy yet again at Friday’s daily press briefing when he asked how the terrorists who murdered 13 U.S. service members in Afghanistan yesterday would be dealt with.

Mediaite reports that Doocy asked Psaki:

“What does that look like? Is he going to order a mission to kill the people responsible or would he be satisfied if they are captured and brought to trial?”

Psaki responded:

“I think he made clear yesterday that he does not want them to live on the Earth anymore.”

For a follow-up question, Doocy inquired:

“Are we going to try to bring those known terrorists to justice before we leave the country?”

The press secretary replied:

“Peter, I think our focus right now is on doing everything we can to get the remaining American citizens who want to depart out of the country, to get our Afghan partners out of the country. This is not a preferred relationship or a situation that we would have designed if we had started from scratch. I think that’s very clear.”

Is Doocy so clueless that he doubts the prowess of the U.S. military and their ability to track down those responsible and mete out the necessary punishment? Or is he trying to suggest that President Biden isn’t capable of making a decision to order the elimination of those who killed our brave troops as they tried to evacuate people from a hellhole?

Thank you, Jen Psaki, for putting Peter Doocy in his place yet again.