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Boebert Says ‘Bullsh*t’ When McCarthy Claims He’s ‘Earned’ The Speaker’s Job At GOP Caucus Meeting

A Republican caucus meeting to determine who will be the next Speaker of the House devolved into rancor and cursing Tuesday morning as Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) chided House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) for stating that he had “earned” the position.

CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju reports that McCarthy was heard cursing and yelling at caucus members during a closed-door meeting to decide when a floor vote would be held on the job of Speaker.

At one point, McCarthy angrily told his colleagues, “I’ve earned this job!”

Raju noted:

“We’re hearing things are getting very heated behind closed doors. Kevin McCarthy is essentially done with negotiating with this block of conservatives who are seeking a number of concessions to weaken the speakership, to empower them, and he said he’s gone so far and they have refused to get to yes and he’s raising his voice and detailing everything that he’s done and said, quote, ‘I’ve earned this job.'”

The CNN reporter added:

“Now he is also getting some pushback in the room. Our sources are telling our Capitol Hill team that [Rep.] Lauren Boebert said ‘bullshit’ in response to what Kevin McCarthy said.”

Of course, for Boebert to complain about anyone is the height of hypocrisy. She did almost nothing during her first term in office other than tweet out conspiracy theories, lie, and attack anyone who disagrees with her.

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Hannity On Right-Wing Sh*t List After Finally Admitting The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen

Forced to admit under oath that he didn’t “for one second” believe the lies Donald Trump and his surrogates spouted in the aftermath of the 2020 election, Fox News host Sean Hannity now finds himself in an unfamiliar position: #1 on the right-wing shit list, branded as a traitor to the MAGA movement.

The Daily Beast reports that a host of MAGA conspiracy theorists — MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, attorney Lin Wood, former Trump administration adviser Steve Bannon, and even the failed ex-president himself have soured on Hannity, who was once believed to be in daily contact with Trump while he was still in the White House.

“Sean Hannity is disgusting,” Lindell told The Daily Beast. “He’s a terrible journalist that does not do his job or his diligence” when it comes to “election crime.”

“He doesn’t seem to have any concern over any election problems in the country, and it’s disgusting,” he added.

Asked if he’s expressed such frustration to Hannity, Lindell said he’d “of course” told him, but the right-wing pillow superstar claimed the Fox News host “never got back to me.”

Bannon has even suggested that Hannity needs to face “accountability” for giving “TERRIBLE advice” to Trump. Exactly what accountability Bannon has in mind is unclear, and since he’s a convicted felon, he might want to dial back his public comments or face new charges from the Justice Department.

And then there’s the conservative media world, members of which say they’re done with Hannity.

Hannity’s also been called a “fraud” by conservative commentators. Far-right radio host Stew Peters has labeled the Fox News host a “clown” following his voter fraud boomerang. “He regularly washes and dries Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer’s jock straps,” Peters told The Daily Beast.

Conservative media has also gone after Hannity over his election fraud comments, suggesting Hannity is part of a “fake patriot grift.”

Sources close to Trump admit that the Donald is also disappointed with Hannity.

Still, Hannity could probably dismiss the dissatisfaction of most of the Island of MAGA Misfit Toys if it weren’t for one problem: According to two sources close to Trump, the former president himself is apparently “mad” at Hannity.

“In terms of direct contact with Sean, I think it’s been a while,” a Trump source said.


“Hannity was his lapdog for years, but just like everyone else who’s been Trump’s bitch at one point or another, the second Trump finds a reason to throw them in the garbage, he takes it,” a Trump adviser told The Daily Beast.

Oh well. Maybe Sean can try to get a position as full-time ass kisser for Ron DeSantis. After all, the Florida governor is said to be looking for acolytes who are willing to worship him and parrot his every word.

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Lauren Boebert Gets Hit With Her Anti-LGBTQ Tweets After Saying She Mourns Shooting At CO Nightclub

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was reminded of her many hateful anti-LGBTQ tweets Sunday after she expressed sympathy for the victims of a mass shooting at the Club Q nightclub that left five dead and 18 injured.

“The news out of Colorado Springs is absolutely awful. This morning the victims & their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence needs to end and end quickly.”

Club Q, it should be noted, is a gay and lesbian club that has hosted drag shows. Such shows have been repeatedly attacked rhetorically by Boebert and other right-wing Republicans who have wrongly accused the LGBTQ community of “grooming” children for sexual purposes.

Boebert was quickly hit with reminders of the disgustingly bigoted things she’s posted on Twitter in the past about LGBTQ Americans.

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Trump Settles Lawsuit After Discovering Potential Jurors Said They Despise Him

On Wednesday, attorneys for failed, one-term former president Donald Trump had a change of heart and decided it would be in his best interest to settle a lawsuit filed by protesters who allege they were beaten by security guards outside Trump Tower seven years ago.

What led to the sudden reversal? What potential jurors had to say during questioning, The Daily Beast reports.

After three days of struggling to find jurors who didn’t already have strong feelings about former President Donald Trump and his eponymous company—a difficult undertaking in liberal New York City—defense lawyers at the last minute chose to settle.

Minutes after Justice Andrew Cohen sent potential jurors out to lunch at midday, Trump Organization lawyers approached the protesters who filed the suit and presented them with a stack of papers that they quietly signed.

A lawyer representing the Trump Organization, Jeffrey Goldman, was overheard telling the judge that everything was golden—and that nearly everyone had finished signing “the agreement.”

However, much like Trump himself, an attorney for the disgraced ex-president, Alina Habba, decided to lie about the reason the Trump team suddenly folded their tent and went home:

“Although we were eager to proceed to trial to demonstrate the frivolousness of this case, the parties were ultimately able to come to an amicable resolution. We are very pleased with this outcome and are happy to finally put this matter to rest once and for all.”

The larger fear was that Trump would be found guilty and forced to pay a massive amount by a jury in the Bronx, because the borough is known for handing out large amounts when rich defendants are involved.

“The Bronx — a diverse, blue collar borough known for its no-nonsense street smarts — is famous for the way juries there often reward plaintiffs with outsized awards, especially when punishing corporations and the rich.”

Even though the Donald has managed to dodge a bullet in the Bronx, he’s facing other legal problems that can’t be so easily dealt with, especially the civil action brought against him by New York Attorney General Letitia James that could result in the Trump Organization being shut down and its assets liquidated.

Trump is also under investigation in Georgia for allegedly trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election in the Peach State and could be indicted by the Justice Department for his role in the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection that left five people dead.


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Man At Trump Rally Says He Loves The Donald For ‘The Biblical Principles He Embraces’

At one of his “Loser’s Tour” rallies being held today in Robstown, Texas, the right-wing Real America’s Voice was speaking with rally attendees when they happened upon a man who said what he loved most about failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is that he embraces “Biblical principles.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The most immoral man to ever hold any elected office in the history of the United States is now associated with the Bible by his cult members.

Here’s what the man had to say:

“The Biblical principles that Trump embraces is what I really like about him. I’ve never heard another president invoke the name of God and Jesus as much. He’s embracing Biblical principles. Follow the Bible and you can’t go wrong.”

As a counterpoint to the BS the man spewed, let’s consider the so-called “Seven Deadly Sins” and how Trump fares.

As Brian Klaas wrote for USA Today back in 2017, “Trump embodies every one of the Seven Deadly Sins.”

Vainglory/Pride: Trump’s ego drives him. He has been consistently inconsistent when it comes to policy ideas, but his commitment to Donald Trump is absolute.

Wrath: When Trump’s temper flares, he is his own worst enemy. Yet his staff cannot seem to rein in his most wrathful impulses.

Sloth: Despite claiming that he has very little time to watch TV, aides say he is constantly fixated on cable news programs (and he often tweets responses to Fox & Friends in real time).

Gluttony or the Lack of Self Control: It’s no secret that Trump loves KFC, well-done steak with ketchup and “beautiful” chocolate cake for those occasions when he’s bombing Syria. But Trump’s main sin in this realm is his inability to control his impulses.

Lust: From his Playboy past to Howard Stern interviews boasting that he would date his daughter if she weren’t a relative, Trump sells an image laced with lust. 

Envy: Trump’s Twitter tantrums expose a jealousy for his rivals and a constant attempt to measure up to them.

Greed: “I don’t do it for the money,” Trump claims in the opening to The Art of the Deal. “I do it to do it.” Every piece of available evidence contradicts that claim. Trump cares about money. A lot. 

Biblical principles? Only if you happen to worship Satan.