At Least 6 Current Employees May Be Informing On Trump To The FBI: Report

As disgraced former president Donald Trump and his allies continue to demand that the Justice Department release the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant executed by the FBI last week at the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago resort, a new report from The New York Times makes it clear that multiple people in Trump’s orbit are sharing everything they know with federal investigators.

According to The Times:

(Former Deputy White House Counsel Patrick Philbin) is among eight people who currently or used to work for Mr. Trump who have been contacted by the F.B.I. since a grand jury was formed this year. Investigators also interviewed Derek Lyons, a former White House staff secretary.

Mr. Lyons’s last day at the White House was Dec. 18, 2020, meaning he did not know how the last boxes were packed as Mr. Trump prepared to leave. But he had information about paper flow in the White House and how the former president handled material.

The F.B.I. has reached out to about a half-dozen people who currently work for Mr. Trump and who might know what documents he may still have in his possession.

A half-dozen people! That’s a lot of witnesses who could potentially testify against Trump at a trail if the DOJ decides to indict the former president for violating the Espionage Act and obstructing justice. The charges under the Espionage Act carry penalties as high as 10 years for every classified or top secret document that may have been improperly handled.

Meanwhile, Trump’s minions in right-wing media continue to press for the names of who “the informant” might be. But it looks like they (and he) have set their sights too low, as at least six employees are gladly informing on their boss, probably because they know he’s gone too far this time and has to be brought to justice for his crimes.


Adam Kinzinger: ‘A Lot’ Of New Witnesses Have Come Forward Since Cassidy Hutchinson Testified

According to January 6 House Select Committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), new witnesses have come forward since ex-Trump administration aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified on Tuesday.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Kinzinger told host Dana Bash:

“I don’t want to get into who or any of those details. She’s been inspiring for a lot of people. This happens every day. Every day we get new people that come forward and say, ‘Hey, I didn’t think that maybe this piece of the story that I knew was important, but now that you guys — I do see this plays in here.'”

The Illinois Republican also said that Hutchinson would “go down in history” for her testimony before the committee:

“She doesn’t want to be out in the public spotlight but she has a commitment to truth that somebody like [South Dakota Gov.] Kristi Noem for instance and most people in our party would actually benefit to take just a 10% ounce of.”

Indeed, Noem embarrassed herself with the things she told Bash, hatefully declaring:

“It’s been difficult to really believe everything she has said. She says she’s telling the truth, but much of it was hearsay and much of it other people have refuted now.”

Asked if she thought failed, one-term former president Donald Trump bears any responsibility for what happened on Jan. 6, Noem replied:

“I think January 6th was a horrific day in our history. I never want to see that happen again. I think moving forward that we’ve got to have a time in our country where we are all start talking to each other again. Where we start having conversations. We get much better policy — I talk about this in my book, Dana — where I talk about the fact that we’ve become a country so offended by each other that we quit talking to each other. It’s hurting public debate that we have to have different perspectives around the table to have an open conversation, and we’ll end up with much better policy, better laws if we can take the emotion and anger and bitterness out of our conversation, and really talk about what is best for our country and where we can agree and move forward.”

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David Hogg Slam Dunks MT Greene After She Whines About His Refusal To Meet With Her

Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg expertly clapped back at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she whined about his refusal to meet with her when he’ll be in Washington, D.C. later this week for a protest to call for sensible gun control legislation.

Greene attacked Hogg on Twitter:

“I hear you & your girls are funded to come to town this week to once again try to manipulate some of my gutless weak colleagues to vote for gun control that will violate our freedoms and leave Americans defenseless.”

That was all Hogg needed to masterfully destroy the Georgia Republican, reminding her that she only wants to meet with him so she can draw attention to herself and her extremist position on the issue of guns in the United States.

“Congresswoman Greene, I’m more interested in protecting children and meeting commonsense people who are looking for reasonable solutions to stop children from dying. Don’t really have time to help you go viral for attacking survivors so you can fundraise. Respectfully, David.”

Newsweek reports that Hogg and Greene have engaged in a social media debate before on the issue of guns:

It’s not the first time the pair have sparred on Twitter. The Georgia Republican harangued Hogg in April about his stance on guns.

Hogg tweeted on April 3 that he believes it should be a requirement to have a license to purchase a gun.

Greene responded by suggesting Hogg hang out “with actual deer hunters” because it would help him “learn to be more masculine and you will appreciate how we will get our food supply when Biden’s inflation makes buying food unaffordable.”

Others on Twitter also had some choice words for Greene, who has been known to raffle off semiautomatic weapons in order to draw attention to herself. Considering that Greene is facing an uncertain bid for reelection, she’s likely doing the same thing with her jabs at Hogg.


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Photo Of Obese Trump Digging For Ice Cream Sets Off Peals Of Laughter Online

When he was still in office, there were reports that failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump had ice cream at the end of just about every meal and that he insisted on two scoops to the one that others received.

CNN reported in May of 2017:

President Donald Trump is living every child’s dream: More ice cream.

According to an extensive interview with TIME Magazine, Trump’s White House staff has settled into Trump’s routine and know his desires, sometimes before he does,

For example: Trump takes two scoops of ice cream with his chocolate cream pie, TIME reported, while everyone else around the table gets just one.

Now, five years later, it appears that the already obese Trump can’t keep his hands off the ice cream.

A photo circulating on social media shows the ex-president at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where the Donald has been living since he lost the 2020 election badly to President Joe Biden.

Be sure and note that Trump already has two ice cream bars of some sort in his left hand while the little girl appears to have none.

That hand and arm also look mighty flabby, don’t they? Is it possible he’s put on even more weight since he left office? You know what they say: The picture doesn’t like.

Twitter quickly exploded with uproarious laughter.

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Conservative Group That Took Down Madison Cawthorn Now Pledging To ‘Fire’ Lauren Boebert

Now that they’ve assured Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) won’t have a second term in Congress, a conservative group is focused on doing the same to Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

According to Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast, based on what happened to Cawthorn in Tuesday’s North Carolina GOP primary, Boebert should be worried:

But can lightning strike twice? According to David B. Wheeler, head of that group (The American Muckrakers PAC—also known as, Boebert’s primary is similar to Cawthorn’s. The districts, he says, are “very similar” demographically. And just as Cawthorn faced a North Carolina state legislator, Boebert’s challenger is Colorado Republican state Sen. Don Coram. There’s also a sense that neither incumbent cares about their district, but are instead more interested in their national profile.

There’s certainly plenty of gold to mine when it comes to Boebert’s past and her brushes with the law, including the fact she married the man who exposed his penis to her and another underage girl and was later charged for that crime. Lewis notes:

“There will be no dearth of material to use against Boebert, including things that are yet to emerge (scandals are sort of like cockroaches—for every one you see, there are probably a hundred hiding).”

How good are the chances that Boebert will join Cawthorn in the unemployment line? Better than you might expect, Lewis concludes:

“It won’t be easy, but it seems at least possible that Boebert will continue the trend that started last week with Cawthorn’s defeat. If that happens, it’s game on. Defeating flawed politicians like Cawthorn and Boebert after one term would serve as a sort of course correction and send a message to everyone else.

“Not everyone is Harry Houdini. Not everyone is Donald Trump. Sometimes people are held accountable. Sometimes, the empire strikes back.”

If the stars are perfectly aligned, we might even get a trifecta and see Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) kicked to the curb. The Georgia primary is next Tuesday, so we won’t have long to wait for an answer.