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Trump’s Chick-fil-A ‘Hug’ Was A Prearranged Event Staged By A Right-Wing Political Consultant

When a photo of failed former president Donald Trump hugging a black woman began making the rounds on social media this week, the MAGA faithful bragged that the picture proved that black Americans secretly love the disgraced ex-president and would probably vote for him in record numbers come November.

But as with nearly everything Trump does, the entire scene was fully scripted and the woman who praised him and accepted a hug was actually a GOP operative who has worked on campaigns in the state of Georgia, according to a report from Medias Touch.

The woman seen in the photo is Michaelah Montgomery, who bills herself as a “political consultant” and was an intern for the Georgia GOP, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Montgomery also did work for the so-called “Blexit” movement, which encourages blacks to leave the Democratic Party and become members of the GOP.

Clearly, Trump had the entire event at the Atlanta fast-food restaurant prearranged and knew it would generate great media coverage at a time when his 2024 presidential campaign is hemorrhaging money and his poll numbers are falling precipitously.

However, as with nearly every lie Trump tells, the truth eventually wins out and he’s proven to be nothing more than a con man who will stoop to any depth to stay out of prison for his multitude of crimes.


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WATCH A Trump Supporter Swoon: Donald Is ‘So Doggone Close’ To Jesus

While it’s been obvious for years now that those who support failed one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump aren’t exactly fond of facts and truth, one of his acolytes suggested that the disgraced ex-head of state is “so doggone close” to Jesus.

CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan was speaking with some of Trump’s evangelical Christian supporters and asked Grace Riedinger, “Is [Jesus] on the ballot?”

Riedinger happily replied, “He’s not on the ballot, but Trump is so doggone close.”

 O’Sullivan then asked another Trumper, Sharon Manders, “Do you think, is America a Christian country? Founded as a Christian country?”

“I believe that — growing up I did,” Manders responded. “Yes, founded as a Christian country.”

O’Sullivan: “But obviously in the Constitution, there is that separation of church and state?”

“Well yes, but then there’s also, uh, always — when I went to public school, we were allowed to pray.”

Students can still pray in public schools, as long as faculty members don’t lead the prayers.

“When you say Christianity is under attack in America, you’re talking about in the schools?” O’Sullivan asked.

“Not so much the schools, but just, uh — I just can’t come up with anything right now,” Manders confessed.

Donald Trump is by far the biggest heathen and hypocrite to ever be elected president. He never attends church, cannot name his favorite Bible verse, and has cheated on all three of his wives. Oh, and he has also admitted that he’s sexually attracted to his daughter, Ivanka.

So close to Jesus? To quote the Bible, “Jesus wept.”


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Lara Trump Whines Her Father-In-Law Has Been More Victimized Than ‘Anyone In History’

Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump was in full persecution mode Wednesday during an appearance on right-wing cable network Newsmax, whining that her father-in-law, failed one-term former president Donald Trump, has been under fire since he announced his first bid for the White House in 2016.

Host Carl Higbie told Mrs. Trump, “You guys, since 2015, since he came down the escalator, have battled fake information and yet, with less money than everybody else, have come out on top most times.”

That led her to whine, “If you wanna look at a family, and I’ll say a man in Donald Trump, who has nothing but misinformation and disinformation that they like to say on the other side of the aisle thrown at him every single day. I mean, there’s never been anyone in history, I don’t think, that has taken as much incoming as Donald Trump, and yet every day it feels like we are vindicated in so many spaces because at some point, Carl, the truth ultimately comes out.”

“People are starting to wake up because you can only lie to people so long.”

The irony of Lara Trump suggesting that you can only lie to people so long is especially rich considering that no one lies as much as her father-in-law.

As for the suggestion that no one has “taken more incoming” than the disgraced ex-president, that too is a laugher. Perhaps Mrs. Trump needs a refresher course in the way the Donald relentlessly suggested that former president Barack Obama hadn’t been born in the United States and was therefore an illegitimate head of state even though birth records clearly show Obama was born in Hawaii, which has been a state since 1959. Obama was born in 1961, making him a citizen and legally qualified to seek office.

Lara got lit up on social media for her whining.

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WATCH A Trump Spokesperson Humiliate Herself While Attempting To Insult Joe Biden

Karoline Leavitt is the national press secretary for the Trump 2024 campaign, but based on comments she made Tuesday, it might be wise for her to stay as far away from TV cameras as possible.

During an appearance on right-wing cable network Newsmax, Leavitt said President Joe Biden “can hardly speak.”

Seconds later, however, Leavitt mispronounced an incredibly simple word not once, but twice, according to HuffPost

“The transcript in the Hur report was incredibly damn-en-ing to Joe Biden.”

“It also was extremely damn-en-ing to him politically as it showed what the American people see with their own eyes every single day, and that is Joe Biden can hardly speak.”

While she was at it, Leavitt also called the attorney general “Merricka Garland.”

Twitter users had lots of fun with Leavitt’s humiliating self-own.

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New Questions Raised About Trump’s Health As Video Shows Him ‘Hiding’ His ‘Bum Leg’

A new video making the rounds on social media has some suggesting that failed former president Donald Trump may have serious health issues that he’s attempting to hide from the voters.

OK Magazine reports that the video set off a wave of comments after it began circulating on Twitter.

“While at the LIV Golf Tournament in Miami, Fla., on Sunday, April 7, the ex-president, 77, was seen doing his signature move — but some people thought he was trying to create a distraction from his leg.”

It does look like Trump might be favoring one leg, which started a discussion of the matter online.