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Creepy! Trump Has A New Personal Assistant Who Looks A Lot Like Ivanka

Her name is Natalie Harp, and these days she’s seen literally everywhere with failed, one-term former president Donald Trump.

But what many have found most interesting (and downright creepy) is how much she resembles the disgraced ex-president’s daughter, Ivanka.

According to The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump’s glamorous assistant left her hosting job at the conservative One America Network to take a plum role in the former president’s communications team. 

Natalie Harp, 31, was the second OAN employee to jump ship for Trump’s team – after Christina Bobb left a year ago – and took up the job in March 2022, having quit as host of The Real Story.

The young blonde comes from a devout Christian family and recently tragically lost her father, Dr Robert Harp, an esteemed and highly-respected entrepreneur and executive at the Biola University in Los Angeles. 

Most often, Harp spends her days with Trump on the golf course at Mar-a-Lago while he awaits indictment in several venues, including Manhattan and Fulton County, Georgia.

Harp is often seen accompanying the 2024 presidential candidate, 76, on his daily golfing trips, riding in her own golf cart that is specially equipped with a laptop and computer so she can readily show Trump positive stories about himself

On Wednesday, the pair were seen cruising around Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, where Harp was seen wearing a chic pink tennis outfit with a black skirt and skintight hot pink top with a matching hat. She accessorized with a comfortable pair of white tennis shoes. 

And if you wonder why a young woman as beautiful as Natalie Harp wants to hang around with and old geezer like Donald Trump, consider this quote, which sounds like it came directly from a MAGA cultist:

“What I especially appreciate about Liberty’s (University) vision is that every field of knowledge is treated as a mission field — whether in education, business, or politics. Doing God’s work is not limited to ministry in churches or foreign countries but deep in the heart of our own neighborhoods — and yes, even the DC Swamp,” she said.

Donald Trump IS the DC swamp. Too bad Harp is too damn brainwashed to understand that.

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Former Trump Org. CFO Fires His Attorneys And Appears Ready To Flip On The Donald: Report

Former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg dumped his Trump-funded attorneys, according to reports from Newsweek and WNBC, the surest sign yet that he’s flipped on the failed former president and is ready to cooperate with prosecutors investigating alleged wrongdoing at the company.

The timing of Weisselberg parting ways with his Trump lawyers has resulted in suggestions he may have been about to, or already has, flipped on the former president, so the 75-year-old doesn’t end up spending more time in prison. Weisselberg already agreed to testify in The Trump Organization fraud trial in exchange for his potential jail sentence being reduced from 15 years to five months, but he didn’t implicate the former president.

Karen Agnifilo, former chief assistant district attorney of the Manhattan D.A.’s office, told MSNBC the move by Weisselberg is a significant development.

“It can mean one of two things. Number one, the case is over and doesn’t need lawyers anymore, they were just representing them on that one case,” Agnifilo said. “Or, more likely, is there was this pressure campaign put on him saying while he’s in Rikers, ‘do you like being there? Because we’re about to bring other charges.’

“If he testified in the grand jury, you wouldn’t necessarily know it because he’d be brought into the backdoor because he’s incarcerated,” Agnifilo added. “So unlike the other people Michael Cohen, or [attorney] Bob Costello, who told people that testified and we know about them because we see them going in and out of the building. You wouldn’t necessarily see Allen Weisselberg. So it’s possible he’s already testified, we just don’t know.”

The move by Weisselberg may also explain why a grand jury empaneled by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg hasn’t yet indicted Trump. Bragg could be planning to have the former Trump Org. CFO testify before the panel as a way of strengthening the case against the one-term ex-president.

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Trump Quotes Supporter On What To Do If He’s Arrested, ‘They Want A War? Let’s Give It To Them’

Failed former president Donald Trump ratcheted up the already heated rhetoric he’s been using since it became clear he may be indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, posting an angry screed from a supporter on his Truth Social site in which he seemed to be endorsing the idea of “war” if he’s charged with a crime.

On Tuesday evening, Trump took to his failing social media site, Truth Social, and quoted a statement from Wayne Allen Root, a conservative radio and TV host.

In the article written by Root, you can find the following incendiary language:

Here is the problem in America right now…

The Democrats are evil, radical, nasty, vile, low-down, dirty skunks. If this was a street fight, they’d kick you in the balls and then shoot you in the back. They play for keeps. They have no rules. As their hero Saul Alinsky said, “The ends justify the means.”

Dirty Democrats will do anything to destroy this country, economy, military, and the great American middle class. They can’t wait to introduce socialism mixed with communism (the use of banning, silencing, false arrests, FBI raids, brainwashing and propaganda) and turn us into a third world craphole.

They’ve proven all of this is true with the looming indictment and arrest of President Donald Trump on “trumped up” charges. They’ve proven Democrat DA’s funded by George Soros, combined with Democrat judges and Democrat grand juries, in a deep blue city, filled with liberal loonies and thugs with  “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” can indict a ham sandwich (as the saying goes).


The time for being nice and gentlemanly is over. Any indictment, arrest and arraignment of Trump is a declaration of war. They want a war. Let’s give them a war.

Calls for war and insurrection. Sounds like what Trump and many of the MAGA faithful were saying prior to January 6 when thousands of Trumpkins stormed the U.S. Capitol and tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Hopefully both federal and state law enforcement are already on high alert for what could happen.

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Trump Does A 180 – Claims Manhattan DA Has Already ‘Dropped The Case’ Against Him

This time a week ago, failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump was predicting that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would indict him for charges related to the ex-president’s payment of hush money during the 2016 election.

Now, however, Trump says he thinks the case against him has been dropped and he will soon be fully exonerated.

Axios notes that Trump made his remarks after his rally in Waco, Texas on Saturday.

“I think they’ve already dropped the case. It’s a fake case. Some fake cases, they have absolutely nothing.”

Tellingly, Trump failed to provide any proof of his claim, only reiterating his attacks on Michael Cohen, who served for years as Trump’s personal attorney and fixer. Cohen is allegedly the person Trump had pay over $100,00 to adult film star Stormy Daniels, with whom he reportedly had an affair.

Trump also attacked Cohen on his Truth Social site Sunday:

“They have absolutely no case. The only witnesses are against their so-called ‘star’ witness, a serial liar, convicted felon, and disbarred lawyer. I did nothing wrong, and they know it. This, and everything else that they are doing with the DOJ-led Witch Hunt, is all about ELECTION INTERFERENCE, their new and ‘highly sophisticated’ method of cheating on Elections!”

A Manhattan grand jury will meet again today and could hand down indictments against Trump and others at any moment. If and when they do, the failed former president will probably claim that he never predicted the case against him had been dropped.

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Trump’s Truth Social Site Goes Dark Shortly After #DeSantis24 Starts Trending On The Platform

It started as a dare combined with a sociological experiment and seasoned with a dash of humor: Could three guys manage to get the hashtag #DeSantis2024 trending on Donald Trump’s Truth Social site?

And if they could get the hashtag trending, what would happen next?

Ari Cagan, Adam Faze, and Peter McIndoe are best known for their satirical “Birds Aren’t Real” movement and decided they’d use another site, TikTok, to see if they could indeed make Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) trend on Truth Social.

They succeed, and wound up taking down the ex-president’s site with their gag, NBC News reports.

“If only 100 of us make accounts and post with a new hashtag, it will literally be trending, and Trump will see it,” McIndoe told the camera in a shaky video in front of Trump Tower in New York. “So in my opinion, the hashtag we should use is #desantis2024.”

#DeSantis2024 it was, and in no time it became the leading topic on Truth Social, going from nowhere at the beginning of the week to the top spot, with 1,500 mentions overnight.

You want viral? That’s viral with some major attitude.

What happened next? Truth Social went dark, according to Vice News:

One user who took part in the campaign, who had never used his account to post anything before and only posted the term #desantis2024, claimed his account was banned as a result.

But despite the downtime and possible banned users, the #DeSantis2024 hashtag continued to trend on Truth Social on Wednesday, along with the hashtag #ResearchBirdSurveillance, which is a reference to the viral satire/conspiracy theory movement known as “Birds Aren’t Real” that McIndoe started in 2017.

But perhaps most incredible of all is how three guys with cell phones managed to take down a former president’s social media site. That led Adam Faze to remark with delight, “What TikTok is best at is noticing when something is getting lots of traction and starting to show that same video, then, to the masses. We could never have done this on another platform. This was made for a mobile audience, and it was definitely a stunt that was pulled off only with a phone.”

Truth Social has refused to comment on the incident, but it’s likely that Trump told engineers to shut down the site when he saw DeSantis trending. After all, we know what a thin-skinned and delicate little snowflake Donnie is.