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Evidence Suggests Some Congressional Republicans Could Still Be Charged For Jan. 6

While it’s been clear for some time now that former President Donald Trump was directly involved in fomenting the violence that took place on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol, reporting from The New York Times suggests that some Republicans in Congress also played a role in the efforts to subvert the 2020 election and keep power through a violent uprising.

Specifically, the Times reveals that notes taken by a top deputy to then-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen point directly to a coordinated effort between Trump and members of Congress. Those notes, which were handwritten by deputy AG Richard Donoghue, report what Trump told Rosen:

“Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.”

That, many legal experts said, is a literal smoking gun, and it means that several Republicans in Congress are facing indictment for their role in what transpired on that fateful day.

Philip Bump of The Washington Post focused in on the notation from Donoghue:

“What Donoghue’s notes suggest is that Trump had fully bought into the effort that would eventually become his Alamo: having Republican legislators block the electoral-vote counting due to take place at the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

Failing to certify counting of the electoral votes would have resulted in a Constitutional crisis. The added chaos of a riot at the Capitol would have provided the perfect opportunity for Trump to declare a national emergency and refuse to hand over the reins of power to Joe Biden. It also would have provided an “excuse” for a coup d’etat. And it would have even had the blessing of a faction in Congress.

Once again, quoting Philip Bump:

“Some congressional Republicans clearly did their best to aid Trump’s effort. On the morning of Jan. 6, (Rep Mo) Brooks spoke before Trump at a rally outside the White House. It was time, he said, to ‘start taking down names and kicking ass.’ It’s not clear if any of those in attendance did the former, but some clearly did the latter.”

Brooks, along with Reps. Jim Jordan, Jim Banks, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy (and perhaps others) may well find themselves charged with crimes by the Justice Department.


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Ex-Prosecutor: A Grand Jury Is Building A Case For ‘Seditious Conspiracy’ Against Trump

There’s a very good chance that in a federal courthouse somewhere in Washington, D.C. right now, a grand jury has been empaneled and is meeting to hear evidence and hand down indictments for crimes committed on January 6 when an enraged mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, which resulted in the death of five people, including a police officer.

According to former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, one of the suspects being considered for indictment is none other than former President Donald Trump.

Speaking with Dean Obeidallah, Kirschner explained:

 “I do believe that the U.S. Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia, my former professional home for decades, is in the grand jury aggressively investigating the insurrection.

“And after they confess, they will ask the motive question, why did you do this? Indeed, every last one of them will be saying the same thing.

“’Donald Trump told me to. He told me that people in that building up the street that he was going to march on with us, he punked out, they stole my vote. They stole our election. And he told us to go in there and stop them.'”

Take those confessions to a grand jury, along with the people who participated in the rioting, and you’ve got a slam dunk case against Donald Trump, Kirschner continued:

“Well first of all, that’s inciting insurrection, and second, what that does, is it’s building a case against Donald Trump and Don Jr. and Giuliani for, among other things, their pep talk telling these insurrectionists to get up the street and get into the capital.

“I think that all of my friends and colleagues at the DC U.S. Attorney’s office are working night and day to build a seditious conspiracy case, and incitement to insurrection case against Donald Trump and the others, and not to argue against myself, and the argument is Donald Trump should be locked up right now.”

Imagine it: A grand jury hands down an indictment against Donald Trump, Don Jr., and others for seditious conspiracy. The case against them is airtight and they’re all convicted. How long would they be looking at in prison for such a crime? A minimum of 10 years behind bars. But it could be much longer.

When Donald Trump told the crowd to march on the Capitol, he may have sealed his fate.


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Whiny Capitol Rioters Demand They Be Transferred To Prison At Guantanamo Bay

Some of the people who allegedly took part in the January 6, 2021 riots at the U.S. Capitol are now demanding that they be transferred to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay because they claim they’ll be treated better there.

According to Vice News, the prisoners are part of what’s known as the “Patriot Wing.”

Thirty-four detainees who are either awaiting trial or serving sentences in connection with the violent riot at the Capitol signed a letter re-asserting their outrage over the conditions in the federal correctional facility in Washington, D.C. They include standard complaints from American jails, like mold in showers, rust in the water, mice and cockroaches. The letter also rattles off more unusual criticisms like “Critical Race Theory” or “Re-education” propaganda on the tablets provided to inmates, being mocked by jail staff with Kamala Harris-related attire, or receiving punishment for expressing “any political views whatsoever.”

Guantanamo Bay, the alleged rioters assert, provides “nutritional meals” and “top-notch medical care” and is “respectful of religious requirements.”

Gitmo, they write, would be preferable to “remaining trapped within the wretched confines of cruel and unusual punishment of the D.C. jail.”

“We hereby request to spend our precious and limited days, should the government continue to insist on holding us captive unconstitutionally as pre-trial detainees, to be transferred and reside at Guantanamo Bay,” the letter reads.

Of course, what the prisoners fail to mention is that the very reason they’re currently incarcerated is because they took part in criminal acts and attempted to overthrow the elected government of the United States, which makes them domestic terrorists, and even Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called the insurrection a “terrorist attack.” Proving his immense cowardice, Cruz later recanted, saying his remarks were “sloppy” and “frankly dumb,” during an appearance on Fox News.

While the rioters are certainly worthy of being treated like the terrorists they are, they don’t deserve to name where they should be housed while awaiting trial. If they have a problem with bad food, mold, and roaches, they should have stayed home on Jan. 6 instead of taking part in an illegal act.


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Capitol Rioter Attempts To Suck Up To Judge And Gets His A*s Handed To Him

John Cameron thought he had the perfect way to curry favor with the federal judge who was about to hand down a sentence for his role in the January 6 Capitol riots.

But the judge, according to The Washington Post, was not impressed:

“Can you guess who my favorite president is?” asked the man about to be sentenced for his role in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

Senior Judge Thomas F. Hogan did not respond. So John Cameron, a real estate agent from the Seattle area, answered his own question. “Ronald Reagan,” he said during the hearing Monday, suggesting the judge might agree. Hogan was appointed to the federal bench in Washington by Reagan 40 years ago.

Cameron, 55, went on to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, which Reagan made part of Flag Day ceremonies that same year.

Judge Hogan began asking Cameron questions about what he’d done on Jan. 6:

How, he asked, could Cameron claim to have seen no violence or clear sign he could not enter the Capitol during the riot? Did he not hear murderous chants and blaring alarms, smell tear gas, see people climbing up scaffolding and through windows? Did he think, as he said on Facebook, that it was all “fun”? And if so, was he withdrawing his plea to a misdemeanor charge?

Cameron sheepishly replied:

“No. I picketed within the Capitol, and that was illegal. … I would never do it again.”

The judge then let Cameron know exactly what he thought about yahoos who decided to break into the Capitol building and call for former Vice President Mike Pence to be hung:

“I keep hearing from Jan. 6 defendants, ‘We’re being prosecuted,’ like it’s a surprise, or ‘We’re being persecuted,’ like it’s unfair. I do not understand that psychology. What irritates me most is that all of you are claiming you’re patriots; you’re not patriots when you attack the Capitol of the United States.”

Cameron was sentenced to three years probation and 30 days of intermittent confinement, along with a $1,000 fine and $500 restitution.

Before he left the courtroom, Cameron also got this warning from Judge Hogan:

“If you had pleaded to a felony, I would just put you in jail for a long time. The court at least hopes that in this three-year period, you don’t engage in any such conduct again.”

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Jan. 6 Rioter Gets 7+ Years In Prison After Using As His Defense: ‘I Was Not Thinking Clearly’

Guy Reffitt is about to be on an extended vacation at Club Fed, and considering what he used as his so-called “defense,” it’s no wonder he was convicted and sentenced to 87 months in federal prison.

Reffitt was the genius who filmed a video in which he bragged he was planning to kidnap Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and drag her down the stairs of the Capitol building so her head hit every step. He also took a loaded handgun into the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and proudly announced:

“I’m taking the Capitol with everybody fucking else. We’re all going to drag them motherfuckers out kicking and screaming, I don’t give a shit.”

And yet, when he stood before the bar of justice for sentencing, Reffitt could muster this as a defense of his disgusting actions: He called himself a fu*king idiot” who had “f*cked up” and swore to the judge that he’d had his fill of militia groups and that sort of “shit.” He added:

“I was not thinking clearly.”

After the sentence was handed down, Reffitt’s daughter told reporters “Trump deserves life in prison,” a sentiment that is certainly shared by tens of millions of Americans.

The Justice Department had requested that Reffitt receive at least 15 years behind bars.