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Social Media Aghast At Kimberly Guilfoyle’s ‘Plastic’ Appearance: ‘I Only See Fish Lips And Boobs’


You may be aware that former Fox host Kimberly Guilfoyle is engaged to Donald Trump Jr., but if you haven’t seen her lately, you may be terrified by what has become of a once very pretty lady.

Guilfoyle, it should be noted, was once married to California Gov. Gavin Newsom, but back in those days she looked like an attractive woman instead of someone wearing a Halloween mask.

Guilfoyle now hosts a show on Rumble, and a recent episode of it had her discussing the gag order imposed by federal judge Tanya Chutkan, which she claimed was unfair to the disgraced ex-president.

“One witch hunt after another, he still perseveres. After D.C. Judge Tanya Chutkan reinstated the gag order in the case. Now the gag order is so broad that it affects the campaign, the legal team, and others from speaking out about the sham indictments. It is a clear violation of free speech rights, and it’s because they know that Donald Trump is on the path to victory, and the swamp is desperate to stop him.”

When you watch that video, what do your eyes immediately go to? Probably her lips and cleavage, both of which are so exaggerated and oversized that Guilfoyle looks like a blow-up doll come to life or warning for anyone considering plastic surgery.

Not to be cruel, but she’s absolutely hideous.

Twitter users were also taken aback by what has become of Guilfoyle, and they expressed their disgust online.


GOP U.S. Senate Viral Video

WATCH Josh Hawley Get His A*s Handed To Him When He Attacks DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) was in full asshole mode today during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee which featured testimony from Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Hawley asked Mayorkas about a DHS officer who posted anti-Semitic messages on social media, according to Mediaite, including one “of a Hamas paraglider with a machine gun, and the caption ‘Free Palestine.'”

Another message from the same DHS official read, “F-ck Israel.”

That led Hawley to inquire, “Mr. Secretary, what’s going on here? Is this typical of people who work at DHS? This is an asylum & immigration officer who is posting these, frankly, pro-genocidal slogans and images on the day that Israelis are being slaughtered in their beds. What have you done about this?”

The secretary tried to answer, only to have Hawley ask, “Has she been fired.”

Mayorkas: “That individual has been placed in administrative leave.”

“So she has not been fired?” Hawley said, adding:

“Has she admitted, contrary to law, individuals who should not be in this country, or denied Jewish refugees, whose genocide she’s advocating, asylum that they deserve?”

Mayorkas said twice that he couldn’t discuss a personnel matter.

Hawley then began lecturing the DHS secretary:

“I can’t believe that you would come to this committee knowing about this! I’ve written to you about it. You know all about it! And you come here, and you’re unwilling to answer, and suggest that it’s wrong of me to even ask the question! Quite frankly, Mr. Secretary, I think that your performance is despicable and I think the fact that you’re not willing to provide answers to this committee is absolutely atrocious.”

Mayorkas asked, “Mr. Chairman, may I?”

The chair, Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) replied, “If you’d like to have a minute to respond —”

Mayorkas: “Oh, I would, and I’m not sure I’ll limit it to 60 seconds.”

Peters: “That’s fine.”

And that’s when Mayorkas let loose on Hawley.

“Number one, what I found despicable was the implication that — this language, tremendously odious — actually could be emblematic of the sentiments of the 260,000 men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, number one.”

“Number two, Sen. Hawley takes an adversarial approach to me in this question, and perhaps he doesn’t know my own background. Perhaps he does not know that I’m a child of a Holocaust survivor. Perhaps he does not know that my mother lost all of her family at the hands of the Nazis. And so, I find his adversarial tone to be entirely misplaced. I find it to be disrespectful of me and my heritage. And I do not expect an apology, but I did want to say what I just articulated.”

When Hawley asked if he could respond to the secretary, the chairman told him he couldn’t, so Mayorkas got the last word, or in this case, the last words.

Josh Hawley is going to lecture a man whose mother lost her family to the Holocaust on the dangers of anti-Semitism? Instead, he should do what he did on Jan. 6 and run away like the coward he is.


Crime Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr.

Don Jr. Whines To Newsmax: They Want To Put My Daddy In Jail ‘For A Thousand Years And/Or The Death Penalty’

Much like his father, Donald Trump Jr. is outraged that his family is being held accountable for their alleged crimes, so he thought he’d go on right-wing Newsmax and complain.

Appearing Monday evening on The Balance, Junior was asked by host Eric Bolling if he would be testifying in his old man’s civil fraud trial currently taking place in New York.

“Yeah, I’m going in, I believe, on Wednesday. So you know, we get to continue yet another sham.”

“We’ve seen the bias, we’ve seen, you know, Michael Cohen lie under oath, literally get caught, literally perjured himself in front of— you know, admitted perjury beyond what he already went to prison for,” he added.

But it was what Don Jr. said next that drew the most laughter and ire on social media:

“It shows you what happens when you’re in a kangaroo court, Eric. It doesn’t matter what the rules are, it doesn’t matter what the Constitution says, it doesn’t matter what general practices and business would be. It doesn’t matter. They have a narrative, they have an end goal, and they’ll do do whatever it takes to get there.”

The oldest son of the failed one-term ex-president concluded:

“I think the people understand that. They see what Joe Biden is doing. You see the checks, you see the wire transfers, you wonder why the grandchildren are getting checks from the Chinese government. You know, those are all reasonable questions and yet no one asks them. Our mainstream media, the people in DC, unwilling to ask it, but they want to throw Trump in jail for a thousand years and/or the death penalty. Truly sick stuff, but this is why we fight.”


Reaction on Twitter was immediate.


Donald Trump Eric Trump The Trump Organization WTF?!

Eric Trump Told Prosecutors His Job Was ‘Pouring Concrete’ On His Dad’s Building Projects 

Though his official title at the Trump Organization is executive vice president, Eric Trump wants us all to believe that one of his main job duties while working for his father was “pouring concrete,” according to a deposition in the ongoing New York fraud trial that could leave the family-owned company penniless.

Eric has already given a deposition for the fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, and that was one of the topics of discussion today on “Deadline: White House.”

New York Times reporter Susanne Craig discussed Eric’s deposition and how it will be viewed by Judge Arthur Engogon, who will make the final decision on how large of a financial penalty to impose on Trump Org. AG James is seeking at least $250 million in fines and penalties.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked Craig about Eric’s deposition, specifically a section where he said:

“It’s extremely inconsistent with what my role is at the company. I don’t remember this. I’m not on here. I never signed this document.”

“He goes on to say, Sue, ‘I don’t recall this. I pour concrete. I manage properties. I don’t focus on appraisals. It’s just not what I do in my day-to-day responsibilities.’ Obviously, the judge has already found the company liable for fraud. What kind of witness is Eric Trump?”

Craig replied:

“I think he’s going to be — for the attorney general, I mean — they’re being called as sort of hostile witnesses,” said Craig. “It’s interesting. I read through the depositions today, and I read through some of Don Jr.’s. I think we’re going to hear a lot of ‘I don’t remember’ and then a lot of pushback potentially about that. I mean, these are three individuals who are high executives at the company after their father left the company to go to the White House they got pay raises, you know? They’re making, each of them at the time, were making a few million, $2 million a year, roughly. I mean, they should be in on this.”

Then came a discussion of the disgraced ex-president’s son suggesting that he did much of the day-to-day physical work at the company, with Craig noting, “I don’t think Eric Trump was out pouring concrete. I mean, the last time they had a new project was 2008. So — and in terms of a full construction project, I mean, they’ve done some rehabs and stuff like that since. But he shouldn’t be pouring concrete if he’s making that much money. So what was he doing?”

She concluded:

“I think he’s going to get a lot of pushback on the statements that he doesn’t remember,” added Craig. “They said it so many times. Eric’s full deposition is, you know — is out there. I’ve read it. It was amazing how many times he said he just couldn’t remember. And these are properties like — Seven Springs is one he was intimately involved with. He lived there for a time. He has a long history with it. You know, I think the judge may find it hard to believe that he doesn’t remember.”

Eric Trump has never done an honest day’s work in his life. Neither has his father or any of the Trump spawn. They’re all professional grifters who deserve to be bankrupt and behind prison bars.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:


Fox News The Trump Adminstration

WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre Gives Fox’s Peter Doocy A Lesson On The Issues Of Bigotry And Hate

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre schooled Fox correspondent Peter Doocy during the daily press briefing today, and while he tried to suggest the Biden administration hasn’t been vocal condemning anti-Israel demonstrations in the United States, Jean-Pierre made it clear he was wrong and trying to push a narrative that simply doesn’t exist.

Doocy began by asking, “Does President Biden think the anti-Israel protesters in this country are extremists?” 

The press secretary responded, “What I can say is that we’ve been very clear about this,” Jean-Pierre explained. “When it comes to anti-Semitism, there is no place. We have to make sure that we speak against it very loud and be very clear about that.”

Jean-Pierre then added that Biden had decided in large part to run in 2020 after seeing white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia as they chanted, “Jews will not replace us!”

“He saw neo-Nazis marching down the streets of Charlottesville with vile, anti-Semitic hatred.”

Doocy, however, wasn’t content with that answer, so he continued to push:

“We hear you guys talk about extremists all the time. It is usually about MAGA extremists. So what about these protesters who are making Jewish students feel unsafe on college campuses? Are they extremists?”

Jean-Pierre reiterated that the administration was “calling out any form of hate.”

“Does President Biden look at these anti-Israel protests on college campuses and think it’s nice to see that the country’s youth are so involved, or does he think the next generation is doomed?” Doocy asked.

“Here’s the thing, there’s no place for hate in America,” Jean-Pierre replied, only to be interrupted by Doocy.

That’s when the press secretary dropped the hammer on Doocy.

“No, no, no, no. I’m telling you! There’s no place for hate in America, and we condemn any anti-Semitic threat or incident in the strongest terms.”

That’s a stark contrast with failed one-term former president Donald Trump, who insisted there were “very fine people” on both sides of what transpired in Charlottesville.

There is no such thing as a “fine” anti-Semite, bigot, or racist. They’re a stain on this country and they deserve to be called out and shamed in the strongest terms possible.

Here’s the video: