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WATCH AOC Emasculate A GOP Congressman After He Tells Her To ‘Educate Herself’

Video of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) laying a verbal smackdown on a condescending House Republican colleague has gone viral on social media.

During floor debate Thursday on a bill that would require the federal government “to approve a plan to increase drilling on federal lands and waters” before drawing fuel from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in non-emergency cases, Ocasio-Cortez proposed an amendment to the legislation, HuffPost reports.

(AOC) argued in a speech on the House floor Thursday that leasing more land to fossil fuel companies wouldn’t guarantee a drop in gas prices and added that companies making profits won’t “pass along” the savings to consumers.

“What leasing more land does do, however, is guarantee that we will accelerate the devastating impact of climate change,” Ocasio-Cortez argued.

That led Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) to rise and address Ocasio-Cortez:

“You care about the air quality, you care about climate change. Natural gas is what got America there. Educate yourself on that.”

In response, Ocasio-Cortez took a rhetorical flamethrower to Duncan, telling him:

“I understand in this body it’s not the first time that it seems as though the opposing side can’t seem to be able to debate the issue and so they must come after my character.

“While I cannot control the fact that the other side seems to have made the assumption that I am uneducated, one of the things I can say… is while I may not work for Wall Street, that is true. I may not be here with the mission to increase profits for corporations, that is true. My mission here is for the well-being and dignity of our family and our planet’s future, for our children’s ability to live on this planet.”

She also took Duncan to task later in the day on Twitter:

“Fewer things are more predictable than Republicans having a meltdown when I’m clearing them in a debate.”

“In case you’re curious about why this man is so angry with me, it may be because I introduced an amendment to a GOP bill that would prohibit oil and gas companies who engage in stock buybacks from leasing federal lands,” she wrote, adding “Seems as though I hit a nerve!”

Climate Change Congress GOP

WATCH AOC Eviscerate A Republican For His Bigoted, Sexist Attack On A Climate Expert

On Thursday, a House committee on climate turned ugly when Republican Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana used bigoted and sexist terms directed at an expert on the issue and was then verbally eviscerated by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

According to HuffPost:

Raya Salter, an energy justice lawyer who serves on the New York State Climate Action Council, was invited to testify before House lawmakers during a hearing about the oil and gas industry’s lack of accountability and major role in the climate crisis. She said that the climate crisis is an “unprecedented global crime and the smoking gun lies in the hands of big oil and gas.”

Salter, a Black woman, talked about the disproportionate impact that the fossil fuel industry has had on Black and brown communities, as well as low-income families. She said that corporations are trying to shift the blame for the climate crisis to individual consumers and environmental activists instead of focusing on the real solution: transitioning away from fossil fuels.

Higgins began his questioning with this:

“Everything you have – your clothes, your glasses, your car you got here on, your phone, the table you’re sitting at, the chair, the carpet under your feet – everything you’ve got is petrochemical products. What would you do with that? Tell the world.”

Salters responded, as Higgins tried to talk over her:

“If I had that power in the world – actually, I don’t need that power because what I would do is ask you, sir, from Louisiana, to search your heart and understand why the EPA knows that toxic petrochemical facilities are some of the most toxic polluting facilities in the world and are killing Black people throughout Louisiana.”

That’s when Higgins turned into a condescending piece of excrement:

“My good lady. I’m trying to give you the floor, boo,” Higgins said as he continued speaking over her. “Boo” is a common term of endearment in the Black community, however, when used sarcastically – as the white congressman apparently did – it can be considered disrespectful, racist and misogynistic.

Higgins also invoked religion, suggesting that God gave man the power to care for the Earth, to which Salter replied:

“Sir, if we’re going to talk about the Lord, I ask that you search your heart again and think about repenting because the fossil fuel industry that owns your state is destroying the earth and the natural world. And that is a fact, sir.”

That led Higgins to start yelling:

“You know what you got, young lady? You got a lot of noise, but you got no answers!”

Ocasio-Cortez then took a verbal scalpel to Higgins and exposed him as the disgusting asshole he is:

“In the four years that I’ve sat on this committee, I have never seen members of Congress – Republican or Democrat – disrespect a witness in the way that I have seen them disrespect you today. I do not care what party they are in, I’ve never seen anything like that.

“And for the gentleman of Louisiana, and the comfort that he felt in yelling at you like that – there’s more than one way to get a point across. Frankly, men who treat women like that in public, I fear how they treat them in private. We can be better than this.”

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Hysterical Fox Host Claims Climate Activists Want To See Children ‘Eating Bugs’ For Lunch

What is Fox News covering these days now that they’ve soured on disgraced, one-term former president Donald Trump? Believe it or not, they’re actually giving some airtime to climate change. But, as you’d expect, not in a good way.

Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist was talking with host Rachel Campos-Duffy about the protests by farmers in the Netherlands over new emissions standards for the agricultural sector, with Campos-Duffy kicking off the discussion:

“So we saw this in the Netherlands, we’re seeing it in Canada. You say it’s coming here next. Explain what’s happening and why you think America is in danger of these kinds of very dangerous climate policies”


“Yeah, the Netherlands is just further down the road than America is on right now with regard to climate policies. These farmers are protesting because the government is basically telling them they have to liquidate their farms in order to meet these new rigorous emission standards for things like nitrogen and ammonia. Those are things that livestock produce.

“And so these Dutch farmers are looking at having to slaughter their entire livestock and liquidate their farms, just to comply with these new emission standards that the Dutch government is passing as part of this UN sustainability development goals, and their agenda 2030, which is the very climate agenda that left-wing, kind of environmental ideologues in Washington DC are following.”

That led Campos-Duffy to pull out the bizarre bug-eating reference, remarking:

“Yeah, to to get rid of the independent farmer and have total top-down control. You think you’re a conspiracy theorist if you start to notice things. I’m noticing a lot of articles about eating bugs, and actually in the UK they’re already testing schoolchildren, eating lunches that are made of bugs. There is something about this transition that you’re talking about.”

Davidson gladly played along:

“Well you know the great thing about bugs is they don’t produce nitrogen or ammonia, right? No… absolutely this is kind of thing I’m talking about. Once they gain control of food supply and the food distribution, instead of food distribution centers run by the NGOs and the government, they can dictate to you what you can eat.”

People eat the stomachs, intestines, and testicles of cows and pigs, but suddenly the idea of bugs is repulsive? Whine some more for us, Rachel.

If climate change continues unabated, much of the currently fertile farmland in the Netherlands, England, and the United States will either be underwater or parched. Bugs will start to look good when all the chickens, cows, and pigs have starved to death.

As usual, Fox is using fear to avoid talking about actual threats.

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Ted Cruz’s Latest Cancun ‘Joke’ Gets Him Pilloried On Twitter As Texas Is Hit By Another Winter Storm

Despite his constant efforts to be seen as witty and urbane, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz always comes across as what he’s always been and will always be: A douchebag whose “jokes” fall flat and boomerang back on him in humiliating fashion.

The Lone Star State is once again facing a massive and potentially deadly winter storm much like the one that sent Cruz fleeing for Cancun, as the New York Times reported just last year:

Like millions of his constituents across Texas, Senator Ted Cruz had a frigid home without electricity this week amid the state’s power crisis. But unlike most, Mr. Cruz got out, fleeing Houston and hopping a Wednesday afternoon flight to Cancún with his family for a respite at a luxury resort.

Photos of Mr. Cruz and his wife, Heidi, boarding the flight ricocheted quickly across social media and left both his political allies and rivals aghast at a tropical trip as a disaster unfolded at home. The blowback only intensified after Mr. Cruz, a Republican, released a statement saying he had flown to Mexico “to be a good dad” and accompany his daughters and their friends; he noted he was flying back Thursday afternoon, though he did not disclose how long he had originally intended to stay.

And yet, Cruz must have thought it would be a good idea to try and preempt any criticism of what he did in 2021 with a tweet.

Wow! Talk about tone-deaf and not even remotely funny. There might have been a point to be had if he’d just stuck with the basics on inflation, but instead he tried to engage in self-deprecating humor and only succeeded in coming across as a total asshole.

It didn’t take long before Ted was greeted with Twitter responses that reminded him what a jerk he is. Take a look:


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Lauren Boebert Tries To Troll Greta Thunberg But Only Succeeds In Owning Herself

Much like her political idol, failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) loves to try and use social media for the purposes of trolling those she disagrees with.

The problem, however, is that Boebert is so dense that most of the time all she accomplishes is owning herself in the most humiliating ways imaginable.

And that’s most certainly the case with a tweet Boebert sent out in reaction to remarks made by climate change activist Greta Thunberg, according to HuffPost:

Conspiracy theory-endorsing Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) faced mockery on Monday after she attacked climate activist Greta Thunberg’s “no more blah blah blah” comments at the United Nations COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Outside the summit, Thunberg called out world leaders for being all talk and too little action on addressing global warming. “No more blah blah blah,” she said. “No more whatever the fuck they’re doing inside there.”

That led Boebert to provide her own snarky take on the well-known “tell me without telling me” meme that’s become a staple online:

Here’s the thing Boebert completely neglected to realize: She’s making fun of an 18-year-old girl who is genuinely trying to make the world a better place. Thunberg has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and will likely win that honor before she reaches the age of 21, which is virtually unheard of.

Lauren Boebert, on the other hand, is a loudmouth and a boor who barely managed to earn a high school diploma and seems to get dumber with each every word she speaks or tweets, suggesting on Monday that she would like to use explosives in order to blow up metal detectors at the U.S. Capitol.

It didn’t take long before Boebert got exactly what she deserved: A thorough verbal drubbing on Twitter: