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Lauren Boebert Schooled On Global Warming After Her Fact-Free Social Media Posting

As extreme winter weather grips much of the United States, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) thought it was the perfect to remind us that she needed multiple tries to pass the GED exam because her knowledge of meteorology and science is so miniscule that she cannot help but prove her ignorance whenever she tries to make one of snarky fact-free remarks.

On Sunday, Boebert posted this on Twitter/X:

How’s that for ignorance?

As NASA has noted on the subject of climate change and weather, the two are not the same:

Some people say “weather is what you get” and “climate is what you expect.” In a nutshell, “weather” refers to the more local changes in the climate we see around us, on short timescales from minutes to hours to days to weeks. Examples are familiar – rain, snow, clouds, winds, storms, heat waves and floods. “Climate” refers to longer-term averages (they may be regional or global), and can be thought of as the weather averaged over several seasons, years or decades. Climate change is harder for us to get a sense of because the timescales involved are much longer, and the impact of climate changes can be less immediate.

But trying to explain scientific facts to a willfully ignorant dunce like Ms. Boebert is a losing proposition. Despite that, plenty of social media users were only too happy to point out just how thoroughly the Colorado Republican had just owned herself.

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Biden Mocks Lauren Boebert For Her Hypocrisy Regarding A Green Energy Project In Her District 

President Joe Biden mocked Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and other members of the GOP during a speech he made today in Belen, New Mexico, noting that the congresswoman had once opposed a clean energy project being built in her district which he said she is now “welcoming.”

Discussing how his administration is investing in “broader clean energy manufacturing,” the president noted, “It’s going to happen in big cities and rural communities as well. Like in Colorado, CS Wind broke ground on what will be the world’s largest wind tower manufacturing plant.”

Then came the burn on Boebert:

“And coincidentally, CS Wind is in Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, you know that very quiet Republican lady, it’s in her district. Who, along with every other Republican, voted against this bill and is making all this possible. And she railed against this passage.

“But that’s okay. She’s welcoming it now. And when I ran for office, I promised myself, as I promised to be president of all Americans, whether you live in a blue state or a red state, I’m going to keep my promise.”

There was also a jab from Biden aimed at Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

“He had railed against this legislation and then I noticed he had a big announcement: ‘Alabama is going to get $200 million.’ And I thought, wait a minute, didn’t you rail against this for a long, long time?”

Dark Brandon is on a roll. He’s sick of the Republican bullshit and he’s going to keep calling them out for it.


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Ron Johnson: The US Doesn’t Have To Worry About Climate Change Because It’s ‘Not Like Africa’

When he’s not busy visiting Russia, making excuses for Vladimir Putin, or suggesting that Russia’s interference in the 2016 election was not a major threat to American democracy, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) also likes to pretend he’s an expert on matters of science.

Such was the case today during a Senate Budget Committee hearing on climate change at which economist Michael Greenstone testified on the health effects of increased global temperatures.

After Greenstone made his remarks, Johnson picked up one of the maps showing the increase in temperatures across the globe and remarked, “I actually found that chart of yours somewhat comforting for at least America. When you take a look at the mortality — which, these are all, again, projections. I don’t — I don’t put any stock in them at all…”

The senator then added:

“But by your own projections throughout the United States because of climate change, we’re actually going to have a reduced risk of mortality in the United States – and, um, wouldn’t that really tie in with what the study Lancet in 2021 said we suffer about 600,000 deaths due to heat every year but 4.5 million deaths because of cold? So, in terms of excess deaths, a warming globe is actually beneficial. In my own state, your study shows that we’d have a reduction in mortality of somewhere between 54 and 56 people per, I guess it’s a hundred thousand. Why wouldn’t we take comfort in that?”

Greenstone explained, “But if you look more carefully at that, there are large swaths of the country where the damages will be much larger and I —”

Johnson cut the witness off and commented, “But again, if you want to balance it out globally, if you’re trying to mitigate harm globally, isn’t it true that the number of deaths according to this Lancet study caused by heat are 600,000 per year and deaths caused by cold are 4.5 million annually. So the fact – in terms of world health, in terms of excess death, we’re actually in a better position by having the climate increase in temperature a little bit, right?”

A few minutes later, Johnson rattled off this: “According to your study, you’re very concerned if you’re in the really hot region of Africa, but in terms of the United States and most of Europe, we’re in pretty good shape. We’re all blue. We have reduced risk of death.”

To hell with those folks in Africa! At least we’re in good shape here in the U-S of A, huh, Ron?

Watch the video:

Climate Change GOP Social Media WTF?!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tries To ‘Explain’ Climate Change But Only Proves Her MASSIVE Ignorance

Gather ’round, class. Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to enlighten us all on the topic of climate change.

Yes, you read that correctly: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) decided she’d take to social media and explain climate change by dismissing it as something that just happens and is no biggie.

“If you believe that today’s ‘climate change’ is caused by too much carbon, you have been fooled. We live on a spinning planet that rotates around a much bigger sun along with other planets and heavenly bodies rotating around the sun that all create gravitational pull on one another while our galaxy rotates and travels through the universe. Considering all of that, yes our climate will change, and it’s totally normal! There is no amount of taxes or carbon reduction that will stop or tame weather events or climate change. But there are some very powerful people that are getting rich beyond their wildest dreams convincing many that carbon is the enemy and that if humans sacrifice enough energy producing things we can actually control the climate. Don’t fall for the scam, fossil fuels are natural and amazing. They produce an abundance of energy that we all need to survive along with more products than you can possibly imagine.”

What in the living hell does that even mean? The planet is spinning and moving while the galaxy rotates, so that’s why we have climate change? There’s dumb, and there’s Marjorie Taylor Greene dumb.

But something good did come out of Greene’s gibberish: The mocking replies.

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WATCH AOC Emasculate A GOP Congressman After He Tells Her To ‘Educate Herself’

Video of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) laying a verbal smackdown on a condescending House Republican colleague has gone viral on social media.

During floor debate Thursday on a bill that would require the federal government “to approve a plan to increase drilling on federal lands and waters” before drawing fuel from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in non-emergency cases, Ocasio-Cortez proposed an amendment to the legislation, HuffPost reports.

(AOC) argued in a speech on the House floor Thursday that leasing more land to fossil fuel companies wouldn’t guarantee a drop in gas prices and added that companies making profits won’t “pass along” the savings to consumers.

“What leasing more land does do, however, is guarantee that we will accelerate the devastating impact of climate change,” Ocasio-Cortez argued.

That led Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) to rise and address Ocasio-Cortez:

“You care about the air quality, you care about climate change. Natural gas is what got America there. Educate yourself on that.”

In response, Ocasio-Cortez took a rhetorical flamethrower to Duncan, telling him:

“I understand in this body it’s not the first time that it seems as though the opposing side can’t seem to be able to debate the issue and so they must come after my character.

“While I cannot control the fact that the other side seems to have made the assumption that I am uneducated, one of the things I can say… is while I may not work for Wall Street, that is true. I may not be here with the mission to increase profits for corporations, that is true. My mission here is for the well-being and dignity of our family and our planet’s future, for our children’s ability to live on this planet.”

She also took Duncan to task later in the day on Twitter:

“Fewer things are more predictable than Republicans having a meltdown when I’m clearing them in a debate.”

“In case you’re curious about why this man is so angry with me, it may be because I introduced an amendment to a GOP bill that would prohibit oil and gas companies who engage in stock buybacks from leasing federal lands,” she wrote, adding “Seems as though I hit a nerve!”