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Mitch McConnell Gets Taken To The Woodshed For Trying To Paper Over The GOP’s Racist History

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) thought he’d try and rewrite the history of his party on Tuesday, but he immediately got smacked down by the facts about the GOP which are written in bigotry and hatred.

During a debate on whether or not to eliminate the filibuster in the U.S. Senate, McConnell said the procedure — through which one senator can bring all business in the upper chamber to a screeching halt — had not been used in the past (by Republicans) to delay passage of civil rights legislation in the 1950s:

“It has no racial history at all. None. There’s no dispute among historians about that.”

That’s a lie, and McConnell said it knowing damn well it was a lie.

History shows that the longest filibuster ever held in the Senate was made by the blatantly racist GOP Sen. Strom Thurmond in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957, speaking continuously for 24 hours and 15 minutes to prevent black Americans from having the same rights as whites.

Steven S. Smith, a political scientist at Washington University in St. Louis, explained the use of the filibuster by Republicans during the bad old days:

“The histories of the filibuster, civil and voting rights, and race in America are intertwined.”

How racist is the history of the Senate filibuster? It was once used to block anti-lynching bills. That is the shameful past of the procedure McConnell tried to paper over.

Fortunately, however, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance of Alabama was quick to counter McConnell, noting:

When he started getting criticism, McConnell’s office tried to walk back what he’d said:

For those who aren’t familiar with the full history of the Republican Party, it was once the Party of Lincoln. But then Richard Nixon was elected, followed by Ronald Reagan (who railed against “welfare queens” in a blatant attack on African-American women), and later was the party of choice for Donald Trump, who called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and suggested that anyone who dared to protest was a hoodlum or an “animal.” The GOP has become the party of bigotry and racial hatred. And the filibuster is part of that legacy, despite what McConnell or any other revisionist historian tries to assert.

How can you tell when someone is a racist? When they deny their own past, their support of bigots, and their cozy relationship with neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and white separatists.

Nice try, Mitch, but you’re just as full of shit as ever. And you’re also a terrible liar.

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Controversial GOP Congresswoman Allegedly Cheated On Her Husband With Multiple Men

Ever since she burst onto the political scene and managed to win a seat in the House of Representatives, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has been known for casting aspersions on others. She has attacked Muslims, claimed the Parkland school shooting was a “false flag,” and suggested that the Sept. 11 attacks didn’t actually take place.

Greene has been such a human hemorrhoid that her colleagues voted to remove her from all congressional committees, an unprecedented move which she later pretended didn’t bother her in the least.

Now, however, with the spotlight on Greene, the Daily Mail is reporting that she has allegedly cheated on her husband with multiple men:

“Controversial conspiracy congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene cheated on her husband with a polyamorous tantric sex guru, has learned.

“Then after ending her affair with him, the mom-of-three moved on to a gym manager behind her husband’s back.

“But despite the tawdry flings, Taylor Greene stuck with her husband Perry as she made her unlikely rise that has turned her into the most talked-about Republican in Washington, D.C.”

Asked about the alleged affairs, the two men who were reportedly Greene’s paramours denied they had been involved with the congresswoman:

“Craig Ivey, the tantric sex practitioner, said: ‘I will not respond to anything about this,’ while the other man, Justin Tway, said: ‘I have no interest in talking about anything to do with that woman. Everything with her comes to no good.’

“But others say the new representative from Georgia’s 14th Congressional District was brazen about her affairs which she carried on a decade ago while working in gyms in Alpharetta, Georgia,”

Those who know Greene say everyone was aware of her extramarital affairs:

“‘It wasn’t a secret. Everyone who moved in her circles knew about both the affairs,’ one man who worked closely with Taylor Greene told

“And her boss, billionaire’s grandson Jim Chambers, added: ‘She socialized a lot with us. I remember one particular pool party where she was lying draped over Craig’s lap drinking a beer.

“‘She was quite open about it,’ he added. ‘We all thought her marriage was falling apart.'”

Asked for a comment on the allegations detailed by the Daily Mail, Greene called it “ridiculous tabloid garbage spread by an avowed Communist,” and “another attempt to smear my name because I’m the biggest threat to the Democrats’ Socialist agenda.”

 As we’ve seen repeatedly when it comes to right-wingers, they’re the biggest hypocrites in the world, eager to throws stones at others even though they reside in their own self-constructed glass houses.

The Trump Adminstration WTF?!

‘Fire And Fury’ Author: Trump Is Having An Affair ‘Right Now’- With THIS Person?

Would it surprise you to know that Donald Trump is currently cheating on his wife, Melania? If so, then apparently you aren’t aware what a lowlife cheating asshole the president is.

Michael Wolff, author of the best-selling book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, told Bill Maher Friday evening that Trump is indeed having an extramarital affair, and he also suggested his book gives hints as to who Trump is sleeping with.

Appearing on Real TimeWolff said there was something he wanted to put in the book but wound up leaving out. The reason:

“I didn’t have the blue dress.”

Maher then asked:

“It’s about somebody’s he’s fucking right now?”

To that, Wolff replied:

“Yes. You just have to read between the lines.”

Wolff’s comments sent people scrambling to Fire and Fury for the details. The overall consensus seems to be that Trump is either involved with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley or White House Communications Director Hope Hicks:

What’s most hypocritical about all of this is the way Trump, during the 2016 campaign, tried to deflect from his own infidelities and bragging on video of how he likes to sexually assault women by bringing up the matter of Bill Clinton’s alleged affairs as president. Trump even invited some of Clinton’s accusers to attend one of his debates with Hillary.

Let’s also keep in mind this latest revelation comes in the same week we learned that Trump had an affair with a porn star, Stormy Daniels, and later had his personal attorney pay her $130,000 to keep the matter secret in the days before the 2016 election.

Donald Trump is a disgusting human being. The more we learn about him, the clearer that becomes.

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Elections WTF?!

WATCH: Roy Moore Spokesperson Tells CNN Host Doug Jones Wants To Kill Her Unborn Son

The people who support Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore are a strange lot. They seem to believe that an accused child molester has been ordained by God to serve as their representative in Washington.

Moore spokesperson Janet Porter appeared on CNN Tuesday morning and it got strange fast as she began the interview by telling host Poppy Harlow:

“Congratulations on your unborn child. That’s the reason why I came down to speak, as a volunteer, for Judge Moore. He will stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, whereas his opponent will support killing them up until the moment of birth.”

Harlow brushed the comment to the side and began asking about the women who have accused Moore of molesting them when they were teens, including one who maintains that Moore molested her when she was just 14. Porter referred to the accusers as liars and “criminals” who were merely trying to get revenge on the Senate candidate.

As the interview moved along, Porter again commented on the baby Harlow was carrying. It got downright creepy:

“If you care about child abuse, you should be talking about the fact that Judge Moore stands for protection… for the rights of babies, like the eight-month-old baby that you’re carrying now. Doug Jones says you can take the life of that baby!”

The CNN host quickly shut Porter down:

“Let’s leave my child out of this. Let’s leave my child out of this.”

Like so many “Christian” conservatives, Porter only cares about children when they’re still in the womb. Once they’re born, they’re fair game for sexual predators and pervs like Roy Moore and Donald Trump because it’s all part of God’s plan.

As the Bible teaches us, “Jesus wept.”

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GOP Whining Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment

WATCH Ana Navarro Shut Down A Trump Supporter For His Blatant Hypocrisy

A debate between conservative Ben Ferguson and former Republican strategist Ana Navarro got heated Thursday morning on CNN during a discussion of women and the two main American political parties.

It began when Ferguson complained that Ellen DeGeneres had promoted rap star Eminem’s freestyle rap criticizing President Trump, and yet, Ferguson said, DeGeneres refuses to have Trump on her show due to comments the president has made in which he bragged about sexually assaulting women by grabbing their genitals. That led Navarro to remind Ferguson of his hypocrisy in defending a known misogynist in the White House:

“It’s equally absurd to support a man who talked about grabbing women, and then get all Holy Roller when it comes to a hip-hop rapper.”

Ferguson then doubled down, saying there was a danger in liberals being a champion for Eminem, who has written some notably anti-woman lyrics over his career:

“I think the left has to be very careful about wrapping their arms around a guy who is so disgusting and vile towards women.”

That’s when Navarro destroyed Ferguson with this line:

“But I could turn that around and say, ‘The right has got to be very careful to not wrap themselves around a guy who is so disgusting and vile that he talks about grabbing women.’”

Trying desperately to recover, Ferguson spluttered:

“I denounced that and said it was inappropriate when it happened!”

Then the conservative tried to pivot back to Eminem, but again Navarro was waiting for him and laid a verbal smackdown on him by reminding him:

“The rapper doesn’t have the nuclear codes!”

No one who supports or defends Donald Trump has any footing when it comes to criticizing another person for misogyny or improper sexual behavior. Trump is a pig and has admitted that he loves to harass and assault women. Dozens of women have attested to this fact. It’s yet another reason Trump is unfit to be the leader of this country.

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