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Judge Rules Wrongful Death Suit Against Kyle Rittenhouse Will Move Forward

A federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin has ruled that a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Kyle Rittenhouse by the father of a man shot and killed by Rittenhouse in August 2020 can proceed as planned.

According to PBS, attorneys for Rittenhouse had sought to have the suit dismissed.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman on Wednesday dismissed motions filed by Rittenhouse and the government defendants seeking to dismiss the civil rights lawsuit.

In allowing the case against Rittenhouse and the others to proceed, the judge said that Anthony Huber’s death “could plausibly be regarded as having been proximately caused by the actions of the governmental defendants.”

Rittenhouse had argued that the case against him should be dismissed because he wasn’t properly served with the lawsuit. Adelman dismissed that, saying that Rittenhouse “is almost certainly evading service.”

Attorneys for Huber said they spent over 100 hours trying to locate Rittenhouse so he could be served, with Judge Adelman noting in his ruling, “Rittenhouse has been deliberately cagey about his whereabouts. Although he denies living in Florida, he does not identify the place that he deems to be his residence.”

Anand Swaminathan, an attorney for the Huber family, said the judge’s ruling means his clients are now “one step closer to justice for their son’s needless death.”

“The Kenosha officials that created a powder keg situation by their actions tried to claim that they cannot be held accountable for their unconstitutional conduct; that argument was soundly rejected today.”

Rittenhouse was criminally charged with homicide and reckless endangerment for the shooting deaths of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum. He traveled to Kenosha from his home in Illinois, complete with an AR-15 style assault rifle. He later said he had done so to protect businesses that were at risk when riots began after a white Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake, a black man.

In November of 2021, Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges after he claimed he acted in self-defense. Since his acquittal, he has become a darling of right-wing media and gun rights groups.


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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Michigan Pro-Gun Rally Is A Humiliating Failure

Kyle Rittenhouse (a.k.a. Killer Kyle as he’s often called) should be able to draw one hell of crowd when he shows up considering that he’s a darling of the right-wing gun fetishists who think they need to strap semiautomatic weapons to their obese frames in order to visit Wal Mart and pick up some beer and bologna for the weekend.

But it turns out that Killer Kyle isn’t much of an attraction, as he proved when he was a featured speaker at a pro-gun rally in Ionia, Michigan.

When he did speak, the tens (if that) of people who showed up in the heat got to hear Kyle intone against anyone who has ever suggested that sensible gun control is a good idea.

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her anti-freedom cohorts are hellbent on shredding Second Amendment rights for law-abiding Michiganders,” Rittenhouse said.

Rittenhouse called House Minority Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, a “weak-kneed Republican” who “opened the door” to a red flag law. Hall was one of five House Republicans to vote for the three bills establishing safe storage, drawing outrage from some conservatives. Hall did not vote for the bills establishing a red flag law.

Rittenhouse may have also been under the impression that Republicans controlled the House — asking, “what’s the point of a Republican majority?” — when in fact Democrats control both chambers of the Legislature. A message seeking comment was left with Hall’s office.

Yeah, Kyle. Blah blah blah. He might just as well have said, I like guns and killing people, and I know you do, too, or why else would you be here to listen to a loser like me?

Well, because losers attract other losers. It’s the Second Law of the Physics of Pathetic.

However, something good did come out of the rally: The humiliation and mockery that was doled out online in response to Killer Kyle’s below par crowd size.

Maybe next time Killer Kyle needs to serve some beer and sandwich meats to guarantee that the fatties like him make the trek.


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Heartless Lauren Boebert Throws Away A Pin Honoring A Uvalde Shooting Victim

Though you probably don’t need more evidence that Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is a heartless bag of human excrement who thinks the Second Amendment is more important than the life of your children, something she did Tuesday should guarantee she loses her bid for reelection next year if there’s even a shred of justice in the universe.

A group of gun control activists were lobbying Congress yesterday and handed Boebert a pin showing the green Converse Uvalde school shooting victim, Maite Rodriguez, was wearing when she was shot and killed in May of last year, according to HuffPost.

But rather than accept the pin and walk away, Boebert heartlessly threw it away and was caught on video doing so. Take a look:

One of the parents of another Uvalde victim said he was angered by what the congresswoman did.

Brett Cross, whose 10-year-old son Uziyah Garcia was also killed during the Uvalde mass shooting, said on said on TikTok that Boebert throwing away the pin was “beyond infuriating.”

“You people elect these types of people,” Cross said. “Are you fucking serious? She didn’t even have enough couth or wherewithal to even hold on to it until she got to her office to throw it away. She threw it away in plain sight, going to show once again that she does not give a damn.”

Boebert is a mother and no doubt loves her children. But does she think other parents don’t cherish their kids? How would she feel if someone so heartlessly trashed the memory of her child or refused to even have a dialogue about the weapons that led to that child’s death? Are campaign contributions from gun companies more important than human lives? And if they are, then how does the congresswoman sleep at night?

We’re in the month of July, and already this year there have been 390 mass shootings in the United States. Guns are the leading cause of death of kids and teens in this country, and yet we call ourselves civilized?

One thing we can clearly say about Lauren Boebert: She doesn’t belong in Congress and needs to be retired from office by her constituents in next year’s election.


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Washed-Up Actor Kevin Sorbo Gets Fact-Checked For Saying Assault Weapons ‘Aren’t Real’

You probably remember Kevin Sorbo from the last decent gig he had on the TV series “Hercules,” but now he seems to spend the majority of his time as a Twitter troll, weighing in on just about every controversial issue.

And that’s the case once again with a social media posting Sorbo made in the aftermath of the Allen, Texas mass shooting that left eight people dead.

Apparently, Sorbo is upset because people are calling guns such as the AR-15 used by the Allen shooter “assault weapons,” which is what they are, despite what the National Rifle Association would have you believe.

On Sunday, Sorbo posted this:

“Assault weapons aren’t real. Just like there’s no such thing as an assult car, or assault pencil. Stop blaming objects when the person is at fault.”

However, despite Sorbo’s protestations, the majority of Americans believe that the U.S. needs much tighter gun control laws, with a Fox News poll showing the following:

— Requiring criminal background checks on all gun buyers (87%)

— Improving enforcement of existing gun laws (81%)

— Raising the legal age to buy a gun to 21 (81%)

— Requiring mental health checks on gun buyers (80%)

— Allowing police to take guns from those considered a danger to themselves or others (80%)

— Requiring a 30-day waiting period for all gun purchases (77%)

Another 6 in 10 favor banning assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons (61%).

Sorbo got fact-checked and mocked for his inanity.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘Drugs And Evil Forces’ Are To Blame For Texas Mall Shooting

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wants us all to know that there aren’t too many guns in this country and that the mass shooting at a mall in Allen, Texas on Saturday can be blamed on “mental illness, drugs, and evil forces.”

Referencing a tweet from Brian Glenn, director of programming at the right-wing Right Side Broadcasting Network, (who also happens to be Greene’s current boyfriend), the Georgia Republican cheered the fact that the shooter who killed eight people was also dead, which seems a bit odd for someone who purports to be a Christian.

Glenn posted this, along with a video of the dead shooter:

“This is the piece of shit that took innocent lives today. Thank GOD that a brave police officer ran into the line of fire to kill this demon.”

The tweet was later taken down by Twitter for “violating Twitter rules.”

Greene retweeted her sweetie’s video, along with a message of her own: “Thank God for the brave officer that courageously ran into the line of fire to save others.”

The congresswoman also sent out a message that failed to address the issue of guns and lack of responsible gun legislation:

“We pray for the victims and their families and an end to the mental illness, drugs, and evil forces that cause people to commit such horrors.”

Greene’s posting drew plenty of responses from other Twitter users.