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Michael Cohen Just Got Some Sweet Revenge On Matt Gaetz

Back in February of 2019, a day before Michael Cohen was set to testify to the House Oversight Committee about business deals and hush money payoffs he made to women former President Donald Trump had extramarital affairs with, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) sent out a threatening tweet:

Hey @MichaelCohen212 – Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…— Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) February 26, 2019

That tweet got Gaetz in hot water with the House Ethics Committee, which later admonished him, Politico reported in August of 2020:

“While the 10-member panel determined that the Florida Republican’s ‘actions did not reflect creditably upon the House of Representatives,’ the committee also concluded in its report that he ‘did not violate witness tampering and obstruction of Congress laws’ and declined to issue more severe sanctions against the Florida Republican.”

Gaetz later deleted the controversial tweet and apologized for posting it, although few believed his apology was the least bit sincere.

Now we fast-forward to 2021, and Gaetz is the one under the microscope, facing the prospect of serving the rest of his life in federal prison for trafficking a 17-year-old girl and paying for some of the assignations via the Venmo mobile payment app, meaning he left a record of all his financial transactions.

Gaetz is also getting hit with some enormous payback from Cohen, with the ex-president’s former attorney sending a few tweets that are clearly aimed at the Florida congressman:

Ouch! Now that’s some masterful trolling by Cohen, who has paid his debt to society and noted that he’s eager to help prosecutors who are working to indict the Donald on a laundry list of charges that include fraud and money laundering.

So, Matt, how does it feel to be hit with a giant dose of karma right as your former wingman is cooperating with the feds and spilling his guts about your dirty secrets?


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Expect Legal Action Against Matt Gaetz By As Soon As May 15: Report

Based on new information from two reporters working for The Daily Beast, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) might want to get things in order and enjoy the next few days of freedom, because it appears he’s on the verge of being charged with crimes including sex trafficking an underage girl and wire fraud.

Reporters Jose Pagliery and Roger Sollenberger were guests on the “Fever Dreams” podcast and made clear that the days ahead are likely to be very bad for Gaetz, especially since his friend and “wingman,” Joel Greenberg, is expected ink a cooperation agreement with federal prosecutors by May 15, which is the deadline he’s been given, according to Pagliery:

“We know that this is heating up, particularly again, because we’ve got a deadline on May 15 for Greenberg to become a fully cooperating witness for the government. And there’s not just that. We also hear that the feds are pressuring other people who have direct knowledge of this.

The world for Matt Gaetz in the near term looks extremely difficult because it’s not just that there’s some evidence. There’s a lot of evidence, and there are several witnesses.”

The two reporters also revealed that they’ve been able to source much of their reporting from people who had ties to Gaetz and Greenberg and are now spilling their guts on Instagram:

“These are people who are amateur Instagram models. So many of these were, like, wannabe escorts. They wanted to project a version of themselves out to the galaxy, and, you know, I got so… incredulous at one point a few weeks ago that I just decided to tweet, ‘You think you’re doing it for your brand, but you’re actually doing it for my investigation,’ because these people are just putting it out there front and center.”

All of this comes as CNN is reporting that prosecutors are indeed looking at those who have connections to Gaetz and flipping them for testimony against the Florida Republican:

“The cooperation of Greenberg and the former girlfriend could be among the final steps in the probe of Gaetz. Investigators view both as crucial to understanding the relevance of hundreds of transactions they have obtained records of, including those involving payments for sex. The ex-girlfriend could also be questioned by investigators about a second woman as they try to determine whether Gaetz may have slept with that woman when she was only 17.”

Gaetz, who has repeatedly denied that he did anything wrong, is facing more than just a slap on the wrist if he’s found guilty of sexually trafficking a minor. That crime alone could earn him a life sentence in federal prison.


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Sex Crimes Prosecutor Who Put Bill Cosby Behind Bars: Matt Gaetz ‘Should Be Very Worried’

Even though he hasn’t been front and center in the daily headlines so far this week, the investigation into the alleged crimes committed by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) remains active, and the sex crimes prosecutor who put Bill Cosby behind bars for indecent assault says Gaetz “should be very worried,” especially since one of his close friends and “wingman,” Joel Greenberg, is reportedly cooperating with prosecutors.

Appearing on MSNBC Tuesday afternoon, Kristen Gibbons Feden told host Ayman Mohyeldin that if indeed Greenberg gives statements “consistent with” the letter he wrote, it will establish two facts for federal prosecutors looking into Gaetz’s alleged criminal behavior:

“First, that he gave money in exchange for sex and second that sexual contact was with a minor. This wouldn’t necessarily get the prosecutors over the finish line, right? Because they would still need to establish that this crime relates to interstate commerce which is a necessary precondition for federal involvement.”

That’s why the issue of Gaetz allegedly taking a 17-year-old girl across state lines for the purposes of sex is so important to the case being built against the congressman, Feden added, because it would:

“Be a violation of 2423, Transportation of a Minor for Illegal Sex Crimes, which, again, would satisfy that interstate commerce, but also under that particular section the prosecutor would not need to prove that Gaetz knew that the young lady was a minor at the time of the sex act. Which the letter and I presume Greenberg’s statements would be consistent with the letter.”

Feden then went into even greater detail, noting that federal prosecutors intend to charge Gaetz under the the Child Sex Trafficking criminal statute, and that requires very specific proof:

“The prosecutor will need to prove that Gaetz had some level of knowledge at the time of the sex act that that young lady was a minor.”

It’s safe to assume that the investigation underway into Gaetz is indeed being predicated around the allegation that he did indeed take a young girl across state lines for sex. That act would make him guilty of sex trafficking and violating the Mann Act. And the penalty for that crime can be as harsh as life in federal prison.

Matt Gaetz shouldn’t just be worried. He should be shitting his pants.

Here’s Kristen Gibbons Feden on MSNBC:

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Roger Stone Told Matt Gaetz He Could Get Trump To Pardon Him For $250K: Report

The scandal surrounding Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took another wild turn Thursday evening when The Daily Beast released a report suggesting that Roger Stone –who has been a close friend and adviser to Donald Trump for decades — told Gaetz that he could convince the former president to grant him a presidential pardon if the congressman could round up a cool $250,000:

In late 2020, Greenberg was out of jail and in communication with Stone. A series of private messages between the two—also recently obtained by The Daily Beast—shows a number of exchanges between Greenberg and Stone conducted over the encrypted messaging app Signal, with communications set to disappear. However, Greenberg appears to have taken screenshots of a number of their conversations.

“’If I get you $250k in Bitcoin would that help or is this not a financial matter,’ Greenberg wrote to Stone.

“’I understand all of this and have taken it into consideration,’ Stone replied. ‘I will know more in the next 24 hours I cannot push too hard because of the nonsense surrounding pardons.’

“’I hope you are prepared to wire me $250,000 because I am feeling confident,’ Stone wrote to Greenberg on Jan. 13.”

Stone, you may recall, was pardoned by Trump in December of last year. Stone had been convicted of making false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering.

And now it seems that was also eager to help Gaetz and Greenberg get pardons for their alleged crimes, which include sexually trafficking a minor girl across state lines.

Once Stone received the 250K, he suggested that he’d be able to acquire a pardon for Gaetz and Greenberg, writing:

“Your thing is being looked at and I will have an answer by Saturday as to whether you have a viable shot for justice and how to go about it.”

Stone maintains he never tried to buy a pardon for Gaetz :

“I made no formal or informal effort in regard to a pardon for Mr. Greenberg. I recall requesting a document explaining his prosecution The [sic] details of which I was unfamiliar with.”

If it can be proven that Stone did try to use money to obtain a pardon from Trump, there are any number of federal crimes that he, Gaetz, Greenberg, and even Trump can be charged with.

Gaetz, in the meantime, has bigger worries, such as potentially being hit with a life sentence if he’s convicted of sexual trafficking.


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Suspected Sex Offender Matt Gaetz Gets Destroyed For Tweeting Out A List Of The ‘Best’ High Schools

For some reason known only to him, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) — who is currently embroiled in a scandal in which he allegedly transported an underage girl across state lines — decided he’d tweet out a list of the Florida high schools considered to be the “best.”

And you thought only the Trump spawn and their father could be so self-unaware, but it turns out that Gaetz is also too damn stupid to realize when saying nothing is the best course of action.

It didn’t take long before social media lit up with reminders of the crimes Congressman Gaetz may have taken part in and how every parent should keep their children as far away from the Florida Republican as possible:

Later today, maybe Matt can share a list of his favorite places to take a date when she isn’t yet old enough to drive.