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Matt Gaetz Tries To Give Marjorie Taylor Greene A Flattering Nickname And It Backfires Badly

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been extremely busy this week. She hasn’t been doing anything productive, mind you, but she has filed or promised to file articles of impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, FBI Director Chris Wray, and Matthew Graves, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.

Graves was testifying Wednesday when Greene announced she would seek to have him removed from office, which won’t happen because there aren’t enough votes in the House to impeach any of the people she’s targeted.

Despite, that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) praised Greene on Twitter, giving her a new nickname.

MAGA Queen? Is that supposed to be a compliment? If so, plenty of Twitter users were quick to remind Gaetz that there were more applicable nicknames for the Georgia Republican and her moronic antics.


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Matt Gaetz: There Were No Mass Shootings When Automatic Weapons And ‘Cannons’ Were Legal

As the country reels from yet another mass shooting — this time in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday — Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is suggesting that fully automatic weapons and “cannons” should be declared legal because when they were, mass shootings were nonexistent.

On his Firebrand podcast, Gaetz began with the right-wing’s favorite bullshit tactic whenever there’s mass deaths from gun violence: Thoughts and prayers.

“This morning, we were made aware yet again of another shooting, this time at a bank in Louisville, Kentucky. We, of course want to take time to mourn the loss of innocent life, but we should not wait in acting to prevent these frequent aggressive acts from happening in the future.”

From there, the Florida Republican asserted that gun control is actually the problem, not the solution.

“Your grandparents used to be able to order mail-order automatic weapons, and when the Second Amendment was written, the American people, such as they were, could own cannons. No mass shootings back then.”

That’s simply not true, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Gaetz doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The National Firearms Act, which outlawed automatic weapons, was enacted in 1934. Why? To stop mass shootings by gangs involved in bootlegging and organized crime, as NPR has reported:

In the 1920s and ’30s, the U.S. was dealing with a different kind of gun violence epidemic: a massive increase in organized crime, fueled by Prohibition.

Gangsters, like Al Capone, were making big money trafficking illegal alcohol. And a key weapon in their arsenal was the machine gun.

“Those criminals from the mob took advantage of the rise of the portable machine gun, capable of firing multiple rounds of ammunition with the single pull of a trigger,” says Adam Winkler, a professor at UCLA’s school of law and author of Gunfight: The Battle Over The Right to Bear Arms in America.

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Matt Gaetz Gets Shredded When He Quotes From A Chinese ‘Propaganda’ Publication: Video

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) thoroughly humiliated himself during a session of the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday, quoting from a Chinese state-run publication to “prove” that U.S. aid to Ukraine was being used improperly.

Gaetz was questioning Colin H. Kahl, Under Secretary of Defense, and he asked the official:

“How about CIA? Are they training folks in Ukraine?”

Kahl replied:

“Not going to talk about that in an unclassified setting. Happy to talk about that further in the classified briefings.”

Gaetz then inquired, “Is the Azov battalion getting access to U.S. weapons?”


“Not that I’m aware of, but. If you have information…”

The Florida Republican announced:

“I intend to enter into the record The Global Times investigative report that talks about training. It’s from the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Research Lab. Citing the Azov battalion was even getting stuff as far back as 2018.”

After the article had been entered into the record, Gaetz asked Kahl:

“Any reason to disagree with that assessment?”

Kahl responded:

“Is this the, I’m sorry, is this the Global Times from China?”

Gaetz: “No, this is…”

Kahl: “Well, that’s what you read.”

Clearly unsure of what he had read, Gaetz was forced to admit, “Yeah, it might be, yeah. Would that be a reason?”

Kahl told the congressman:

“I as a general matter, I don’t take Beijing’s propaganda at face value.”

Rather than move on, Gaetz asked Kahl: “Yeah. Just tell me if. If the allegation is true or false, I mean.”

Kahl reiterated what he had just said:

“I don’t have any evidence one way or the other. As a general matter, I don’t take Beijing’s propaganda at face value.”

Before moving on to another topic, Gaetz remarked:

“Fair, fair enough. I would agree with that assessment.”

Could it be any clearer that Matt Gaetz is a complete idiot?

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MT Greene Slams Matt Gaetz For Siding With ‘Filthy’ Liberals Against Her ‘National Divorce’ Plan

Though they were once thick as thieves in the House of Representatives, it now appears that Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Matt Gaetz of Florida are on the outs.

On Wednesday evening, Gaetz appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show and made it clear that he disagrees with Greene’s call for a “national divorce” in which red and blue states would separate and go their own ways, even though such a plan is both illegal and impossible according to the U.S. Constitution.

Gaetz told Ingraham:

“I’m not for a national divorce, but I do think the federal government should have to spend the night on the couch for a while. I believe that the best pushback is a national renewal, not a national divorce, something that Marjorie Taylor Greene is certainly helping to inspire.”

A clearly angry Greene fired back at Gaetz on Twitter, suggesting that he was siding with “filthy liberals” to subvert her ideas.

“There is a failure for many to realize Americans are giving up because they are sick of the talking heads that just complain about all the problems and politicians that never fix anything, while the right just keeps taking the beatings and abuse from the left. Yes, the red California that gave us Reagan is gone and that was another time long ago. CA is now like a weird communists country. Yes NY gave us Trump, but Trump left NY because of how bad and blue NY is and NY is so political and corrupt now they are actually trying to throw Trump in jail. Yes VA flipped red with Youngkin but it was bc parents were fed up with their school boards and a trans raped girls in the girls bathroom, but Loundon county is still unchanged, so really how red is VA?”

Greene concluded her online rant with this:

“And Matt Gaetz is right when he says our government constantly cheats on it’s own people with foreign countries and America First policies is the marriage counseling we all need. Reducing the power & size of the federal government and giving more to the states in order to protect ourselves and our kids from the abusive left is actually the bold action that needs to be taken in order for the left to be able to realize how insane and abusive they have become. Just like the prodigal son, once the left gets to truly live in their own filth they have created without us, then they will be able to realize the error of their ways. Until then, most of us don’t want to be forced to accept and live in their filthy abusive ways with them anymore.”

Instead of a national divorce, it sounds like Gaetz and Greene need couples counseling, though Gaetz will probably spend most of his time in counseling fantasizing about going to the high school prom and scoring with all the underage girls while Marge contemplates how many men she can sleep with in one night.

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Matt Gaetz Gets Mocked For Saying Nikki Haley Is ‘In Her Prime’ But He’s ‘Not Interested’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) really needs to learn that there are times he’d be better off keeping his mouth shut and staying off social media.

Even though he found out this week that he won’t be charged by federal prosecutors for allegedly engaging in the sexual trafficking of an underage girl, the Florida Republican decided he’d join the debate on whether or not former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who announced her candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday is qualified to be president.

As she was formally entering the 2024 race, Haley said she thought any politician over the age of 75 should have to pass a competency test, which led CNN host Don Lemon to comment that the 51-year-old Haley isn’t “in her prime.” He later apologized for the remark.

Gaetz, however, decided he’d weigh in on the matter, though he probably wishes he hadn’t.

On Twitter, Gaetz wrote:

“Nikki Haley is absolutely in her prime. Still not interested! Trump 2024”

That was all it took for social media users to remind Gaetz that we already knew he was fond of significantly younger women but didn’t expect him to come right out and say it for all the world to see.