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Matt Gaetz Attempts To Troll Adam Schiff And Only Succeeds In Owning Himself

Even though he isn’t the least bit skilled at online trolling, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) decided he’d try to do so at the expense of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who wasn’t reappointed to the House Intelligence Committee by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy simply because Schiff speaks his mind and was the lead House manager for the first impeachment of disgraced, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) let McCarthy know what he thought of his refusal to appoint Schiff and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) to the Intelligence Committee in a letter, noting:

“It is my understanding that you intend to break with the longstanding House tradition of deference to the minority party Intelligence Committee recommendations and deny seats to Ranking Member Schiff and Representative Swalwell. The denial of seats to duly elected Members of the House Democratic Caucus runs counter to the serious and sober mission of the Intelligence Committee.”

McCarthy’s recalcitrance is bad politics, bad optics, and bad for the national security of the United States.

Gaetz, however, who remains under investigation for allegedly taking an underage girl across state lines, having sex with her, and then paying her to remain silent, couldn’t resist adding his voice to the matter, posting this in response to a tweet asking what Schiff’s pronouns are.

If Gaetz had bothered to do a simple Google search, he would have learned that “removed” isn’t a pronoun. According to, it’s a verb. In some instances, it can be a noun or an adjective, but it’s not a pronoun and never will be. But hey, why let basic knowledge of the English language stand in the way of a social media burn?

But that’s not all Rapey McForehead (a.k.a. Gaetz) neglected to take under consideration before he completely owned himself for the entire internet to see. And it didn’t take long before others have Gaetz a dose of his own medicine.

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Matt Gaetz’s House GOP Colleagues Trash Him As A ‘Showman’ Who Belongs Behind Bars: Report

If Ted Cruz is indeed the most hated member of the United States Senate, then Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is the most despised person in the House of Representatives, and a new report from Business Insider makes it clear that Gaetz’s Republican colleagues have no use for him and some would love to see him indicted, convicted, and sent to prison for sexually trafficking a minor.

In fact, Gaetz is not even the least bit respected by the vast majority of the GOP.

“Everyone has always viewed him as a showman, as someone who’s there for political theater, as someone who has shown no interest in ever legislating,” the aide, who requested anonymity in order to avoid political retribution, told Insider, adding that Gaetz hasn’t garnered “a lot of respect among his fellow members.” 

Gaetz’s showboating on the issue of making Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House only served to alienate more of his colleagues, including longtime friends like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who recently dissed the Florida Republican when he tried to compliment her online.

A close look at Gaetz’s legislative achievements since he arrived in Congress in 2017 also suggests that his primary focus is self-promotion and little else.

Despite being in the House for four terms, Gaetz has yet to introduce a single piece of legislation that has become law. In that same timeframe, over 725 bills have become law, all introduced by someone other than Gaetz.

So what exactly does Gaetz do? According to those who know and work with him, his main activities seem to be “obstructing, fear-mongering, and trumpeting conspiracy theories,” which led a former House staffer to note:

“I don’t think this guy’s looking to be a policymaker. I think he’s looking for a platform to monetize MAGA. And to put himself out there as an unencumbered warrior for their cause.”

Oh, and there’s also the distinct possibility that Gaetz will indeed be indicted by the feds for allegedly paying an underage girl to have sex with him and taking her across state lines while doing so.

For some of Gaetz’s colleagues, indictment and imprisonment would be a welcome end to the Florida Republican’s grandstanding, not to mention him getting exactly what he deserves.

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GOP Feud: MT Greene Puts Matt Gaetz On Full Blast When He Attempts To Compliment Her

The House MAGA caucus appears to have a major rift in it, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) slamming her onetime BFF Matt Gaetz (R-FL) when he attempted to compliment her on social media.

The Hill reports that Gaetz praised Greene for being appointed to two influential committees — Homeland Security and Oversight — by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who was supported by Greene to be Speaker but rejected by Gaetz.

“Bravo @mtgreenee!,” Gaetz wrote in his tweet. “She’s going to do amazing work for the people on these key committees she has EARNED.” 

Greene, however, didn’t sound the least bit pleased with her colleague’s praise, responding with a barbed counter-tweet:

“Thanks to@SpeakerMcCarthy & Steering for voting me on the committees I requested on the submission form most of us filled out.

“Too bad we’re weeks behind after you spent a week only getting MTV from 5 to 1.

“As the leading MAGA voice in Congress, I look forward to committees.”

Gaetz added another posting:

“Well, we got a few other things but I’m thrilled the MTV is back to the pre-Pelosi standard. Totally worth it! We the People will be in better hands with MTG holding the corrupt Biden Admin accountable via committee service. I’m so here for it.”

Once again, Greene was having none of it.

“The rules package did not change at all from Jan 1st to Jan 6th, except MTV went from 5 to 1. Literally anyone can read them online and see that. All substantial negotiations happened in conference & 5 families meetings before the 15 ballots starting on Jan 3rd.”

Greene has also been critical of another former MAGA House member, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). The two reportedly had a tense showdown in a bathroom at the Capitol.

According to multiple sources, the two women were nearly in a screaming match in the Speaker’s lobby ladies room just off the House floor.

“Greene questioned Boebert’s loyalty to McCarthy, and after a few words were exchanged, Boebert stormed out,” a source familiar with the fight told The Daily Beast.

According to another source familiar, while in the bathroom, Greene asked Boebert, “You were OK taking millions of dollars from McCarthy but you refuse to vote for him for Speaker, Lauren?”

It should be fun to watch and see how Greene reacts when Boebert and/or Gaetz demand a motion to vacate (MTV) in an attempt to topple McCarthy.

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‘Bad Lip Reading’ Reveals Matt Gaetz’s Secret Code Name

If we’re honest, most of us would admit that we’d love to know what’s said between members of Congress when they’re speaking with each other on the floor of the House or Senate. Can you imagine how much more we’d dislike most of them if we could hear what they say when we’re not looking or listening?

For example, that face-to-face conversation between Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy as the final vote was about to be taken that would elevate McCarthy to the Speaker’s chair.

Unfortunately, there’s no sound on the video that photo is taken from, but that doesn’t mean we have to remain in the dark when it comes to the words exchanged between the two.

According to Bad Lip Reading, we have new insight as to what was being said as the votes were being tallied in the House.

For those of you not familiar with their work, The Mary Sue explains the purpose of Bad Lip Reading:

 Bad Lip Reading is an anonymous YouTube channel that dubs over news footage and scenes from film and TV shows with nonsensical dialogue. The dialogue always more or less matches the movements of people’s mouths, and some surprising storylines end up emerging from the chaos.

The first video from Bad Lip Reading shows what was said between Gaetz and McCarthy. Take a look:

And now we have Gaetz’s other name, also courtesy of the folks at Bad Lip Reading.

Vain Guy is appropriate. Then again, so is Superperv.

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Wait Until You Hear The Incredibly Disgusting Reason Matt Gaetz Hates Kevin McCarthy

If perhaps you were wondering why exactly Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) steadfastly refused to support Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, it turns out that the reason was purely personal, despite what Gaetz said recently as he continued to vote for anyone but McCarthy.

According to Gaetz, the reason for his recalcitrance was that McCarthy had compromised too often with Democrats and not been sufficiently loyal to failed, one-term former president Donald Trump, especially after Trump helped fan the flames that led to the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

On the floor of the House, Gaetz had this to say about his refusal to vote for McCarthy:

“Maybe the right person for the job of speaker of the House isn’t someone who wants it so bad,. Maybe the right person for the job of speaker of the House isn’t someone who has sold shares of themselves for more than a decade to get it.”

The real reason, however, is much more personal for Gaetz: Because McCarthy hasn’t been more supportive of the Florida congressman since he was first accused of paying an underage girl to sleep with him and taking her across state lines, which has led to a federal investigation of Gaetz that could lead to charges of sexual trafficking, according to Rolling Stone.

But Gaetz’s hatred curdled into something even more powerful after it was revealed in early 2021 that the MAGA congressman was the target of a federal investigation into the sex trafficking of a minor. (No charges were filed against Gaetz, but his “wingman” Joel Greenberg was sentenced to 11 years in prison.) McCarthy, in Gaetz’s opinion, failed to mount a forceful enough defense on his behalf. According to two sources familiar with the matter, Gaetz has been furious at McCarthy for the perceived lack of support ever since — despite the fact that McCarthy did not strip him of any committee assignments during the probe.

Apparently, McCarthy was supposed to stand behind Gaetz and declare his loyalty even though the Floridian is suspected of being a perv and may soon be charged with numerous criminal offenses that could put in him in prison for the rest of his life.

If Kevin McCarthy had any balls (and he clearly doesn’t), he’d refuse to put Gaetz on any committees until the Justice Department declines to prosecute him for his alleged crimes.

And, if we’re lucky, both Gaetz and McCarthy will wind up behind bars one day. They damn well deserve such a fate.