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Matt Gaetz: US Intelligence Agencies Are Spying On Me Because I’m White

Thought you’d heard all of the asinine bullshit conspiracy theories Republicans can possibly circulate? Then you might want to strap on your seatbelt because Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is now suggesting that U.S. intelligence may be spying on him simply because he’s white.

Referencing an article he came across on the right-wing media outlet The Daily Wire in which a reporter claimed to have obtained a leaked National Security Agency (NSA) glossary of terms that included “whiteness” and “white supremacy,” Gaetz went off on a fact-free rant.

“Wow,” Gaetz said. “No group of humans in all of human history has ever been without a series of pretty bad actions, right? You get a group of humans together for long enough, we do bad things to one another. That goes back to biblical times.”

“But white people have built some of the most durable and inclusive civilizations that have ever existed,” the Florida Republican continued. “And, of course, mistakes have been made along the way.”

Why, Gaetz asked, would the NSA be “cataloging and promoting any of this hysterical, mentally ill lunacy?”

“Imagine the NSA intercepting your text messages and flagging any material deemed to support extremist beliefs like, there are only two genders, or men can’t be misogynist to other men, or I’m not sorry that my ancestors created Western civilization.”

Apparently, Gaetz wants us to believe that an American intelligence agency gives a damn what he has to say via text message or on social media. Sounds like he’s just a tad paranoid, and since he’s been accused of setting up sexual assignations with underage girls in exchange for cash via the internet, he should be, because that’s a very serious crime.

No one gives a damn what color your skin is, Matt. But we do care that you may be a perv who gets off on defiling our daughters.


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Kevin McCarthy On Matt Gaetz: Congress Would Benefit ‘Tremendously’ If He’s Expelled

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was asked today if he thought Congress would be better off if Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is expelled from the body and made it clear that he still blames the Florida Republican for his ouster from the top post in the House.

Manu Raju was interviewing McCarthy and asked him directly, “How much would the Republican Party benefit if he were no longer a member of the House, in your opinion?” 

McCarthy replied:

“Oh, tremendously. I mean, people have to earn the right to be here. And I just think from, I mean, he’ll admit to you personally, he doesn’t have a conservative bent in his philosophy and just the nature of what he focuses on.”

So does that mean Gaetz needs to be removed? Raju inquired.

McCarthy: “That’s up to the conference. But I mean, I don’t believe the conference will ever heal if there’s no consequences for the action.”

You may recall that it was Gaetz who led the effort that resulted in McCarthy becoming the first House speaker in U.S. history to be removed from the post, as CNN reported in October.

Gaetz said Monday that he has “enough Republicans” to either push McCarthy from the speakership or make him cut a deal with Democrats to remain in power.

“I have enough Republicans where at this point next week, one of two things will happen. Kevin McCarthy won’t be the speaker of the House, or he’ll be the speaker of the House working at the pleasure of the Democrats. And I’m at peace with either result, because the American people deserve to know who governs them,” he told CNN’s Manu Raju.

Reportedly, the main reason Gaetz wanted McCarthy ousted is because the former speaker refused to put an end to an ongoing House Ethics Committee investigation of Gaetz for alleged drug use and sex with underage girls, both of which could indeed cost him his House seat.

Sounds like McCarthy is now ready for some major payback.


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House Republican Pillories Matt Gaetz In Letter Dripping With Sarcasm And Snark

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) might want to take a few days of personal leave from the U.S. House of Representatives, because it seems like each day brings more bad news for him and the GOP as they continue to fumble around in their search for the next speaker of the House.

This time, the criticism is coming from inside the House GOP caucus itself, as Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) has completely excoriated Gaetz and other Republican extremists who were successful in removing former speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from his post, but cannot manage to find a replacement that gets the required 217 votes.

In a letter dripping with sarcasm, McClintock directs his comments to Gaetz and seven other right-wing House members who booted out McCarthy despite having no plan for who would follow him.

“Dear Wayward Colleague,” the letter begins. “Your letter of October 20, in which you graciously offer to martyr yourselves as long as you can get your way, is perhaps the most selfless act in American history.”

McClintock then adds:

“Your sacrifice is not in vain. You have succeeded in replacing the outdated concept of majority rule with an exciting new standard that a Speaker must be elected by 98.2 percent of the Republican conference. Someday, a messiah will be born unto us who can achieve this miraculous threshold, and on that day your judgment will be vindicated and you will be hailed as the geniuses that you are.”

But perhaps the most hilarious and utterly sarcastic portion of the letter brings to mind the fact that Gaetz and his fellow extremists shouldn’t be taken seriously, but have to be because they’re holding the entire country hostage at a time when the United States is trying to bolster two allies, Israel and Ukraine, but no aid can be sent to those two countries because the House is in complete disarray,.

“I think we were all truly humbled to learn that your ‘fidelity to Republican virtues and principles remains unwavering.’ Who could not be moved to tears to read that you offer your self-sacrifice ‘sincerely and with the hope of unity with purpose?’

“With this in mind, I modestly suggest that you plan your martyrdom in the only way that truly matters: to have the wisdom to see the damage you have done to our country and to have the courage to set things right before it is too late. I enclose a proposed resolution that perhaps one of you can offer as we begin the fourth week of national paralysis and as the world burns around us.”

Reading the letter, it sort of makes you wonder if perhaps Tom McClintock should put his name into consideration for speaker of the House. If nothing else, his speech to the Congress would be epic and unforgettable.

Here’s the full letter, via Juilegrace Brufke of Axios:


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Having Given McCarthy The Boot, Matt Gaetz Now Whines He’s ‘Tired’ Of Not Having A Speaker

Even though he’s largely responsible for having toppled former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz now has the audacity to whine that he’s “tired” of not having a speaker.

Appearing on the right-wing Newsmax network, Gaetz pouted and said, “I don’t really understand why trying to move the House into a more conservative position, trying to get a more conservative House speaker would draw the ire of conservatives.”

“After having elected Jim Jordan of Ohio, the House speaker designated on Friday, we took Saturday off, we’re taking today off,” Gaetz continued. “And I’ve just learned that pro tem Patrick McHenry will now ensure that we take Monday off and we don’t vote.”

“So I’m in this interview with you to turn up the heat on Patrick McHenry and any Republican who would try to delay a floor vote on Jim Jordan. If they don’t want to vote for him, let him do it in public. I’m tired of these closed-door private struggle sessions that House Republicans have been having.”

Wow! That’s some industrial grade irony from Gaetz, isn’t it? After all, the House would have a speaker if he hadn’t insisted that McCarthy be replaced.

Also, it’s interesting that Gaetz is supporting Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to be McCarthy’s replacement. Could he be pushing Jordan because both of them have sex scandals in their past? After all, the next speaker could end the House Ethics Committee investigation of Gaetz if he wanted, and that’s certainly something the Florida congressman would love to see happen.

When Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan are the face of your party, it’s time to admit that you’ve become the party of pervs.


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Matt Gaetz Showed Videos On House Floor ‘Of The Girls He Had Slept With’

A GOP colleague of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is making it clear that many in the Republican caucus are disgusted with the Florida congressman and have been for quite some time now, in large part because Gaetz has never made a secret of his sexual exploits, even bragging about them to his fellow House members and showing graphic videos of women he claimed to have slept with.

Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) told CNN’s Manu Raju that Gaetz had been relegated to virtual irrelevancy until he decided to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“You’ve gotta think about this guy. This is a guy that didn’t have – that the media didn’t give the time of day to after he was accused of sleeping with an underage girl. And there’s a reason why no one in the conference came and defended him – because we had all seen the videos he was showing on the House floor that all of us had walked away, of the girls he had slept with.”

“He bragged about how he would crush E.D. (erectile dysfunction) medicine and chase it with energy drinks so he could go all night. This is obviously before he got married. And so, when that accusation came out, no one defended him. And then no one in the media would give him the time of the day. All of a sudden he found fame because he opposed the speaker of the House back in November. And he’s always stayed there. And he was never gonna leave until he got this last moment of fame by saying– by going after a motion to vacate.”

Gaetz was investigated by the Justice Department for allegedly paying underage girls to have sex with him, including allegations that he had transported minor girls across state lines for the purpose of sex. No charges were filed by the DOJ.

In recent weeks, however, Gaetz’s alleged past actions have come back to the fore, with reports indicating that many in the House GOP caucus are ready to boot him from the body once the House Ethics Committee concludes an investigation of him for suspected drug use and sex with minors.

For his part, Gaetz said he hardly knows Mullin, remarking:

“I don’t think Markwayne Mullin and I have said 20 words to each other on the House floor.”
“This is a lie from someone who doesn’t know me and who is coping with the death of the political career of his friend Kevin. Thoughts and prayers.”

Matt Gaetz is a pustule on the U.S. Congress. Here’s hoping his colleagues excise him from that body as soon as possible.