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Hakeem Jeffries Just Put Kevin McCarthy On Notice

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) has just put Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on notice regarding committee assignments, and if McCarthy ignores the warning it could well make his tenure as Speaker shorter than he ever imagined.

The Washington Post reports that Jeffries wrote McCarthy to let him know he was recommending Reps. Adam B. Schiff and Eric Swalwell be reappointed to the House Intelligence Committee, which Schiff once chaired.

In a letter dated Saturday, Jeffries argued that McCarthy has no justifiable reason not to accept his appointments of Schiff, who served as chairman of the Intelligence panel until Republicans took control of the chamber, and Swalwell.

In his letter, Jeffries writes:

“It is my understanding that you intend to break with the longstanding House tradition of deference to the minority party Intelligence Committee recommendations and deny seats to Ranking Member Schiff and Representative Swalwell. The denial of seats to duly elected Members of the House Democratic Caucus runs counter to the serious and sober mission of the Intelligence Committee.”

McCarthy has said he will not place Schiff and Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee, seeking to exact revenge on Democrats for removing Reps. Paul Gosar (AZ) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) from committee assignments. But as Jeffries notes in his letter, both Gosar and Greene were removed by a vote of the full House.

Greene and Gosar were removed “after a bipartisan vote of the House found them unfit to serve on standing committees for directly inciting violence against their colleagues. It does not serve as precedent or justification for the removal of Representatives Schiff and Swalwell, given that they have never exhibited violent thoughts or behavior.”

Jeffries also pointed out that McCarthy had no problem appointing “serial fraudster” George Santos (R-NY) to committees despite the fact that he is facing multiple investigations, including from the House Ethics Committee and may also be subjected to criminal prosecution for lying in order to win his congressional seat.

If McCarthy insists on refusing to seat Schiff and Swalwell, Democrats could call for a motion to vacate, a procedure which would result in a formal vote to remove McCarthy from the Speaker’s chair. Considering that McCarthy only holds a slim majority in the House, such a move could further weaken him.

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Matt Gaetz’s House GOP Colleagues Trash Him As A ‘Showman’ Who Belongs Behind Bars: Report

If Ted Cruz is indeed the most hated member of the United States Senate, then Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is the most despised person in the House of Representatives, and a new report from Business Insider makes it clear that Gaetz’s Republican colleagues have no use for him and some would love to see him indicted, convicted, and sent to prison for sexually trafficking a minor.

In fact, Gaetz is not even the least bit respected by the vast majority of the GOP.

“Everyone has always viewed him as a showman, as someone who’s there for political theater, as someone who has shown no interest in ever legislating,” the aide, who requested anonymity in order to avoid political retribution, told Insider, adding that Gaetz hasn’t garnered “a lot of respect among his fellow members.” 

Gaetz’s showboating on the issue of making Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House only served to alienate more of his colleagues, including longtime friends like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who recently dissed the Florida Republican when he tried to compliment her online.

A close look at Gaetz’s legislative achievements since he arrived in Congress in 2017 also suggests that his primary focus is self-promotion and little else.

Despite being in the House for four terms, Gaetz has yet to introduce a single piece of legislation that has become law. In that same timeframe, over 725 bills have become law, all introduced by someone other than Gaetz.

So what exactly does Gaetz do? According to those who know and work with him, his main activities seem to be “obstructing, fear-mongering, and trumpeting conspiracy theories,” which led a former House staffer to note:

“I don’t think this guy’s looking to be a policymaker. I think he’s looking for a platform to monetize MAGA. And to put himself out there as an unencumbered warrior for their cause.”

Oh, and there’s also the distinct possibility that Gaetz will indeed be indicted by the feds for allegedly paying an underage girl to have sex with him and taking her across state lines while doing so.

For some of Gaetz’s colleagues, indictment and imprisonment would be a welcome end to the Florida Republican’s grandstanding, not to mention him getting exactly what he deserves.

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McCarthy Gushes About Greene In Private: ‘I Will Always Take Care Of Her’

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has a new BFF in Congress: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), and in private he talks about her as if the two were lovers, according to the New York Times.

When she first arrived in Congress two years ago, Greene was viewed by most in the Republican Party as a political liability who was adept at only one thing: Making a complete fool of herself and her Republican colleagues who had to try and defend her absurd conspiracy theories, i.e. Jewish space lasers.

Now, however Greene is connected at the hip to McCarthy, whom she helped get elected to the Speaker’s post. And McCarthy cannot stop declaring his undying loyalty to the Georgian, telling a friend:

“I will never leave that woman. I will always take care of her.”

McCarthy told the Times that he trusts Greene and that she reminds him of friends he grew up with in California:

“If you’re going to be in a fight, you want Marjorie in your foxhole. When she picks a fight, she’s going to fight until the fight’s over. She reminds me of my friends from high school, that we’re going to stick together all the way through.”

What has Greene gotten in return for helping McCarthy? Appointment to the powerful House Homeland Security and Oversight Committees, which has led her to say of McCarthy:

“If he sticks to it, it will easily vindicate me and prove I moved the conference to the right during my first two years when I served in the minority with no committees.”

It will also prove that the extreme right-wingers and bomb throwers have become the most powerful force in today’s Republican Party. That alone is reason enough to fear for the future of this country.

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Secret Service On The Verge Of Betraying Biden To House GOP Investigators: Report

The U.S. Secret Service is supposed to protect the president and members of his family, but it now appears the agency is about to sell President Joe Biden down the proverbial river by turning over information to Republican investigators in the House of Representatives about who has visited Biden at his home in Delaware since he took office.

Fox News reports that the Secret Service is making it clear they will indeed turn over any information to House investigators who want to hold hearings on classified documents found at the president’s home.

The U.S. Secret Service is prepared to offer names of individuals who visited President Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware, home if requested by Congress, Fox News has learned.

The White House continues to insist that there exists no formal visitor log for the personal residence where two troves of classified documents were found. 

While the White House has not kept a formal list, the Secret Service does collect information on guests with regular access to the home. 

This comes shortly after U.S. Secret Service chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi told reporters:

“The Secret Service does not maintain visitor logs at the private residences of protectees. While the Secret Service does generate law enforcement and criminal justice information records for various individuals who may come into contact with Secret Service protected sites, we are not able to comment further as this speaks to the means and methods of our protective operations.”

But a source has informed Fox that the Secret Service is ready to provide available background information on guests who have visited Biden’s home.

In late December, there were reports that Biden didn’t feel safe to speak freely around members of his Secret Service detail, with the Independent noting:

President Joe Biden was so disturbed by the Secret Service’s handling of text messages sought by the House January 6 select committee that he stopped speaking candidly in the presence of special agents assigned to his protection detail, a new book on the Biden White House has revealed.

In The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House, author Chris Whipple writes that Mr Biden’s discomfort with the post-Trump era agency began early on in his presidency, when it became clear that “some of” the agents charged with protecting him from assassination were strong supporters of the man he defeated in the 2020 election, former president Donald Trump.

Indeed, the Secret Service was only too happy to “accidentally” delete thousands of text messages sent by agents on the day of the Capitol insurrection, but now they sound eager to provide House Republicans with whatever information they want.

Maybe it’s time for President Biden to demand that the Secret Service be completely overhauled and depoliticized. If it isn’t, no Democratic president will ever feel safe.

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McCarthy Gets Hit With A Brutal Fact-Check After Bragging About GOP ‘Accomplishments’

According to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Republicans have already achieved amazing accomplishments since taking control of the lower chamber of Congress.

McCarthy decided to toot his own horn in an op-ed he penned for the right-wing New York Post, writing:

While President Joe Biden wants to control the kind of stove Americans can cook on, House Republicans are certainly cooking with gas. It has been only one week since the 118th Congress was sworn in, and House Republicans have already shown we will keep our Commitment to America, work on behalf of the American people and deliver them a better future.

This isn’t just the start of a new Congress. This is the start of a new direction in Washington.

But as is the case with 99.9% of everything Republicans say or do, McCarthy’s bragging is complete bullshit.

Steve Benen of MSNBC decided to take a closer look at what exactly the GOP has accomplished during their first few days in power, and he laid a brutal fact-check on McCarthy.

The new GOP majority approved a new rules package that, among other things, weakened congressional ethics rules.

House Republicans approved a bill to increase the deficit, help tax cheats, and target IRS agents who do not actually exist.

The new GOP majority created a dangerous new committee to investigate the “weaponization” of government, which will pursue ridiculous conspiracy theories, while clashing with law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

House Republicans opened the door to impeaching a cabinet secretary, while simultaneously opening the door to undoing at least one of Donald Trump’s impeachments.

If those are “accomplishments,” then the American people are indeed screwed for the next two years.

Kevin McCarthy is and always has been a political hack. He’s a man so spineless that he gave into the blackmail, demands, and threats of extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-UT), both of whom should be fitted with straitjackets and placed in a padded room where they can’t harm themselves or anyone else.

The only good news is that McCarthy and his Republican colleagues are about to create such a massive clusterfuck that the GOP will likely never again win a majority in either house of Congress. Until then, we’ll just have to try and hang on until 2024 rolls around.