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Fox Hosts In New Legal Trouble – Accused Of Conspiring With Trump’s Attorneys To Spread Election Fraud Lies

Over at Fox News, they lie so often that they seem to think they have some sort of license to do so and are therefore immune to the same standards which apply to real journalists.

Now, however, the lies are catching up with some of the hosts who were eager to help spread the conspiracy theories and disinformation being pumped out by attorneys working for failed, one-term former President Donald Trump in the weeks after it became clear that Joe Biden had soundly thrashed Trump in both the popular and electoral vote.

Law & Crime reports that a new court filing makes it clear that Fox and its on-air personalities don’t have the right to hide behind the First Amendment when it comes to the truth:

“Smartmatic, the voting technology company that was the focus of multiple conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential election, asked a judge in New York to reject Fox News’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the network and several anchors of knowingly engaging in a multi-month “disinformation campaign” against the company.

“The 120-page motion, filed Monday evening in New York state court, argued that Fox News and its employees cannot use the First Amendment as a shield against the demonstrably false claims laid out in the initial complaint.”

The lawsuit — which seeks damages of $2.7 billion from Fox — specifically names the following Fox hosts for engaging in coordinated “disinformation campaign” that damaged Smartmatic’s reputation and threatened its existence as a company: Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro, and Lou Dobbs. Dobbs has since been dismissed from the network.

The motion from Smartmatic’s attorneys states:

“This is not a game. The First Amendment does not provide the Fox Defendants a Get Out Of Jail Free card. The Fox Defendants do not get a do-over with their reporting now that they have been sued.”

Fox’s attorney, former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement, argued that the network had a right to report on what was being said about the 2020 election:

“This suit strikes at the heart of the First Amendment. Smartmatic’s theory is fundamentally incompatible with the reality of the modern news network and deeply rooted principles of free speech law.

“In short, FOX did exactly what the First Amendment protects: It ensured that the public had access to newsmakers and unquestionably newsworthy information that would help foster ‘uninhibited, robust, and wide-open’ debate on rapidly developing events of unparalleled importance.”

But Smartmatic had the perfect comeback to such a claim:

“The Fox Defendants solicited and published calculated falsehoods about Smartmatic. They enjoy no protection or immunity pursuant to the First Amendment or New York law. The motions filed by the Fox Defendants are predicated on a version of events that they may now wish took place, but did not.

“The Fox anchors knew what Giuliani and Powell would say on their shows, asked questions to elicit lies about Smartmatic, and endorsed Giuliani’s and Powell’s investigation. The Fox anchors added their own defamatory comments about Smartmatic for good measure. This was a scripted performance by the Fox anchors, Giuliani, and Powell to defame and disparage Smartmatic for personal gain.”

As the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled, there are limits to the First Amendment, and one of them protects us from those who seek to defame our reputation or choose to tell lies about us. Fox needs to learn that lesson, and it may well take a multibillion dollar verdict to make sure they do.


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Fox Host Says ‘Puritanical’ Liberals Are To Blame For Matt Gaetz Being Embroiled In A Sex Scandal

Now that yet another Republican political figure is embroiled in a tawdry affair with an underage girl, conservatives are not only moving the proverbial goalposts in a feeble effort to defend Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), they’re even suggesting that “puritanical” opponents of the congressman are to blame for his allegedly engaging in the sexual trafficking of a 17-year-old girl.

Yes, you read that correctly: It’s now puritanical to be outraged and disgusted by a grown man sleeping with underage girls.

As you’d probably expect, the bizarre defense of Gaetz took place on Fox News, during an episode of the Sunday show “Spin Cycle,” with Fox host Kat Timpf declaring that the scandal has a bit of everything:

“It’s got sex, it’s got drugs, it has Matt Gaetz, who is a very polarizing figure and he’s a very staunch supporter of Donald Trump so people either really love him or they really hate him.”

Ah yes, good old Donald Trump, who has also been accused of sex with underage girls. He allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl “repeatedly” with his late BFF, the late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

But it was what Timpf said next that will leave you scratching your head:

“But I think it’s been really interesting… If buying expensive gifts for women and sleeping with them — that isn’t illegal. We still need to figure out exactly, there are receipts coming in, we still need to figure out more about what happened…But it’s been interesting to see some in the media on the left who normally wouldn’t be so puritanical about something like that, being very puritanical and not just look at following the facts of it. Which again, it’s bizarre so it’s hard to know what those are.”

Last time I checked, buying expensive gifts for 17-year-old girls and then sleeping with them when you happen to be a 38-year-old congressman is most certainly illegal, not to mention morally reprehensible and can even get to shot in some parts of the Deep South if you happen to run across the father of that underage girl.

Isn’t it fascinating to watch as the same hypocritical fools who so eagerly push the QAnon bullshit about a Satanic cabal of Democrats who abuse children now tie themselves in knots to defend their golden boy, Matt Gaetz? Where’s their outrage over his moral shortcomings and depravity?

If Gaetz is proven to be guilty of what he’s accused of, he should be put under the darkest federal prison in the country and left there until he’s an octogenarian.

Kat Timpf, on the other hand, needs to be taken off the airwaves permanently and have to beg for coins on the nearest sidewalk.

Here’s the video from Fox News:


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Matt Gaetz Went On Fox News And Accused Tucker Carlson Of Being A Sex Offender

On Tuesday evening, just hours after the New York Times reported that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is under federal investigation for sex trafficking for an alleged affair he had with a 17-year-old girl, Gaetz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and tried to suggest that he was the victim of a smear campaign to extort money from his father, a wealthy attorney.

In other words, Gaetz tried to cover up his own crime by lying and creating a bullshit conspiracy theory. That’s what Republicans do because that’s what Donald Trump is so fond of doing.

But as he spun his BS story, Gaetz mentioned that Carlson had also been charged as a sex offender, remarking:

“I‘m not the only person on screen right now that has been falsely accused of a terrible sex act.” 

The reference Gaetz made was to a sexual harassment filed against Fox News.

Carlson bristled at Gaetz’s comparison:

“You just referred to a mentally ill viewer who accused me of a sex crime 20 years ago and, of course, it was not true. I never met the person. But I do agree with you that being accused falsely that being accused falsely is one of the worst things that can happen and you do see it a lot. Let’s go back to the investigation you say it was or is underway. There was an investigation. What is the basis of that investigation? What is the allegation that really not very clear from these news stories.”

Clearly, what Gaetz was engaged in was classic deflection: Bring up an allegation to cover your own. The technique is popular with liars.

After the interview, Carlson made it clear to his viewers that he wasn’t sure what to make of what had just transpired:

“You just saw our Matt Gaetz interview. That was one of the weirdest interviews I’ve ever conducted. That story just appeared in the news a couple of hours ago, and on the certainty that there’s always more than you read in the newspaper, we immediately called Matt Gaetz and asked him to come on and tell us more. Which, as you saw, he did. I don’t think that clarified much, but it certainly showed this is a deeply interesting story and we’ll be following it.”

Oh, it was weird all right. It was a complete clusterfuck and the only purpose it served was to give Gaetz a platform for his lies.

Gaetz is innocent until proven guilty. But his wild tale certainly suggests he’s hiding something.

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Russian State TV Is Now Running Fox News Segments As Anti-American Propaganda

Anyone with an IQ higher than 60 knows that Fox News is nothing more than conservative propaganda and not news. If you don’t believe that, just watch Fox for 15 minutes and you’ll quickly be convinced.

Fox is so devoid of facts that Russian television is now using segments from Fox as anti-American propaganda, Russian media analyst Julia Davis notes:

So a U.S. “news” network is now being used by Russia as a way of suggesting that President Joe Biden is afraid to debate Vladimir Putin. It seems that Vlad is upset Biden dared to call him killer, even though we all know that Putin is indeed a mass murdering thug who has committed numerous heinous crimes.

What do you suppose conservatives would say if say CNN or MSNBC was suddenly being used by China to say nice things about Biden? They’d be apoplectic and demand that a full congressional investigation be held.

Here’s what some people had to say about how Russia is quoting Fox News to try and attack our own head of state:


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Candace Owens Claims In-Person Learning Teaches American Kids To Hate White People

You’ve probably seen Candace Owens on various Fox News programs or run across her moronic postings on social media. She’s also a strong proponent of the so-called Blexit movement, which urges African-Americans and other people of color to leave the Democratic Party and pledge their allegiance to Republicans, even though doing so would not be the least bit beneficial to black or brown people.

Now, however, Owens is trying to suggest that coronavirus is a blessing because in-person learning is worthless and only serves to make American children into voters who are anti-white.

During an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, host Maria Bartiromo was speaking with Owens and declared:

“They’re assuming every [white] kid is a racist, Candace.”

That was all the prompting Owens needed to send her off on a fact-free rant:

“I know that Megyn Kelly pulled her kids from school for similar reason. I truly believe that it’s time for us to pull our kids out of school. And I know people say, ‘Not all of us can afford to do that,’ but the country wasn’t built on people having a lot of money when they were homeschooling.”

And what about parents who work away from home and cannot be there to homeschool their children? What are they supposed to do? Quit their jobs and become homeschool instructors? Clearly, as with most things she pontificates on, Owens hasn’t bothered to actually do any thinking on the issue.

From there, Owens then raised the specter of Marxism, though she’s probably never read a damn thing Karl Marx wrote:

“It’s indoctrination that’s happening. They’re trying to fuel racism in this country. They’re trying to teach this Marxist ideology. And the bad thing is, Maria, that they’re replacing hard academics. These kids are not learning science, they’re not learning mathematics, they’re learning how to hate white people and they’re learning how to hate their country.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Owens also suggested suing every public school in the United States. Oddly, she never made that statement when Betsy DeVos was Secretary of Education. That alone proves just how completely full of shit Candace Owens is, and how desperate she is to be in the spotlight now that her savior, Donald Trump, has been sent into retirement and is likely facing criminal indictment in the weeks ahead.

But by all means, sue your kid’s school. Then send the legal bills to Candace Owens and see if she’s willing to pay them. After all, it was her stupid idea.

Here’s Candace Owens on Fox News: