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Former Fox Reporter Suggests It’s Time To Put People In Jail For The Network’s Racist Propaganda

One of the things accused Buffalo mass shooter Payton S. Gendron cited in his 100+ page online manifesto as the reason he decided to attack and kill 10 black shoppers at a grocery store over the weekend was something known as the “great replacement theory.”

If you’re unfamiliar with what replacement theory is, here’s a quick rundown, courtesy of the Washington Post:

The theory was once confined to far-right White extremists, who cast immigration as part of a plot by “elites” to take political and economic power away from White people. It has gained broader circulation in recent years as a talking point among prominent conservative media figures.

(Fox host Tucker) Carlson, whose weeknight program is typically the most popular on Fox News, has been an especially avid promoter of the thesis. He has mentioned variations on the idea in more than 400 episodes since 2016, according to a New York Times analysis of his program. In April of last year, he said on Fox News that people from the “Third World” are immigrating to the United States “to replace the current electorate” and “dilute the political power of the people who live there” — language that essentially distills the replacement thesis.

Replacement theory and Fox’s fondness for that and other extreme, right-wing ideas, was the topic of discussion on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” Tuesday, and one of the guests was former Fox reporter Carl Cameron, who was asked by host Nicolle Wallace:

“I mean, obviously a mass shooter is responsible for the violence and the heinous acts that the mass shooter committed,” Wallace noted. “It is also true that the ideology left in the mass shooter’s screen mirrors the ideology championed by Tucker Carlson.

“What happens at Fox News when something like this happens?”

Cameron responded:

“I can’t even imagine. That’s partly why I ended up getting out of there.

“It really is kind of horrible to think that journalists with national and international capacity are putting together this type of nonsense. I think the president did a great job. I wish he had done a lot of this a lot sooner, and we need a lot more from the left and the middle, and we got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation, and when our two-party system is broken like that, democracy is seriously in trouble.”

And then Cameron referenced something that President Joe Biden has said before:

“The president acknowledged that it’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail.”

Near then end of his remarks, Cameron told Wallace:

“I really can’t channel how Tucker believes in any of this stuff and how the network can go through with it. I will say this, however, it is very clear that this type of lying and deception is catching on,” he warned. “There’s racism across the borders, immigrants are being beaten up and being harassed more than ever. Judaism is constantly under fire, and all of this is essentially being accepted by a left — excuse me, a far, far-right community of people who have nothing but grievance based on lies.”

Before you say nothing can be done and point to the First Amendment, keep in mind that Americans have been prosecuted in the past for broadcasting information that was deemed to be supportive of Al Qaeda and ISIS. Those are international terrorist organizations, but the domestic terror threat is growing by the day, and if we don’t do something to address the problem, we may see attacks like the one in Buffalo across all 50 states and a call by some on the far right to stage mass casualty events that will leave the entire country terrorized.

Prosecute Tucker Carlson and others for inciting violence? Maybe if we did they’d think twice before they opened their mouths and spouted hatred again.

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WATCH A Mother Tell Fox News Her Son Won’t Do Chores Because Of Critical Race Theory

Believe it or not, Fox News is now allowing people on its network who are claiming that critical race theory is ruining their families, even though the topic isn’t taught in any public school district that anyone has been able to identify.

According to Salon, Fox host Jesse Watters featured a woman who said her 13-year-old biracial son will no longer do chores around the house after his school taught him about critical race theory because he began “seeing himself just as a Black man.”

Melissa Riley of Charlottesville, Virginia, is now suing the Albemarle School District, explaining:

“We didn’t have issues before. He is in eighth grade. He’s seeing himself just as a Black man. He’s seeing things that don’t go his way as racism. And he is finding safety in numbers now.”

Riley added:

“I asked him to clean the house, [he said] ‘racism.'”

Watters interjected to ask:

“You are kidding, right? Or are you serious?”

The woman replied:

“No. I’m serious. They have totally changed his perspective. They have put him in a box.”

Riley also claimed that the school district told her son he could serve as a “Black spokesman for the Black community.”

“When I told them I didn’t think that that would be appropriate. They told me that if he was uncomfortable with the conversations, he and other children of color could go to a safe place during these conversations.”

In case you’re wondering, the lawsuit is being brought by a right-wing group that sees danger around every corner:

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a conservative legal group, (is) arguing that the school district’s anti-racist program contravenes the state constitution’s equal protection and free-speech clauses. That suit, submitted in December, was struck down just last month by a judge who reportedly found that there was “nothing inherently evil or wrong” about what the district was teaching. 

Since when is it wrong to teach students about American history? Black Americans have been treated like property, beaten, lynched, and discriminated against since the founding of this country. Why would we want to keep that information from any person?

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Fox News Gets Busted For Lying About ‘Pallets Of Baby Food’ Being Sent To ‘Illegal Immigrants’

Even though they have the temerity to call themselves a “news” network, a large portion of what Fox News broadcasts is little more than right-wing propaganda, Republican talking points, and outright lies that are easily rebutted with a quick Google search.

Such was the case on Sean Hannity’s show Friday evening when he fell for the crap the network had been fed by Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), who was Hannity’s guest to whine that the Biden administration was shipping “pallets and pallets of baby formula for illegal immigrants and their families.”

As Mediaite notes, Cammack shared photos with Fox that weren’t exactly what she claimed:

Cammack has appeared on several Fox News programs to complain about the issue, and shared photos that she says were given to her by a CBP agent.

CNN’s Reliable Sources did a fact-check on Cammack’s photos, and what they found is far from what the congresswoman alleged:

The photo Hannity pointed to, and the one that followed it, showed boxes and boxes clearly labeled NIDO. As anyone at Fox could have discovered with about a minute’s worth of fact-checking, NIDO is not baby formula; it is powdered milk. As its maker, Nestlé, specifically notes: “NIDO® products are only intended for children ages 1 year and older.”

There is undoubtedly some formula being provided to babies in these centers at the border — you’d assume there would be, unless you expect the government to simply decide to starve babies in its care. The narrative spun over the past two days on the right, though, has let people imagine not a little bit of necessary food but rivers of formula going to the undocumented over themselves. It’s an illuminating example of how Republican politicians and right-wing media work in concert, turning the thinnest possible set of facts into days of outrage over Them getting something You deserve — and then, as with the photos Hannity and “Fox & Friends” used, abandoning facts altogether.

Immigration reporter Anna Giaritelli of the Washington Examiner also called out Cammack for her fake photos:

Fox News is fake news. They always have been.

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Geraldo Shreds Fox Host Greg Gutfeld During Abortion Debate – Calls Him An ‘Insulting Punk’

A discussion about abortion escalated quickly Wednesday on the Fox News show “The Five,” with pro-choice guest Geraldo Rivera calling out co-host Greg Gutfeld.

Rivera said it was ridiculous that Republicans are more interested in finding out who leaked a draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito instead of the impact such a ruling would have on women:

“What this shows is that the Senate confirmation process by which a nominee is interrogated by both parties and give their reasons why they are fit to be on the high court, is absolutely deeply flawed.

“Why? Because these nominees lied. They go before the Senate of the United States, they swear that they are going to be judicious and good shepherds of the court and its impartiality in the importance it has in the American society, and that the stare decisis says, that the precedent of these cases is well established.”

Rivera went on to note that his three daughters live in Ohio, where the governor, Mike DeWine (R) has made it clear he will indeed sign a “fetal heartbeat” bill if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court later this year:

“What am I going to tell my daughters now? That they don’t have control over their body? That they can’t make those choices for themselves?”

Rather than address what Rivera had said, Gutfeld remarked:

“You ask somebody why they’re pro-life, they will say because abortion takes a life and we believe life is sacred. You could disagree with that, but you can’t disagree with the simplicity of it.”


“My body, my choice. How much simpler could you get?”

At that point, Gutfeld chided Rivera:

“Let me finish. You already did your ad hominem.”

When Gutfeld suggested that liberals see abortion as “something to celebrate, to cherish,” Rivera wasn’t having any of it:

“Oh, that’s baloney. That’s baloney.  Cherish the wire hanger stuck up their privates trying to get–”

“This is exactly what I expected,” Gutfeld told Rivera, which led Geraldo to snap back, “You are arrogant.”


“Go for it, Geraldo. Come on, keep going. You’re making a fool of yourself.”


“You know something, you insulting punk?”

Gutfeld is indeed an arrogant punk. He’s a typical conservative: Full of vitriol and convinced he’s right about everything when in reality he’s merely full of shit.


Fox News Lies The Biden Administration

WATCH Jen Psaki Masterfully Swat Down Peter Doocy’s Bogus Right-Wing Talking Point

Today, for what seems like the eleven-millionth time since Jen Psaki began holding the daily White House press briefing, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy tried to tell a blatant lie and immediately got swatted down by the press secretary.

Referencing the Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Doocy suggested that President Joe Biden had created something that would censor things online.

Of course, the facts suggest otherwise:

  • The Disinformation Governance Board’s mission is to counter foreign disinformation, not domestic.
  • The board isn’t something that was created by the Biden White House. It started in the Trump administration and is being continued now that Biden is president, which makes it bipartisan, at least in spirit.

Despite that, Doocy waded in with both feet, asking Psaki:

“Does the President know that DHS is putting together this Disinformation Governance Board?” 

As she so often does, Psaki countered Doocy with facts:

“Well, Peter, I think I would note – and I’m not sure if this has been in your reporting yet – but this is a continuation of work that was done under the prior administration, under the Trump administration, to take steps to address disinformation, address the use of disinformation and helping smugglers prompt the movement of more migrants across to the border.”

She then added:

“I would note that the first example given in the announcement about this was DHS has worked to understand how ‘misinformation’ spread by human smugglers that prey on vulnerable populations attempting to migrate to the United States. So for anyone who’s out there who may be concerned about the increase in migrants to the border, this is the kind of apparatus that’s working to address disinformation. And again, continuing the work of the Department of Homeland Security and 2020. Something we’re currently applauding.”

However, Doocy seemed to have missed every word Psaki had just said, which led him to ask an absurd follow-up question:

“Just in terms of what the President wants out of this, does he want the people on this board to start censoring information that is not helpful to him?”


“Well, let me be clear on exactly what this board does, or what the work they’re doing does and in their announcement, which is publicly available in the Department of Homeland Security website for anyone to read, it says, ‘the primary mission is to establish best practices to ensure that efforts to understand and respond to disinformation are done in ways that protect privacy, civil rights and civil liberties and the right to free speech.’”

Rather than accept, Doocy then tried to reframe his query to include Hunter Biden:

“Okay, there’s this woman Nina Jankowicz, who is going to be in charge of the board. She has said that she thinks the Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation. So should we look forward in the future to her censoring internet traffic about the Hunter Biden laptop?”

Though no one would have blamed her if she had laughed at Doocy and never called on him again, Psaki tried once more to explain in terms the Fox reporter could understand:

“I think I noted exactly what the objective of the board is, including continuing the work of the prior administration. And the woman you noted has extensive experience and has done extensive work addressing disinformation, she has testified before Congress testified in Europe. She has done worked closely with Ukrainians and has unique expertise, especially at this moment we’re facing.”

We’re going to miss the hell out of Jen Psaki when she leaves to join MSNBC.