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Fox Host Says ‘Puritanical’ Liberals Are To Blame For Matt Gaetz Being Embroiled In A Sex Scandal

Now that yet another Republican political figure is embroiled in a tawdry affair with an underage girl, conservatives are not only moving the proverbial goalposts in a feeble effort to defend Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), they’re even suggesting that “puritanical” opponents of the congressman are to blame for his allegedly engaging in the sexual trafficking of a 17-year-old girl.

Yes, you read that correctly: It’s now puritanical to be outraged and disgusted by a grown man sleeping with underage girls.

As you’d probably expect, the bizarre defense of Gaetz took place on Fox News, during an episode of the Sunday show “Spin Cycle,” with Fox host Kat Timpf declaring that the scandal has a bit of everything:

“It’s got sex, it’s got drugs, it has Matt Gaetz, who is a very polarizing figure and he’s a very staunch supporter of Donald Trump so people either really love him or they really hate him.”

Ah yes, good old Donald Trump, who has also been accused of sex with underage girls. He allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl “repeatedly” with his late BFF, the late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

But it was what Timpf said next that will leave you scratching your head:

“But I think it’s been really interesting… If buying expensive gifts for women and sleeping with them — that isn’t illegal. We still need to figure out exactly, there are receipts coming in, we still need to figure out more about what happened…But it’s been interesting to see some in the media on the left who normally wouldn’t be so puritanical about something like that, being very puritanical and not just look at following the facts of it. Which again, it’s bizarre so it’s hard to know what those are.”

Last time I checked, buying expensive gifts for 17-year-old girls and then sleeping with them when you happen to be a 38-year-old congressman is most certainly illegal, not to mention morally reprehensible and can even get to shot in some parts of the Deep South if you happen to run across the father of that underage girl.

Isn’t it fascinating to watch as the same hypocritical fools who so eagerly push the QAnon bullshit about a Satanic cabal of Democrats who abuse children now tie themselves in knots to defend their golden boy, Matt Gaetz? Where’s their outrage over his moral shortcomings and depravity?

If Gaetz is proven to be guilty of what he’s accused of, he should be put under the darkest federal prison in the country and left there until he’s an octogenarian.

Kat Timpf, on the other hand, needs to be taken off the airwaves permanently and have to beg for coins on the nearest sidewalk.

Here’s the video from Fox News:


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Former Russian Foreign Minister Says Kremlin Is Nervous Trump Will Soon Be Ousted

While many Americans are worried about the odd moves made by Donald Trump since he took the oath of office, it turns out that Russian officials are also starting to get jittery about how tenuous a grip on reality and power the so-called president seems to have a month into his administration.

Former Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Fedorov told NBC News that the Kremlin thinks that Trump’s repeated attacks on the news media and slurs against American intelligence agencies have left him “dancing on thin ice,” and could lead to him being removed from office.

In addition to Fedorov, former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said the Russians do not view Trump’s stumbles in a humorous light at all:

“Absolutely not — not laughing. The situation is very serious and the whole of [Putin’s] team, they are nervous.”

Currently, the Russians are busy compiling a psychological profile of Trump that is designed to help Russian President Vladimir Putin avoid doing anything that could threaten Trump’s leadership, while at the same time encouraging him to do things which would benefit Russia.

Fedorov says the ultimate goal for Russia is to help Trump avoid looking like a Russian puppet but also securing his support for several important Russian policy goals. Fedorov added:

“We should avoid any kind of step that could damage Trump. Trump cannot come to a meeting with Putin as a loser — he must sort out his domestic problems first.”

If indeed this is the strategy being employed by Putin and the Russians, can there be any doubt that Russia played a major role in assuring Trump won the 2016 election?

Several key questions remain that have not yet been answered in regard to what ties Trump has to Russia or what compromising information the Russians may have on the American head of state. Should those be revealed, Trump’s grip on power could become untenable.

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Buyer’s Remorse: 1 Million Brits Sign Petition Calling For Brexit Re-Vote

A petition has begun circulating in Great Britain less than 24 hours after the Brexit vote which would call for a formal re-vote on the issue of the UK leaving the European Union. So far it has garnered over 1 million signatures. That is 10 times the number of signatures needed for it to be considered by the British parliament.

In a move that surprised most of the world, British voters approved leaving the European Union by a margin of 52 to 48 percent. Shortly after the results were announced, Prime Minister David Cameron said he would step down, and he is expected to give up his post by no later than October.

Despite the vote, many experts are now saying that formal withdrawal from the EU could take anywhere from 2 to 10 years. EU officials including European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker have called for Britain to begin negotiating its exit from the bloc immediately. But Cameron indicated yesterday that he would not trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. If he did, it would prompt the beginning of a two-year period of negotiations on Britain’s exit.

Germany is currently at work on a plan which would make the UK an associate member of the European Union. The document suggested by the German Finance Minister did not set out the precise conditions of such membership, but it did state that Britain would not be guaranteed access to the European single market, because such a concession might encourage other EU member states to consider holding referendums on their own membership.

The fact that a re-vote petition has over 1 million signatures in one day certainly indicates that many Brits are having buyer’s remorse. One of the main promises of the “leave” campaign was that the millions of British pounds sent to the EU on an annual basis would be used to boost the National Health Service. But during an interview yesterday, one of the main supporters of Britain leaving the EU, Nigel Farage, admitted that money would not be used to shore up the ailing NHS.

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