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Lauren Boebert’s ‘Personal Responsibility’ Attack On Biden Comes Back To Bite Her Right On The A*s

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) latest attempt to troll President Joe Biden on social media wound up backfiring badly on her, resulting in a hilarious self-own that set Twitter alight with laughter and mockery.

On Monday evening, Boebert fired off this post:

“Biden is more than halfway done with his term and he’s STILL blaming Trump, and some people STILL believe him.

“Personal responsibility is something the Left really has no concept of.”

Personal responsibility? That’s pretty darn rich coming from the Boebert, who just last week announced that her underage son (17) has impregnated an underage (16) girl. The two aren’t yet married, either, Business Insider notes.

Rep. Lauren Boebert revealed that her 17-year-old son Tyler is about to have a son in April, which will make her a grandmother at 36.

The Colorado Republican praised the high rural teen birth rates as she said it was evidence these communities “value life.”

“I’m going to tell you all for the first time in a public setting that not only am I a mom of four boys but come April, I will be a ‘gigi’ to a brand new grandson,” Boebert said while speaking Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) event earlier this week.

She said that she and her husband Jayson “are so excited to welcome this new life into our family.”

Boebert added, “Now my son, when I approached him and told him, ‘Tyler, I’m going to be a 36-year-old grandmother,’ he said, ‘Well, didn’t you make Granny a 36-year-old granny?'” Boebert said.
“I said, ‘Yes, I did.’ And he said, ‘Well, then it’s hereditary,'” she said jokingly.

So much for personal responsibility, huh?

That was all it took for other Twitter users to remind the congresswoman of her own less-than-responsible past and the lack of responsibility found in today’s Republican Party.

Nice try, Lauren, but you need to crawl back into your rathole and be quiet.

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Joe Biden Only Needed Three Words To Troll The Sh*t Out Of Trump

It’s a great time to be President Joe Biden and a terrible time to be disgraced former president Donald Trump.

If you doubt that, consider the following:

  • The U.S. economy created 311,000 new jobs in the month of February and Biden’s approval rating hit a new high
  • Trump found out on Thursday that he’s likely facing indictment in Manhattan in the very near future

That led Biden to take a bit of a victory lap Thursday evening during an event in Philadelphia when the president referenced Trump, telling the audience:

“I had a big fight with the former president, and maybe future president.”

Immediately after he said that, the president made the sign of the cross and said, “Bless me, father.”

As HuffPost notes, the sign of the cross can mean anything “from a blessing to a means of warding off evil.”

But in this particular instance, it’s also the perfect way to troll the hell out of Trump, and Twitter loved it, too.


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WATCH: Reporters Howl With Laughter As Press Secy. Mocks 2024 Biden Rival Marianne Williamson

In case you missed the announcement over the weekend, Marianne Williamson (who?!) said that she will once again seek the Democratic presidential nomination after getting humiliated by her poor showing in the 2020 Democratic race for the White House.

Williamson, a former “spiritual adviser” to Oprah Winfrey (how’s that for credentials?) had this to say when she announced her candidacy:

“There are people in this town who have the solutions. There are people all over this country who have the solutions, but the people who are in power do not have the solutions or do not deeply support the solutions and people who do have the solutions do not have the power. Once again, let the people get in there, we’ll handle it from here.”

That led members of the White House Press corps to ask press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if the administration was upset Williamson decided to run instead of giving President Joe Biden a clear field in 2024.

Jean-Pierre’s response was so brilliantly snarky and mocking that just reading it may make you laugh.

“We’re just not tracking that. If I had a, what’s it called? A little globe here, a crystal ball, then I can tell you, a Magic 8 Ball, whatever. If I could feel her aura, I just don’t have anything to share on that.”

That sent the White House press corps into hysterics. There was loud laughter in the briefing room that Williamson probably heard all the way to her home in Beverly Hills.

Williamson also noted during her announcement that she understands no one thinks she has a chance in hell of winning.

“I have run for president before. I am not naïve about these forces which have no intention of allowing anyone into this conversation who does not align with their predetermined agenda,” she said. “I understand that, in their mind, only people who previously have been entrenched in the car that brought us into this ditch can possibly be considered qualified to bring us out of it.”

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Biden Slams Ron DeSantis For Banning Study Of Black History During Speech In Selma: ‘History Matters’

Without even having to mention his name, President Joe Biden excoriated Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis during a speech he gave Sunday during a visit to Selma, Alabama to commemorate “Bloody Sunday.”

Speaking to black leaders, the president brought up that some in the GOP want to ban the teaching of civil rights and black history, including learning about Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Some, like DeSantis, even want to censor books from appearing in libraries because they might make some white children feel uncomfortable.

“History matters. I am here as your president. The truth matters. And I understand the other team is trying to hide the truth. No matter how hard some people try, we can’t just choose to learn what we want to know, and not what we should know. We should learn everything. The good, the bad, the truth of who we are as a nation. And everyone should know the truth of Selma.”

The president then reflected on “Bloody Sunday,” which took place in 1965.

“Six hundred believers put faith in action to march across that bridge named after the grand dragon of the KKK. They were on their way to the state capital of Montgomery to claim their fundamental right to vote lain in the bedrock of our Constitution, but stolen by hate and harbored in too many hearts.”

Biden concluded his remarks with a powerful reminder of his thoughts on the brave men and women who marched at Selma and what they had to endure:

“With unflinching courage, foot soldiers marched for justice, marched through the valley of the shadow of death and they feared no evil. The forces of hate can conspire to demise, but they endured. They forced the country to confront the hard truths, and the act to keep the promise of America alive. I was just student up north in the Civil Rights movement. I remember feeling how guilty I was I wasn’t here. How could we all be up there and you’re going through what you went through? Looking at those — I can still picture, I can still picture the troopers with their batons and wands and whips.”

It should be interesting to see if Gov. DeSantis responds to the president’s remarks. If he does, and doubles down on his state’s bans, he can kiss the vote of almost every black person in this country goodbye.

Here’s video of President Biden’s remarks:

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House Oversight Committee Chairman Is Furious He Can’t Charge Joe Biden’s Dead Son With Crimes 

If you thought you’d already heard the most disgusting and tasteless thing a member of the current Republican Party could possibly say, you may want to rethink that notion after you read what Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said about the deceased son of President Joe Biden.

Comer was discussing the matter of the Biden family with ex-Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on a podcast when he began whining that Hunter Biden (the president’s surviving son) had not yet been charged with anything.

That led Comer to start talking about the entire Biden family, according to The Daily Beast:

“This U.S. attorney had had an opportunity to go after the Bidens years ago,” the Kentucky lawmaker huffed. “In fact, it was Beau Biden, the president’s other son, that was involved in some campaign donations from a person that got indicted, as well as Joe Biden was involved in some of these campaign donations when he was a senator, and then when he ran for president against Obama.”

Comer continued: “But nothing ever happened. So I don’t know much about this U.S. attorney other than he’s had an opportunity to investigate the Bidens before and he chose not to. We all know that he’s just been silent for a long time.”

Of course, the real reason Comer wants to see someone indicted isn’t because he actually thinks some law has been broken. Instead, he just wants to destroy President Biden, as he admitted recently on Fox News:

“At the end of the day, this is an investigation of Joe Biden.”

Where in the hell was Congressman Comer hiding during the four years of the Trump administration when both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were working as White House advisers while also engaging in some incredible unsavory (and possibly illegal) activities involving patents granted to Ivanka by China and Jared’s BFF relationship with Saudi tyrant/murderer Mohammed bin Salman?

Comer has also been mostly silent on the failed one-term former president’s own complicity in what transpired on January 6, 2021, perhaps because he’s far too busy getting a woody over the corpse of a man who died of brain cancer after serving his country with honor and distinction in Iraq.

It’s a given that almost every Republican is a piece of shit, but James Comer takes it to the level of outright coprophagia.