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New Poll Shows One Democrat Would Destroy Trump In A General Election Matchup

The latest polls show that President Joe Biden is tied with convicted felon Donald Trump, but there remains talk inside the Democratic Party that Biden should consider dropping out of the race and pass the torch to someone else.

But who would be Biden’s replacement if decides not to run?

Based on a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, only one Democrat seems a sure bet to defeat Trump: Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

According to HuffPost, Mrs. Obama would easily defeat Trump in a head-to-head matchup, with a formidable 11-point lead over him, 50%-39%.

The new poll also finds that 56% of voters, including a third of Democrats, want Biden to drop out of the race amid growing concerns over his age and cognitive health, which were exacerbated by last week’s muddled performance at his debate with Trump.

The poll finds 46% of voters, including 19% of Republicans, want Trump to drop out.

The two are tied with 40% each in the new poll, while Vice President Kamala Harris trails Trump by 1 percentage point, 43%-42%, well within the poll’s 3.5 percentage point margin of error.

In other hypothetical matchups, the poll shows Trump leading California Gov. Gavin Newsom by 3 points, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear by 4% percent, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer by 5%.

Mrs. Obama also has an overall favorable rating of 55%. Only 42% of those surveyed said they had an unfavorable opinion of her.

However, there is one problem with the idea of running the former first lady in November: She doesn’t exactly seem fond of the idea, telling Oprah Winfrey in 2023, “I’ve never expressed any interest in politics. Ever. I mean, I agreed to support my husband. He wanted to do it, and he was great at it. But at no point have I ever said, ‘I think I want to run.’ Ever. So, I’m just wondering: Does what I want have anything to do with anything? Does who I choose to be have anything to do with it?”

Then again, Mrs. Obama has also admitted that she is absolutely “terrified” Trump might win again and implement his radical right-wing agenda for the country.

For now, at least, it seems a Michelle Obama candidacy will remain just a dream for Democrats. But if she did happen to enter the race, Trump would likely blow a gasket, especially if he lost badly to her.

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New Poll Shows A Majority Of Voters Want Trump To Drop Out Of 2024 Race

As some Democrats continue to suggest that President Joe Biden should consider dropping out of the 2024 presidential race, new polling shows that a majority of voters want convicted felon and 2024 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to withdraw his name from consideration.

A YouGov poll conducted after last week’s first Biden-Trump debate suggests that while 45% of Democratic voters want Biden to step aside, 55% say he should remain in the race.

However, that same poll shows 54% of those surveyed say Trump should drop out. Only 46% want him to remain in the race, meaning that his numbers are worse than Biden’s.

And that same YouGov poll was also the topic of discussion on CNN, with Democratic strategist Maria Cardona and GOP operative Scott Jennings both using its results to suggest that voters aren’t enamored with either Biden or Trump.

Jennings said Biden cannot win the election and that members of the Biden inner circle are hiding facts about the president’s health.

But that led Cardona to cite the poll results regarding Trump and comment, “Hold on!”

Here’s the video:

Every approval poll shows that Trump is much more unpopular with the electorate than Biden. And independent voters repeatedly say they are more likely to cast a ballot for Biden than Trump.

Donald Trump Elections Polls

There’s A ‘Big Flashing Warning Sign’ In Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers

Every week, it seems a new poll is released which shows that failed one-term former president Donald Trump holds a lead over President Joe Biden, a trend which has some Democratic strategists worried the polls may be a harbinger of bad news to come when ballots are cast in November.

But as New York Times analyst Nate Cohn notes in a piece he wrote for the newspaper, a quick look behind the numbers reveals that Trump’s support is much weaker than the raw numbers reveal.

Why? Well, mainly because Trump’s so-called polling advantage is among less engaged voters, who aren’t exactly a good indicator of what will happen when balloting begins.

“President Biden has actually led the last three Times/Siena national polls among those who voted in the 2020 election, even as he has trailed among registered voters overall. And looking back over the last few years, almost all of Mr. Trump’s gains have come from these less engaged voters.”

That means Trump’s lead in the polls is illusory at best and could actually be a lead for Biden, Cohn explains.

“While the race has been stable so far, Mr. Trump’s dependence on disengaged voters makes it easy to imagine how it could quickly become more volatile. As voters tune in over the next six months, there’s a chance that disengaged but traditionally Democratic voters could revert to their usual partisan leanings. Alternately, many of these disaffected voters might ultimately stay home, which might help Mr. Biden.”

The preponderance of disengaged voters nearly six months out from the election also makes the job of a pollster that much more challenging, Cohn adds.

“While millions of irregular voters will undoubtedly turn out this November, no one knows just how many of them will ultimately show up — let alone exactly which ones will do so,” he writes. “This too is always a challenge for pollsters, but the deep divide between regular and irregular Democrats this cycle means that the polls may be unusually sensitive to the ultimate makeup of the electorate, with Mr. Biden potentially favored if enough of his disengaged defectors stay home.”

Remember 2016? All of the polls showed Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over Trump. Despite that, she lost.

And in 2020, while many polls showed Joe Biden ahead on Election Day, none of them showed him winning in a popular and electoral vote landslide, which he did.

This will likely be a close election, but the polls probably won’t reflect the result any more this time than they have in the recent past.

Donald Trump Elections Polls

Exit Polls From New Hampshire Show Major Red Flags For Trump’s Campaign

Even though he won Tuesday’s New Hampshire Republican primary, failed one-term former president Donald Trump is clearly losing support according to exit polls which show that GOP voters hold much more moderate views on major issues which will decide the 2024 election.

That was the topic of discussion on CNN, where political analyst Gloria Borger noted, “Can I just talk about the abortion number? Because I think that is so striking.”

Anchor Erin Burnett replied, “This is 67 percent oppose a ban in New Hampshire, Only 27 percent favor it.”

Borger continued.

“Right. So here, you have a Republican primary, effectively. And you have this 67 percent number. And you have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tonight talking about the repeal of Roe v. Wade. It is the one surefire issue — one of the one surefire issues that the Democrats have going into this next election. And it is unclear how motivational it will be, but when you see a number like that, you have to assume it will be very motivational.”

Burnett: “It’s worked in red states, Kansas, Ohio.”

Another panelist then weighed in.

“And listen, it is also why Nikki Haley is sounding a little more moderate than Donald Trump and sounds more moderate than Ron DeSantis, as well. It is shocking to me — we’ll see if these numbers change. The immigration, like 45 percent of these voters think that folks should be offered a legal pathway here in this country. You know, Donald Trump obviously wants to ride the immigration issue to the White House in the way that he did in 2016. He doesn’t quite have the Build the Wall slogan, but he has more vicious things like deportation. But so far, at least with these exit polls, some of these folks are sounding very moderate. The big question is, are we seeing that Donald Trump has a much softer underbelly as a GOP frontrunner than we thought?”

Abortion is the single biggest issue in the 2024 election, and it’s also the issue that will drag down Trump and the GOP. They know it and that’s why they don’t want to talk about it.

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Trump Appears To Troll Lauren Boebert By Posting A Poll That Shows Her Losing In November

A new poll released yesterday in Colorado shows that Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) is losing ground in her bid to win another term in office come the 2024 election.

Boebert, who is being challenged by Democrat Adam Frisch, is now losing by 2 percentage points to, Axios reports.

Frisch took 50% support of likely voters compared to 48% for Boebert — a statistical tie that is sure to elevate the stakes in Colorado’s much-watched 3rd Congressional District in the 2024 election.

It’s the first substantive poll to show Frisch with a possible advantage in the conservative district, pollster Chris Keating tells Axios.

Boebert won re-election in 2022 by a mere 546 votes, and Democrats are salivating at the chance to defeat the incumbent, who has established herself as a national GOP firebrand and ally of former President Trump.

Even more troubling for Boebert’s reelection campaign is her unfavorable rating, which has risen to 58%. That along suggests the congresswoman is facing an uphill battle next year.

Oddly, failed former president Donald Trump posted the poll results on his Truth Social site, raising questions about whether or not he was trying to troll Boebert or show that Republicans are vulnerable.

Here’s what Trump posted, without any commentary:

What’s that all about? Is the eternally disloyal Trump trying to show he’s winning in a district that could conceivably be lost by a GOP incumbent? Or is he hoping to gin up support for Boebert? If it’s the latter, that’s an odd way to boost a candidate.

Neither Boebert or her campaign have commented on Trump’s post. What would they say if they did?

2024 is likely to be an electoral bloodbath for Republicans. And if indeed Boebert does lose, the House of Representatives will automatically be a smarter place the day she vacates her office.