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New Poll Shows Overturning Roe v. Wade Is Likely To Trigger A Democratic Wave In November

If the U.S. Supreme Court does indeed overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision which made abortion legal in the United States, a new poll suggests it will benefit Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

The latest poll from Ipsos shows that two-thirds of those surveyed said they’re more likely to cast a ballot for a candidate who supports a woman’s right to choose over one who doesn’t.

An Ipsos poll exclusive for Reuters, fielded May 3, 2022 after the leak of a Supreme Court draft decision challenging Roe v. Wade, finds that in the upcoming November elections, two-thirds of Americans (63%) would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports passing a law legalizing abortion, replacing Roe if it is struck down.

This is driven by the 78% of Democrats who are more likely to vote for this candidate, while just under half of Republicans state the same (49%). Independents stand in the middle of Democrats and Republicans, with 59% more likely to vote for a candidate who supports passing a law legalizing abortion. Over half of Americans are more likely to support a candidate who thinks abortion should be legal (59%), motivated by three-quarters of Democrats (74%).

Republicans have been hoping to retake control of both houses of Congress, but the issue of abortion seems to be cutting against them and threatens to increase Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate.

The irony of Republicans finally getting a court-imposed ban on abortion that will boomerang back on them at the voting booth cannot possibly be overstated. While they do indeed have a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court, that same court is about to make them a permanent minority party.

As the old saying goes, Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

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Fox News Host Gets Her A*s Handed To Her When She Compares Biden’s Poll Numbers To Trump’s

Fox News host Harris Faulkner got hit with a dose of factual reality when she tried to make fun of President Joe Biden’s poll numbers.

Nomiki Konst, a progressive Fox contributor, was the guest, along with former Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA,) for segment on former President Barack Obama’s return to the White House on Tuesday.

When Faulker suggested that Obama was back in an effort to boost Biden’s polling, Konst reminded her:

“President Biden got 81 million votes. He has received more votes than any presidential candidate in the history of our country. I think he’s pretty popular. That’s it.”

Faulkner asked:

“Have you seen the polls?”

And that’s when Konst hit the Fox host with a reminder about the pathetic polling results Trump received during his four years in office:

“That number, his poll right now is the highest Donald Trump ever reached in polls. So you might want to check those numbers too.”

When Faulkner asked if Konst had seen “all the polls,” the guest replied:

“81 million votes.”

Rather than try to counter Konst with any facts or data, Collins finally spoke up and whined:

“Here we go again! It’s just amazing. You know, I would hate to go to lunch with you because all you know to talk about is, I want the hamburger and by the way, Trump made a worse hamburger.”

But here’s what Collins failed to address: So far, Biden has held a polling average of 48%, according to Gallup. Trump, on the other hand, had an anemic polling average of 39% during his term in office.

Donald Trump is the worst president in the history of this country. It’s just that simple.

Here’s the video from Fox News:


Donald Trump Elections Polls WTF?!

Trump Gets Humiliated After Citing A Poll For An Election That’s Over Two Years Away

Proving that his sense of timing is almost as pathetic as his business acumen and taste in clothes, failed, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump decided he’d reference a new poll from Nevada showing him beating President Joe Biden in an election that’s 32 months away.

Since he no longer has access to Twitter, Trump sent out notice of the poll via his official spokesperson, Liz Harrington.

What use is a poll that’s not even going to be proven right or wrong for over two years? A lot can change in that amount of time, especially in the political world.

The tweet brings to mind some of the absurd claims Trump made during the 2020 election. Even then he claimed the polls had him winning big. For example:

U.S. President Donald Trump told Reuters on Wednesday he does not believe opinion polls showing his likely Democratic opponent Joe Biden leads him in the 2020 race for the White House.

During an Oval Office interview, the Republican president said he did not expect the election to be a referendum on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and voiced surprise the former vice president was doing well.

“I don’t believe the polls,” Trump said. “I believe the people of this country are smart. And I don’t think that they will put a man in who’s incompetent.” (Reuters, April 29, 2021)

Or consider this:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked a growing chorus of polls that do not anticipate a favorable outcome for him on Election Day following the release of new numbers that suggest a critical swing state is all but out of his reach.

“There’s tremendous support. Poll numbers are very good,” Trump said during a press conference in Nevada. “You don’t see the real poll numbers.” (US News & World Report, October 28, 2020)

But hey, that 2024 Nevada poll looks solid!

It didn’t take long before social media ridicule and mockery began.


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New Gallup Poll: Mitch McConnell Is The Most Hated Man In Washington

While Republicans and their on-air cheerleaders at Fox, Newsmax, and One America News make it sound as if the American public despises President Joe Biden, it turns out that the most hated man in the nation’s capital is actually a member of the GOP, according to a new poll from Gallup.

Fully 63% of those surveyed say they disapprove of the job Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is doing:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell receives the worst ratings of the 11 measured, with 63% disapproving and 34% approving.

The highest approval rating among those polled was for Chief Justice John Roberts, who is viewed favorably by 60% of Americans. Federal Reserve Chief Jerome Powell is in second place with a 53% approval rating.

The approval rating for Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, is also certain to enrage Republicans, especially Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Fauci is viewed favorably by 52% of Americans, considerably higher than any member of the GOP.

Gallup also noted the glaring discrepancy between the ratings received by Roberts and McConnell:

Roberts is the only one of the leaders rated this year who receives majority approval from Republicans (57%) and Democrats (55%) in addition to political independents (64%). Most of the other leaders are viewed positively by two-thirds or more of one party versus less than a quarter of the other.

A key exception is McConnell, whose performance is approved of by less than half of Republicans (46%). At the same time, he receives the lowest ratings of the 11 from Democrats (21%) and independents (35%). Strikingly, majorities of all three groups disapprove of McConnell: 75% of Democrats, 64% of independents and 52% of Republicans.

If Republicans do manage to win control of the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections, McConnell would once again become majority leader. But with numerous retirements and the GOP’s continued ties to failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, McConnell isn’t assured of anything. In fact, when the votes are counted, Democrats could well gain seats in the upper chamber of Congress, which would be devastating for Republicans.

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Poll: Melania Is One Of The Least Admired First Ladies In US History

Much like her husband, former first lady Melania Trump is a divisive figure, claiming to care about the issue of online bullying yet never calling out the failed former president for his countless attacks on others via social media.

Just how unpopular is Melania? According to a new poll from Zogby Analytics, she’s near the bottom when it comes to favorite first ladies in modern history, The Daily Mail reports:

Jacqueline Kennedy tops a new poll of America’s favorite first ladies while current occupant Jill Biden comes in near the middle and Melania Trump was second from the bottom. 

Zogby Analytics polled a sampling of Americans for their thoughts on the past 12 women who have served as first lady. 

The results were based on how many of the 5,437 likely voters said each of the First Ladies was great. 

Be sure and note that Michelle Obama is second only to the late Jackie Kennedy in the poll, which is certain to enrage Donald Trump and his supporters, who have long tried to denigrate Mrs. Obama and her husband.

The fact that current First Lady Jill Biden is ranked so high though her husband has been in the White House for less than a year is also notable.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Melania is near the bottom of the poll. Keep in mind a few of the more controversial things she did and said while her husband was in office:

  • During a visit to see detained children at the US border, she wore a Zara jacket with “I don’t really care, do u?” emblazoned across the back. It left a bad taste in the mouths of many after her husband appeared seemingly apathetic to having separated children from their parents.
  • Melania hasn’t given many speeches, but when she did, they never went without controversy – whether she was accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech or labelled a hypocrite for celebrating diversity at the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) years after questioning Barack Obama’s nationality.

Though we can’t yet know if Melania’s ranking among former first ladies will improve, when you consider that her husband continues to say and do incredibly disgusting things, it seems unlikely that Mrs. #BeBest will ever be anything more than a footnote in American history that most of us would rather forget.