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Trump Took $6.5 Million From China While He Was President

The release of six years of failed former president Donald Trump’s taxes by the House Ways and Means Committee makes it clear that while he was in the White House, the Trump Organization took millions from over a dozen foreign countries, including $6.5 million from China.

Politico reports that Trump had multiple conflicts of interest, and since he refused to place his assets into a blind trust, we may never know exactly how those millions from other nations may have impacted U.S. foreign policy in the Trump administration.

The six years of tax returns disclosed Friday show that Trump received extensive income from Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom — including gross business income of at least $35.3 million from Canada in 2017, the year he entered office.

That year, Trump also brought in $6.5 million from China, $5.8 million from Indonesia and $5.7 million from India.

By 2020, his last full year in office, Trump reported $8.8 million in income from the U.K. and another $3.9 million in Ireland.

Trump also stuck his snout into the U.S. Treasury by submitting outrageous bills for lodging and travel during his four years in office.

The former president was known for fusing his business interests with America’s highest public office, drawing allegations of using his role to promote his private resorts, direct federal money to his hotels and encourage foreign governments to spend money that would directly benefit the Trump family interests.

His far-flung concerns, foreign and domestic, are nested in more than 400 separate business entities. A 2019 report by the watchdog group OpenSecrets said he had more than $130 million in assets in more than 30 countries.

Additionally, the returns from 2015 to 2020 call into doubt Trump’s claims that he was donating his presidential salary of $400,00 a year to charity, according to The Independent:

Donald Trump donated nothing to the Department of Health and Human Services during the height of the pandemic, despite claiming publicly to have done so, his tax returns revealed on Friday.

The release of his returns came as the result of the end of a years-long legal battle between the now-former president and the House Ways and Means Committee, which released its final report this week after recently obtaining the returns when the Supreme Court declined to intervene in the case.

The picture painted by the documents is crystal clear: Donald Trump claimed zero charitable donations throughout 2020, meaning that his tax burden was not reduced at all (at least in that regard). He would still go on to pay $0 in income tax for the year in total.

Trump’s taxes show what we’ve long suspected about him: He’s a grifter, a liar, a tax cheat, and a scumbag.


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Ex-Staffer: Trump Thought China Was Aiming A ‘Hurricane Gun’ At The United States

Remember Sharpiegate? It was the time failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump altered an official U.S. government map with a Sharpie marker in order to make it support his incorrect assertion that Alabama was predicted to take a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian in September of 2019.

However, it turns out that Trump had another connection to hurricanes that hasn’t been known until now.

Thanks to some excellent reporting from Rolling Stone, we now know that Trump also asked top White House officials if China was aiming a “hurricane gun” at the United States:

Near the beginning of Donald Trump’s time in office, the then-president had a pressing question for his national-security aides and administration officials: Does China have the secret technology — a weapon, even — to create large, man-made hurricanes and then launch them at the United States? And if so, would this constitute an act of war by a foreign power, and could the U.S. retaliate militarily? Then-President Trump repeatedly asked about this, according to two former senior administration officials and a third person briefed on the matter.

One former Trump official had this to say about the hurricane gun theory:

“It was almost too stupid for words. I did not get the sense he was joking at all.”

And Donald didn’t raise the issue once. He was obsessed with the notion, bringing it up almost every single time a hurricane struck the U.S.:

“The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations, tell Rolling Stone that Trump began interrogating national-security officials and other staffers about the alleged weapon during the first year of his presidency, and his question would pop up sporadically until at least 2018. This patently boneheaded line of inquiry from Trump, which has not been previously reported, was merely one instance in an administration overflowing with Trump’s rampantly absurd, conspiracy-theory-powered ideas and policy proposals, many of which were ignored or shot down, thus avoiding additional atrocities.”

With talk already beginning about whether or not Trump will seek the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, it should be fun to hear how the failed ex-president tries to spin and/or deny the hurricane gun allegation. Maybe he can just grab a Sharpie and make the whole thing disappear.


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Latest QAnon Conspiracy Theory: Trump Mispronounces China Because He Means Ukraine

The QAnon cultists who are already convinced that the world’s governments are controlled by Satan-worshiping pedophiles who engage in the sexual trafficking of children and drink their blood to stay young have a new theory regarding their lord and savior, Donald Trump: He deliberately mispronounces the nation of China (which he calls “Chy-na”) because he’s actually making reference to Ukraine.

You’ve probably noticed that Trump does indeed pronounce China a way others don’t. Take a look:

David Gilbert of Vice explains how the “secret China code” of QAnon origin goes:

QAnon followers are boosting an unhinged new conspiracy theory that claims former President Donald Trump was purposely mispronouncing the word “China” for years, as part of a secret plot to alert the world that COVID-19 was manufactured in Ukraine.

Time out! How is saying China as “Chy-na” even remotely related to Ukraine? Brace yourself. The answer is likely to leave you shaking your head until a stress headache develops:

First, some enterprising QAnon sleuth claimed to have “discovered” that there was a place in Ukraine called “chy-na” and further claimed that Trump’s distinct pronunciation of “China” was the former president’s attempt to signal to his followers that what he was talking about was “chy-na” in Ukraine, and not China.

In recent days, the theory has grown, and many QAnon followers now argue that when Trump referred to COVID-19 as the “China virus,” he was secretly referring to the Ukrainian chy-na, and trying to tell the world that the virus was manufactured in Ukraine, a claim that ties in with the broader belief that Ukraine is home to some “deep state” plot to control the world.

Wow! That’s a hell of a lot to try and digest. China is Ukraine and Ukraine is part of a larger plot to control the world. Just how deranged do you have to be to circulate such a load of shit? More importantly, how damn stupid do you have to be to buy such a load of shit?

Wait. It gets even more absurd.

See, the war in Ukraine isn’t actually a war. That’s just for show. The actual war is one Trump is fighting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to “expose a network of biolabs that are being used to develop chemical weapons—that may be transported to Russia by birds.”

Here’s a theory we need to get going among the QAnon adherents: Trump rhymes with the word “dump.” Donald Trump actually lives in a garbage dump on the outskirts of Miami where he secretly controls all rubbish collection across the planet. He goes through that trash and collects the scraps of paper that contain secret messages he will one day use to resurrect all of the deceased former American presidents who will help him rule the world.

Too crazy, even for the QAnon nuts? Hell, those imbeciles will believe anything.

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Russia Forced To Beg China For Military Aid As Ukraine Invasion Bogs Down: Report

As the Russian military continues to take massive losses and more military assistance flows from NATO to Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now having to turn to China in an effort to bail out his invasion of Ukraine, according to The Financial Times.

Russia has asked China for military ​equipment to ​support its invasion of Ukraine, ​according to US officials, sparking concern in ​the White House that Beijing ​may undermine western efforts to help Ukrainian forces defend their country.

US officials told the Financial Times that Russia had requested military equipment and other assistance since the start of the invasion. They declined to give details about what Russia had requested.

Another person familiar with the situation said the US was preparing to warn its allies, amid some indications that China may be preparing to help Russia. Other US officials have said there were signs that Russia was running out of some kinds of weaponry as the war in Ukraine extends into its third week.

The report comes as National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan heads to Rome for high-level talks with Yang Jiechi, China’s top foreign policy official.

Prior to his departure on Sunday, Sullivan said China should not entertain any plan to “bail out” Russia by trying to help them get around U.S. sanctions that have been imposed on the Kremlin:

“We will ensure that neither China, nor anyone else, can compensate Russia for these losses. In terms of the specific means of doing that, again, I’m not going to lay all of that out in public, but we will communicate that privately to China, as we have already done and will continue to do.”

Putin’s military continues to face fierce resistance from Ukrainian freedom fighters, with an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 Russian troops already dead in what is clearly becoming a quagmire for the the Kremlin.

The Russian leader also faces protests at home, with some experts predicting that if the war in Ukraine stretches on for months, Putin could be toppled.