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Maria Bartiromo Claims China Is Sending ‘Doctors And Engineers’ Across The U.S.-Mexico Border

If you haven’t seen Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo’s so-called “show” lately (and literally NO ONE would blame you for avoiding it like the bubonic plague), you may not be aware that the once reliable business reporter has gone batshit crazy and now cranks out bizarre conspiracy theories that would make Glenn Beck blush. That is, when she isn’t verbally kissing Donald Trump’s ass like some sort of middle-aged fan girl.

On Sunday, Bartiromo hosted her show from the U.S.-Mexico border, speaking with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who is also fond of lying for political advantage or financial gain.

During her conversation with Abbott, Bartiromo claimed that China is sending “doctors and engineers” across the border:

“One guard told me that they apprehended a group from China. And the group from China told them that they paid $50,000 a head. And by the way, these were scientists and doctors and engineers from China.”

One guard told you that, Maria? Can we have his or her name so we can verify the veracity of your claim?

Bartiromo then shifted gears and began talking about “cartels” making money smuggling people into the United States, as if that’s something that wasn’t happening on Trump’s watch:

“It seems like the cartels are really winning and making big money here. Someone told me this week that they’re making $400 million monthly. I mean, the numbers, because they’re charging $4,000 a head, they’re taking 2,000 people a day into America. And depending on where you come from, the numbers are even higher.”

“Someone told me.” Was it a member of your crew, Maria? Or was it a gullible Fox viewer who got their “information” from some shady “news” website? Again, Bartiromo didn’t give a shred of proof to back up her accusation.

There was also this gem of bullshit from the fact-free Ms. Bartiromo:

“You have to ask, why the CCP is sending these people through the border, obviously they don’t want to be noticed. What are they doing when they get here?”

Actually, the first thing we need to do is question your “sources,” Maria.

Eager to join the misinformation-fest, Abbott remarked:

“It could be espionage. They’re forgetting about the people from China, from Iran, from terrorist-based nations. It could be espionage.”

What about Russia? Could they be from Russia? Nah, because the Republican Party has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kremlin, so it’s much better to blame China and Iran, the GOP’s current favorite targets for military attack.

The good news is that if Maria Bartiromo ever loses her gig at Fox, she can always find work at RT, which is also owned by Vladimir Putin and his cronies.

Here’s the video:

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Tough Guy Lindsey Graham Is Now Threatening China With War

Now that he’s no longer on the White House’s speed dial and has become largely irrelevant, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is desperate to pretend he still has some modicum of power.

Proof of that was on display when Graham appeared on Fox News Monday, rattling the proverbial saber as he threatened China, even though he doesn’t make foreign policy.

Graham was asked this question by host Ben Domenech of The Federalist:

“What do you think we need to be doing in terms of sending China a clear message, given their increased military activity and all the different ways that they’re challenging us on the world stage?”

Graham responded:

“Stand up for the Uighurs. Your father-in-law is rolling over in his grave now, the America John McCain fought for and was willing to die for is changing in front of us. I like what Trump did, he stood up to the Chinese. You steal our stuff, you’re going to pay a price. Human rights still matters. Let the Chinese know that if you try to take Taiwan, we’ll have a war and you’ll lose it.”

Human rights still matter? Is that supposed to be a joke? Donald Trump never talked about human rights in China. He was far too busy starting a trade war that he lost and that may have also played a part in costing him a second term in office He even told Chinese President Xi Jinping that he completely approved of putting the Uighurs into concentration camps.

Now, however, we’re is supposed to listen to Graham the hypocrite and believe he’s earnest in his concern for minority groups in China? When will Lindsey do the same for minorities in his own country?

Sen. Graham needs to sit down and let the experts shape U.S. foreign policy, because it’s clear he’s auditioning for the 2024 GOP cattle call. As if he has a chance in hell of winning.


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Donald Trump’s ‘Beijing Connection’: He Owes Tens Of Millions To The National Bank Of China

Several days ago, Donald Trump was asked about possibly giving coronavirus aid to Iran. His response was rambling and verbose, but at the end of it he managed to get in a cheap shot at his likely Democratic opponent in November, Joe Biden:

“If Joe Biden got in they would own America between them, China and Japan, Mexico, Canada they would own America. You wouldn’t have a country left if he got in.”

But as we’ve learned so often over the last four years of the Trump presidency, those comments were also psychological projection. Trump was accusing his adversary of what he himself is guilty of, according to a report from Politico, which reveals that the Trump Organization owes the Bank of China tens of millions of dolllars, and that loan is coming due very soon:

“Trump himself is tens of millions of dollars in debt to China: In 2012, his real estate partner refinanced one of Trump’s most prized New York buildings for almost $1 billion. The debt includes $211 million from the state-owned Bank of China — its first loan of this kind in the U.S. — which matures in the middle of what could be Trump’s second term, financial records show.”

Could it be that Trump is just as beholden to China as he’s accused of being when it comes to Russia? That’s certainly possible when you consider that the government-owned Bank of China holds a note with the president’s name on it.

All of this is also proof of Trump’s enormous hypocrisy, because he, his campaign, and his surrogates have been trying to tar and feather Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, for months now, right after their Ukraine fishing exposition turned up zero evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens and wound up getting Trump impeached:

“The 2012 Bank of China deal also stands out because Trump and his campaign have repeatedly highlighted the same bank’s role in a $1.5 billion deal announced in 2013 by partners of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Critics of the Bidens have seized on the fact that the agreement materialized just days after Hunter Biden traveled to China with the then-vice president, who was there on official business.”

Keep in mind that this president steadfastly refused to fully divest from his business when he was elected, handing control of it to his two eldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric. But how can Donald Trump not know that a loan of this size owed to a Chinese bank is coming due? That is a massive conflict of interest.

As usual, Donald Trump is the puppet, despite his protestations that everyone else is dancing to the tune of another. He is corrupt, dissembling, and incompetent. He must be removed from office in November. And he, his company, and his family all need to be investigated, indicted, and taken to trial.

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Jared Kushner Under Scrutiny For Secret Meetings With Chinese Real Estate Investors

Since Donald Trump became president three years ago, members of his administration have repeatedly suggested in both word and deed that they believe they’re above the law, beyond congressional oversight, and not subject to the rules that apply to everyone else.

Take, for example, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, who is drawing scrutiny for a meeting he held with Chinese investors at a time when he was working as a member of the administration while also seeking funding for some of his real estate projects, CNBC reports.

In November 2017, as President Trump was on a 12-day tour of Asia, a meeting was held that didn’t appear on White House or State Department agendas: A meeting with Chinese private equity investors that was arranged by Jared Kushner and U.S. Ambassador Terry Branstad. And that meeting just so happened to coincide with the fact that Kushner was trying to lure investors for two multi-billion dollar deals the president’s son-in-law was desperate to arrange because he needed such large sums of money:

“At the time of the meeting, the Kushner family was under fire for its pursuit of overseas investors while Jared Kushner occupied a senior role advising the president on foreign policy ranging from Middle East peace to trade with China and Mexico. Kushner reported divesting his stake in the family company, and his siblings took the reins of the business and its search for foreign investment.”

That’s not the only questionable thing Kushner’s company did in order to assure that they got investors hot for the business deals they were trying to consummate:

“In the months immediately prior to the meeting, Kushner’s sister Nicole Kushner Meyer referred to Jared at an event urging wealthy Chinese investors to buy $500,000 visas to come to the United States and participate in an upcoming New Jersey project. The Washington Post and New York Times reported that investors at the Beijing sales pitch saw Jared Kushner’s celebrity status as a draw. Meyer later issued a formal apology, saying it was not her intention to use Jared to ‘lure investors.'”

It wasn’t her intention to lure investors? Are we supposed to believe that bullshit line?

When public interest groups and the media began asking questions about Jared’s attempt to make business deals while also serving in the White House, the State Department declined to expedite those requests, saying they could release the documentation no sooner than July 2021, months after the 2020 election is over with.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. It’s time for congressional committees to get involved and see what they can dig up. And if that doesn’t work, then subpoenas from the Attorney General for the state of New York should start flying.

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China’s Latest Move In Cyberspace Could Cost Trump The 2020 Election

A few months ago, on October 3, Donald Trump stood on the South Lawn of the White House and declared that he hoped China would open an investigation into the Biden family, telling reporters:

“China should start an investigation into the Bidens because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.”

Shortly thereafter, congressional committees began investigating Trump’s alleged bribery of Ukraine in which he demanded the Ukrainian government open a criminal investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, which has led us to where we are today: With Trump on the verge of being only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached.

Ironically, China is indeed signaling that they intend to play a major role in the 2020 election, but they’re putting their finger on the scale to help make sure Trump doesn’t get a second term in office, according to Politico, which reports there’s a new trend in Chinese diplomacy:

“Using social media, mainly Twitter, in an aggressive, decidedly undiplomatic manner. Chinese officials are swinging in particular at the U.S., which under President Donald Trump — himself famous for mean tweets — has taken a combative stance toward the ruling Chinese Communist Party.”

Yes, China is now using Twitter against Trump to great effect, even going after problems such as racism and other social issues that are certain to be major talking points in the 2020 race:

“In tweet barrages … senior Chinese Foreign Ministry official (Lijian Zhao) has described America as ‘unjust,’ ‘inhumane’ and ‘hypocritical.’ He’s gone so far as to slam neighborhood segregation in Washington, D.C., and assert that ‘racial discrimination, gun violence, violent law enforcement are chronic diseases deeply rooted in U.S. society.'”

Zhao was also quick to criticize Trump when he made a speech in which he said the United States should have kept the oil after liberating Iraq from former dictator Saddam Hussein, firing off this tweet:

All of this suggests that the Chinese government is fully prepared to do whatever is necessary to assure that Trump isn’t reelected in 2020. Might that include using trolls and bots on social media platforms the way Russia did in 2016? China has a highly advanced cyber warfare operation and could certainly undertake a disinformation campaign to weaken Trump as the next presidential election dawns.

While Trump benefited from cyber operations financed by the Kremlin in 2016, he could well be facing an onslaught from Beijing in 2020 that will make him a one-term president who also carries the black mark of impeachment. And that would guarantee he goes down in history as a loser coated in the stench of corruption.