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Melania Tries To Blame Joe Biden For The Baby Formula Shortage And Gets Her A*s Handed To Her

When she was still First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump had something she dubbed the “Be Best” initiative, which was supposed to be all about shining a light on bullying and trolling, especially on social media.

Of course, like everything else she’s attempted, Be Best was a enormous failure, not to mention the height of hypocrisy because Melania never once criticized her husband for his vitriolic Twitter postings, which eventually got him kicked off that platform in January of 2021.

And yet, Melania is now using her first major television interview since Donald lost the 2020 presidential race in humiliating fashion to attack President Joe Biden for the shortage of infant formula.

Speaking with “Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth, Melania remarked:

“It’s heartbreaking to see that [families] are struggling, and the food is not available for children in [the] 21st-century in the United States of America,” she told co-host Pete Hegseth. Trump attributed the shortage to “leadership.”

“Leadership,” echoed Hegseth. “Or lack thereof?” with which Mrs. Trump agreed.

On the overall state of the country under Biden, she said it is “sad to see what’s going on, if you really look deeply into it.” Trump added that many people are “struggling and suffering.”

“I hope it changes fast,” she said.

What has Ms. Trump done since leaving the White House? Well, mainly she’s tried to enrich herself by selling hats she once wore and other bullshit NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which often have the value (or lack thereof) of some shady cryptocurrency you’d likely find advertised on a web site hosted in Russia.

And the irony of Ms. Trump’s totally uninformed comments is that her husband is partially to blame for the shortage of formula, The Atlantic notes:

U.S. policy also restricts the importation of formula that does meet FDA requirements. At high volumes, the tax on formula imports can exceed 17 percent. And under President Donald Trump, the U.S. entered into a new North American trade agreement that actively discourages formula imports from our largest trading partner, Canada.

Melania’s comments also prompted Gerald Butts, Vice Chairman of the Eurasia Group, to take idiots like her to school:

Canada has plenty of formula. But Melania’s hubby made sure the U.S. wouldn’t be able to import it from our neighbors to the north because he’s the biggest fool and worst businessman on the face of the planet.

So, Melania, in light of what we now know, how about taking that Be Best bullshit and stuffing it right up your ass?

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Right-Wing Author Calls Melania The ‘Greatest First Lady In US History’ And Michelle Obama The ‘Worst’

You’ve probably never heard of Nick Adams, and considering the sort of dreck he writes, that’s certainly for the best.

Adams is Australian by birth but now lives in the United States. He’s also a brainless devotee of all things Trump and never misses a chance to kiss the ass of the failed, one-term former president or members of his family.

But something Adams posted on Twitter this week has placed him into the ranks of the most badly deluded Trump humpers on the face of the planet, because he thinks Melania Trump is the best First Lady of the United States and Michelle Obama the worst. Here, take a look:

What in the hell?! Melania did nothing but complain about having to decorate the White House and pretending to confront the issue of online bullying (though she conveniently neglected to chastise her husband for his constant online attacks on everyone he disagreed with). Oh, and she also posed nude prior to marrying the Donald.

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, urged kids to exercise and eat healthy, which is something that’s badly needed in this country. Oh, and she also holds a law degree from Harvard and an undergrad diploma from Princeton.

Twitter was having none of it, and quickly pelted Adams with reminders of how trashy the Trumps are and how classy the Obamas have always been.

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Melania Issues Whiny Statement: My Critics Are ‘Literally Dream Killers’

Apropos of nothing and out of the clear blue sky, former former First Lady Melania Trump issued a statement Friday in which she tried to pat herself on the back for her so-called philanthropic ventures while also blaming those who criticize her of being “dream killers.”

The statement begins with something Melania calls “Fostering the Future,” which involves foster care for children:

Fostering the Future will work to secure educational opportunities and scholarships for children. Scholarship recipients will learn in a supportive environment, gaining knowledge critical to realizing job security within the technology sector. By providing access to computer science education, these individuals will be prepared to enter the workforce and ultimately reach financial independence.

There’s also a brief mention of “Tulips and Topiaries,” but those two paragraphs are merely the prelude for the four paragraphs that follow, complete with this title: “Addressing False Reports.”

Recently, a computer science school founded in Silicon Valley with a campus in Oklahoma agreed to work with Fostering the Future. Multiple scholarships were going to be granted through the school’s preferred designated fund, based in Tulsa, with the first class of students enrolling in Fall 2022. I had signed the Designated Fund Agreement and was waiting for the countersignature when the school informed me it would no longer participate. They would not accept scholarship dollars for deserving students—even as an anonymous gift. It was made clear to me that the school’s Board of Directors organized a politically-motivated decision.

Does Melania offer any proof to support her assertion that her initiative was shut down due to politics? No. But that doesn’t stop her from then trying to slag anyone who dares say a bad word about her or her charitable intentions:

Despite my actions, the press continues to publish inaccurate, misleading, and outright incorrect articles about my work. The media has created a narrative whereby I am trying to act in an illegal or unethical manner. That portrayal is simply untrue and adversely affects the children I hope to support. Those who attack my initiatives and create the appearance of impropriety are quite literally dream killers. They have canceled the hopes and dreams of children by trying to cancel me.

Do you know why people suspect you of acting in “an illegal or ethical manner,” Mrs. Trump? Because you’re married to a grifting piece of shit and because you’ve been caught in lies on multiple occasions! And because you have proven that you cannot be trusted and are only looking out for yourself. That goes double for your husband.

As for the bullshit claim that “hopes and dreams” of children have been cancelled, here’s a question you should answer: Why do you feel the need to make sure your philanthropy is public? So you can see your name in the press? Or is it because you want to try and scrape some of the dirt off yourself that has come from being married to a human carbuncle like Donald Trump for the past 17 years?

Spare us the crocodile tears, Melania. You deserve all of the opprobrium. If you don’t like it, find a nice deserted island somewhere and go off the grid. No one would miss you.

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Melania Trump Decided To Endorse Ben Carson’s New Book – Big Mistake

Remember Ben Carson? Sure you do. He’s the guy who went from doing brain surgery on kids to being the worst Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in U.S. history. Carson’s only qualification for the post was that as a child he’d lived in government housing because his family was poor.

And now Dr. Carson is back, but not to save anyone’s life, which he’s really good at, but to plug a book he’s written entitled Why America Matters.

What’s the book about? Here’s a brief synopsis from Google Books, which was likely written by Carson’s publisher:

Why America Matters is a children’s book about the Judeo-Christian values of America and its founding, and the importance of the Four Pillars of the American Cornerstone Institute: Faith, Liberty, Community, Life.

Through rhymes and colorful illustrations, readers understand how our founding values continue with today’s patriotic Americans.

That certainly sounds like a very noble endeavor. The “pillars” of faith, liberty, community, and life have indeed been essential to this republic since we declared our independence from Great Britain back in 1776.

Is Ben Carson the best person to write such a book? That’s debatable, but he has as much right to pen a tome as anyone, and he is indeed a well-known man who has a accomplished a great deal in his life.

To help sell the book, former First Lady Melania Trump decided to write a glowing “review” on Twitter (along with a staged photo sitting next to Carson that looks like something both of them probably hated immensely.)

Also, Melania’s review of the book consists of two sentences she tweeted along with the photo:

If you look closely at those two sentences, you’ll notice that Melania didn’t even manage to get the book title correct. She has it as Why American Matters. Is her English really that bad even though she’s been living here for decades?

Also, be sure and catch the two hashtags Mel used: #FosteringTheFuture #BeBest.

Here’s one she needs to add: #IDontRead. That would cover her and the dunce she’s married to.

Want to know why America matters? Because when this country takes a turn towards fascism and autocracy, we vote the grifting douchebags out of office.

Yeah, that includes you, too, Melania.


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The Auction Of Melania’s ‘Iconic’ White Hat Results In Totally Humiliating Her

Just like her husband, former First Lady Melania Trump really only cares about one thing: The Almighty Dollar.

Sure, Mel pretends to care about issues such as children and cyber bullying, yet she never criticized the Trump administration’s policy of ripping immigrant infants from their parents and placing them into modern-day concentration camps. And she never once criticized her husband’s constant bullying of others via Twitter that eventually led to him being banned from the social media platform.

Melania was dreaming of big bucks today as the online auction of what is known as her “iconic” white hat was being held, which was reported by USA Today:

The centerpiece of the auction, the custom white hat, which Trump has signed, was created for Trump by her personal stylist, Hervé Pierre, to match the $2,105 white crepe Michael Kors Collection suit Trump wore for the daytime ceremonies at the White House attended by Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron.

However, you can’t actually buy the hat. Instead, you bid on something called nonfungible tokens (NFTs.) What’s an NFT? It’s digital money of a sort:

An NFT is a piece of data verifying that you have ownership of a digital item, such as a piece of artwork. The items can also include a video clip, a tweet and more.  

NFTs are recorded using blockchain technology. A blockchain is a decentralized, digital ledger that tracks transactions of items and assets.  

The hat, along with the other two items, was going for an opening bid of $250,000, which was set by the seller.

But with just a few hours left for people to bid, The Washington Post notes, bidding fell far below the jackpot Melania had been hoping for:

When The Washington Post checked the hat auction exactly two days before its indeterminate ending time (advertised as Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time — 2:59 a.m. Wednesday in the East — although a countdown clock on the website ran 24 hours faster than that), the starting bid had dropped to $155,916, and continued to fluctuate around that level. At an earlier point in the 14-day auction, the bids had reached more than $275,000.

Oh, and one other snag the hat auction encountered: Bids could only be made in one specific form of cryptocurrency, the value of which has fallen greatly in recently:

The only cryptocurrency accepted on Trump’s website is Solana (SOL), which has been one of the hardest-hit, falling more than 40 percent over the previous week. The Solana blockchain (a distributed database that stores a secure and decentralized record of digital transactions) also had an outage on Friday and Saturday, further adding to its free fall. Had this auction taken place in December 2021, Trump would have been accepting bids in Solana during a surge in which its value had increased 11,150 percent since the beginning of the year.

Seems there’s one other thing Mel has in common with her husband: They’re both terrible businesspeople who can’t make a buck to save their lives.

Oh well, if things get bad enough, maybe Mrs. Trump can do some more nude photo shoots and see if anyone is desperate enough to pay more than 50 cents to catch a glimpse.