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Melania Trump Said She Agreed With Her Husband: ‘Shameful’ John McCain Wasn’t A War Hero

If perhaps you were uncertain whether or not former First Lady Melania Trump was as irredeemable and evil as her husband, a new article from Business Insider suggests that Melania is indeed a piece of crap.

According to the “oral history” of how Trump took over the GOP, former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reveals that Mrs. Trump did indeed trash Sen. McCain:

“Former first lady Melania Trump shared her husband’s low opinion of the late Republican Sen. John McCain’s military record.

“She agreed with then-candidate Donald Trump when he said during a 2016 GOP primary event in Iowa that the Arizona senator was ‘not a war hero,” according to Trump’s former campaign manager Cory Lewandowski.

“Lewandowski, who spoke to Insider as part of an oral history project on Trump’s takeover of the GOP, said he and Trump met up with Melania Trump in New Jersey as political pundits and conservative talk-show hosts were saying Trump had to apologize. He thought the comment would end Trump’s campaign.

“As we walked in the door, Mrs. Trump was waiting for us,” Lewandowski said. She said: ‘You’re right. John McCain isn’t a war hero. What he has done for the veterans has been shameful.'”

What exactly did Melania or her husband ever do for veterans? Donald said he was going to raise money for vets instead of debating in 2016 (because he was afraid of then-Fox host Megyn Kelly, who was one of the moderators) but he had to be shamed into finally releasing the funds he raised.

Have any of the Trumps served in uniform? No. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump’s grandfather was kicked out of Germany because he wouldn’t do his mandatory military service, CNN reported a few years ago:

“Donald Trump’s grandfather was kicked out of his native Germany for failing to do his mandatory military service there, a historian has claimed.

“A local council letter from 1905 informed Friedrich Trump – who had become a United States citizen – that he would not be granted his German citizenship back and that he had eight weeks to leave the country or be deported, German historian Roland Paul told CNN Tuesday.”

Melania Trump is indeed as disgusting as her husband. We’ve always suspected it, and now we know it to be true.


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Melania Asked If She’d Get A ‘Budget’ And ‘Staff’ After Leaving The White House

Donald and Melania Trump are now residents of Florida, residing at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

But according to CNN, before her husband left office, the former first lady wanted to know if she could get more goodies and have taxpayers foot the bill for them:

“In mid-November, as President Donald Trump railed against the election results, his wife, first lady Melania Trump publicly agreed with his sentiments. But privately, a handful of days after the final state tally, the first lady tasked an emissary with discreetly finding out what was available to her in terms of budget and staff allocation for post-White House life.”

Budget and staff? Really? Haven’t she and her husband fleeced the Treasury out of enough money already?

The answer to Melania’s query came back quickly:

“The short answer is no. While there are post-presidential perks for such things for the outgoing commander in chief, budgets to set up an official office and staff and cover some travel costs, there is nothing from the government for any first lady, save a paltry $20,000-a-year pension, which is paid out only if her husband dies.”

All of this led to some interesting commentary on Twitter:

As the old saying reminds us, A grifter is always gonna grift.


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Jill Biden Just Laid A Nasty Burn On Melania Trump Without Saying A Word

You probably recall that during the Trump administration, then-First Lady Melania Trump paid a visit to an internment camp for migrant children on the U.S.-Mexico border, and as she was boarding the flight to take her to Texas, she wore a raincoat which had a message on the back of it that read:


That brings us to today when President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie. Mrs. Biden had on a jacket, and the message was a major departure from the one Melania had sent to the world:

The First Lady even explained the message behind the “love” on her jacket:

As the Beatles told us many years ago, All you need is love.

Take THAT, Melania!

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Conservatives Say Americans Should Pay Tribute To Melania On The Anniversary Of Her #BeBest Initiative

If perhaps you were wondering why exactly this workweek seemed so full of promise when it began but wound up disappointing you as it grew to a close, it’s probably because Friday was the fifth anniversary of former First Lady Melania Trump’s #BeBest initiative.

Remember #BeBest? Sure ya do. It was meant to address the issue of bullying and cyberbullying, but it always seemed empty (and hypocritical) since Mrs. Trump refused to call her own husband out for his constant social media attacks on anyone who dared to disagree with him or oppose one of his harebrained policies such as letting COVID-19 ravage the United States as he declared that it would magically “disappear” from the face of the planet when the weather got warmer. Since then, over 581,000 Americans have died as a result of the novel coronavirus that failed, one-term former President Donald Trump refused to contain and attack with every resource available to him.

Now, however, according to some conservatives, we’re supposed to all hold hands and sing a hymn of praise to the biggest joke of a first lady (and the only one to once work as a nude model) in the history of the United States.

Benny Johnson, who is featured on Newsmax and is also part of Turning Point USA, lavished Melania with praise, posting this tweet:

What in the actual hell is that all about?! Other than coining a phrase, what exactly did Melania do with the platform she had as first lady? Bupkis. Jack shit. Just like her equally worthless husband, Melania sought photo-ops and glib phrases that did nothing to actually address the problems facing this country.

Lots of Americans weren’t ready to forgive and forget the four years of horror and mayhem Melania’s husband inflicted on the nation, and they let her and Benny Johnson know how they felt:

#BeBest? Melania needs to #BeGone and stay gone.

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Cardi B Outrages Conservatives By Posting Lewd Photos Of Melania Trump On Twitter

Perhaps you heard about how deeply upset some right-wingers were with a performance by Cardi B at this week’s Grammy Awards when she performed the song “WAP” in a manner that some found objectionable, even though it was well within the parameters of what’s allowed on television in 2021.

However, rather than turn the channel and mind their own business, people such as Candace Owens took to social media and began whining as if someone had just plunged hot daggers into their eyes and then danced in celebration. Owens posted this:

And that, according to The Independent, is where things got really interesting:

“Naked photos of Melania Trump published on Twitter by Cardi B during a clash over her Grammys performance don’t violate the company’s terms of service, according to a company spokesperson.

“The rapper posted a full-frontal nude photo of the former first lady as her clash with conservative commentator Candace Owens spilt over from Fox News onto Twitter.

“A spokesperson for Twitter told The Independent that while the company has a non-consensual nudity policy that would see an account immediately suspended, images previously published with the person’s consent would not be against those rules.”

In response, Cardi B wrote this:

No! Candy, men treat women on how a woman allows a man to treat them.I mean look at Melania she was a porn star however she didn’t allowed Trump to treat her as so or shame her for her passed and made her into a First Lady & the mother of his child

I don’t know why candy is so bothered by WAP.I was just inspired by our former First Lady 😔. Anyways congrats on your new show I hope you speak more about WAP I need it to reach a new Audience to go 6x platinum. Any exposure will help .Love you candy 

Here’s a sample of the photos Cardi B posted:

Melania Trump once worked as a nude model. That’s just a fact. And yet you don’t hear conservatives raising holy hell about that, do you? But when a grown woman (who also happens to be African-American) dares to dance or perform in a suggestive way, suddenly a different standard applies.

It’s hard to know which to be more upset about, the hypocrisy or the blatant racism. Conservatives specialize in both.