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West Virginia GOPer Wants To Eliminate Child Support Payments Because He Claims They Encourage Abortion

Unless you live in West Virginia, you’ve probably never heard of Chris Pritt. He’s a Republican member of the state House of Delegates and believes that all child support payments should be eliminated because they lead to abortion.

Speaking before the state legislature, Pritt told his fellow lawmakers:

“If she carries through with the pregnancy, he’s going to have, possibly, some sort of child support obligation. And, so, what he wants to do is, he wants to — in a sense — encourage her to go and find a way for her to get an abortion. Because he knows that a certain individual — if he has any kind if familiarity with her, he knows that she might be of such a state of mind, she must be in such a vulnerable position that it’s not worth everything that he’s going to put me through to carry this pregnancy forward. It’s going to be easier, it’s going to be better, for me to just go and terminate this ‘life.’ So she goes over to Virginia or to some other state where she goes and gets the abortion. So, I think that’s a really clear possibility if we enact the Second Amendment here, I don’t want to be doing anything that is encouraging thugs to go and get an abortion.”

It’s unclear what exactly the Second Amendment has to do with abortion or child support, but apparently Pritt is so stupid that he thought he’d toss in the reference figuring no one would notice.

Pritt later tried to walk back his comments on Twitter.

Sure thing, Chris. We all heard what you said, and it’s on video, so you can tweet ten million times and it won’t change what you said and what you meant.

Here’s a better idea: Let’s make the Republican Party and its members extinct by voting them all out of office.


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One Perfectly-Worded Tweet Completely Destroys The Myth Of Trump And His Supporters

There is what can best be called a certain level of mythology surrounding failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, at least when it comes to the people who support him no matter what.

For the purposes of this particular exercise, let’s call those supporters his minions.

Having set those facts in place, we can now examine some of the iconography that has helped create the myth of Trump in the minds of his fans, most of which can be found (surprise!) on the internet, especially social media.

Need some examples? Try these:

Starting to see a pattern? Donnie is always the heroic figure, the superhero, the winner, the champion, the man among men.

Of course, those of us who aren’t brainwashed members of the Trump cult of personality know that’s all a load of bull. There’s nothing heroic or laudable about Donald. He’s a bully, a braggart, and a con man. End of story.

Now we have a new meme circulating on Twitter, and for some unknown reason Trump is riding a bear, which is not only a bad idea, it’s also just stupid as hell.

Do you believe that shit? That’s so absurd that you can’t help but laugh at it.

However, someone did more than just laugh. Someone set the record straight, and in doing so also obliterated the myth of Trump.

Boom! There it is. That says it all. Feel free to share widely.


Climate Change Fox News WTF?!

Hysterical Fox Host Claims Climate Activists Want To See Children ‘Eating Bugs’ For Lunch

What is Fox News covering these days now that they’ve soured on disgraced, one-term former president Donald Trump? Believe it or not, they’re actually giving some airtime to climate change. But, as you’d expect, not in a good way.

Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist was talking with host Rachel Campos-Duffy about the protests by farmers in the Netherlands over new emissions standards for the agricultural sector, with Campos-Duffy kicking off the discussion:

“So we saw this in the Netherlands, we’re seeing it in Canada. You say it’s coming here next. Explain what’s happening and why you think America is in danger of these kinds of very dangerous climate policies”


“Yeah, the Netherlands is just further down the road than America is on right now with regard to climate policies. These farmers are protesting because the government is basically telling them they have to liquidate their farms in order to meet these new rigorous emission standards for things like nitrogen and ammonia. Those are things that livestock produce.

“And so these Dutch farmers are looking at having to slaughter their entire livestock and liquidate their farms, just to comply with these new emission standards that the Dutch government is passing as part of this UN sustainability development goals, and their agenda 2030, which is the very climate agenda that left-wing, kind of environmental ideologues in Washington DC are following.”

That led Campos-Duffy to pull out the bizarre bug-eating reference, remarking:

“Yeah, to to get rid of the independent farmer and have total top-down control. You think you’re a conspiracy theorist if you start to notice things. I’m noticing a lot of articles about eating bugs, and actually in the UK they’re already testing schoolchildren, eating lunches that are made of bugs. There is something about this transition that you’re talking about.”

Davidson gladly played along:

“Well you know the great thing about bugs is they don’t produce nitrogen or ammonia, right? No… absolutely this is kind of thing I’m talking about. Once they gain control of food supply and the food distribution, instead of food distribution centers run by the NGOs and the government, they can dictate to you what you can eat.”

People eat the stomachs, intestines, and testicles of cows and pigs, but suddenly the idea of bugs is repulsive? Whine some more for us, Rachel.

If climate change continues unabated, much of the currently fertile farmland in the Netherlands, England, and the United States will either be underwater or parched. Bugs will start to look good when all the chickens, cows, and pigs have starved to death.

As usual, Fox is using fear to avoid talking about actual threats.

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WATCH: Trump Has No Idea What To Do As ‘God Bless America’ Is Sung At Saudi Golf Tournament

Disgraced one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump loves to pretend he’s a great patriot despite the fact that when his country needed him to serve in Vietnam, he had a doctor allegedly concoct a fake illness for him: Bone spurs in one (or was it both? Even Trump doesn’t recall) of his feet.

Despite Donald’s obvious cowardice, he absolutely loves to wrap himself in the flag, hug the flag, and proclaim what a great American he is.

And yet, when it comes time to play act his role as a pretend patriot, Trump has repeatedly fouled things up, such as this embarrassing display at a Super Bowl party in 2020:

There was also Trump’s bad behavior at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2017, as NDTV reported at the time:

But it was what he did during the national anthem that earned him flak on social media. The president, looking surprisingly cheerful, swayed back and forth and tapped his chest while singing the Star Spangled Banner during the opening ceremony, something which Twitter deemed highly inappropriate for the somber occasion.

You can now add a new humiliation to the Donald’s fake patriotism.

This one took place at Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey, where the Saudi-funded LIV Golf Tournament is being held and where Donnie was filmed not knowing what in the hell to do while “God Bless America” was sung. Take a look:

Notice how Trump starts just watching the guy sing. Then he realizes he might need to put his hand over his heart. But wait, shouldn’t he take off his cap? He does. And now hand over heart? Hey, can’t hurt, especially since the MAGA morons are big on bogus patriotism. They think it’s copacetic to storm the Capitol and crap in Congressional offices, but God forbid someone kneel during the National Anthem!

Donald Trump is a fake. He hates this country, hates his moronic followers, and hates everyone else with the exception of himself. That’s what makes him a malignant narcissist and an asshole.


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‘Women Against Matt Gaetz’ Group Growing In Leaps In Bounds With The Goal Of Defeating Him In November

Two days ago, a group of women who have dedicated themselves to making sure Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is defeated in the November midterm election formed a group under the banner of “Women Against Matt Gaetz.”

In 48 hours time, the group has grown to over 1,300 members and continues to expand as Gaetz’s recent comments regarding women and abortion are coming back to bite him right on his butt.

WEAR-TV reports:

“Women have had enough of him and had enough his mouth speaking derogatory to women who are simply expressing their rights,” Samantha Hope Herring, Women Against Matt Gaetz creator said.

A new Facebook group called “Women Against Matt Gaetz” is gaining followers by the hundreds.

“It has gone from us just creating it to like 1,300 in two days,” Herring said. “By speaking up, we can organize together to vote him out. That’s the number one thing we want to see happen. And we also are going to be asking Congress to censure Matt Gaetz.”

As you may know, Gaetz spoke last week at a conservative youth conference (we all know how fond Matt allegedly is of young girls) and made insulting remarks about those who are in favor of abortion rights:

“Have you watched these pro-abortion, pro-murder rallies? The people are just disgusting. Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions?”

“Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb. These people are odious from the inside out. They’re like 5′2″, 350 pounds, and they’re like, ‘Give me my abortions or I’ll get up and march and protest.’

“A few of them need to get up and march — they need to get up and march for like an hour a day. Swing those arms, get the blood pumpin’, maybe mix in a salad.”

Kathy White, Okaloosa County Democratic Women’s Club president, said she’s also upset that Gaetz voted against a bill this week that would have helped combat human trafficking, the very same crime he’s suspected of having committed with multiple underage girls:

“Women all feel strongly about their rights being trampled on and having no respect even Matt has a mother. Can you imagine how embarrassed she is? All people have mothers and all mothers are women.”

A spokesperson for Gaetz later released a statement which reads:

“Hundreds of women for Matt Gaetz showed up to rallies today in real life. Woke activists sharing hate online aren’t our focus. Matt Gaetz is pro-life and wouldn’t have it any other way.”