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Jared Kushner Is Asked If He’d ‘Work For Trump Again’ – His Response Is Incredibly Revealing

You’ve probably heard or read that former Trump administration senior adviser Jared Kushner (a.k.a) Mr. Ivanka Trump has a “memoir” out about all of the great things (ha!) he accomplished while serving in the White House.

In order to sell more copies of his book, Jared showed up on Fox News for an interview with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino and was posed this question:

“Would you work for Trump again?”

If you think you’ve heard non-responsive replies before, you ain’t heard nothing until you get a load of the word salad that came from Jared:

“Working for him was an honor. I write in the book about how it was a different experience. I’m very proud of the things I got done. It is a big toll, working in Washington…I don’t want people who are from the private sector to be scared to go to Washington. I think that that’s what our founders wanted. They wanted people to leave their farm, go and serve, then go back to their farm. It takes a big toll, but you can get a lot of things done…”

What?! Even Bill Hemmer couldn’t resist reminding Kushner:

“That is not an answer.”

And that led to even more bullshit from Jared, who opined on the matter with this:

“We need not the career political class who have been doing it for 30 years. We need people with different perspectives, outsider approaches, people with real life business experience coming to Washington. That’s what President Trump did. He brought a lot of people like him, but now he’s got a lot of very qualified people with him who I think could help him do things in ways he didn’t have in the beginning of his first term. So for me right now, I’m enjoying my life in the private sector and loving the time with my kids.”

Even Perino seemed tired of the back-and-forth at that point, remarking:

“I’m taking it as a no.”

About the only work Jared, Ivanka, or any of the other Trump family members will likely be for the old man in the future is making sure he has some money in his commissary account so he can buy Little Debbies and ramen soup kits at whatever federal prison he’s shipped to.

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Who Sold Trump Out To The Feds? A Former GOP Operative Says It Was Jared

Who could have tipped off the FBI and caused the raid on Mar-a-Lago that took place Monday? Someone must have, because how else would the feds have known exactly where to look at the golf resort to find the documents that were likely specified in the search warrant?

Could it have been Jared Kushner? That’s what former GOP operative and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson believes.

Wilson was a guest on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” Wednesday because the Lincoln Project has just released a devastating 60-second ad which also speculates on who might be the culprit, and he told guest host John Heilemann:

“We knew that Donald Trump would try to gaslight the entire country and try to psychologically destabilize the minute this raid happened. We knew he would immediately start lying and they would immediately try to tell an alternate narrative of why it’s happening and why it’s really happening. And we wanted to immediately push back. And something we’re good at — which is getting inside his decision cycle and getting inside his head space and pushing back in a way that we’ve been very, very successful in the past.”

So who sold out Trump? Heilemann asked Wilson, who responded:

“I think there were a lot of stories a few weeks ago about Jared and Ivanka trying to back away from Trump and trying to start their own brand, essentially break off from Trump and pulling away from the Trump orbit. I think Jared Kushner has a great paranoia for reasons to do with his family’s past. He doesn’t ever want to ever go to jail. I suspect that the FBI and folks have a persuasive argument there that he should talk.”

What’s maddening for Trump, Wilson added, is that it could be anyone in his orbit:

“And he knows that — they know they’re imminently ready to be thrown under the bus. So, it could be any one of them. Which is kind of the point we were making. And look, I could have made a longer spot than 60 and told a more complete story. But, look, they’re always like crabs in a bucket down there in Mar-a-Lago. They’re always fighting with each other. They’re always competing with each other and they’re always looking to protect themselves. So someone is protecting themselves in a pool right now.”


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Jared Kushner Testified Before The 1/6 Committee Today – That Could Be Big Trouble For Ivanka

Earlier today, former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner testified under oath to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

Politico notes that Kushner “did not play a visible role in the former president’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election, though he was a top adviser during much of Trump’s presidency. According to a recent book by ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Kushner was involved in multiple conversations about how to delicately explain to Trump that he had lost the election and interacted with other senior administration officials who were exasperated by Trump’s refusal to concede. Kushner had reportedly steered clear of Trump in the chaotic final weeks of his presidency and was out of town until the afternoon on Jan. 6.”

Despite that, committee member Elaine Luria (D-VA) told MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace:

“He was able to voluntarily provide information to us to verify, substantiate, provide his own take on this different reporting, so it was really valuable.”


Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman also weighed in on Kushner’s testimony, noting that Jared was mentioned in the text messages between Ginni Thomas and former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

But perhaps most troubling, Litman explained, is that Kushner’s testimony makes it almost certain that Ivanka will have no choice but to sit and testify under oath to the committee, which could put her in serious legal jeopardy:

“But the most important, I think, is Ivanka. They can ask him things about her and we know that she figures centrally, she’s the person that people tried to prevail on repeatedly to have Trump call off the dogs. Just his testifying, I think, makes it more likely — or puts more pressure on her to testify. She’s in voluntary negotiations now.”

Ivanka is neck deep in what transpired on Jan. 6, and even if she isn’t charged with a crime, what she has to say about how the failed, one-term former president acted as the Capitol was under siege could provide all the evidence the Justice Department needs to indict Donald Trump for obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy, and fraud.


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Ivanka And Jared’s Florida Neighbors Don’t Want The ‘Plastic’ Couple In Their Town: Report

After failed, one-term and twice-impeached former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election overwhelmingly to Joe Biden, all of the Trumps packed up their shit and headed for Florida.

The ex-president, of course, returned to his overpriced Mar-a-Lago golf resort, but the other Trump spawn had to go out and look for a place to live in the Sunshine State.

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, wound up in the town of Surfside, which is located in Miami-Dade County, where they rent a luxury condo for $40,000 a month while their massive “Billionaire Bunker” is being built at an estimated cost of $24 million on a private island.

But all is not well in paradise, according to a report from Washingtonian, which notes many of the couple’s neighbors are less than impressed with the two, who are often referred to by the name Jvanka:

One sunny day last June, a Surfside resident spotted a tall blond woman on the hard pack, with a little white dog on a leash. She watched as the woman led the dog off the pathway toward the beach, right past a sign that clearly said dogs weren’t allowed.

The resident, a beach activist who finds high purpose in protecting Surfside’s loggerhead sea turtles during nesting season, mobilized. “I was speed-walking at her and yelling at her,” she recalls. “I just opened my mouth and said, ‘You can’t go out there with the dog!’”

When the startled owner turned around, her face was immediately recognizable. It was Ivanka Trump—accompanied by her ten-year-old daughter, Arabella, and their ultra-white, blue-eyed pooch, Winter.

“Oh-uh, I didn’t realize,” Trump said.

Didn’t realize or didn’t think the rules applied to her? Knowing the sense of entitlement the Trumps all have, it’s probably the latter.

That same resident also remarked that it’s quite obvious Ivanka has had cosmetic surgery and appears more than a bit “plastic.”

The resident was a bit flummoxed herself; this was her first face-to-face encounter with the former First Daughter. “She’s well put together,” the neighbor remembers. “She’s had a lot of work done, and it’s good plastic. It’s Miami, and there’s a lot of bad plastic here. She has good plastic.”

Shortly after that encounter, the same Surfside resident saw the couple at the beach, and she was not impressed with the way the Trump parents seemed oblivious to what happened to their kids:

Ivanka and Jared were out at the ocean’s edge with their five-year-old son, Theodore. He walked up to the neighbor (who asked to remain anonymous because she continues to live near the family) and talked about a fish he’d caught. The neighbor reminded Jared, in swim trunks, and Ivanka, in a “cute ruffled outfit,” to watch out for jellyfish. Ivanka indicated she wouldn’t be swimming, but Theodore hurried into the ocean. The neighbor was immediately concerned.

“I’m thinking, Why is this boy in the water alone on a boogie board with this moderate rip current? I’m a mother, and I would never let my child alone in the water like that.”

Sure enough, young Theodore began drifting from shore, prompting Jared to run in after him.

Those encounters left the resident convinced that Ivanka is living in her reality, quite apart from the rest of us:

 “She seems to be about . . . ‘I live in this little cocoon where the rules don’t apply to me’ . . . in her own little world.”

Sounds exactly like her father, a man who has never thought the rules apply to him but is starting to learn that prosecutors in several venues don’t see things that way and are continuing to investigate him with the goal of indicting him and his company on a raft of charges.

Meanwhile, back in Surfside, perhaps Ivanka has finally learned where she can and cannot walk her pooch.

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Jared Gets Buried In Mockery Over Report He Plans To ‘Leave Politics’ And Start An Investment Firm

Bang the drum slowly and lower the flags to half-staff today because Jared Kushner is leaving the world of politics and starting an investment firm. In other words, he’ll be using other people’s money to enrich himself, much the same as he did while serving as an “adviser” in the Trump administration, a job he only managed to land because his father-in-law was president.


According to Reuters:

“Kushner, the former chief executive of Kushner Companies, who served as the Republican president’s senior adviser in the White House, is in the final stages of launching an investment firm called Affinity Partners that will be headquartered in Miami,. Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, is also looking to open an office in Israel to pursue regional investments to connect Israel’s economy and India, North Africa and the Gulf, said two people briefed on the plan, who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

That’s an interesting list of countries Jared will be focusing on. But one nation is missing: Russia. As we’ve seen on multiple occasions, Russian President Vladimir Putin has always been fond of backing useful idiots who can help him engineer his destruction of the United States. Putin already has his hooks in the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president who was only elected with the help of several Russia’s intelligence agencies.


So Jared is leaving the political world? That makes sense when you consider that he’s 1 for 2 on presidential races and lost the second election for his father-in-law by a record drubbing in the popular vote and even saw Georgia swing towards Democrats in both the general election and the special Senate runoff.

Twitter had some thoughts on Jared’s career change:

Jared Kushner truly is the grift that keeps on giving.