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Ad For MAGA Dating App Is So Incredibly Bad It Has Social Media Roaring With Laughter

The announcement was practically breathless, declaring, “The wait is finally over!”

The wait for what? For MAGA/conservative/right-wing dating app The Right Stuff, which announced itself to the world with an ad so terrible that Twitter can’t stop laughing.

Mediaite notes the seven women who appear in the ad say they really dig that “alpha male vibe.”

One woman says she is interested in a man who is “masculine,” while another wants a right-wing suitor who puts his family first.

“Personally, I like the alpha male vibe,” says one bachelorette looking for love.

Each agreed on one thing: absolutely, positively no Democrats.

The Right Stuff has this to say about what they’re trying to do with their app:

The Right Stuff brings people together with shared values and similar passions. Discover new people while swiping on our fun, full screen experience. Stop sweating the small talk, start with a date in mind. You can respond directly to amazing date ideas or create your own for even more matches.

Shared values? Does that include insurrection, rioting, and Klan rallies?

Women can join the site for free. Men have to pay for the “honor” of joining The Right Stuff, which of course is a direct steal from the title of the famous Tom Wolfe novel about the American space program.

The site also makes it clear it doesn’t want anyone from the LGBTQ community joining its ranks:

“And by the way, those are the only two options, ladies and gentlemen. You’ll start off by building your perfect profile, no pronouns necessary!”

How quaint and bigoted. As you’d expect from those who hate anyone the least bit different than them.

Twitter wasted no time leveling the karma of the new dating app.

Hard to decide which is worse, the app or the ad.


Right Wing Morons WTF?!

Michael Flynn Claims A State Governor Can Declare War: ‘We’re Probably Going To See That’

Disgraced former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn is now telling right-wing crowds that state governors can declare war and that “we’re going to probably see that.”

Flynn made his comments at a campaign rally for QAnon-supporting Arizona secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem, who has been endorsed by failed, one-term, twice-impeached ex-president Donald Trump, according to HuffPost.

“States’ rights. Did you know that a governor can declare war? A governor can declare war. And we’re going to probably see that.”

Of course, Flynn is 100% incorrect, because the U.S. Constitution clearly spells out in Article I, Section 8, Clause 11, only Congress has the power to “declare war” and “raise and support” armies. Also, the president is commander-in-chief of the armed forces and can federalize National Guard troops with the stroke of a pen, so any governor who declared war would find that he didn’t have any forces he could send into battle.

Frances Hill, a professor of law and dean’s distinguished scholar for the profession at the University of Miami also confirmed that Flynn is full of shit, telling Newsweek:

“Even though various and sundry interpreters of the Constitution have, from time to time, tried to argue that the states are sovereign as well…it is a different kind of sovereignty. They have sovereignty over certain elements of action within their own state—declaring war on anybody in their own state not being among those powers, I suppose I should add.”

Professor Hill also addressed the matter of troops:

“If the National Guard is to be used in a combat situation, that has to be done by the federal government.

“I just think that it’s very dangerous for people to go out…people who still have a voice and who will be covered to some extent, and make claims like this that are simply not true.”

Flynn also got a thorough mocking on social media.

Crime Donald Trump Espionage WTF?!

Former FBI Official Believes He Has Proof Trump Moved Classified Documents To Another Location

A former top official with the FBI said Saturday that new photographic evidence seems to suggest disgraced former one-term president Donald Trump deliberately moved classified documents from his Mar-a-Lago resort to his Bedminster golf club just three days after the federal government contacted him about failing to return requested materials.

According to Mediaite:

On Saturday morning, Meidas Touch posted an intriguing video from last year, writing “Video from May 8, 2021 shows Trump boarding a jet from Florida to Bedminster with multiple boxes bearing a strong resemblance to boxes of top secret materials found at Mar-a-Lago. On May 6, NARA had contacted Trump’s team saying documents were missing and may be at Mar-a-Lago.”

That video was taken exactly three days after Trump had been notified he needed to return the documents he had in his possession:

May 6: National Archives and Records Administration contacts Trump’s team to say some high-profile presidential documents appear to be missing. “We know things are very chaotic, as they always are in the course of a one-term transition,” Gary Stern, the agency’s chief counsel writes to Trump lawyers. “But it is absolutely necessary that we obtain and account for all presidential records.”

The resurfaced video led Peter Strzok, a former FBI agent and official, to weigh in on Twitter.

Then others shared their thoughts on the video and the timing of when those boxes were being moved.

Andrew Weissmann, who served as lead investigator for Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the Russiagate probe, noted:

To paraphrase a line from the classic 1975 film “Jaws,” You’re gonna need a bigger search warrant.


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Expert On Extremism Says He Expects Right-Wing Violence During 2022 Midterm Elections

The 2022 midterm elections are now just a bit more than a month away, and those who study right-wing extremist groups are warning that domestic terrorist groups such as the Proud Boys and QAnon are indeed planning violence to coincide with voters going to the polls.

Andy Campbell, a senior editor at The Huffington Post who authored the book We Are Proud Boys: How a Right-Wing Street Gang Ushered in a New Era of American Extremism, said in a recent interview with Vice that he fears what may be about to transpire.

Campbell began by remarking on comments made by former president Donald Trump that the country will “problems … the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen” if he’s indicted for any of the crimes he has allegedly committed:

“I think Trump knows that everybody is going to react violently to this. The pipeline between the rhetoric and the violence in the street is so short now. How many hours was it between the time he was complaining about the FBI going through Mar-a-Lago and somebody showing up with a gun to an FBI field office? He knows he has people waiting to mobilize.”

And that led him to focus on the upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections:

“There will absolutely be Proud Boys violence in 2024 and I think in the 2022 election, too,” noting that Arizona Republicans have called for vigilante justice around ballot boxes.

“I think they are absolutely going to show up in force for Trump’s election regardless of what happens. I think we have to realize that the violence has trickled out to everyday Americans. It’s not just extremist groups anymore. Trump pointing to the back and calling the press the enemy, Trump glorifying Jan. 6 rioters,… that has come full circle.”

Campbell added:

“I think the spirit of January 6 is still here. All of the groups involved are still here, and everyday Americans have joined them… It’s going to be scary.”

Capitol Insurrection Elections GOP January 6 Supreme Court

MSNBC Panel Lays Out How Ginni Thomas Is ‘Up To Her Neck’ In The Jan. 6 Election Coup Plot

On Thursday, Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, testified for five hours to the House Select Committee investigating the January 6. 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

According to the Washington Post, Thomas maintained her mistaken belief that the 2020 presidential election had been “stolen” from failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.

That led to a panel discussion on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday, with co-host Mika Brzezinski noting:

“Thomas first came under scrutiny for sending text messages to Mark Meadows encouraging then-president Trump not to concede the 2020 election. In her opening statement to the committee yesterday, she said her husband, Justice Thomas, was, quote, ‘completely unaware of my texts with Mark Meadows until this committee leaked them to the press.’ Her attorney also issued a statement yesterday arguing that her activities relating to the 2020 election were, quote, ‘minimal.’

“Just the fact that she’s still an election denier is staggering to me. It defies every court ruling. Fair to say it defies logic at this point.”

Co-host Willie Geist concurred, adding that he was also struck by how completely unrepentant Thomas seemed:

“We’ve seen some humility from other people who have been called in front of that panel realizing that now that the screws are being turned, it’s time to admit what’s true, that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. Not her, in fact, emerged proudly from the long deposition smiling and proud of her position on that.”

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson then joined the discussion:

“If you had asked me a few years ago about Ginni Thomas. I would have said she is a far-right Republican activist, but I would have sort of left it there. Now she just appears just to be part of the demented fringe, really, just so far out there that she can’t see reality anymore. The idea, you know, she is the wife of a Supreme Court justice, the idea that someone that close to the pinnacle of judicial power in this country does not believe in our justice system, does not believe in results of more than 60, you know, court cases, or more than 60 judges looking at this question of, as if there were a question about the 2020 election and saying, no, this is garbage. This is ridiculous. None of these claims is true, and she rejects all of that. That it’s irrational is not a strong enough word for it. I just keep coming back to demented. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Politico White House bureau chief Jonathan Lemire said what worries him the most is that Thomas, who has the ear of her husband, refuses to accept reality and continue living in a fantasy world:

“She is still saying this now, and let’s remember, this isn’t just her saying yesterday, on Jan. 6, this isn’t just her texting with Mark Meadows saying keep up the fight. She was working with state legislatures, pushing two different states, Wisconsin and Arizona, to seat alternate false set of electors to try to overturn Joe Biden’s win. She is into this up to her neck, and Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, I know she claims that there’s a wall between the two of them, and they don’t speak about this sort of stuff. Let’s remember he was the one dissenting voice in the Trump case about keeping the documents at Mar-a-Lago, and many lawmakers, Democrats, have called him to recuse himself for Trump-related efforts going forward. It’s hard not to be really worried about the implications of Ginni Thomas’s beliefs.”