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Ron DeSantis Mocks Trump As A ‘Moron Who Has No Business Running For President’: Report

If indeed failed, one-term former president Donald Trump and current Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis wind up facing each other in a battle for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, you can expect the battle to be contentious and nasty, filled with personal attacks and lots of shit slinging.

If you doubt that, consider what Trump reportedly thinks of DeSantis, whom he believes owes his political rise to the ex-president, and who eagerly slams the Florida governor in private:

Haberman also wrote that she had heard of Trump using similar terms to describe DeSantis. She also recalled learning from sources that Trump had called DeSantis “fat,” “phony,” and “whiny” while also taking credit for the latter clinching the governor’s seat in 2018.

It just happens that DeSantis has some choice words about Trump, too, according to a fascinating report from Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair.

In private, Sherman writes, DeSantis regularly derides Trump:

While DeSantis and the former president are already locked in a 2024 cold war, the smackdown has been unfolding off camera. According to a former DeSantis congressional staffer, DeSantis trashes Trump in private.

“He calls him a TV personality and a moron who has no business running for president,” the former staffer said. DeSantis tells donors that, if he takes on Trump, he would launch a full frontal attack on his record and competence, according to a GOP source briefed on the conversations. “DeSantis says the only way to beat Trump is to attack him head-on. ”

Such personal animus doesn’t exactly bode well for the GOP as they prepare for the 2024 election and attempt to retake the White House. Republicans are already facing an uncertain midterm election in November, and could be further weakened politically as they seek to restrict a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices in deep red states.

But if a Trump-DeSantis war winds up going public (and it would have to if the two run against each other), it could politically damage both men and leave the GOP even weaker than they currently are.

Watching the two men go after each other, however, would certainly be entertaining.

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Donald Trump Jr. Appears To Be Part Of An Election Coup Conspiracy With Roger Stone: Report

According to phone records the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection has in its possession, it seems that Donald Trump Jr., son of failed, one-term former president Donald Trump, was involved in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election with the help of longtime Trump confidant/convicted felon Roger Stone.

That’s one of the explosive revelations from a new book written by former GOP congressman Denver Riggleman entitled The Breach.

The Guardian received an advance copy of the book, which will be published on Tuesday, September 27, and reports:

Stone was one of more than 20 “high-priority targets” but the panel faced an uphill battle identifying his contacts after he refused to voluntarily allow the select committee to obtain his call detail records, forcing investigators to work backwards through associates, the book says.

The select committee was able to construct a detailed map of Stone’s contacts after obtaining the call detail records of Kristin Davis, also known as the Manhattan Madam, who was with Stone at the Willard hotel in Washington DC on the day before and the day of the Capitol attack.


The number for Stone also connected to a number of prominent Republicans that the January 6 committee believes played different roles in Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, including the Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, and Arthur Schwartz, an aide to Donald Trump Jr, Trump’s eldest son.

So an aide to Don Jr. was allegedly in contact with Roger Stone as the latter attempted to plan events on Jan. 6 that would result in Congress refusing to certify the 2020 electoral votes and instead sending the election back to the states long enough for alternate electors to be appointed who would cast their ballots for Trump instead of Biden, despite what voters had told them to do. That is the very definition of a soft coup, and it almost happened.

But the larger implication is that the ex-president’s son was intimately involved in efforts to illegally steal an election for his father, meaning he has serious legal liability at the federal level.

The book also has serious implications for the former president, who is already facing charges in Georgia, New York, and in federal court for his hoarding of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

The good news for Donald and his son is that they might be able to request they serve their time at the same federal penitentiary.

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Financially Strapped Trump Is Now Selling ‘Video Statements’ For $50 A Pop

Failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is in a serious financial bind, and he’s so desperate for cash that now he’s trying to get his supporters to fork over $50 just to see a video message from him.

According to recent reports, the loser ex-president is facing legal problems in New York, Georgia, and from federal investigators who suspect he violated the Espionage Act for hoarding top secret documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Business is also going badly for the Donald, with his Trump Social site hemorrhaging money as investors pull millions from his venture and the entire operation circles the drain.

When in doubt, Trump relies on the ignorance and gullibility of his MAGA faithful, and that’s exactly what he’s doing this time, with Ron Filpkowski revealing the begging for cash is so the donor can get a special message from the lifetime loser.

Be sure and note the language used: FIRST CHANCE, NEW VIDEO, TOP SECRET, and now you can “unlock the video message” for a mere $50 donation. Don’t delay; act today!

Desperate much, Donnie?

Worst of all, thousands of Trumpers will gladly fork over the 50 bucks and do without their medicine for a month just so they can see a message from the Grifter-in-Chief. It’s like an addiction and they need their fix.

The best part about the latest Trump bullshit parade is the reaction it drew on social media.

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Eric Trump Brags That His Daddy Is A Better Golfer Than Any POTUS in History

If Eric Trump’s begging for attention from his disgraced daddy wasn’t so damn pathetic, it’d be laughable. Then again, it can actually be both.

Take, for example, the latest attempt by Eric to curry favor with his old man by sharing a meme suggesting that the failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president has the lowest golf handicap of any U.S. head of state in history.

Of course, this biased ranking is completely bogus, especially when you consider that Donnie is known to cheat when he plays a few rounds, as has been reported by Rick Reilly, who wrote the book Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.

In the book, Reilly notes:

He exaggerates his golf scores and his handicap for the same reason he exaggerates everything. He has to. He exhibits all the traits of a narcissistic personality disorder. People with his disorder have no conscience about it. He has no sense of morality about things. He lacks empathy towards others. He’s a very ill man. He doesn’t get that other people have rights and feelings. Other people just don’t matter to him.

Cheats at golf, inflates the value of his properties so he can get larger loans, then lowballs the value of those same properties to decrease his tax bill. That’s what has him in so much trouble with New York Attorney General Letitia James, who has filed a massive civil suit against the Donald that could leave him broke and result in his company, the Trump Organization, being shut down and its assets seized.

Eric’s desperate plea for attention from his daddy drew plenty of reaction on Twitter.

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January 6 Investigation Likely To Continue Even If GOP Wins The House – Here’s How

Even if Republicans do manage to win control of the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections, the ongoing investigation of what took place on January 6, 2021 will continue, according to a member of the House Select Committee looking into the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Sunday during an appearance on “Meet the Press” that work will indeed proceed to determine exactly who played what role in the insurrection, which left five people dead. Evidence is being preserved so that others can continue the work of the committee

Raskin was asked by host Chuck Todd:

“So if the Democrats hold the Senate though, you’ll know this in December? If Democrats hold the Senate or if Democrats lose the House, do you send your investigative materials over to the Judiciary Committee and Dick Durbin?”


“Well, we’re going to make sure that our investigative materials are made public and are available for the future. And we’re going to preserve them. We’re not going to allow them to be destroyed.”

That led Todd to inquire:

“But it’s my understanding, the investigation, I’m told you’ve got so much evidence that you can’t finish this up by the end of the calendar year. You do need more time. The president could create a committee by executive order to finish this job. And Liz Cheney’s not going to be in Congress, maybe she’s one of the co-chairs. Do you do that to preserve this investigation?”

The congressman replied:

“Look. It would have been a lot better, had Donald Trump essentially not gotten the Republicans in the House to veto the creation of an independent, 9/11-style commission. But we’re going to make sure that all of the evidence is preserved. But the main thing is this coming Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. And in our report, we want America to understand there was a premeditated and deliberate hit on American democracy in attempt to override the will of the people. And the forces that supported that are still out there and would gladly do it again. And a lot of them are running for high offices, like Mastriano in Pennsylvania. These are people who are election-deniers who are committed basically to their party winning, regardless of who actually won the election.”

Despite their pledge to end the probe of what transpired on Jan. 6, it’s now clear that Republicans will be powerless to do so. The Senate can take up the case and follow through on the House’s work. President Biden can also appoint a commission that would do so. That means more damaging evidence will be available to the public, which is a serious threat to both the GOP and Donald Trump.