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GOP’s Official Twitter Account Sends Out July 4th Tweet With The Liberian Flag On It

In celebration of July 4th and American independence, the official Twitter account of the Republican Party decided to send out a happy birthday message to the United States.

But they used the flag of Liberia instead of the U.S. flag.

The GOP message read:

“247 years ago, our forefathers told Ol’ King George to get lost! Happy Independence Day from the GOP!”

Yes, that is indeed the Liberian flag.

Granted, the stripes are the same, but Liberia is 49 stars short of the U.S. flag.

The GOP later deleted the tweet, but not before the mockery had already begun on social media.


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House Freedom Caucus Ready To Boot Marjorie Taylor Greene From Their Ranks

Hardliners in the GOP House Freedom Caucus are reportedly ready to boot Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from their ranks for failing to be as extreme as she used to be.

A report from Politico notes that some in the influential right-wing caucus are ready to start “purging” some of their members for daring to go against their beliefs.

At least two hardliners have discussed — and proposed to Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry (R-Pa.) — trying to boot members who no longer meet the group’s standards, according to three Republicans with knowledge of the talks who spoke on condition of anonymity. The lawmakers declined to name who’s behind the ouster calls, underscoring the sensitivity of the situation.

While the members suggesting a purge did not specify the people they want to remove, they are signaling that one target of any ejection push is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). Some in the Freedom Caucus have focused on Greene, who’s become a close ally of Speaker Kevin McCarthy, to illustrate their fears that certain group members are too aligned with GOP leaders and too outwardly critical of the group when it splits on certain issues.

Ever since she supported elevating Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) be Speaker of the House earlier this year, Greene has been under scrutiny, with some suggesting that she has abandoned the right-wing extremism the Freedom Caucus stands for.

“The speaker’s race, there was some difference in opinion. The debt ceiling, there were differences of opinion. And we had to get 80 percent on any major issue that we take positions on,” said Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), a Freedom Caucus member, referring to the threshold needed for the group to take a unified stance. “On some big issues, we have not been able to get there.”

Greene has also been publicly feuding with her one-time BFF, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who was reportedly confronted by the Georgian on the House floor and called a “little bitch,” according to The Daily Beast.

The angry exchange came as the two lawmakers have been swiping at each other over their competing resolutions to impeach President Joe Biden. But tensions came to a head on Wednesday after Boebert leveraged a procedural tool to force a vote on her own impeachment resolution within days—undercutting Greene, who had offered her own resolution, but not with the procedural advantages of forcing a vote.

Purging Greene from the Freedom Caucus could potentially harm her politically, especially if someone even more extreme decides to run against her in the 2024 Georgia Republican primary. And yet if Greene tries to track back to the right, she may also alienate her powerful benefactors, especially McCarthy, who is also on unsecure footing as rumblings have increased among members of the House who are ready to replace him.


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The GOP Is Facing Four ‘Doomsday Scenarios’ In The 2024 Election

The Republican Party discovered in the recent midterm elections that the shadow of Donald Trump hanging over the GOP is an albatross that cost them a bigger majority in the House and control of the Senate.

But 2022 could wind up looking like a landslide victory if one of four “doomsday scenarios” take place two years from now.

David Byler, a political data analyst for the Washington Post, explains in a fascinating op-ed what may be awaiting the GOP with Trump running for president once again in 2024, and none of them is the least bit positive. In fact, any one of them could lead to the complete collapse of the party, Byler notes.

“Many believe GOP voters are ready to move on from the former president, but we all remember the 2016 primary. In that race, Trump had roughly 35 percent of Republican voters behind him, and multiple opponents split an anti-Trump majority. Trump won state after state — and the nomination — with just a plurality of the vote. Trump’s foes are right to fear a repeat of 2016, but they’re thinking too small. There are so many other ways the primary could turn out badly for them.”

Here are the four scenarios to look for in 2024:

Trump loses, storms off and sabotages the nominee: Since Trump has never really been a “loyal Republican,” he might just decide to create his own party and run against both the Democratic and GOP presidential nominees, which would be fatal for whoever winds up winning the Republican nomination. Byler explains, “If a hurt, petulant Trump shaved just a couple of percentage points off the Republican vote share, he could hand the Democrats another term in the White House.”

Trump gains a weak lead — and the 2012 clown car returns: 2012 was the year Mitt Romney won the GOP nomination and proceeded to lose to President Barack Obama by an electoral vote margin of 332-206. “Even if they coalesce behind one candidate and avoid the mistakes of 2016, their champion might not have staying power.”

Republicans stick with a flawed Trump alternative: Who would be the flawed Trump alternative? Probably Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who doesn’t wear well over time and is widely hated among a majority of independent voters.

Trump plays the hits and wins outright: This is the worst scenario for the GOP, because it would guarantee that the Republican Party officially becomes the Party of Trump. “This would be a true worst-case scenario for the anti-Trump GOP. The majority of voters would have rejected them and thrown a scandal-ridden candidate with a dismal 34 percent overall favorability rating into yet another general election.”

In other words, Trump may wind up fully destroying the GOP with his 2024 bid to be their nominee. How’s that for the ultimate irony?


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Fox Commentator Calls Midterm Results A ‘Searing Indictment’ Of The GOP

The predicted 2022 midterm election “red wave” we’ve been hearing about ever since President Joe Biden took the oath of office in January of 2021 fizzled out in humiliating fashion on Tuesday, with the Republicans still uncertain of whether or not they’ll control the House, and, even if they do, with a margin of just a few seats.

The Senate also appears headed for a 50-50 split or slim majority for Democrats once the race in Georgia between incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and his GOP challenger, Herschel Walker, is decided in a runoff on December 6.

Just how bad was the midterm for Republicans? So much that Fox News political commentator Marc Thiessen is declaring it “an absolute disaster” and an indictment of the GOP, their message, and their candidates.

Thiessen sounded a warning for Republicans, noting:

“We have the worst inflation in four decades, the worst collapse in real wages in 40 years, the worst crime wave since the 1990s, the worst border crisis in U.S. history. We have Joe Biden, who is the least popular president since Harry Truman — since presidential polling happened — and there wasn’t a red wave. That is a searing indictment of the Republican Party. That is a searing indictment of the message that we have been sending to the voters. They looked at all of that and looked at the Republican alternative and said ‘no thanks.'”

Despite some conservatives attempting to put a happy face on the election results, Thiessen made it clear 2022 will go down in history as a debacle for the Republican Party.

 “The Republican Party needs to do a really deep introspection, look in the mirror right now, because this is an absolute disaster for the Republican Party, and we need to turn back. We need to look at who won today: Ron DeSantis, (Mike) DeWine. These governors. (Brian) Kemp, Abbott. Look at these governors. This is the path to the future. And electing these radical candidates who ran far behind them has put the Republican Party in a terrible position. And voters have indicted the Republican Party.”

Thiessen’s call for DeSantis, DeWine, Kemp, and Abbott to be the “path to the future” is also problematic for the GOP because all of them are far right extremists who want to jail women that have an abortion. If Republicans nominate any of them in 2024, they’re likely to lose again. That’s good news for the country but a political obituary for the GOP.

Here’s the video:


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Eric Trump May Have Just Cost Republicans The Midterm Election 

For months now, pollsters and political advisers have been urging Republican candidates not to make the 2022 midterm elections about disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump because doing so will hand the election to Democrats.

Yet despite the warnings, Eric Trump went on Newsmax and declared that the GOP is indeed the Party of Trump.

“We knew when we stood on that stage and you’re going to find out who your real friends were. My father is the first thing that he said to us as a family, and you know what? I’ve loved fighting for this country. We’ve taken an unbelievable amount of arrows, but we love red, white and blue. And um, I certainly hope my father does it again.

“I think he’s the best president this country has ever had. He’s willing to fight. No other Republican is willing to fight and I think he’s fundamentally changed the party. The Republican Party is no longer the Republican Party. It is the Trump party.”

The Republican Party is the Trump party, Eric? That’s good to know, even though many of us have known it for quite some time now.

The GOP allows Trump to handpick candidates. They have continued to defend him no matter what he says or does, even when his words and actions are detrimental to them. They’re in a codependent relationship with a man who only cares about himself and is only interested in how he can promote his brand and name.

Recent polls show the ground is shifting under the Republicans. A once-comfortable lead in many key House and Senate races has evaporated, and the weakest GOP candidates are (surprise!) the ones that Trump endorsed.

If indeed the midterms don’t give Republicans the results they need, will they finally cut Trump off and ban him from their party? Of course not! They’re too afraid of him and too brainwashed to change their behavior.