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Trump Is Considering Self-Publishing His Memoir For Fear He’ll Get A Smaller Cash Advance Than Obama

Proving yet again what a pathetic and insecure excuse of a man he is, Politico reports that failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump is thinking of self-publishing his presidential memoir because he’s afraid he’ll be offered a smaller cash advance for his book than former President Barack Obama received.

With allies setting up their own publishing house, the president could potentially circumvent those hurdles. It allows Trump confidants to run everything from publishing to marketing in house, while keeping data on purchases. But it also has left the impression in the industry that the former president has given up on trying to score a deal with one of the “Big Five” houses.

One publishing executive said Trump simply cannot stand to think of making less for his book than Obama got. Obama and his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, were given a massive $60 million advance for their post-White House memoirs:

“My suspicion is Trump is self-publishing because he doesn’t want the humiliation of getting a smaller advance than he has before or anyone finding out that it is smaller than Obama’s. I imagine that’s as big a part of it as anything.”

Conservative political figures have long whined that they cannot get fair treatment from the mainstream media, which has led some of them to go the self-publishing route, according to Keith Urbahn, president and co-founder of Javelin, a literary and creative agency:

“There has been a proliferation of imprints and ventures to capitalize on a broader economic trend which is the segmenting of our economy into partisan tribes. Publishing is following that route. It may be the future in terms of post-presidential publishing especially for Republicans who feel persecuted by big media, big tech, and New York publishing houses. This is their way to do it.”

A political figure as controversial and divisive as Trump might also have trouble getting a respectable publisher to go near anything he writes, if only because so much of what Donald claims turns out to be nothing more than lies, fabrications, conspiracy theories, and outright bullshit:

“Trump has not yet written a post-presidential memoir. And part of the reason, sources in the industry say, is that some of the major publishing houses have recoiled at the prospect of having to fact-check his work or the social backlash that would ensue.”

Poor Donald. He’s still trying to measure himself against his predecessor in the White House, failing to realize he will never compare favorably to a man who won two terms and is still one of the most respected people in the world.