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Trump Gets Branded A ‘Useful American Idiot’ After Bragging He Was The ‘Apple’ Of Putin’s Eye

Failed former president Donald Trump is once again proving that he’ll never be anything more than a puppet for Russian president Vladimir Putin, bragging that he was the “apple” of Putin’s eye when he was still in the White House.

During an interview with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, Trump remarked:

“Putin would have never gone into Ukraine, but that was just on my relationship with him. My personality over his. [He] would have never gone in. I used to speak to him. I was the apple of his eye, but I said ‘Don’t ever do it.’ It was tough stuff there, but he would have never done it.”

Trump’s comment was met with immediate criticism across the political spectrum, with some calling Trump a “useful American idiot” for Putin.


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Ron DeSantis Spent Presidents’ Day Attacking Joe Biden And Making Excuses For Vladimir Putin

While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and his supporters love to say that he’s very different from failed former president Donald Trump, it turns out that in some ways, DeSantis is exactly the same as the disgraced ex-president.

Take, for example, comments DeSantis made today, which just so happens to be Presidents’ Day.

Appearing on Fox News, DeSantis attacked President Joe Biden for daring to visit our Ukrainian allies and reassert our support for them as they continue to battle against an illegal and immoral invasion by Russia and its terrorist leader, Vladimir Putin, remarking:

“So I think while he’s over there, I and many Americans are thinking to ourselves, Okay, he’s very concerned about those borders halfway around the world. He’s not done anything to secure our own borders here at home.”

Ah yes, the old apples and oranges debate tactic, which only serves to prove what a completely unoriginal hack the Florida governor is.

DeSantis also mentioned fentanyl and Chinese balloons, adding this bit of red meat for the Fox viewers:

 “We have a lot of problems accumulating here in our own country that he is neglecting.”

So Russia isn’t a problem? Putin isn’t a threat? Not to hear Ron tell it:

“I think it’s important to point out, I mean, you know, the fear of Russia going into NATO countries and all that, and steamrolling, that has not even come close to happening.”

It’s not happening because President Biden has strengthened ties to our NATO allies and made it clear that if Russia even thinks of stepping one toe into a NATO country, he will bring hell down on himself and his country.

Ron DeSantis is the same as Trump in one important way that disqualifies him from ever being president: He’s a puppet for Putin. The entire GOP is in the Kremlin’s back pocket.


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GOP Congressman: Biden Can End The War In Ukraine By Having Trump Call Putin

If perhaps you had heard all of the ridiculous shit that can possibly emanate from the mouth of a Republican, consider what Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) had to say Thursday about how the Biden administration can end the war in Ukraine.

According to the congressman, the war would immediately end of President Joe Biden asked disgraced former president Donald Trump call Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling Fox News anchor John Roberts:

“Joe Biden, you need to call Donald Trump. Donald Trump will call Vladimir Putin and end this war. We must stop this war, and Donald Trump can do it.”

The remarks from Nehls come just a day after Biden announced would be sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine to help them repel Russian troops.

When it comes to the tanks, Nehls had this to say:

“The American people have to understand that is a very powerful piece of equipment, but it requires an enormous amount of logistical support. You have to have a logistical package. It has a jet engine. When you have to remove that engine, you need a big crane. It’s called, an M-88. It’s a wrecker for a tank. And you need to have smart people working on that. You need to have the maintenance personnel. You need to have the individuals know how.”

Here’s what doesn’t make sense about what the congressman said: For years now, Donald Trump has claimed he has no ties to Russia and denied that he is friends with Putin. But now Congressman Nehls is certain that one phone call from Trump to Putin would put an end to the fighting.

If Trump can end the war so damn easily, why doesn’t he just pick up the phone and do so? No one is stopping him.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for Donald Trump to do anything good for the United States or our allies. He never has.

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Trump Cultist At Nevada Rally Proudly Declares Her ‘Love’ For Vladimir Putin

Failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is holding one of his Nuremberg-style rallies in Minden, Nevada, this evening, and judging by some of the attendees who spoke to the media, it’s safe to say that Trump supporters are a disgusting mix of hatred and anti-American sentiment, despite what they want you to believe.

One of those supporters was at the front of the line, waiting to be allowed into the venue. She’s what they refer to in Trumpworld as a “Front Row Joe.” These are Trumpers who are so maniacally devoted to the disgraced ex-president that they travel thousands of miles from their homes just so they can attend his rallies.

And yet they swear they’re not members of a cult.

Right Side Broadcasting was speaking with rally attendees, and they happened upon one woman wearing a sweatshirt that read “fake news is the virus.”

But it was what this unidentified woman had to say that’s most disturbing and disgusting.

“I love Putin. He’s a good, good president. Number two after president one, number two. I love him.”

Not terrible enough? Another lady claimed that Donald Trump is the nicest man in the world, making it sound as if she was referring to the messiah.

“I love him. He’s the kindest, gentlest man. He’s not a bully, like they try to say he’s mean. Just look at his children – they don’t smoke, they don’t drink. I mean, he did something right.”

His children don’t drink or smoke, but it sure as hell appears the oldest, Donald Trump Jr., is using some sort of substance, and it’s probably one that rhymes with coke.

These people need help, but they’re too damn entranced to know it. They need deprogramming, but they think the rest of us are the ones in a trance.


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WATCH: Journalist Tells Fox Host Many Of The Documents Trump Had Would’ve Benefitted Putin

A noted journalist who has written extensively on the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service laid some uncomfortable truth on Fox News host Jesse Watters during an appearance on his show Thursday evening.

Ronald Kessler, author of the book, The Secrets of the FBI, explained to Watters what was probably in the classified documents failed former president Donald Trump took to Mar-a-Lago when he left the White House, explained:

“The level of classification that we’re talking about here for these documents, beyond top secret beyond sensitive compartmented, that could very well include the plans for counterstriking against Russia in the event of a nuclear attack.

“That’s something that’s part of the football program where the president chooses options from these documents on how to respond. He has to respond within 20 minutes to prevent the annihilation of the United States. And that’s one item that could be in these documents.”

Kessler added that the documents could also be about CIA “penetrations” of foreign nations, especially ones that have an adversarial relationship with the United States:

“Another is our penetrations by the CIA of foreign embassies, of foreign leaders like Putin, as well as recruitment of foreign spies overseas. So, we’re talking about incredibly valuable secrets that the Russians would have been after. The Russians would have been trying to penetrate the day and night and very possibly did recruit spies to obtain these documents.”

Rather than let Kessler continue, Watters interrupted him so he could defend Trump:

“So you’re saying that they could be there? We have no idea if they’re there or not and will never know and at this point based upon all of your reporting and the report we just did at the top you can’t trust these guys because they lie and they plant evidence for a living.”

As usual, Fox doesn’t want the actual truth about what Trump may have done. It gets in the way of their attempt to portray the disgraced ex-president as some sort of saint or savior. But a traitor is a traitor, and if it’s proven that Trump gave or sold top-secret materials to other countries, he deserves the harshest possible penalty.