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Disturbing New Epstein Documents Lead To Calls For Trump To Drop Out Of 2024 Race

While there’s been a cacophony of talk on Capitol Hill over the past couple of weeks regarding whether or not President Joe Biden should drop out of the 2024 race for the White House, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said Tuesday that the person who needs to be booted from the ticket is disgraced former president Donald Trump.

Citing newly released grand jury documents from the Florida criminal case against the late convicted pedophile and sexual trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, Lieu told reporters that Trump’s name is all over the court filings, and yet Republicans haven’t said anything about the matter.

“So like Chairman Aguilar said we hear a lot from our constituents on different issues, but something I’ve heard that doesn’t seem to be being covered are the Epstein files. These files were released and like Donald Trump sort of all over this, right? There are pictures of him with Jeffrey Epstein.”

Lieu then got specific with his accusations against Trump.

“He’s taken multiple plane flights with Epstein with young girls on board. He is in call logs with Epstein. One of the highest trending hashtags on Twitter right now is about Trump and Epstein. I’m not going to repeat the hashtag because we’re in a dignified setting. But yeah, y’all might want to look at that because that’s highly disturbing.”

The California Democrat concluded, “And again, it shows that Donald Trump is unfit for office. And by the way, he was convicted in a civilian court for sexual assault, convicted in a separate court of 34 felonies. Donald Trump should drop out of the race.”

Lieu is correct. Trump’s name is indeed all over the latest batch of Epstein documents, as many people pointed out on social media, where the case remains a hot topic of debate.

Reporters covering the Trump 2024 campaign need to ask the convicted felon why he made so many calls to Epstein and traveled with him on several occasions. After all, the voters have a right to know everything about a candidate for the presidency who may have been engaged in the systematic sexual abuse of children.

Crime Donald Trump Elections

Former U.S. Attorney: Jack Smith Can Still Do Tremendous Damage To Trump Before The Election

Even though there’s almost zero chance that any of the federal criminal cases against convicted felon Donald Trump will go to trial before the election in November, Special Counsel Jack Smith can still do tremendous damage to the disgraced ex-president in the months leading up to balloting.

That’s the warning from former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade who appeared on MSNBC’s “The Weekend” this morning and told the hosts, “It is not just the defendant, it is the public that has a right to a speedy trial. I think the more progress he [Smith] could make before president-elect Donald Trump goes into office, the more he can do at the other end.”

“You do not have to go back to a grand jury to remove things from an indictment where they already found probable cause,” she continued. “So he can pare this down to just those acts that he believes are official acts and go for it. Certainly, it will be litigated but the public will have an opportunity to see what the unofficial acts were: Organizing false slates of electors, pressuring state officials to flip the outcome of the election, and exploiting the chaos at the Capitol on January 6 to try to press legislators to delay the certification.”

McQuade added, “All of that, I think, is entitled to a public hearing. Of course, also the documents case out of Florida. Judge Aileen Cannon has made no effort to act with urgency. — no reason that case can’t proceed all the way through January to see how much progress they make.”

Every new detail Smith exposes in the months before Americans go to the polls could prove damaging to Trump’s already shaky prospects of winning a second term as president. And in an election that’s already expected to be close, those details could be a giant albatross for him.

Crime Donald Trump Elections

New Polling Points To ‘Real Fallout’ From Trump’s Criminal Conviction

As we near the three-week mark since convicted felon Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 criminal counts by a Manhattan jury, it appears that the verdict is indeed dragging down the failed former president’s polls numbers, especially among a key bloc of voters.

Politico, in conjunction with Ipsos, released the results of their latest poll this morning, and it shows that 21 percent of independent voters say Trump’s conviction makes them less likely to vote for him and will also play an important role in who they cast their ballot for this November.

“Among the most notable findings in our poll: 21 percent of independents said the conviction made them less likely to support Trump and that it would be an important factor in their vote. In a close election, small shifts among independent and swing voters could determine the outcome.”

Additionally, while Trump and his allies have repeatedly attempted to sow distrust of the American judicial system, respondents remain confident in it, with one glaring exception: The U.S. Supreme Court.

“But the least trusted actors in the legal system are not the lawyers prosecuting or defending the cases, or even the kind of state judges presiding over Trump’s case. They are the Supreme Court justices themselves, whose public approval has taken a considerable hit in recent years thanks to unpopular rulings issued by the conservative supermajority and a series of rolling ethical controversies involving Republican appointees Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas.”

The responses from independents should terrify Trump’s campaign brain trust, Politico notes.

“Thirty-two percent of them said that the conviction made them less likely to support Trump. Only 12 percent of them said that it made them more likely to support Trump.”

The new poll also shows that just having a conviction on his record could drive voters away from Trump, which is reflected in the 21 percent who told Ipsos the former president being a felon matters to their vote and makes them less likely to support him when they cast their ballot.

If the upcoming election is as close as the one we saw in 2020, that 21 percent could prove decisive, especially in key battleground states such as Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which are in play at the moment.

Crime Donald Trump Elections

Adam Schiff Trolls The GOP And Trump At House Hearing – Repeats The Word ‘Guilty’ 34 Times

As Senate Republicans were holding an early birthday celebration for convicted felon Donald Trump on Capitol Hill Thursday — the first time Trump has been back to Washington, D.C. since the January 6, 2021 insurrection — the House Judiciary Committee was in session for a hearing on the supposed “weaponization” of the American judicial system against the disgraced ex-president.

But if the GOP was hoping to accuse others of improper actions, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) reminded his Trump-worshiping colleagues on the other side of the aisle that they’re nothing but pathetic hypocrites, HuffPost reports, beginning his remarks by repeating the word “guilty” 34 times to echo the findings of guilt by a Manhattan jury in Trump’s hush money and election interference trial, which concluded two weeks ago.

“Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.”

“This was what the jury pronounced unanimously on every count,” Schiff added.

Schiff also tied his Republican colleagues directly to Trump, letting them know they too have to pay a price for the former president’s legal problems.

“My Republican colleagues don’t really contest Donald Trump’s guilt, this is the fascinating thing. Their argument is essentially, he should have never been prosecuted. Or they falsely claim it was a political prosecution. Or they falsely claim it should have been a misdemeanor, not a felony,” Schiff said.

“But they don’t contest, not really, that Donald Trump was making hush money payments to a porn star to hide their affair from voters.”

The California Democrat concluded his comments by mocking the GOP for their willingness to accept the most immoral behavior imaginable as long as comes from Donald Trump.

“The party, formally of the moral majority, is now I suppose trying to fashion some kind of immoral majority to reinstate Donald Trump as president.”

Social media stood and applauded Schiff.

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Trump Campaign Asking VP Candidates If They’ve Ever Been Convicted Of A Crime

According to Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance, the campaign of convicted felon/GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is currently vetting potential running mates for the ticket.

Vance was a guest on “Fox & Friends,” and co-host Steve Doocy noted there are reports that some of the possible vice presidential candidates have “been asked to submit documents to be vetted.”

“You’re not at that level yet,” Doocy suggested, adding: “Or are you?”

Vance confirmed that his team had been asked “for a number of things. A number of people have been asked to submit this and that.”

Doocy then inquired, “Like your taxes or something? Your criminal background?”

“I don’t know everything they’ve been asked. Yeah, but certainly like, ‘Have you ever committed a crime?’ ‘Have you ever lied about this?’ Certainly, you have those conversations, but I think a lot of people have those conversations,” Vance told Doocy.

So let’s see if I’ve got this right. The Trump 2024 camp, which is headed by a man who was recently convicted on 34 felony counts in New York, wants to know if potential running mates have a rap sheet, but they’re just fine with Donnie’s criming. Yep, that’s certainly on brand for the biggest hypocrite to ever run for office.

As you’d expect, the irony wasn’t lost on social media, with many — including former Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki — pointing and laughing.