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Several House Republicans Have Formed A White Supremacy Caucus To Promote ‘Anglo-Saxon Traditions’

Under the guise of putting “America First,” several House Republicans have formed their own white supremacist caucus that they say will promote “Anglo-Saxon political traditions.”

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News broke the story about the newly-formed caucus:

The phrase “America first” has been around for hundreds of years. It’s been used by various nativist and blatantly racist groups for decades. Those include the Ku Klux Klan and the hardcore MAGA movement that failed, one-term President Donald Trump touched off when he announced he would be seeking the Republican presidential nomination back in June of 2015.

Mediate reports that the founding members of the new caucus are a who’s who of racist shitbags who have managed to get themselves elected:

“Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who hasn’t met a conspiracy theory she didn’t love, and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), known to have rubbed elbows with white nationalists and Q-Anon followers, have already been linked to the caucus, according to Punchbowl. Reps. Barry Moore (R-AL) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) have also reportedly agreed to join the group.”

The preamble of the “America First” caucus is clear and disgusting:

“The America First Caucus (AFC) exists to promote Congressional policies that are to the long-term benefit of the American nation. The North Star of any policy proposal will be that which serves the American people, and any consequential analysis of policy platforms must be based on this first principle.

“It is the firm belief of this Caucus that American policy-making needs to get back to first principles, restore a long-term time horizon amongst our nation’s leaders, and instill a greatly internalized sense of service to the American people on part of our elected leaders. As long as these principles are put and kept in practice, the interests of the American people will be safeguarded.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the so-called “policies” of the group, which sound like something hatched from the perverted minds of Adolf Hitler and David Duke:

Translation: It’s all about honoring White Anglo-Saxons. No one else is welcome in their brave new whitewashed version of the United States, despite the fact that Caucasians stole the land we all live on from the Native Americans and once owned slaves whose only crime was being born black.

As you’d expect, there’s plenty of other racist dog whistles, such as this declaration on the issue of immigration:

“An important distinction between post-1965 immigrants and previous waves of settlers is that previous cohorts were more educated, earned higher wages, and did not have an expansive welfare state to fall back on when they could not make it in America and thus did not stay in the country at the expense of the native-born.”

Really? Irish immigrants were derided as ignorant and drunken. Italian immigrants were hated for not speaking English. German immigrants were called the enemy during the First World War. In World War II, the United States government placed over 120,000 Japanese-Americans into internment camps. Their only crime? Being of Japanese ancestry.

The modern GOP is little more than a new iteration of the same hatred and bigotry we’ve seen in this country for hundreds of years. They may pretend to be inclusive, but their idea of inclusivity is building a wall around anyone who doesn’t look like them.

America First caucus? It would be a lot more honest to just call it the 21st Century KKK.

Congress Crime

Gaetz Bombshell: His Co-Conspirator Has Been Singing To The Feds For Over A Year!

If Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was thinking that the federal investigation into his alleged affair with an underage girl couldn’t get any worse, it turns out he was badly mistaken.

The New York Times is reporting that Joel Greenberg, a former county tax collector and longtime friend of Gaetz, has been cooperating with prosecutors for over a year:

Joel Greenberg, a onetime county tax collector, disclosed to investigators that he and Mr. Gaetz had encounters with women who were given cash or gifts in exchange for sex, the people said. The Justice Department is investigating the involvement of the men with multiple women who were recruited online for sex and received cash payments and whether the men had sex with a 17-year-old in violation of sex trafficking statutes, people familiar with the inquiry have said.

“Mr. Greenberg, who is said to have met the women through websites that connect people who go on dates in exchange for gifts, fine dining, travel and allowances and introduced them to Mr. Gaetz, could provide investigators with firsthand accounts of their activities.”

Ever since news of the Justice Department’s investigation of Gaetz was first reported, the congressman has asserted that the only reason he’s being accused of crimes is because “the swamp” in Washington, D.C. is out to get him.

But since Greenberg has been singing to the feds since last year, and the investigation of Gaetz began under Attorney General William Barr, it’s clear that there must be plenty of evidence the DOJ is carefully compiling and preparing to use in an upcoming indictment of the congressman.

There have also been reports in recent weeks that the arrest of Gaetz is “imminent.” And if Greenberg has told everything he knows about the congressman’s alleged crimes, it would indeed seem that Gaetz is on the verge of having to make a perp walk in the near future.

Matt Gaetz is screwed. And he has no one to blame but himself for his predicament.


Congress Crime

The Arrest Of Matt Gaetz Is ‘Imminent’: Report

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is in very big trouble, and things are about to get even worse for him, according to The Daily Mail, which notes that Gaetz’s arrest is imminent.

Why will we soon be seeing Gaetz in handcuffs and doing the perp walk? Because a friend of his is telling everything he knows about the congressman in order to save his own ass:

“Rep Matt Gaetz is expected to be indicted within the next few weeks as former Florida official and friend Joel Greenberg is believed to have turned on the congressman in the sex trafficking investigation against him, a source close to the probe tells

“Greenberg, who was elected Seminole County Tax Collector in 2016, is currently in jail awaiting trial after being slapped with a string of charges last year including sex trafficking a minor between the age of 14 and 17.”


Gaetz is reportedly under investigation by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for allegedly being involved in a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl whom he took across state lines and allegedly gave money to, which would open Gaetz up to a charge of sexual trafficking.

Greenberg is also under investigation for trafficking the same underage girl and is trying to cut a deal, talking with federal authorities and providing information that could prove critical in the case against Gaetz:

“The congressman impugned and damaged the reputation of someone who had nothing to do with this,’ the source told 

“‘Gaetz is a sleaze-bag who used a professional with a sterling reputation to divert the attention on a sex investigation focused on him.

“‘Rest assured that Greenberg has been singing to the feds about his friend Matt Gaetz. That’s why Matt is so freaked out,’ the source added.”

Ironically, the DOJ’s investigation of Gaetz began during the Trump administration, when Bill Barr was still attorney general. That alone suggests there must be a boatload of evidence against the Florida Republican.

Don’t be surprised if Gaetz is indicted before the end of April. It would be a monumental fall from power for a man who once had the ear of Donald Trump.


Congress Crime

Matt Gaetz’s Current Legal Problems Have An Interesting Connection To Jeffrey Epstein

Would it surprise you to learn the accusations against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) that he sexually trafficked an underage girl have a lot in common with the late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who died in federal custody back in 2019?

Former federal prosecutor Shan Wu spelled out that connection Saturday during an appearance on CNN, noting that federal authorities don’t want to see another high-profile figure escape justice for his possible crimes:

“I think one important context is the Epstein case. Because the Justice Department has messed this up once before, letting a sex trafficker go with just a slap on the wrist. They’re not going to let that happen again.

“This is a different environment than it was before. The testimony of any of these complainants, particularly the underaged minor, will be devastating. This is a new time. We care about victims, and this is a problem for Gaetz.”

Oddly enough, Gaetz was one of the few public officials upset when the Epstein case was reopened in 2019, eventually resulting with Epstein being charged by federal prosecutors for allegedly engaging in sexual relations with underage girls. Specifically, Gaetz said he feared such actions by the Department of Justice (DOJ) would set a “dangerous’ precedent for prosecutors.”

At the moment, Gaetz is facing prosecution for numerous felonies, including sexual trafficking, which could result in him being sentenced to life in prison.

Things got even worse for Gaetz when an attorney for co-conspirator  Joel Greenberg confirmed that his client was cooperating with the DOJ and had accepted a plea deal from federal prosecutors who are also pursuing Gaetz.

There’s another connection between Gatez and Epstein: Both were longtime friends of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, who was once accused of “repeatedly raping” a 13-year-old girl with the late sex offender. Trump also spoke glowingly about Epstein, just as he has about Gaetz, whom he lavished with praise while he was still in the White House.

Since the accusations against Gaetz have come to light, however, Trump has been mostly silent on the Florida congressman’s legal plight, perhaps showing that even a man as depraved as the former president doesn’t want to risk defending someone suspected of such a heinous crime.

Here’s Shan Wu courtesy of CNN:


Congress Corruption Crime Elections

DOJ’s Investigation Of Matt Gaetz Expands – Now Includes Election Rigging

As bad as the unfolding scandal surrounding Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz already is — filled with accusations of sexually trafficking underage girls and being paid off by lobbyists with hookers — a new wrinkle has arisen in the ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by the Department of Justice.

The New York Times is reporting that Gaetz is also suspected of trying to rig an election in his home state:

“Investigators have also been told of a conversation where Mr. Gaetz and a prominent Florida lobbyist discussed arranging a sham candidate in a State Senate race last year to siphon votes from an ally’s opponent, according to two people familiar with the investigation.”

Adding to Gaetz’s woes is the revelation which broke Thursday that his alleged co-conspirator, Joel Greenberg, is now cooperating with federal investigators and telling everything he knows about crimes he and Gaetz may have committed over the years.

The new suggestion of election rigging is especially troubling, especially for other Republicans in the Sunshine State such as current Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is facing an uncertain bid for reelection next year and is also accused of letting wealthy contributors from outside Florida jump the line and receive COVID-19 vaccinations long before they were eligible.

Gaetz, however, is the person most in the crosshairs of federal authorities and could be looking at decades in federal prison if it can be proven that he committed the crimes he’s suspected of being a part of over the past few years.

In case you were wondering, the federal penalty for election rigging is five years. That’s peanuts compared to the sentence Gaetz is facing if he’s convicted of trafficking a minor. The penalty for that is a life term in prison.

Matt had better be busy getting things in order. As of now, it looks like his freedom is temporary and fleeting.