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GOP Congressman: Biden Can End The War In Ukraine By Having Trump Call Putin

If perhaps you had heard all of the ridiculous shit that can possibly emanate from the mouth of a Republican, consider what Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) had to say Thursday about how the Biden administration can end the war in Ukraine.

According to the congressman, the war would immediately end of President Joe Biden asked disgraced former president Donald Trump call Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling Fox News anchor John Roberts:

“Joe Biden, you need to call Donald Trump. Donald Trump will call Vladimir Putin and end this war. We must stop this war, and Donald Trump can do it.”

The remarks from Nehls come just a day after Biden announced would be sending Abrams tanks to Ukraine to help them repel Russian troops.

When it comes to the tanks, Nehls had this to say:

“The American people have to understand that is a very powerful piece of equipment, but it requires an enormous amount of logistical support. You have to have a logistical package. It has a jet engine. When you have to remove that engine, you need a big crane. It’s called, an M-88. It’s a wrecker for a tank. And you need to have smart people working on that. You need to have the maintenance personnel. You need to have the individuals know how.”

Here’s what doesn’t make sense about what the congressman said: For years now, Donald Trump has claimed he has no ties to Russia and denied that he is friends with Putin. But now Congressman Nehls is certain that one phone call from Trump to Putin would put an end to the fighting.

If Trump can end the war so damn easily, why doesn’t he just pick up the phone and do so? No one is stopping him.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for Donald Trump to do anything good for the United States or our allies. He never has.

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Special Counsel Believes Trump’s Motive For Taking Classified Docs Involved Russia: Report

As he continues to investigate the matter of classified documents former president Donald Trump illegally removed from the White House and took with him to Mar-a-Lago when he left office, Special Counsel Jack Smith is focusing in on Russia as the motive for why the failed ex-president took thousands of secret files and stored them at his Palm Beach golf resort.

In what may wind up being the greatest irony of all, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Murray Waas, Special Counsel Smith and a grand jury he has impaneled believe Trump’s obsession with Russia led him to steal the information.

As he left office, Waas has learned, Trump desperately tried to declassify thousands of pages of secret documents that detailed Russia’s efforts to help defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

But Trump was stymied in his efforts to make the records public, leading the outgoing president to rage to aides that the documents would never see the light of day.

Now, sources close to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation tell me that prosecutors have questioned at least three people about whether Trump’s frustrations may have been a motive in Trump taking thousands of pages of classified papers from the White House to Mar-A-Largo, in potential violation of federal law. One of those people was compelled to testify before a federal grand jury, the sources say.

The sources say that prosecutors appear to believe the episode may be central to determining Trump’s intent for his unauthorized removal from the White House of the papers.  Insight into the president’s frame of mind—his intent and motivation, are likely to be the foundational building blocks of any case that the special counsel considers seeking against Trump.

That has led Smith to take a close look at conversations between the White House counsel, the Justice Department, and then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in the last frantic hours of the Trump administration.

The sources familiar with some aspects of the special counsel’s investigation further disclosed to me that prosecutors sought information regarding the following issues:   the witnesses were asked about any conversations they personally had with then-president Trump or any of their White House colleagues about the Russia papers; they were asked about conversations between senior Justice Department officials and attorneys with the White House counsel’s office, including two former senior lawyers in the office, John Eisenberg and Pat Philbin, regarding Trump’s presidential order to declassify the Russia papers; and they also were asked about the circumstances surrounding a memo written by Trump’s then Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, the day following Trump’s declassification order, in which Meadows appeared to reverse course and related that the papers would not be released before the concerns of other agencies regarding the Privacy Act were fully assuaged.

“It was very clear from what they asked that their emphasis was on Trump and Meadows,” one person said.

Another former aide to Trump, Kash Patel, has publicly stated that he saw all of the records the disgraced ex-president wanted declassified, telling Breitbart:

 “It’s information that Trump felt spoke to matters regarding everything from Russiagate to the Ukraine impeachment fiasco to major national security matters of great public importance—anything the president felt [the public] had a right to know is in there and more.”

So it was Russia that helped elect Trump, Russia that led to his impeachment, and Russia that may wind up sending him to prison for the rest of his life if Smith’s investigation proves Russiagate was what Trump clung to even after he left the White House.

Right about now, Donald Trump is probably wishing he had never heard of Russia or his BFF, Vladimir Putin.

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Musk Hypes Russian Call For Civil War In The US And Creation Of A German ‘Fourth Reich’

Twitter CEO Elon Musk may call himself a citizen of the United States, but his bizarre fascination with and seeming support of Russia is once again causing many to question where his loyalties lie.

On Monday, Newsweek reports, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev posted a list of predictions for 2023, including a civil war in the United States and the rise of a “Fourth Reich” in Germany.

The Russian official, who currently serves as the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, posted his list of 10 projections on his Telegram channel Monday, writing, “Before a new year, everyone likes to make predictions.”

His list includes forecasts for oil barrel prices, the abolition of the European Union and a civil war in the United States.

According to the list, an American “civil war” would result in the “separation of California and Texas into independent states” and the “creation of the union state of Texas and Mexico.”

What likely caught Musk’s attention in Medvedev’s tweet was a prediction of him as future American president, which cannot happen as Musk was born in South Africa.

Tesla founder and Twitter CEO Musk would then have a “subsequent victory” during the presidential election “in some of the states assigned to the Republicans after the civil war,” Medvedev added.

Other predictions from Medvedev suggest major changes and uproar across the planet, including:

  • Great Britain’s return to the European Union
  • A German Fourth Reich or new German empire made up of surrounding nations
  • “Transfer of all major stock markets and financial activity from the U.S. and Europe to Asia.”
  • Rejection of the dollar and euro as “world reserve currencies” and a return to the gold standard.

How did Musk respond to the predictions? With this: “Epic thread!”

Musk would have done better to not comment at all on the posting from Medvedev, but he just couldn’t resist, perhaps out of a desperate need to try and boost chatter about the social media platform he spent $44 billion on. Twitter, by the way, is losing money hand over fist and is also deeply in debt.

Many on Twitter were not impressed with Musk’s seeming support for what can only be called Russian propaganda.

Do Elon Musk’s sympathies lie with Russia and Putin? If so, maybe he should move to Moscow and apply for Russian citizenship.

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Don Jr. Gets Slammed For Calling Ukrainian President Zelensky A ‘Welfare Queen’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, telling U.S. lawmakers that “Your money is not charity. It is an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”

But despite the fact that Russia continues to attack Ukraine and kill innocent civilians, some Republicans have been critical of the U.S. commitment to our Ukrainian allies.

One of those is none other than the son of failed, one-term, twice-impeached loser ex-president Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., who called Zelensky a “welfare queen” for daring to seek more military aid from the U.S.

On Twitter, Don Jr. posted this hateful missive:

“Zelensky is basically an ungrateful international welfare queen.”

The “welfare queen” slur was coined by Ronald Reagan during his first run for the White House in the 1970s. It was a direct attack on antipoverty programs that began during the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson to help rectify the injustices that led to the civil rights movement.

While Don Jr. is certainly entitled to his opinion, no matter how ignorant his take on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he’s not exactly the one to be throwing stones at others, as Twitter users quickly reminded him.

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Trump Could Have Gotten Paul Whelan Released From Russia In 2018 But Refused: Report

Disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is absolutely furious that President Joe Biden was able to obtain the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner (in exchange for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout), and for the past two days has whined that the Biden administration should have prioritized former Marine Paul Whelan (who is also being held in Russia) over Griner.

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump would think Whelan is more valuable than Griner. After all, Whelan is a white man and Griner is a black woman.

According to Trump, he was able to get 58 hostages released while he was president, posting an angry message on his failing Truth Social site in which he wrote:

What Trump conveniently forgot to mention is that he had a chance to get the Whelan released back in 2018 but refused, according to his former national security adviser, John Bolton.

The Independent reports:

Mr Bolton, who was the national security adviser under Mr Trump for 17 months from 2018 to 2019, told CBS that the Trump administration had the opportunity to trade Mr Whelan for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout in 2018.

“The possibility of a Bout-for-Whelan trade existed back then and it wasn’t made, for very good reasons having to deal with Viktor Bout,” he said.

It should also be noted that Whelan’s family is disgusted by Trump’s churlish posting, with his brother, David, posting on Twitter:

Former President Trump appears to have mentioned my brother #PaulWhelan’s wrongful detention more in the last 24 hours than he did in the 2 years of his presidency in which Paul was held hostage by #Russia (zero). I don’t suggest he cares now any more than he did then (zero)

Trump doesn’t give a diddly damn about Paul Whelan. If he did, he would have made a deal four years ago and gotten him home. Instead, he’d rather try and make political hay now and pretend it’s not his fault that Whelan is still in a Russian prison.

Donald Trump is a coward, a liar, and the worst president in U.S. history. His attempts to refurbish his self-sullied reputation are little more than the rantings of a man who is losing what’s left of his demented and diseased mind.