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Trump Tries To Mock Biden For Attending The Queen’s Funeral And It Backfires Badly On Him

Failed, one-term former president Donald Trump is furious because he wasn’t invited to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who was buried today at Windsor Castle.

It wasn’t that Trump got dissed by President Biden. Instead, the British royal family had already announced no former U.S. presidents were invited to attend the funeral.

And yet, Trump couldn’t resist whining and trying to take cheap shots at Biden, suggesting that the current president had been humiliated by where he was seated for the funeral.

Taking to his failing Truth Social site, the disgraced ex-president posted this jealous invective:

“This is what’s happened to America in just two short years. No respect! However, a good time for our President to get to know the leaders of certain Third World countries. If I were president, they wouldn’t have sat me back there—and our Country would be much different than it is right now!”

No respect? Hey, Biden was invited and you weren’t, Donnie. Oh, and you sit where you’re told to sit because that’s the way it goes.

It didn’t take long before the childish former president was ripped to shreds on Twitter.


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‘Dark Brandon’ Strikes Again: Masterfully Trolls Rick Scott On His Plan To Cut Social Security

President Joe Biden has found the perfect Republican foil as the midterm election draws closer by the day.

For weeks now, Biden has been aiming his rhetoric at Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), who serves as chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, remarking in a speech he gave last month:

“Rick Scott, the – who heads up the ultra-MAGA agenda for the Republicans, he’s the head of the Senate campaign committee for the Republicans. … He said – he thinks everyone in America should pay taxes – not more taxes – everyone in America should pay taxes. All those folks making less than $100,000 a year, if they have some exemption, they should have to pay net more taxes. Average increase expected to be $1,200 bucks for every American under that amount.

“Well, beyond that, he says that we should try to be in a situation where we – Congress, every five years, has to affirmatively vote to maintain Social Security, which you paid for your whole life. You have to affirmatively vote. It comes up – if it’s not positively voted for, it’s gone, it’s eliminated. And you think I’m making this up; it’s not. It’s the only written Republican platform so far.”

As Chris Cillizza notes in a piece he wrote for CNN, Biden is making Scott the face of the midterms, and that’s a big problem for the GOP because virtually everything the Florida Republican says has been landing like a lead balloon:

Recent Democratic polling gains in the generic congressional ballot, as well as improvements in Biden’s job approval rating, are due to the growing sense that the 2022 election isn’t going to be a referendum on Biden and Democrats, but rather a choice between the visions of governance laid out by the opposing parties.

And now Biden has trolled Scott on Twitter, laying a nasty burn on him while again reminding voters that Republicans want to take a chainsaw to entitlement programs such as Social Security.

Scott brought the latest humiliation on himself, trying to mock the president with this posting:

Biden responded.

Dark Brandon is killing it, and we still have a month and a half until November. This is going to be fun to watch.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’s Plans To Impeach Joe Biden For Supporting Renewable Energy

Ever since she arrived in Congress two years ago, it’s been clear that Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is nothing but a shameless self-promoter who will do anything to advance her political career and nothing to actually help her constituents back home.

Greene is also a disciple of disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, whom she supports no matter what crime he commits or laws he breaks.

And now Greene is admitting she wants payback for the fact that Trump was impeached twice, insisting that she intends to file articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden for the crime of supporting renewable energy such as that produced by the sun and wind.

Appearing on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, Greene proudly announced:

“Because they’re driving the Green New Deal which is going to plunge America into darkness and that will lead to death and all kinds of issues across America. We simply cannot exist on solar and wind energy at this time. The technology is not there and there’s no reason to destroy fossil fuels.”

Greene added:

“And because of that, Steve, it’s such a dangerous threat. No president should be doing that. I have articles prepared on Joe Biden and we’re looking at introducing those possibly as early as this week.”

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that what Green said is complete bullshit, as the Yale University School of Environment has explained:

In reality, it is entirely possible to sustain a reliable electricity system based on renewable energy sources plus a combination of other means, including improved methods of energy management and storage. A clearer understanding of how to dependably manage electricity supply is vital because climate threats require a rapid shift to renewable sources like solar and wind power.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a imbecile.


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Mike Pence Gets Shredded After Attacking Biden’s Speech About MAGA GOP Extremism

Mike Pence joined a debate he should have left alone by criticizing a speech President Joe Biden made recently in which he criticized the extreme views of the MAGA Republicans who continue to remain loyal to Donald Trump and make excuses for his every illegal action.

In case you missed it, here’s what Biden said:

“What we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something, it’s like semi-fascism.”

Pence, who is clearly trying to mend fences with the far right wing of his party that still worships Trump, took to Twitter and began slamming Biden for daring to speak the truth:

“Did you see that speech last week? President Biden held a partisan campaign rally at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, flanked by uniformed United States Marines, and revealed what’s truly at stake in the next election.”

“Never before in the history of our nation has a President stood before the American people and accused millions of his own countrymen of being a ‘threat to this country.’ To top it off, President Biden had the audacity to claim, ‘I’m asking our nation to come together, to unite.’”

Those are bold (and incredibly stupid) words coming from a man that Trump suggested might should have been hanged on January 6 to placate the rioting thugs who attacked the U.S. Capitol. As House Select Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney noted at a hearing in June:

“Aware of the rioters chants to ‘hang Mike Pence’, the president responded with this sentiment: ‘Maybe our supporters have the right idea’. Mike Pence ‘deserves it.’”

But now Pence wants to take umbrage with Biden for calling it like he sees it and making it clear to American voters what’s at stake when they go to cast their ballots in November?

The former VP’s postings raised eyebrows and ire on social media.

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‘Dark Brandon’ Hilariously Mocks Republicans For Their Blatant Hypocrisy: ‘They Ain’t Got No Shame’

As the 2022 midterm elections draw closer by the day, President Joe Biden continues to remind voters that while Republicans love to brag about the things they’ve done for them over the past two years, the reality is starkly different than what they’re claiming.

At a campaign even on Thursday, HuffPost reports, Biden pointed to the massive infrastructure bill passed by Congress earlier this year that many in the GOP are now trying to appropriate as their own, even though the vast majority of them voted against it.

The $1.2 trillion bill to improve roads, bridges, ports, water systems, high-speed internet and more passed with the help of 13 Republicans in the House and 19 in the Senate.

“We got a little help from Republicans. Not a lot, but enough to get it passed. But the truth is, there are a lot more Republicans taking credit for that bill than actually voted for it.”

And that’s when Biden used a hilarious impression of those same Republicans who had voted one way and then glommed onto it when it became clear their constituents supported the measure:

“Now we’re gonna build this new bridge here. We’re all for it. And, by the way, this new road,” he said, before reverting to his normal voice: “I love ’em, man. They ain’t got no shame. They don’t have any shame.”

Dark Brandon is back:

Thursday night’s comments, including his voice-switching gimmick, are part of a more recent pattern from Biden, a feisty side that supporters have taken to calling “Dark Brandon.”

That refers to the “Brandon” nickname once used as an insult against the president by conservatives, now coopted by his supporters on the left: