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Ivanka Wishes ‘Best Brother’ Don Jr. A Happy Birthday And It Bites Her Right On The A*s

Today is Donald Trump Jr’s 43rd birthday. Yes, apparently he was a “tax deduction” baby. His parents made sure he exited the womb before the New Year rang in so they could expense him on their tax returns. How touching, huh?

Junior’s sister, Ivanka, thought she would wish her older brother a happy birthday on Twitter, but her posting wasn’t exactly a wise move:

Best brother and uncle? Really? Be sure and note that Ivanka didn’t call her brother the best dad in the world. Good thing, because he cheated on the mother of his five children, which led to their divorce. Don Jr. is now hanging out with former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who at times resembles a mythical griffin hopped up on Bolivian Marching Powder.

From the responses Ivanka’s birthday tweet received, it’s incredibly clear that most of the country despises her and all of her fellow Trump spawn:

For his 44th birthday, let’s all hope Junior is wearing an orange jumpsuit and going through Twitter withdrawal.

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After Insisting That Coronavirus Was A Media Hoax, Lou Dobbs Is Now In Quarantine

Ever since coronavirus was first detected in the United States, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs has been proudly spouting White House talking points, claiming that the virus was merely a “hoax” made up by the news media to embarrass President Donald Trump.

The Daily Beast notes that in recent days, Dobbs used some of the exact same language that came from Trump himself:

“Less than two weeks ago, even as he reported that the virus had infected 113,000 people in 111 countries and territories around the world, Dobbs was accusing the ‘national left-wing media’ of ‘playing up fears of the coronavirus’ in order to drive down the stock market.

“More recently, he had taken to echoing Trump by referring to COVID-19 as the ‘Wuhan virus’ and lauding the president for causing a brief market increase with his national emergency declaration a week ago. On Wednesday of this week, he put up a poll on his screen that asked viewers to rate Trump’s ‘leadership’ on the ‘Wuhan virus.’ He gave them three options: ‘Superb,’ ‘Great’ or ‘Very good.'”

But Friday’s edition of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” began in an rather odd manner: With fill-in host David Asman grimly announcing:

“Lou is in self-quarantine tonight. We just learned that one of his team members has tested positive for COVID-19. Lou feels well, he has no symptoms, but out of an abundance of caution, he and his team are taking the necessary precautions.”

Ah, sweet karma!

Dobbs and the other sycophants at Fox have been screeching that the COVID-19 scare is meant to destroy Trump. (As if he needs any help with that.) But they forgot to factor in that a virus doesn’t care who you are or how you try to pervert the truth. Coronavirus is an equal opportunity attacker, and now Dobbs gets to eat crow for two full weeks.

It’d be nice to think that a two-week respite would give Dobbs time to reflect on his own stupidity and admit he was wrong. But it’s a safe bet he’ll be back and trying to downplay the pandemic once again. Some people just never learn.

The Karma Is Gonna Get Ya

William Barr Gets His A*s Handed To Him After Attempting To Indict A Top FBI Official

When Donald Trump nominated William Barr to replace Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General, he tasked him with protecting the president from any possible federal legal jeopardy as a result of the Russia investigation and the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

But as we’ve learned since the Mueller report was released, Trump also gave Barr another duty: To try and destroy anyone who may have been a part of the Russia investigation.

As you’d expect, Barr was happy to be a loyal lapdog, so he kicked off an inspector general investigation that has already cleared former FBI Director James Comey of any criminal wrongdoing.

And now it’s becoming clear that Barr’s efforts to bring charges against former FBI acting director Andrew McCabe have blown up in his face, based on reporting from multiple sources, including the Washington Post:

“In emails Thursday to U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu and other prosecutors in her office, McCabe lawyer Michael Bromwich said his team had received media inquiries about grand jurors declining to bring the case, and pointed to published reports describing how even after the Justice Department approved prosecutors to seek charges, no indictment was returned.”

That was confirmed by Natasha Bertrand of Politico:

Here’s the thing: If indeed a federal grand jury declined to indict McCabe, that would not only be unprecedented, it would also be a slap in the face of AG Barr, who is trying desperately to make it appear that the people who began the Russia investigation are the criminals instead of the real culprit, Donald Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman commented on just how uncommon it is for a grand jury to refuse to indict someone:

Renato Mariotti, who also served as a federal prosecutor, echoed Litman, adding that he had never seen such a thing in the nine years he was at the Justice Department:

In other words, a federal grand jury appears to have given Barr and the DOJ a severe rebuke. Granted, the evidence can be presented to another grand jury, but if the first one didn’t indict, it’s hard to see how another one would.

Nice try, Mr. Barr, but it’s becoming obvious you’re just as much of a fool as the man you work for. And that’s really saying something.

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Civil Tax Fraud Penalties May Wind Up Bankrupting Trump And His Children: Report

For decades, Donald Trump and his family have allegedly avoided paying both state and federal taxes through a series out accounting tricks and outright fraud, the New York Times reported Tuesday. And it now appears that the penalties for that fraud could be fines so large that Trump and his children would be left without a dime.

Criminal penalties appear to be off the table when it comes to punishing the Trump family for their income tax evasion, due mainly to the statute of limitations, but there are no such time limits on civil penalties, and those take the form of paying overdue taxes along with enormous penalties and exorbitant interest.

Under the civil penalty rules of the Internal Revenue Service, PoliticsUSA reports, Trump and the Trump Organization (which is currently headed by the president’s two oldest sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric) could be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties.

Just hours after the Times report hit, the New York Tax Department announced it had begun a full investigation of the allegations in the article. And you can expect the IRS to take a long hard look at Trump’s taxes, too.

So while Trump and his family members can’t be tried in court on criminal charges, there’s now plenty of evidence to suggest that they’re about to be hit with one hell of a tax bill, and that alone could spell the end of whatever financial resources they currently have.

Also, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller drawing ever closer to the Oval Office, this is just more bad news for the president, who is also facing the prospect of watching as members of his 2016 campaign — including his family — are indicted and placed on trial for charges ranging from conspiracy to defraud the United States to money laundering.

What does Donald Trump love more than anything? Being rich. And pretty soon he may not even have that to brag about. How sweet is that?

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James Comey Trolls Trump About ‘Immorality’ After POTUS Backs Roy Moore (TWEETS)

Tuesday afternoon, as he headed out for Thanksgiving at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, President Trump was asked about whether or not Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore –who has been accused of sexual assault and child molestation — was the right choice for the state of Alabama. Trump replied:

“He denies it. He totally denies it. Roy Moore denies it — that’s all I can say.”

While he was at it, the president also criticized Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, saying of his record:

“It’s terrible on crime, it’s terrible on the border, it’s terrible on the military.”

In other words, Trump gave his tacit support to a sexual predator, which isn’t all that hard to believe when you consider that Trump is accused of being one, too.

Tuesday evening, former FBI Director James Comey tweeted out this:

That may be the perfect quote for the entire matter of both Donald Trump and Roy Moore, two perverts who are fond of lecturing others on morality. And Comey got plenty of support from social media:

Thank you, James Comey, for saying exactly what millions of us are thinking as we watch Donald Trump try to destroy this country in the service of a Russian dictator.

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