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Former Trump Staffers Terrified The FBI Will Show Up At Their Door Next

Last Wednesday, a loud notice was sent from the Justice Department, which is now headed by a man with integrity and morals, Merrick Garland.

The message: If you break the law — no matter who you may be “connected” to — the DOJ is coming for you.

Rudy Giuliani found that out the hard way. He was the recipient of a visit from the FBI, who served search warrants on his apartment and office, seizing his cell phones and computers.

And now many former Trump staffers are terrified the next knock on their door will also be from the FBI, according to a report from CNN:

“‘This was a show of force that sent a strong message to a lot of people in Trump’s world that other things may be coming down the pipeline,’ one Trump adviser told CNN.

“According to the Trump adviser, the raid ignited a sense of fear inside the former President’s orbit that Justice Department officials may be more willing to pursue investigations of the 45th president or his inner circle than many Trump allies had previously believed. Two other people close to the former President, who echoed these sentiments, declined to be quoted for this story.”

The biggest fear among former Trump staffers is that if Giuliani is facing decades behind bars, he’ll flip and cooperate with prosecutors to save his own ass:

“‘Even the most loyal people have their breaking point,’ said a person close to the former President. The Trump adviser separately added that a potential shift in Giuliani’s fealty to his former client ‘wouldn’t shock me at all.’

“‘I think we’ve seen some more surprising instances of things like that happening, especially with Michael Cohen,’ the person close to Trump said.”

Speaking of Michael Cohen, he’s convinced Guiliani will indeed roll on Trump and his former underlings:

“During an appearance on CNN earlier this week, Cohen himself speculated that Giuliani could ‘give up Donald in a heartbeat’ if faced with an indictment.

“‘Prior to Donald becoming president, Rudy didn’t like Donald and Donald didn’t like Rudy,’ Cohen claimed. ‘He certainly doesn’t want to follow my path down into a 36-month sentence.'”

Anyone with a connection to Trump and his crimes is in legal jeopardy. And every last one of them is praying Rudy will keep his mouth shut.


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Justice Department Demanding Trump BFF Roger Stone Fork Over $2 Million In Unpaid Taxes

Right before Christmas last year, Donald Trump was handing out pardons left and right. And one of them went to his longtime friend and confidant, Roger Stone, who had been convicted for lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstruction. Stone had been facing 40 months in federal prison for his crimes.

But while Stone may have dodged incarceration, he’s now facing financial ruin.

On Friday, the Department of Justice sued Stone, accusing him and his wife, Nydia, of failing to pay almost $2 million in unpaid federal taxes and fees, according to NBC News:

“The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, says the couple underpaid their income taxes by $1,590,361 from 2007 to 2011. It further says Stone, 68, did not pay his full tax bill in 2018, coming up $407,036 short. The couple, the suit alleges, used a commercial entity to ‘shield their personal income from enforced collection and fund a lavish lifestyle despite owing nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes, interest and penalties.'”

A lien is also being sought against a property owned by Stone and his wife:

“The filing wants to thwart the Stones’ transfer of their $525,000 Florida condominium to an entity known as the Bertran Family Revocable Trust, which the government says is controlled by Nydia Stone and has as beneficiaries their children, Adria Stone and Scott Stone.

“A tax lien was being sought against the property, it said. The suit also seeks a judgment for $1,590,361.89.”

The Stones had agreed to a payment plan for their overdue taxes, but stopped making the monthly installments of $20,000. It remains unclear why the couple ceased their payments, unless they’re both financially tapped out, which has been rumored in recent months.

If the Stones lose the federal suit filed against them by the DOJ, they will be facing a massive tax liability that they cannot merely ignore. A continued failure to pay the taxes could also send them both to prison.

Isn’t it interesting how karma manages to catch up with even the biggest douchebags? A little patience is required, but the karmic wheel always spins in the direction of those most deserving of a giant bite on the ass.


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Up Next For Sean Hannity: Obstruction Of Justice Charges

Fox News host Sean Hannity is in quite a mess thanks to his friendship with Donald Trump and Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

When we learned this week that Hannity was a client of Cohen’s, Hannity tried his best to make it sound like the information was no big deal:

As you would expect, Fox News says they stand behind Hannity completely, despite the fact that he railed against the raid on Cohen’s office last week without bothering to disclose that he had retained Cohen for his legal services.

But the real problem for Hannity has nothing to do with his complete lack of objectivity, honesty, or his abiding commitment to the most ridiculous conspiracy theories this side of Alex Jones and InfoWars.

Here’s why Hannity should be worried: He now has legal exposure on a very serious criminal matter, obstruction of justice. How can that be? Well, consider this:

Knowing those basic facts, Michael Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels, suggested that both Cohen and Hannity could be in for a world of hurt from federal prosecutors in New York.

If it can be proven that Trump used Cohen as a go-between to coordinate messaging with Hannity on the various scandals that threaten to consume the White House — the Russia probe, payoffs to women, etc. — that makes Hannity a co-conspirator in an attempt to obstruct justice. And that carries a penalty of five years in federal prison.

At some point, Hannity may be faced with a very painful choice: Turn on his political savior, Donald Trump, or get ready to wear an orange jumpsuit for 60 months.

It’s called karma, and it’s about to take a nasty bite out of Sean Hannity.

Here’s Avenatti on MSNBC Monday evening:



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James Comey Trolls Trump About ‘Immorality’ After POTUS Backs Roy Moore (TWEETS)

Tuesday afternoon, as he headed out for Thanksgiving at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, President Trump was asked about whether or not Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore –who has been accused of sexual assault and child molestation — was the right choice for the state of Alabama. Trump replied:

“He denies it. He totally denies it. Roy Moore denies it — that’s all I can say.”

While he was at it, the president also criticized Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, saying of his record:

“It’s terrible on crime, it’s terrible on the border, it’s terrible on the military.”

In other words, Trump gave his tacit support to a sexual predator, which isn’t all that hard to believe when you consider that Trump is accused of being one, too.

Tuesday evening, former FBI Director James Comey tweeted out this:

That may be the perfect quote for the entire matter of both Donald Trump and Roy Moore, two perverts who are fond of lecturing others on morality. And Comey got plenty of support from social media:

Thank you, James Comey, for saying exactly what millions of us are thinking as we watch Donald Trump try to destroy this country in the service of a Russian dictator.

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Eric Trump Tried To Troll CNN And Got A Giant Dose Of Internet Karma (TWEETS)

On Thursday, President Trump announced that he would donate $1 million to the relief effort for Hurricane Harvey, which has ravaged Southeast Texas, especially Houston. Trump did the same thing in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, but never fulfilled that pledge.

Shortly after the White House said the president would give to help the victims of Harvey, his son, Eric, thought it would be a great idea to go on Twitter and try to troll CNN with this post:

If Eric had bothered to do a few seconds of online research, he would have found that CNN had already done a story on the $1 million pledge from his daddy. CNN brought it to Eric’s attention:

The network also had some fun with Eric, responding to his snark with this:

Others on Twitter also gave Eric a heaping helping of hell:

Eric, much like his daddy, really needs to stay of Twitter. But neither one will. It’s their favorite way of patting themselves on the back. Are we supposed to be impressed?

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