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Two Jan. 6 Rioters Weep Like Babies When A Federal Judge Sentences Them To Years In Prison

Two men who attacked police officers on January 6, 2021 as they stormed the U.S. Capitol were sentenced to 44 months in federal prison, and they both wept like infants when sentence was handed down, according to The Washington Post.

“Two New York state men who led a mob that overwhelmed police at the perimeter of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 — then bodysurfed over the top of the crowd at a building entrance and pepper-sprayed officers — were both sentenced Friday to 44 months in prison. Cody Mattice, 29, of Greece, N.Y., and James Mault, 30, of Brockport, N.Y., both wept as they stood before Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell and asked for leniency, apologizing for their actions and saying they hoped to return soon to their families and young children. But Howell noted that prosecutors had already cut them a reasonable deal by dropping charges that could have led to far more prison time, and she imposed the sentences requested by the government. Only four other Jan. 6 defendants have been sentenced to longer prison terms.”

Judge Howell told the two men:

“They were not patriots on Jan. 6, and no one who broke the police lines and stopped the democratic process was a patriot that day.”

Mattice and Mault were convicted in large part due to text messages they sent on the day of the Capitol insurrection, the Post added:

“Text messages obtained by the FBI showed that Mattice and Mault planned for violence on Jan. 6, initially expecting resistance from antifa. They texted family members during the mayhem, and then congratulated each other in the days after the riot, which temporarily halted the certification of the presidential election. Howell read from many of the messages, using the same profanity the men had.”

Despite both men saying that they showed up at the Capitol because due to urgings for failed, one-term former president Donald Trump, the ex-president sought to distance himself from the riots, telling journalist Olivia Nuzzi:

“They did it on their own behalf. I don’t think one person in the Capitol had a weapon, not one weapon.”


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WATCH: Leaked Video Shows Irate Josh Hawley Berating Reporter For Criticizing Elon Musk

Granted, we already knew that Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley was an insurrectionist (remember the raised fist to Jan. 6 protesters who stormed the Capitol?) and also a coward (Hawley running like a scalded rat as rioters breached the doors of the Capitol building), but it turns out that he’s also (surprise!) a douchey asshole who enjoys attacking anyone that disagrees with him.

The Riverfront Times obtained video of Hawley berating KSDK’s political editor, Mark Maxwell. What did Maxwell do that so enraged the senator? He dared to criticize Twitter CEO Elon Musk, as Sarah Fenske reported Monday.

The exchange apparently took place last week with KSDK’s political editor, Mark Maxwell. Earlier in the month, after Twitter suffered a meltdown, Maxwell had tweeted, “Does anyone still think Elon buying this site and firing all the experts was a good idea? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any of his bootlickers brag on how efficient the site is now that Sir Galaxy Brain is in charge.”

That apparently offended Senator Snowflake’s delicate sensibilities.

“Why all the hate for people who like free speech on Twitter? What’s going on with that?” Hawley asked Maxwell during what would normally be pre-interview pleasantries, looking every inch the third grader grasping at seriousness while playing Principal For the Day.

At one point in the video, Hawley remarks:

“Referring to people you don’t like as bootlickers? You don’t do opinion journalism, do you?. When journalists, or so-called journalists refer to people they don’t like as bootlickers on a public platform, when they attack folks and then say they don’t necessarily do stuff sober, it does tend to get my attention.

“I mean, we give you a lot of access. I just want to make sure you’re actually sober and taking this seriously, good Lord in heaven.”

Hawley probably thinks this video makes him look tough to the MAGA crowd he desperately wants to be accepted by. But in reality it only makes him look like an effete pretender who gets off on trying to rattle someone for committing the sin of not being servile to him.

Or, as the title of Fenske’s article rightly notes, “Leaked footage catches Josh Hawley acting like a smug asshole.”

Nailed it.

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Far Right Broadcaster: Barack Obama Should Be Executed If Trump Is Arrested

You’ve probably never heard of Pete Santilli. He’s an extremist right-wing broadcaster who was accused of threatening to kill federal law enforcement officials in 2016.

And now Santilli may find himself in big legal trouble yet again as a result of remarks he made Monday about the pending indictment of failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump in Manhattan.

According to Right Wing Watch, Santilli told listeners that if indeed Trump is indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the U.S. military should arrest and execute former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

“Get the military, whatever few are left that are gonna side with the people,” Santilli insited. “That you military personnel and you people with guns and badges and law enforcement will succumb to the will of the people.”

“And ultimately, we demand, we absolutely demand that the criminals, the criminals in this country, if you want them held accountable, the criminals are Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice. This entire criminal cabal that came about as a result of the murder of John F. Kennedy, the people that perpetrated the murder of John F. Kennedy, rise up to that.”

Santilli added, “Military, join us and put all of them up against a concrete wall… and do what we must do to save not just our country, the entire world.”

Sounds like Pete Santilli needs a visit from the Secret Service. Former President Obama is still under their protection and a threat has just been made against him.

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Indictment Of Trump Could Leave Ron DeSantis With ‘An Unenviable Dilemma’: Report

If indeed failed former president Donald Trump winds up being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury this week, it could wind up putting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in a no-wing position.

Even though Trump’s attorneys have said he will show up in Manhattan to be booked and processed if indeed he is charged in New York, there remains a chance he might refuse to surrender, which would set off a chain of events that could wind up forcing DeSantis to make a decision that could hurt his chances of being the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, the New York Times reports.

While the law is definitely on the side of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg when it comes to demanding that Trump show up for his perp walk, fingerprinting, and mug shots, there’s always the chance Donald will dig in his heels.

What if Trump refuses? What if he says he won’t leave his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida?

That’s where DeSantis would have to make a choice: Follow the law and extradite Trump or refuse to cooperate. If he does the former, he risks alienating millions of loyal Trump supporters. And if he doesn’t hand over the ex-president, he looks like a lawless pawn who is afraid of the Donald.

“Surrender, some might argue, is not in the confrontational former president’s DNA, and he often seems to relish antagonizing and attacking the prosecutors who have investigated him,” the Times explains. “In the unlikely event that the former president refuses to surrender, he would put Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, his leading but undeclared rival for the Republican nomination, in an awkward political position. Under law, the role of Mr. DeSantis would be essentially ministerial and he would have few legal options other than approving an extradition request from New York.”

“Still, if New York prosecutors sought Mr. Trump’s extradition, Mr. DeSantis would face an unenviable dilemma. He would be compelled to choose between authorizing an arrest warrant for Mr. Trump and inflaming his base, or attempting in some way to aide his Republican rival, and possibly face legal action as a result.”

Ron DeSantis is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Ironically, Trump may wind up destroying DeSantis and his presidential aspirations before any debates are held or ballots cast.

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WATCH: Trump Attorney Suggests Hunter Biden Is The Reason Her Client May Be Indicted

Alina Habba is an attorney for failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, and according to her, the only reason her client may be indicted by a Manhattan grand jury next week is because Democrats want to “pull the wool over our heads” regarding Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden.

During a bizarre and at times downright surreal interview with CNN host Paula Reid, Habba was asked about the online meltdown her client had over the weekend when he suggested that he would be indicted on Tuesday by the office of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Habba responded:

“I think it’s a very important thing that he does, quite honestly. We’ve got Hunter Biden, who we’ve seen has ties to China. We have his dead brother’s wife, who’s now, we’ve heard this week, has been funneling money from China as well and is on payroll. So, what happens is the Democrats now have to pull the wool over our heads.”

Habba then began ranting about internet memes that “say, okay, arrest Donald Trump. but that’s exactly what that is. My client is getting ahead of it, and he’s smart to do so. When you hear a lot of noise like this, we have to, uh, uh, pull the curtains back and say, this is a problem for Democrats. They’re losing in the polls. He’s ahead. And we’ve got major crises happening. In New York, we have people dying. That is what a state DA is doing after a failed federal DA couldn’t do it.”

Clearly, Ms. Habba isn’t up to speed on the basic facts of what’s going on in Manhattan.

First of all, Bragg isn’t a “state DA” as she suggests. He’s the DA for New York County, which includes the city of Manhattan. And the reference to “a failed federal DA” would seem to be an attack on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who hasn’t yet indicted the ex-president but may once DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith completes his investigation and reports back to the attorney general.

Before the interview ended, Habba also suggested it’s Alvin Bragg who wants to see a violent reaction by Trump supporters if the Donald is charged with a felony, even though her client who is the one calling for mass protests by his acolytes.

“I don’t think he’s speculating at all. I think that’s the reason you’re covering it at the top of the hour, right? We’re all hearing it. And we’re all hearing leaks from the D.A., which is very typical. So, to not address something like that would be irresponsible. He’s a candidate for the presidency. He is a former president. Somebody is leaking that he is getting arrested.

“We’re hearing about meetings, we’re hearing about people going into the grand jury with information.”

Habba ended her semi-coherent statements by telling Reid:

“We actually heard a lie about somebody saying that they went into the grand jury and they didn’t. How can he not address it? He’s a key political figure, if not the political figure. So, I think it’s not speculation, it’s something that we’re hearing, and I’m glad he’s addressing it. If it is true, he needs to get ahead of it.”