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WATCH: James Comer Gets His A*s Handed To Him In Less Than 2 Minutes By An NBC Reporter

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Ryan Nobles made House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) look like a complete fool in what may well be record time during an interview on the topic of Comer’s efforts to impeach President Joe Biden.

Nobles began by telling Comer:

“So sir, there were the two checks: The $40,000 check and the $200,000 check that came from the president’s son and into the President’s bank account. There was also subsequent bank records, which were provided through the [Oversight] Committee, that demonstrate that there were also subsequent pieces of information that went from the President to the president’s son.”

Comer: “That is not true.”

Nobles then inquired, “So that you’re saying that that information has been made up then? Where did that information come from? That came from the Committee.”

“I don’t know,” Comer claimed. “We haven’t seen that information.”

“That is Committee information that is collected from the bank records that your committee has obtained,” Nobles added.

“Just show the check,” Comer insisted.

Nobles asked Comer if he had “a canceled check for every wire transfer that’s ever come into your account?”

“Yes,” Comer replied.

Nobles confronted the chairman with more facts.

“And that’s what has been shown, there is bank records that demonstrate an exact same amount of money. Are you saying, okay, sir, are you saying those bank records do not exist? That show the money leaving the President’s account and into his son’s?”

Comer: “They were money laundering. You see wires going all over the –”

Nobles pressed further:

“Sir, answer this specific question: Is there a bank record that demonstrates the exact amount of money that came from the President’s account into his son’s account that matches the checks that then went back to him? Does that exist? Yes or no?”

“No, no!” Comer raged “There’s money coming from a law firm.”

“That doesn’t exist? That doesn’t exist, sir?” Nobles noted.

Getting angrier, Comer said, “It does not exist. It’s coming from a law firm. Who put who put the money in the law firm? How do you know the money came from Joe Biden? It could have come from one of Hunter shell companies. You have no idea.”

Nobles: “Okay. So you are saying that that money that that money exists?That transfer does exist there in the bank records that you and your committee –”

“No!” Comer again shouted “You don’t know what that transfer is.”

Afterwards, Adam Cohen of Lawyers for Good Government, wrote on Twitter, “James Comer goes from checks that confirm harmless transactions between Joe and Hunter Biden ‘do not exist’ To ‘they exist, but we claim they might be suspicious.'”

House Republicans are the Keystone Cops of the political world, and James Comer is one of the biggest buffoons of them all.

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WATCH Marjorie Taylor Greene Object When A Democrat Uses The Perfect Word To Describe Her

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has never been a fan of the truth, and she proved that again during a House hearing Tuesday when one of her Democratic colleagues used a word that set her off.

The hearing was on transgender athletes, and a witness from the right-wing think tank Heritage Foundation was testifying when Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) remarked:

“The Heritage Foundation loves Texas. They always sending us some nonsense bills that somehow set this country on the wrong trajectory. They send them to Texas. They send them to Florida. Every deplorable state that we can think about, they usually coming out of y’all’s think tank.”

Greene immediately objected.

 “Point of order,” she said. “Point of order. I move to strike her words, ‘deplorable states.’

“That’s not a point of order,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) told the chairman of the committee, Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI). “Let the gentlelady proceed.”

After conferring with aides, McClain ruled against Greene.

“A ‘deplorable state’ is not a statement against a person,” she told Greene. “Or it is not engaging in personalities.”

Crockett later mocked Greene on Twitter.

As others reminded Greene on social media, the word “deplorable” is the perfect way to describe her.


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Liz Cheney: Jim Jordan Was One Of The ‘Masterminds’ Of Jan. 6 And Has ‘Something To Hide’

Though we’ve known for nearly three years that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was in phone contact with former president Donald Trump on January 6, 2021 as the U.S. Capitol was being attacked by Trump supporters, it remains unclear exactly what role Jordan may have played in organizing the protests that took place that fateful day.

Now, however, a former colleague of Jordan’s, Liz Cheney, is suggesting that she believes the Ohio Republican was one of the “masterminds” behind Jan. 6.

Appearing on “Deadline: White House” to discuss her new book, Cheney was asked about Jordan.

“I think that there’s no question he has — that Jim Jordan has something to hide, probably a lot to hide,” Cheney remarked. “If you go back and you look at the phone records as well as what he’s said himself about his discussions and his conversations with Donald Trump on the 6. There’s a very significant role he played in the lead-up to that. He was clearly one of the masterminds in terms of helping to facilitate Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.”

Cheney added that Jordan’s steadfast refusal to comply with a subpoena from the House Select Committee investigating the 2020 election and Jan. 6 is also highly suspicious.

“So, you have to imagine that he’s doing everything he can to help Donald Trump, to do Donald Trump’s bidding. And I think that he has so many questions of his own to answer that people just need to go back and look at the record. Look at how confused he’s been when people have pushed him on what did you say to Donald Trump. When did you talk to him on the 6th? What was your role in all of this? Did you make a request for pardons? But he’s very clearly at the heart of what was an attempt to seize power and overturn an election.”

Does that mean Jordan has “criminal exposure?” host Nicolle Wallace asked. Cheney replied, “He has a lot of questions to answer.”

In time, perhaps Special Counsel Jack Smith will take a long hard look at Jordan and others in Congress who may have played a role in Jan. 6 and the attempt to overturn the 2020 election. Until then, we can always hope that Smith succeeds in obtaining guilty verdicts against Donald Trump.

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WATCH A DOJ Official Give Jim Jordan A Brutal Fact-Check During House Hearing

A hearing of the House Judiciary Committee wound up proving just how little chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) knows about the law or U.S. history, with an official of the Justice Department having to give Jordan some embarrassing facts which completely undercut the point he was trying to make.

Jordan asked Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke about a civil rights investigation into Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, which the DOJ has accused of refusing to hire asylum recipients and refugees in direct violation of U.S. law.

“Did Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter have anything to do with the Justice Department’s decision to file that lawsuit against SpaceX?” Jordan asked Clarke.

Clarke told Jordan that the DOJ investigation of SpaceX began during the Trump administration.

“The investigation into SpaceX was open during the last administration, and we filed an administrative action under the Immigration and Nationality Act, an important law passed by this body with bipartisan support and signed into law by President Reagan,” she noted.

Jordan: “What are you alleging that SpaceX did wrong?”

Clarke: “In this case, we allege that the company is not compliant with the anti-discrimination provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

Rather than accept that, Jordan asked, “They’re discriminating against refugees and asylum seekers, is that right?”

Once again, Clarke had to fact check Jordan.

“No, Chairman. Against people who have received refugee status and asylum status by our federal courts and who enjoy equal standing under federal law to U.S. citizens and naturalized citizens.

“The law requires equal treatment of these individuals.”

Jordan continued to press.

“I just want to cut to the chase. You’re suing SpaceX because they hired too many Americans, too many citizens.”

“And yet you bring the lawsuit after Mr. Musk purchases Twitter, now X, is that right?”

Clarke shut Jordan down by responding: “We apply the laws that this body gave us without fear or favor.”

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‘Feeble’ Trump Claims His Worsening Verbal Gaffes Are ‘Fake’ And Created With Artificial Intelligence

Failed one-term, twice-impeached, and multiply-indicted former president Donald Trump says that videos showing him making blatant verbal gaffes on the campaign trail were actually created using artificial intelligence (A.I.) and are therefore not real.

Trump made his comments on social media in response to a devastating new ad from The Lincoln Project entitled “Feeble.”

The ad was posted online Monday, which prompted this angry response from the disgraced ex-president:

“The perverts and losers at the failed and once disbanded Lincoln Project, and others, are using A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in their Fake television commercials in order to make me look as bad and pathetic as Crooked Joe Biden, not an easy thing to do. Fox News shouldn’t run these ads, just as low ratings CNN & MSDNC will not, under any circumstances, run negative ads on Biden or the Democrats.

“They are, after all, in-kind campaign contributors to the Dems!”

In the ad (which you can watch below), a narrator says, “You need help getting around” as Trump has trouble pronouncing the word “anonymous.”

The narrator also asks, “Are you sure you don’t have dementia? It runs in the family” as a photo of the former president with his later father, Fred, appears on the screen. Fred Trump died in 1999 from Alzheimer’s Disease.

The ad contrasts Trump’s obese frame with the healthy form exhibited by President Joe Biden, who is shown jogging and riding a bike.

“You’re falling apart Donald,” the narrator warns. “Breaking down right in front of our eyes.”

As we’ve seen over the years, everything Donald Trump says about someone else (i.e. that Biden is old and mentally-challenged) is classic projection by the ex-president. He accuses others of what he knows are his own weaknesses. If he were a nicer person, it might be possible to feel some measure of sympathy for Donald. But he’s just a megalomaniacal asshole who deserves whatever karma has in store for him.