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Trump’s Latest Attempt At ‘Dancing’ Has The Internet Laughing Its A*s Off

During his Thursday campaign rally in the Bronx, failed one-term, twice-impeached, and multiply-indicted ex-president Donald Trump once again did something he does very poorly.

He danced.

However, based on the video of the alleged “dancing,” it’d be more accurate to refer to Trump’s moves as his latest public humiliation.

Here’s the video of Donnie busting a move on Thursday:

Dear God, please make it stop! Doesn’t this fool realize how ridiculous he looks? Is he deliberately trying to simulate what Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) enjoys doing publicly with her latest boyfriend? If so, mission accomplished.

Now please give me a way to erase the image from my memory.

Fortunately, Donnie’s bad dancing did spawn plenty of mockery on social media.

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There’s A ‘Big Flashing Warning Sign’ In Donald Trump’s Poll Numbers

Every week, it seems a new poll is released which shows that failed one-term former president Donald Trump holds a lead over President Joe Biden, a trend which has some Democratic strategists worried the polls may be a harbinger of bad news to come when ballots are cast in November.

But as New York Times analyst Nate Cohn notes in a piece he wrote for the newspaper, a quick look behind the numbers reveals that Trump’s support is much weaker than the raw numbers reveal.

Why? Well, mainly because Trump’s so-called polling advantage is among less engaged voters, who aren’t exactly a good indicator of what will happen when balloting begins.

“President Biden has actually led the last three Times/Siena national polls among those who voted in the 2020 election, even as he has trailed among registered voters overall. And looking back over the last few years, almost all of Mr. Trump’s gains have come from these less engaged voters.”

That means Trump’s lead in the polls is illusory at best and could actually be a lead for Biden, Cohn explains.

“While the race has been stable so far, Mr. Trump’s dependence on disengaged voters makes it easy to imagine how it could quickly become more volatile. As voters tune in over the next six months, there’s a chance that disengaged but traditionally Democratic voters could revert to their usual partisan leanings. Alternately, many of these disaffected voters might ultimately stay home, which might help Mr. Biden.”

The preponderance of disengaged voters nearly six months out from the election also makes the job of a pollster that much more challenging, Cohn adds.

“While millions of irregular voters will undoubtedly turn out this November, no one knows just how many of them will ultimately show up — let alone exactly which ones will do so,” he writes. “This too is always a challenge for pollsters, but the deep divide between regular and irregular Democrats this cycle means that the polls may be unusually sensitive to the ultimate makeup of the electorate, with Mr. Biden potentially favored if enough of his disengaged defectors stay home.”

Remember 2016? All of the polls showed Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over Trump. Despite that, she lost.

And in 2020, while many polls showed Joe Biden ahead on Election Day, none of them showed him winning in a popular and electoral vote landslide, which he did.

This will likely be a close election, but the polls probably won’t reflect the result any more this time than they have in the recent past.

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George Conway Trolls Trump With A Hilarious Billboard Near His Mar-a-Lago Resort

Conservative lawyer George Conway wants the world (or at least the part of the world that failed former president Donald Trump currently inhabits in Florida) to know that the choice in the 2024 election could not be clearer.

Conway made his point with a massive billboard erected near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, according to a report from Newsweek, and the message is trolling of the highest order.

The blue billboard reads, in large white lettering, “Vote for Joe Not the Psycho.” “Joe” clearly refers to President Joe Biden, who is expected to face off against Trump in a November rematch. The message “Paid for by George Conway” also appears on the billboard in smaller white lettering under the main message.

Photos of the billboard were shared by Conway on Twitter, along with this message: “So, just for kicks, I put up a billboard a few miles south of Palm Beach on I-95 South, perfect for anyone happening to travel from Mar-a-Lago to Doral to, say, play golf. Right around Exit 64, I believe. They’re going to send me better photos later.”

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung had this to say in response to Conway’s move: “George Conway is a loser who clearly has some serious mental issues that he needs to address.”

Conway is a loser? That’s pretty rich coming from someone that works for a guy who lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden in a popular and electoral vote landslide.

On Thursday evening, Conway discussed the billboard with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

“I thought about putting it up at the Holland Tunnel or the Lincoln Tunnel but it turns out he’s not going to Bedminster this summer, some reporters tell me, because the campaign is going to be run out of an office near West Palm Beach Airport,” Conway explained.

“So, this was the perfect location,” he added. “And I hope he sees it and I hope it amuses him as much as it amuses me.”

It amuses all of us, George, and we thank you for saying what we’re all thinking.

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Legal Expert Says Trump’s Refusal To Testify Will Come Back To Haunt Him

By refusing to take the witness stand on his behalf and defend himself against the 34 counts he’s charged with in Manhattan, former president Donald Trump has very possibly given the jury that will pass judgment on him the perfect reason to find him guilty, according to a legal expert.

Speaking with criminal defense attorney Paul Callan, MSNBC host Ana Cabrera noted, “Of course, the jury isn’t supposed to know about all of the bombastic things [Trump] is saying outside of that courtroom. But Paul, the jury likely knows who Trump is, and they know that he could have told his side of the story here.”

Callan agreed.

“Here they’re looking at the former president, the most powerful political leader on Earth known for giving two-hour speeches, railing in his own defense on a variety of subjects who never tells his side of the story. That’s a bell that’s kind of hard to unring. I’ve got to think a lot of those jurors are saying, why didn’t he testify? But I will say if they follow the instructions of the court, it’s not supposed to be held against Trump.”

For weeks, Trump had insisted that he would indeed take the stand, and his not doing so is certain to send a message to the jury that he must have something to hide. After all, an innocent man isn’t afraid to swear an oath to tell the truth under penalty of perjury.

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‘Red Flags’ From Tuesday’s Georgia Primary Show Marjorie Taylor Greene Could Lose In November

Even though she easily won the Republican primary in Georgia yesterday, there are some major “red flags” that suggest Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is vulnerable and could well lose in November’s general election.

That’s what noted political experts told Newsweek, noting that if Greene faces a challenge from a Democrat who can raise the necessary campaign funds the controversial Republican could find herself looking for work in 2025.

 T.J. McCormack, a Republican strategist and commentator, “Given Greene’s recent bizarre behavior, this might have been an opportunity to steal a win.”

Among the biggest concerns for Greene are her campaign finance reports, which show that she doesn’t have as much cash on hand as an incumbent should this close to November.

Denny Salas, a political strategist and senior vice president at New York-based Gotham Government Relations, said there are indeed some “red flags” for Greene, who has raised $5 million but only has about $1 million left with six months until the election.

“Her high spending rate, or ‘burn rate,’ could allow a Democratic opponent to defeat her in November’s general election,” Salas said. “While raising $5 million is impressive, blowing through most of it already is concerning.

“So, while not having any Republican opponents made her primary easy, her massive campaign spending suggests she may be vulnerable if Democrats find a well-funded candidate to run against her.”

Former president Donald Trump could also wind up dragging down Greene and other Republicans seeking reelection. Or vice versa, Jay Oliver, LI News radio host and political commentator warned.

“Republicans are in a tough spot whether to go against her with supporter Donald Trump by her side or join other Democrats with total condemnation.”
“In a Republican redrawn district to favor the GOP, how much control of this ‘loose cannon’ will be meaningful to help Trump in November? That will be the key.”

Greene’s latest bizarre accusation is that President Joe Biden and the Justice Department wanted to assassinate Trump when they raided his Mar-a-Lago resort to search for classified documents he failed to return upon leaving the White House.

According to Greene, the fact that FBI agents had the authorization to use lethal force during the raid is proof that Biden wanted Trump eliminated, The Independent reports.

“The Biden DOJ and FBI were planning to assassinate [president] Trump and gave the green light,” the Georgia representative wrote on X Tuesday evening.

The FBI quickly promptly swatted down Greene’s absurd conspiracy theory in an official statement.

“The FBI followed standard protocol in this search as we do for all search warrants, which includes a standard policy statement limiting the use of deadly force,” the statement read.

“No one ordered additional steps to be taken and there was no departure from the norm in this matter,” it added.

What will become of Greene? That remains unclear, but the entire county would be better off if she goes down to defeat come November. After all, we already have enough morons in Congress.