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GOP Congressman Claims MT Greene ‘Has Matured’ And Belongs On Homeland Security Committee

Did you know that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has matured? That’s what her colleague, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” regarding whether or not Greene belonged on the House Homeland Security Committee.

“This Week” host Martha Raddatz asked McFaul:

“She doubted 9/11. She doubted a plane hit the Pentagon. She later apologized for that. But she said that in 2018. Should she be on that committee? You are on that committee.”

The congressman replied:

“You know, these conspiracy theories that people go down, I disagree with this. I’m having to debunk this. This one was the worst violation. 9/11 was not a hoax. It was carried out by Al Qaeda. There’s no question in my mind.”


“Should she be on the committee?”

That’s when McCaul made the outrageous assertion that Greene had matured:

“Well, you know, look, this is 2018. I will tell you she has matured. I think she is — she realizes she doesn’t know everything and she wants to learn and become, I think, more of a team player. I think it’s incumbent upon more senior members to try to — she’s a member of Congress — bring her in and try to educate her that these theories that she has are not accurate.”

Raddatz asked again:

“Would you have rather seen a different choice?”

Rather than answer directly, McFaul wimped out and responded, “I’m not the chair of that committee, and I’m not the Speaker either.”

Maybe not, congressman, but if you raised enough hell, there’s a good chance Greene would be pulled from the committee and put one much less important than national security and the defense of the United States.

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t belong on any committee, and she doesn’t belong in Congress. Instead, she belongs in jail for her role in January 6.

Here’s the video:

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GOP Feud: MT Greene Puts Matt Gaetz On Full Blast When He Attempts To Compliment Her

The House MAGA caucus appears to have a major rift in it, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) slamming her onetime BFF Matt Gaetz (R-FL) when he attempted to compliment her on social media.

The Hill reports that Gaetz praised Greene for being appointed to two influential committees — Homeland Security and Oversight — by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who was supported by Greene to be Speaker but rejected by Gaetz.

“Bravo @mtgreenee!,” Gaetz wrote in his tweet. “She’s going to do amazing work for the people on these key committees she has EARNED.” 

Greene, however, didn’t sound the least bit pleased with her colleague’s praise, responding with a barbed counter-tweet:

“Thanks to@SpeakerMcCarthy & Steering for voting me on the committees I requested on the submission form most of us filled out.

“Too bad we’re weeks behind after you spent a week only getting MTV from 5 to 1.

“As the leading MAGA voice in Congress, I look forward to committees.”

Gaetz added another posting:

“Well, we got a few other things but I’m thrilled the MTV is back to the pre-Pelosi standard. Totally worth it! We the People will be in better hands with MTG holding the corrupt Biden Admin accountable via committee service. I’m so here for it.”

Once again, Greene was having none of it.

“The rules package did not change at all from Jan 1st to Jan 6th, except MTV went from 5 to 1. Literally anyone can read them online and see that. All substantial negotiations happened in conference & 5 families meetings before the 15 ballots starting on Jan 3rd.”

Greene has also been critical of another former MAGA House member, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). The two reportedly had a tense showdown in a bathroom at the Capitol.

According to multiple sources, the two women were nearly in a screaming match in the Speaker’s lobby ladies room just off the House floor.

“Greene questioned Boebert’s loyalty to McCarthy, and after a few words were exchanged, Boebert stormed out,” a source familiar with the fight told The Daily Beast.

According to another source familiar, while in the bathroom, Greene asked Boebert, “You were OK taking millions of dollars from McCarthy but you refuse to vote for him for Speaker, Lauren?”

It should be fun to watch and see how Greene reacts when Boebert and/or Gaetz demand a motion to vacate (MTV) in an attempt to topple McCarthy.

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Former GOP Adviser Tells ‘Insurrectionist’ Jim Jordan To ‘Shut The Hell Up’

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) will soon be chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and a former GOP adviser has some advice for him: Shut the hell up.

Tara Setmayer made her remarks during an appearance on MSNBC Sunday, telling host Jonathan Capehart:

“I want to remind people who Jim Jordan is. Jim Jordan is potentially under investigation by the Department of Justice. He is now about to become the chairman of the Judiciary Committee which has direct oversight of the Department of Justice; there’s something incredibly wrong with that.”

Setmayer added:

“Jim Jordan was an insurrectionist. He was one the people in those backdoor deals with Rudy Giuliani and all those others to overturn the fair election in this country. He now has the power of the gavel, of the oversight committee for the Department of Justice. This is what people have voted into power.”

But that was just the beginning of what Setmayer had to say about Jordan and his GOP allies who are about to take control of the House:

“I think it is a responsibility for all of us who have a platform to remind the American people that elections have consequences. We cannot ignore the role that they played in almost losing our democracy on January sixth, they should all be held accountable and asked questions about.”

Setmayer said she has one message for Jordan, and she wishes he would heed her instructions:

“Jim Jordan really needs to shut the hell up with the righteous indignation about anything. Because he has not been held accountable for his own transgressions and I think that they should come sooner rather than later.”

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Right-Wing Radio Host Says ‘Large Marge’ Taylor Greene Will ‘Burn In Hell’ For Supporting Kevin McCarthy

Just a few months ago, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was a darling of right-wingers across the country due in large part to her outrageous sound bites, tweets, and online videos in which she ranted about anything and everything she claimed was wrong with the United States and the world.

But every since Greene announced her support for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to be the next Speaker of the House, the right has turned on her, with a right-wing radio host saying this week that she will “burn in hell” for daring to help McCarthy ascend to the highest office in the House of Representatives.

According to The Daily Beast, the long knives are out, and Greene is feeling the sting of those blades.

Right-wing radio host Stew Peters turned the criticism up to full blast this week with this hellacious condemnation of the Georgia Republican.

I see you’ve stopped talking about dildos and butt plugs to stand by your China/Israel Owned FTX boy Kevin. Marje – You claim you want to “Defeat the Democrats”. You haven’t ONCE demanded that Kevin get rid of Pelosi’s rules and bring back the Motion to Vacate the Chair.

But that wasn’t all Peters had to say about Greene.

In a phone interview with The Daily Beast, Peters said that Greene was “actually a threat to national security” and declared that she would “burn in hell” one day.

“Marjorie is NOT America First, but regrettably a faker and a liar who raised millions claiming she would impeach Biden, and now backs a man for Speaker who refuses to impeach Biden,” he said Friday evening. Additionally, Peters—like many other far-right pundits—engaged in an extremely sexist attack referencing the allegation that Greene had an affair with a “tantric sex guru” ahead of her recent divorce.

Peters suggested the “wholesome Christian mom” image she ran under was a farce, apparently in light of her divorce, calling her a “two-bit whore.”

White nationalist Nick Fuentes is slamming Greene (who he has nicknamed “Large Marge”) and is encouraging his fellow racist deplorables to heckle Greene at public events, though it’s too soon to know if his wishes will actually come true.

Greene is also involved in a spat with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who mocked the Georgia Republican by bringing up an anti-Semitic gaffe Greene made, firing off this shot at a Turning Point USA conference:

“I’ve been aligned with Marjorie and accused of believing a lot of the things that she believes in. I don’t believe in this, just like I don’t believe in Russian space lasers, Jewish space lasers, and all of this.”

Whether its lasers or barbs aimed at her, Greene is losing favor with the extremists who helped get her elected in 2020 and again this November. But that’s what happens when you court conspiracy theorists, idiots, and bigots. Greene has no one to blame but herself.

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Former RNC Chair Warns: ‘Marjorie Taylor Greene Will Be The Most Powerful Speaker Of The House’

For almost a month now, as it became clear that Republicans would indeed win a narrow majority giving them control of the House of Representatives, there’s been endless chatter about who might be the next Speaker of the House.

The name most frequently mentioned is that of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), but many conservatives say they cannot support him because he’s not right-wing enough or willing to bend to their extremist will.

Surprisingly, Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says she supports McCarthy, which has confounded some pundits since she’s also a hardcore right-wing nutjob.

But according to former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, whoever winds up as Speaker will have to give a great deal of their power to Greene.

Appearing on MSNBC Friday, Steele noted:

“The media and others still want to focus on the man and, you know, what he’s trying to do, what he’s trying to say — we’re past that. I’m now looking at where the party leadership is trying to move itself, and the more telling thing for me was not the dinner that Donald Trump had with [Nick] Fuentes and Kanye [West]. It was the lack of response from political wannabes, who want to be president, the governor of Florida, which I still don’t think he’s put a statement out on that. The leadership of the party, ‘Oh, we don’t like antisemitism,’ without saying that the anti-Semitic former president is the case to be made against, and to draw that very bright line and say this is not who we are, nor is it who we want to be.”

Then came the warning about Greene:

“That small fraction of the party still has political, financial and other sway and control over the leadership. Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the most powerful Speaker of the House because she will have the opportunity to control what comes out of Kevin’s mouth around the things that matter to that small cadre.”

A panelist asked Steele if he thought Greene might actually wind up being Speaker, to which he responded:

“I just call the thing what it is.You call it shadow, I call it the thing. It’s the job, because what you can’t make that separation, when she is — you’re dragging her to your events and propping her up, telling her we’re going to put you back in committee, we’re going to give you a powerful leadership role. Come on.”