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Evidence Suggests Some Congressional Republicans Could Still Be Charged For Jan. 6

While it’s been clear for some time now that former President Donald Trump was directly involved in fomenting the violence that took place on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol, reporting from The New York Times suggests that some Republicans in Congress also played a role in the efforts to subvert the 2020 election and keep power through a violent uprising.

Specifically, the Times reveals that notes taken by a top deputy to then-Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen point directly to a coordinated effort between Trump and members of Congress. Those notes, which were handwritten by deputy AG Richard Donoghue, report what Trump told Rosen:

“Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.”

That, many legal experts said, is a literal smoking gun, and it means that several Republicans in Congress are facing indictment for their role in what transpired on that fateful day.

Philip Bump of The Washington Post focused in on the notation from Donoghue:

“What Donoghue’s notes suggest is that Trump had fully bought into the effort that would eventually become his Alamo: having Republican legislators block the electoral-vote counting due to take place at the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

Failing to certify counting of the electoral votes would have resulted in a Constitutional crisis. The added chaos of a riot at the Capitol would have provided the perfect opportunity for Trump to declare a national emergency and refuse to hand over the reins of power to Joe Biden. It also would have provided an “excuse” for a coup d’etat. And it would have even had the blessing of a faction in Congress.

Once again, quoting Philip Bump:

“Some congressional Republicans clearly did their best to aid Trump’s effort. On the morning of Jan. 6, (Rep Mo) Brooks spoke before Trump at a rally outside the White House. It was time, he said, to ‘start taking down names and kicking ass.’ It’s not clear if any of those in attendance did the former, but some clearly did the latter.”

Brooks, along with Reps. Jim Jordan, Jim Banks, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy (and perhaps others) may well find themselves charged with crimes by the Justice Department.


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Missouri Native Jon Hamm Mocks Josh Hawley As A Coward In A Devastating Campaign Ad

While Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) likes to brag and write books about manhood and what it means to be a man, a fellow Missourian is destroying Hawley with a campaign ad he made for his 2024 Democratic opponent.

HuffPost reports that actor Jon Hamm of “Mad Men” fame directly questions Hawley’s manhood in the devastating campaign ad.

“Manhood. You’d hope that means courage. Courage isn’t something you can give speeches or write a book about,” Hamm says, alluding to Hawley’s new book “Manhood.”

“It’s not sitting on the sidelines while others sacrifice, or denying help to those who did,” the actor says. “It isn’t putting people down or trying to control them or using your own power for profit or ambition.”

The ad also references Hawley’s cowardice on January 6, 2021, when he ran from protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol just hours after he saluted them with a raised fist of support.

“In Missouri, you can’t fake courage,” Hamm says. “We’re the Show Me state. Courage is something you have to show us.”

The ad ends with Hamm taking another dig at Hawley’s so-called manhood.

“If you want to be told about manhood, some guy wrote a book about it. But if you want someone to show you courage, send Lucas Kunce to the Senate.”

Kunce is indeed a courageous man. He’s a Marine veteran who has made it clear he thinks Hawley is vulnerable because he’s too obsessed with gender roles and trying to pretend he has macho credentials, remarking earlier this year:

“He’s just done creepy things, like write books telling everybody how to be a man, and if you don’t do what he says then you’re not a man. So we’re going to hold him to task for all of that. He’s obsessed with what everybody else is doing in their bedroom, at work, on the internet, in the doctor’s office.”

Here’s the Jon Hamm ad for Lucas Kunce:


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WATCH: Jim Jordan’s ‘Weaponization’ Witness Gets Humiliated When Asked About His Revoked Security Clearance

This hasn’t been a very good day for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Jordan’s committee held a hearing this morning regarding the so-called “weaponization” of the Justice Department against failed and indicted former president Donald Trump, and his first “whistleblower” was quickly discredited with a line of questioning about why he lost his security clearance when he worked for the FBI.

The witness/whistleblower, Steve Friend, who served as an agent in the Miami FBI office was asked by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), “You … claim that your top secret security clearance was improperly revoked. Yet an independent investigation concluded that you demonstrated a number of security concerns, which included that you refused to execute a court-ordered arrest warrant, and when you downloaded documents from intelligence systems to an unauthorized removable flash drive.”

Friend said nothing, so Wasserman Schultz continued:

“The cherry on top could be your unauthorized recording of executive management, which, as I’m sure you know, violates Florida law, along with your unsanctioned interviews with Sputnik News, established by the Russian government in 2014 and fully owned by the Kremlin and Putin’s cronies.”

The congresswoman concluded her remarks by noting, “I think it’s clear who is weaponizing government.”

Jordan’s other witness, FBI agent Marcus Allen, also lost his security clearance because he refused to share information with fellow agents regarding January 6 suspects who were under investigation.

It’d be tempting to call Jordan’s bogus hearings a dog and pony show, but that would be an insult to dogs, ponies, and shows.


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Photo Of Marjorie Taylor Greene Has People Wondering If She’s Pregnant

You may have heard that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) husband, Perry, filed for divorce in September of last year, ending their marriage of 27 years.

More recently, Greene has been seen in public with her new beau, Brian Glenn, who is the program director for Right Sight Broadcasting, a network with a political bent to the right of Atilla the Hun.

Now, however, there’s a new debate taking place on social media regarding a photo taken of Greene signing a baseball.

Here’s the full photo, which got clipped down to fit into the tweet:

Could that be a baby bump? Or is Greene getting tubby? Since she often posts videos of herself working out, added weight seems unlikely, unless, of course, there’s a child gestating inside.

Greene, it should be noted, is 48, which is older than most women choose to give birth, but it’s certainly not unheard of for a woman her age to do so.

The photo set off a lot of chatter on Twitter, with many people suggeting that Marge sure looks like she’s with child.

If indeed Greene is pregnant, here’s a name suggestion if it’s a boy: Damien. Those of you who are into horror movies will get that reference. The rest of you can Google it.


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Republicans Ready To Boot Marjorie Taylor Greene From Homeland Security Committee: Report

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is one step closer to being removed from the House Homeland Security Committee after she called Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “liar” and accused him of being responsible for thousands of fentanyl deaths in the United States, a direct violation of House rules that prohibit the impugning the character of a witness.

According to CNN reporter Melanie Zanona, committee chairman Mark Green (R-TN) has had enough of Greene’s antics.

“GOP tensions flaring over MTG’s committee hearing outburst today,. Source close to Chairman Mark Green said he was furious w/ MTG’s behavior and planned to privately reprimand her, and also said he’d encourage McCarthy to remove her from the committee if she did that again. But MTG doubled down on her rhetoric, accusing her GOP colleagues of ‘doing the bidding’ of Dems. She told me went to [House Speaker Kevin] McCarthy’s office to talk about it & said to him: ‘I don’t know how we’re ever going to accomplish anything when we can’t call people a liar when they’re lying.'”

CNN also reports that other House Republicans are also fed up with Greene and want her disciplined for her antics.

GOP lawmakers on the committee, speaking on condition of anonymity, told CNN that Greene’s behavior was an unnecessary distraction and complained they had to waste valuable hearing time over the dust-up. Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, who called Greene a “friend” that he has hosted in his district, said the incident was “unfortunate” and supported the chairman’s decision to silence her. “I thought he did a good job managing the committee as best as he could. But the sooner we can get back to kind of civility amongst colleagues, the better for everybody,” he told CNN.

Greene was reportedly instrumental in helping Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) get elected Speaker of the House by a razor thin margin in January, and it remains unclear if he would support barring her from the Homeland Security Committee.