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J.D. Vance Gets Busted For Lying Like A Rug About Trump’s Record On Jobs And Tariffs

Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance got a brutal fact-check on live television earlier today when he attempted to lie about job creation and tariffs on imports during an appearance on Face the Nation.

Vance, who is also a leading contender to be former president Donald Trump’s running mate in this year’s election, was asked by host Margaret Brennan how more tariffs would make American products less expensive.

“So how is the Trump-Vance idea here going to help make things more affordable for people if you’re putting taxes on goods they’re purchasing from overseas?” she inquired.

“Well, I don’t necessarily buy the premise there, Margaret,” Vance responded. “If you apply tariffs, really what it is is you’re saying that we’re going to penalize you for using slave labor in China and importing that stuff in the United States.”

“What you end up doing is you end up making more stuff in America, in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, and in Michigan,” he insisted.

“That did not happen in the Trump administration, though,” Brennan noted.

“Well, it actually did happen in the Trump administration, Margaret,” Vance claimed. “Manufacturing jobs came back.”

Nope. That’s not even remotely true.

As a matter of fact, manufacturing jobs have just begun to come back in large numbers since President Joe Biden was elected, with PolitiFact noting that some 800,000 manufacturing jobs have been added since he took office:

  • Official federal data shows President Joe Biden, in office 45 months, is right on the number of manufacturing jobs created, although presidents do not control the economy single-handedly.
  • The first three-quarters of those job gains represented a return to pre-recession levels.
  • Comparing historical patterns 45 months out from a recession’s onset reveals Biden-era manufacturing employment to be the strongest in 72 years, and the second strongest since the end of World War II.

Trump, on the other hand, saw massive losses in the manufacturing sector, due in large part to the tariffs he imposed on China, Politico reported in September 2020.

Four years after he won the Midwest by vowing to revitalize the U.S. manufacturing workforce, President Donald Trump is campaigning for reelection on a job well done. The numbers tell a different story.

Trump’s anti-trade agenda and a pandemic-induced recession have combined to shutter factories and accelerate decades-old trends toward automation, eliminating hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs, many for good, including in the Rust Belt states he needs to win in November.

The Biden-Harris campaign also joined in fact-checking Sen. Vance, who is willing to kiss Trump’s fat ass 24/7 if he thinks it will secure him a spot on the 2024 GOP ticket.

Nice try, senator, but you’re just as full of shit as the lying rapist you’re praying will choose you to be his VP.

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WATCH President Biden Troll Marjorie Taylor Greene During Remarks About Job Creation

Thursday, July 6, 2023 has not been a good day for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Earlier today, Greene was booted from the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, Politico reports.

A member of the House Freedom Caucus on Thursday confirmed that the conservative group has voted to boot Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — a vote first reported by POLITICO last week.

“A vote was taken to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the House Freedom Caucus for some of the things she’s done,” said Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.).

Greene, who has closely aligned herself with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), apparently isn’t extreme enough to please the Freedom Caucus, and her shift to what passes as the “center” of today’s GOP is seen as a betrayal.

A few hours later after the Politico report, President Joe Biden was in Flex LTD in West Columbia, South Carolina to tout new jobs being created in the green energy sector, according to Mediaite, and he couldn’t resist trolling the Georgia Republican in his remarks.

“Since I took office, we’ve seen over 60 domestic manufacturing announcements all across the solar supply chain. One of the biggest is in Dalton, Georgia. You may find hard to believe, but that’s Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district. (Pauses for effect) I’ll be there for the groundbreaking!”

The audience laughed.

Biden continued: “So just today, the Department of Energy announced new incentives for companies to bring solar power manufacturing back to our shores. We’re in a real race. China’s ahead of us. This is another step in helping us meet the goal of 100% clean, renewable energy electricity by 2035, by 2035.”

Biden took a jab at Greene during a private fundraiser a few weeks ago, too, remarking:

“Matter of fact, I’m going to show up for a major initiative and investment that’s taking place in — in North Georgia, in the home of Marjorie Taylor Greene. (Laughter and applause.) It’s a multi-billion-dollar — it’s a multi-multi-million-dollar project. Okay? But I’m going to be there with a spade to turn the dirt, because I said — and I mean it — I — I represent all Americans, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans or whoever they are.”

Greene hasn’t yet responded to the president’s comments, but she likely will, if only because she knows he’s right.


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WATCH A CNBC Host Tell Kevin McCarthy He’s A Hypocrite For Refusing To Repeal The Trump Tax Cuts

CNBC host Sara Eisen repeatedly asked Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) why he’s refusing to repeal the Trump tax cuts as part of the ongoing debate over raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

McCarthy was in New York to discuss the debt ceiling and stabilizing financial markets, and he wondered if Eisen would allow the country to continue to tax and spend: “Would you just raise the limit?”

Eisen replied, “Well, if it meant playing with America’s standing and full faith and credit of U.S. government debt, I feel like you can deal with the spending in other ways, which is totally legitimate.”

When McCarthy said debt can only be reduced with massive spending cuts, Eisen wondered, “You did it (raised the debt ceiling) three times in the Trump administration.”

The Speaker protested, “We never raised the debt ceiling by itself.”

Eisen: “And tax cuts. That was like $2 trillion in deficit.”

When McCarthy said those tax cuts had been good for the economy, Eisen countered, “So I was going to ask you about taxes because I wonder, because you want to extend the Trump tax cuts, correct? But isn’t that a little hypocritical when you’re talking about finding savings everywhere and being on an unsustainable fiscal path?”

In response, McCarthy resorted to his favorite trick: He lied.

“How’s that hypocritical when it’s bringing tax cuts, tax savings? I will always advocate for the idea that we are streamlining our tax policies, that we’re also streamlining our regulation.”

Someone please explain the basics of economics to Kevin McCarthy. It’s clear he has no damn idea what he’s talking about.

Here’s the video from CNBC:

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WATCH Fed Chairman Powell Dress Down A Fox Reporter For His BS Claims About Inflation

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell set a reporter from Fox Business straight on the basics of the U.S. economy and inflation Wednesday during a press conference.

During the press conference, reporter Edward Lawrence suggested that government spending was partially responsible for inflation, remarking:

“Inflation has been rather sticky, so do you need help from the fiscal side to get inflation down faster?” 

Powell replied:

“We don’t give advice to the fiscal authorities, and we assume that we take fiscal policy as it comes to our front door, stick it in our model along with a million other things, and we have responsibility for price stability. And we will get inflation down to 2% in time.”

Lawrence tried again to link spending to inflation:

“But the spending that’s happened is working against what you are doing, right? So it’s prolonging inflation?”

That led Powell to dress down Edwards:

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Jamie Raskin Masterfully Mocks The GOP’s ‘Pathetic’ Anti-Inflation Bill

On Monday, the House Rules Committee began hearings on the long-awaited Republican plan for controlling inflation, and it didn’t take long before it became clear that their bill — HR 347 a.k.a. the “Rein In Act” — is nothing but a publicity stunt that won’t do a damn thing to help reduce prices or inflation.

One of the committee members, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), began his comments on the legislation by noting, “The world has been waiting with bated breath for their answer to it. The long wait is over.”

Raskin added that the Rein In Act, which stands for Reduce Exacerbated Inflation Negatively Impacting the Nation, would fight inflation by adding new reporting requirements for certain executive orders:

“You heard that right: A reporting requirement related to executive orders.”

Specifically, the bill would require would require the Biden administration to  “provide an inflation estimate” of every executive order “with a significant effect on the gross budget.” Why? According to committee chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY), so that the president will “think twice” before he issues any future orders.

This led Raskin to dryly comment:

“Whether you think this is the most brilliant legislation since Social Security, or the dumbest idea since the last trillion-dollar giveaway in taxes, you must concede that it will have little or zero effect on the global inflation rate or the domestic inflation rate.

“We know executive orders have nothing to do with inflation” and the Reins Act is “devoid of any serious legislative meaning where potential economic consequence … it’s pathetically weak.”

The Maryland Democrat suggested a more accurate name for the legislation would be the “Running on Empty Initiative based on no ideas — None — Act.”

You can watch the video of Raskin’s remarks at this link