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Lauren Boebert Mocked For Vowing To ‘Never Attend’ A Global Economic Forum She Wasn’t Invited To

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) thought she’d let the world know that she doesn’t plan to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, proudly making her announcement on Twitter.

What Boebert neglected to mention is that the Davos forum is by invitation only and she wasn’t invited in the first place.

That was all it took to set off a wave of online mockery, with many mentioning things they would never do.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Sets Peter Doocy Straight When He Whines Biden Is ‘Bragging’ On Falling Gas Prices

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy absolutely hates when good news arrives for President Joe Biden and the administration, as proved today when he whined that the president had been “bragging” on falling gas prices earlier in the day.

Specifically, the president noted:

“You know, we’ve seen some progress. Gas prices are coming down. They’re down almost a dollar a gallon where—from where they were just a month ago.”

That led Doocy to ask White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre:

“Why is the president bragging today about gas prices?”

The press secretary responded:

“Because it’s gone down.”


“It’s still $1.72 higher than when he took office.”


“It is come down in a way that we haven’t seen–its trajectory coming down in over a decade.”

The Fox reporter continued to press:

“So, over $4 a gallon, is that good?”


“You want to talk to a nurse or a teacher or a firefighter if having that little bit of breathing room doesn’t matter to them?”

Still trying to provoke Jean-Pierre, Doocy asked:

“Are nurses and teachers and firefighters saying, ‘Gas prices are only $4.11?'”

That’s when Jean-Pierre shut down Doocy with facts:

“I’m saying that even that little bit of breathing room matters to families, especially during the summer when people are traveling, when people are trying to do what they can for their families.”

She then added:

“To say that the changes, the drop that we have seen at the pump per gallon does not matter, I think that is wrong. I think that is not true and I think that does give a little bit of space and breathing room for families and is important.”


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WATCH Maria Bartiromo Get Called Out When She Lies About Inflation Being All Biden’s Fault

Even though she’s supposed be an “expert” on economics and finance, Fox host Maria Bartiromo got caught blatantly lying about the cause of inflation Sunday morning and called out by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA).

Khanna was a guest on “Sunday Morning Futures,” and Bartiromo claimed that President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief package “was the beginning of inflation getting stoked.”

The congressman told Bartiromo:

“Maria, just to be factual on inflation, there was $3 trillion of spending under President Trump. And yes, there was spending under Joe Biden. But it is unfair to say that it’s just the spending under Biden that somehow caused the inflation and not under Trump.”

Bartiromo interrupted to interject:

“Just to be clear, I’m looking specifically at the numbers and when we look at the inflation timeline, which was the handover from President Trump to President Biden. … By the time that we got to July of 2021, inflation was at 5.5%. Then the Democrats led the infrastructure package. That was signed into law November 21 and inflation was up to 6.8%. By March of 2022, right after the invasion by Russia, inflation was at 7.9% and today we are 8.6%

“So we’re up to 9.1%, Congressman, with all of this spending.”

Once more, Khanna countered expertly:

“But, Maria, you know correlation and causation are different. You can’t say that Trump sending stimulus checks in December of 2020 was not inflationary and somehow Biden doing in March was inflationary.

“What happened is we got out of Covid. And that increased demand and the supply was constrained and the Fed policy was wrong.”

Bartiromo also neglected to mention that the U.S. economy was in a jobless recession when Trump left office, as Fortune reported in January of 2021:

In a two-month period, February to April 2020, the unemployment rate soared to an 80-year high and the number of employed Americans fell from 152.5 million to 130.3 million. Those 22.2 million job losses set U.S. employment back to 1999 levels.

Since, the economy has moved from contraction to expansion and seen 12.3 million jobs return. However, it hasn’t been enough to offset the job losses that occurred during the pandemic.

That means that Trump will become the first post–World War II president to see employment fall during his presidency. It last occurred when Herbert Hoover left office in 1933 amid the early years of the Great Depression.

Trump bungled the U.S. response to COVID-19, and that caused massive economic disruption, part of which we are experiencing even now.

Nice try, Maria, but you’re just as full of crap as Trump himself, who continues to lie about the economy doing better with him as president than ever in U.S. history. It didn’t, and he will always be a one-term, twice-impeached loser.

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Fox News Host Claims Milk Now Costs $11 A Gallon Due To Inflation

Last time you went to the grocery store, how much did you pay for a gallon of milk?

I was in the grocery store on Wednesday and one of my purchases was a gallon of 2% milk, for which I paid $4.06.

But according to Fox News host Sandra Smith, she had to pay $11 for a gallon of milk in New York, Mediaite reports:

“You have the egg-o-meter, I have the milk-o-meter. I bought a gallon of milk last night. Granted we live in New York, things are higher priced than in a lot of other areas in the country. It is nearly $11 for a gallon of milk at a New York grocery store.”

Even in New York, the only thing you would pay $11 a gallon for is certain select organic brands of milk. But the average gallon costs nowhere near that, no matter were in the U.S. you happen to be.

According to the USDA’s ’s Agricultural Marketing Service, “the average price for a gallon of milk in NYC rose from $4.60 at the beginning of the year to $4.69 in March.”

Twitter users were only too happy to declare Smith’s statement to be complete bullshit, because it most certainly is.

Another day, another lie from Fox News. It’s their calling card.


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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Cryptocurrency Crashes – Has ZERO Value As MAGA Faithful Watch Their Money Vanish

Some of the MAGA faithful thought they’d found the perfect way to make money while also indulging their bizarre need to insult President Joe Biden with their childish “Let’s go Brandon” chant, which is actually just a publicly acceptable substitute for “F*ck Joe Biden.”

Of course, thanks to the First Amendment that right-wingers love to attack by banning books from schools and libraries, they already had the right to say almost anything they want about any public figure, including telling the president to go f*ck himself.

So it must have sounded like a Trumppublican dream come true when someone created a cryptocurrency and tagged it “LGB” to represent their favorite childish attack on the man who beat the brakes off their beloved Donnie Dotard, a.k.a. the twice-impeached one-term former president.

Their crypto coin dreams, however, have gone up in smoke, like nearly everything that carries the name of their tangerine god, according to Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast:

The MAGA-themed “Let’s Go Brandon” Ethereum cryptocurrency has fallen on tough times.

So much so that the value of all 330 trillion coins totals just a few thousand dollars combined, according to the trading sites CoinMarketCap and Crypto, a far cry from the days of pro-Trump investors believing they could strike it rich in the ever-complex world of crypto.

That represents a 99.5 percent decline over the last 30 days, leaving a singular LGB coin effectively worthless.

99.5% decline in a mere 30 days. Hell, even Trump University lasted longer than that.

What happened? Simple: The creators of the LGB coin tried to tap into a thin vein of hatred that was certain to grow cold in short order:

“They tried to monetize on a viral outbreak. Did it surprise me when something without value shot up and immediately shot down upon release? No,” said David Silver, an attorney who has represented aggrieved crypto investors since 2014.

When the coin was first released in January of this year, it had what’s known as a “liquidity pool” value of $6.5 million, which isn’t too shabby for a new cryptocurrency that came out of nowhere.

Many investors are (as you’d expect) crestfallen, with one noting their 73 million coins now had a total value of $1.66, which isn’t enough to purchase so much as a swizzle stick at Starbucks.

But despite the collapse of LGB coin, the geniuses behind the failed idea tried to buck up their investors, sending out a tweet that read:

“Sometimes you just need to have faith and [hold on for dear life].”

Sounds like it’s time to rename “Lets go Brandon” coin to “Let’s go broke.”