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Fox Guest Claims Elon Musk Will Use Twitter As The ‘Software’ For Computer Chips He Implants In People’s Brains

A so-called computer “expert” told a Fox News host on Sunday that Twitter CEO Elon Musk may be planning to use the social media site as the “software” for computer chips he will implant in people’s brains.

Earlier this week, Musk announced that within six months his Neuralink project will enter the human testing phase, CNBC reported on Thursday:

Musk said two of the company’s applications will aim to restore vision, even for people who were born blind, and a third application will focus on the motor cortex, restoring “full body functionality” for people with severed spinal cords. “We’re confident there are no physical limitations to restoring full body functionality,” Musk said.

Neuralink could begin to test the motor cortex technology in humans in as soon as six months, Musk said.

“Obviously, we want to be extremely careful and certain that it will work well before putting a device in a human, but we’re submitted, I think, most of our paperwork to the FDA,” he said.

Musk also said he plans to get one himself. “You could have a Neuralink device implanted right now and you wouldn’t even know. I mean, hypothetically … In fact, in one of these demos, I will,” he said. He reiterated that on Twitter after the event.

That led Fox Host Arthel Neville to ask Datagrade CEO Joe Toscano about the giant nothing burger that Musk spread all over social media about Hunter Biden. Toscano responded:

“Perhaps, Elon is really trying to deflect attention from the fact that he just proposed within the next six months, he’s hoping to put chips in people’s brains.”

Neville inquired:

“So you think there’s maybe much ado about nothing, and a distraction by Musk. Is that what you’re saying?”

That led Toscano to reply:

“I do think that’s a big conversation. Think about it. This man owns Neuralink. He said, within the last three days, in the next six months, he’s hoping to put chips in people’s brains for human trials. He has Twitter, which is going to be the software and he has StarLink, which is going to be the internet for this.”

Perhaps sensing that Fox could get sued for broadcasting such a wild conspiracy theory, Neville pushed back:

“We don’t want to put it out there that somehow if you use your phone or tweet or something that you’re going to get chips put in your brain. Let’s not do that. It’s a crazy concept. So, we’ll step away from that one.”

Elon Musk Social Media WTF?!

Musk Lifts Twitter Ban On Neo-Nazi Who Said Women Should Be ‘Beaten And Locked In Cages’

Though the name Andrew Anglin may not ring any bells, some of the things he’s posted on social media were so disgusting that they got him banned from Twitter.


For example, Anglin has said:

  • Women “deserve to be beaten, raped and locked in cages.”
  • Jews should be exterminated.
  • His goal is to “ethnically cleanse White nations of non-Whites and establish an authoritarian government.”

Anglin is also the founder of the neo-Nazi website Stormfront, which lauds Adolf Hitler and promotes the killing of anyone who isn’t white.

However, as of today, Anglin is back on Twitter, all thanks to the new “free speech?” policy that has been implemented by CEO Elon Musk, who, it should be noted, was born and raised in South Africa, which brutally enforced a policy of government discrimination (apartheid) against black South Africans for a half-century.

Rolling Stone reports on Anglin’s return to Twitter:

“The return of an avowed neo-Nazi to Twitter under Musk’s guarantee to reinstate banned accounts reinforces the concerns brought forth by civil society groups and advertisers over his handling of content standards on the platform. Under Musk, prominent white nationalists including Patrick Casey and Richard Spencer have reportedly been reinstated or been able to verify their accounts through Twitter’s recently launched pay-for-verification scheme.”

Shortly after Anglin was reinstated on Twitter, he began posting hate speech.

Almost immediately upon having his account reinstated, Anglin tweeted a response to rapper Ye praising Hitler and denying the Holocaust on Alex Jones’ show. ‘Saying you love Hitler is not even a big deal,’ Anglin wrote, ‘no one cares about that. The man died 80 years ago.’ 

Ironically, Ye (a.k.a. Kanye West) has been banned from Twitter for sharing an image of a Star of David combined with a swastika, the traditional symbol associated with Nazi Germany.

Free speech is a wonderful thing. But as the old saying goes, No one has the right to yell “fire!” in a crowded theater. And no one should have the right to spout Nazi propaganda on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

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October Tweet Elon Musk Sent Regarding Kanye West Comes Back To Bite Him On The A*s

A couple of months ago, Kanye West made a disgusting comment on Twitter in which he suggested that he was ready to go “death con 3” on Jewish people.

Politico reported on the tweet at the time:

In a tweet sent late Saturday, Ye said he would soon go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” according to internet archive records. That’s an apparent reference to the U.S. military readiness condition scale known as DEFCON.

West’s Twitter account was restricted after that posting, and Twitter CEO Elon Musk said he had spoken with the rapper.

Took it to heart, did he, Elon? Then perhaps the Tweeter-in-Chief can explain what Kanye told Alex Jones today on his show:

“Well, I see good things about Hitler, also. I love everyone. The Jewish people are not going to tell me, you know, you can love us and you can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts and you can love what we’re pushing with the pornography.”

Musk loves to say that he believes in “free speech” on social media and intends for Twitter to be the ultimate platform for that free discussion of ideas. And apparently that now includes anti-Semitism, blatant racism, hate speech, and lots of other disgusting expressions that are perfectly acceptable on Twitter.

So that means Musk has to hear what other Twitter users think about his counseling session with Kanye West, which clearly didn’t do a damn bit of good.

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Elon Musk Gets Mocked On His Own Platform When He Whines About Apple Not Buying Twitter Ads

Like so many of the privileged class, Twitter CEO Elon Musk absolutely hates it when everyone doesn’t bow down and do whatever he demands.

For example, Musk posted a tweet Monday in which he complained about Apple no longer buying ads on Twitter.

“Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?”

After that, Musk began directly attacking Apple, which is big enough to swallow up Twitter and have billions left over.

See what’s going on? It’s jealousy. Consider:

  • Apple has a market cap of $2.3 TRILLION!! Twitter’s is $41billion.
  • Apple makes products that people want. Twitter makes nothing and provides a platform for hate speech and online inanity.

Musk is also losing a fortune on his Twitter purchase, and the more advertisers who refuse to buy ads on his site, the more he’ll feel it on Twitter’s bottom line. As a matter of fact, he’s already lost billions and is reportedly losing up to $3 million a day.

As for the “free speech” argument Musk makes, it’s hard to believe he’s so damn stupid that he doesn’t know that no one is forced to buy ads on any site or for any product. The First Amendment doesn’t cover that, nor does any state or federal law.

For his whining, Musk was hit with mockery on the very platform he claims is the voice of the people.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta Slams Trump And Musk For The ‘Dumpster Fire Full Of Extremists’ They Cozy Up With

Over the past few days, most of us have watched with horror at disgraced former president Donald Trump has welcome and met with avowed white supremacist Nick Fuentes and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has begun to let extremists who had been banned from the social media platform back on the site to spread their bigotry and hatred.

CNN host Jim Acosta noted Sunday on the network that all of this is a disturbing trend which could wind up being a a very real threat to the country.

Acosta welcomed April Ryan of The Grio and conservative commentator Alice Stewart, with Ryan reporting:

“I talked just before this segment to Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League and said it’s appalling and totally in character for Donald Trump and brought up the example that he didn’t know who David Duke was and going back to this moment. But then he also talked about Kanye West and the fact that he’s also exhibiting racist behavior with ‘white lives matter’ and his talk about slavery and then also his misguided mindset, if you will, on what happened to George Floyd. Donald Trump was in the company that does not bode well for his attempts to endear the Jewish or black community and the community at large because this is viewed as racist, anti-Semitic and more.”

That led Acosta to ask Stewart why more Republicans aren’t forcefully calling out and denouncing Trump’s willingness to break bread with people like Fuentes and West. She responded:

“You’re known by the friends you keep. And if a friend brings a racist to the home, it says the same about you as them, and Donald Trump allowing the person to Mar-a-Lago says a lot about him. You give them a voice in the conversation, and now this Holocaust denier has a voice for the hatred. Anyone who’s seriously looking at being the Republican candidate in 2024, you are up in Ohio, in Iowa, in New Hampshire, in South Carolina. You have dinners with pastors and farmers in Iowa. Not in a country club in Florida. This will have tremendous political implications for him.”

Ryan then brought Musk and Twitter into the conversation.

“Words matter. (He) has aligned himself by allowing Donald Trump to have the Twitter account back. As an investigation continues on Jan. 6 and other issues. But Musk owns Twitter, like owning Tesla. It is his entity. But it is also others’ decision to stay on it. There’s a noticeable change in Twitter. How long will people stay with Twitter as the changes continue to unfold?”

Acosta closed the conversation with a remark that perfectly summed up the depths of depravity Trump and Musk have sunk to:

“Yeah. It is not easy to ride on the back of a tiger when the tiger is a dumpster full of extremists.”