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WATCH: Fox Host Maria Bartiromo Accuses MT Greene Of ‘Creating Chaos’ In Congress

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo chastized Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for “creating chaos” in Congress when Greene appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures,” suggesting that she had no actual plan for how to oust Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA).

Bartiromo began by asking Greene, “You’re getting criticized on the left, on the right, in the media … a lot of people are criticizing you. And the reason that they are is because they’re saying that you’re creating drama during this election year. How is this leading to reelecting President Trump? How is this leading to the American people believing that the Republicans can govern? People are saying, ‘Look, she’s creating chaos. She’s making the entire party look like it’s disrupted.’ Your reaction and response to those criticisms?”

“Those that are calling this drama are the very people that are responsible for the drama that the American people are having to live through every single day,” Greene replied. “Those on the left, those on the right, the uniparty that’s in control of our government are the ones that have inflicted the American people with nearly $35 trillion in debt, ripped our border wide open.”

Greene said those criticizing her weren’t actually Americans.

“Yeah, those that are calling this drama are the very people that are responsible for the drama that the American people are having to live through every single day. Speaker Johnson refuses to use his power as Speaker of the House to do any type of negotiating to secure the southern border and stop the madness in our country.”

“The people criticizing me are not the American people,” she added. “The American people agree with me, and I’ve talked to them, and I’ve seen it all over. They are outraged.”

That led Bartiromo to inquire of Greene, “OK Congresswoman, you wanted Mike Johnson out,” Bartiromo said. “What is your alternative plan?”

“Our plan is this: We have to give the American people a reason to trust us and fight for us. The American people are supporting President Trump to be the next President of the United States because they’ve seen him in action. He fought against the Democrat agenda. He put America first. They desperately want him to lead this country again because they trust him and they know he will do that.

“Mike Johnson has betrayed America. He’s betrayed Republican voters. Under his leadership, he’s passed the Democrat agenda, passed the Biden administration’s policies, and fully funded them. We’re going to fight in Congress to do everything we can to stop this type of uniparty leadership. Mike Johnson’s speakership is over. He needs to do the right thing to resign and allow us to move forward in a controlled process. If he doesn’t do so, he will be vacated.”

The Fox host pushed back at Greene.

“With all due respect, you didn’t give me a plan for the speaker’s role,” Bartiromo said. “And again, does this mean you are going to file that motion at some point?”

Greene: “It’s coming, regardless of what Mike Johnson decides to do. And we have three more Republicans joining us for the special elections coming up very soon. So people need to know this can happen.”

Like all of the extreme right-wing bomb-throwers in Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene has no actual ideas, no plans, and no understanding of how to govern. She just wants to promote herself and kiss Trump’s fat ass every chance she gets. She’s a cancer on the Congress and this country.

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Fox Host Maria Bartiromo Suggests Baltimore Bridge Accident May Be Linked To Border Crisis

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo suggested this morning that the late-night accident that caused the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore may be linked to what’s transpiring at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Speaking with Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott, Bartiromo remarked, “Let me also get your take in terms of what’s going on in world affairs. The White House has issued a statement on [the bridge collapse], saying there’s no indication of nefarious intent in the collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge … You’ve been talking a lot about the potential for wrongdoing or the potential for foul play given the wide-open border … Why have the Republicans had such a hard time securing this border?”

What in the actual f*ck is she talking about? There is absolutely NOTHING about the accident that would suggest any connection to the border or immigration, as the Baltimore Sun notes when it comes to the investigation.

In the middle of the night, a massive, driftless container ship traveling 9 mph issued a “mayday” as it traversed toward the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge. The ship had departed the Port of Baltimore only 30 minutes prior, but as it tried to navigate the channel, it lost power before colliding with a support column, causing a din that could be heard ashore and immediately toppling the essential mid-Atlantic thoroughfare into the frigid waters below.

Twitter users were outraged by Bartiromo’s comments.

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Fox News Host: Blacks Will Vote For Trump Because They ‘Love Sneakers’

Fox News host Raymond Arroyo is predicting that black voters will happily cast their ballots for failed one-term former president Donald Trump in November because he just released his own line of tennis shoes and black people “love sneakers.”

According to Newsweek, Arroyo remarked, “This is connecting with Black America because they love sneakers.”

“This a big deal, certainly in the inner city. So when you have Trump roll out his sneaker line, they’re like, ‘wait a minute, this is cool.’ He’s reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics. The culture always trumps politics. And Trump understands culture like no politician I’ve ever seen.”

Arroyo added, “Anybody willing to put 400 bucks down for a pair of sneakers? Yeah, I think that’s commitment and love. It’s something… it’s affection.”

The $399 per pair “Never Surrender High-Tops” are shiny gold and have an American flag on the back, along with a “T” for Trump. To call them gaudy would be an insult to the word gaudy. Trashy would be more accurate, but even that doesn’t do justice to how incredibly hideous the sneakers are.

But black people are gonna love them, according to Arroyo, who has probably never had a person of color as a friend since he was 2 years old.

Social media users took delight in destroying Arroyo for his blatantly bigoted comments.

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Biden Has The Perfect Clapback To Fox’s Peter Doocy At Heated Press Conference

President Joe Biden had an epic comeback to a question from Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy during a contentious press conference on Thursday, and video of the exchange has gone viral on social media.

Referencing a report from Special Counsel Robert Hur regarding Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, Doocy asked the president, “How bad is your memory and can you continue as president?”

Biden proceeded to take Doocy’s question and smack it out of the briefing room.

“My memory is so bad that I let you speak,” Biden responded.

Doocy then asked, “Something the special counsel said in his report is that one of the reasons you were not charged is because, in his description, you are a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

The president replied, “I’m well-meaning, and I’m an elderly man, and I know what the hell I’m doing. I’ve been president, and I put this country back on its feet. I don’t need his recommendation.”

Commenters on Twitter/X, stood and cheered for Biden.

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Joe Biden’s Granddaughter Claps Back After Jesse Watters ‘Crosses The Line’

President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, clapped back at Fox host Jesse Watters for comments he made about her grandfather not being a good parent, and her reaction is going viral on social media.

During a live broadcast this week from New Hampshire, Watters said the president’s border policies are similar to his parenting style.

“I knew Biden was bad on the border because he’s not the best father. The man can’t say no to his own son. He can’t say ‘stop.’ He can’t have consequences for actions.”

“And that’s what you need, you need a man in charge, on the border, to say ‘this is not going to be allowed,’” he continued.

That led Naomi Biden to tell the Fox host on Twitter/X, “I have heard so many lies about my family, it takes a lot to make me upset. This crosses the line. Not sure how this man can call himself a reporter and I hope he never has a son or daughter who struggles with anything. You can disagree with his policies without being this ugly.”

Others also joined the discussion.