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‘Smoking Gun’ Phone Conversation Between McDaniel And Trump Is ‘Devastating’ For Both

Already facing a challenge to her continued chairmanship of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Ronna McDaniel is now caught up in the ongoing investigation of the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol as the result of a phone call she had with one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump.

According to former Defense Department special counsel and New York University Law Professor Ryan Goodman, the McDaniel-Trump phone call is “devastating” for both and places them in legal jeopardy.

Appearing on CNN, Goodman was asked by host Kate Bolduan about the phone call, which is now part of the public record thanks to the massive 845-page report from the January 6 House Select Committee, “You see this new evidence, and in this you really do see new evidence of criminal liability here for Trump and his chief of staff, at the very least, Mark Meadows. What evidence is most damning?”

Goodman replied:

“I think the most damning comes under the heading of the scheme to set up these false slate of electors, individuals from the GOP who would have been the electors if Trump had won those states, to certify that he had in fact won states that Biden had clearly won. That seems to just be a federal crime that is a very, very active part of the current special counsel’s investigation. New evidence, brand new that we have not seen before that directs it right at Trump and Mark Meadows.”

He then laid out exactly how the evidence incriminates Trump:

“For example, that one smoking gun so far is a call that Trump makes to the head of the RNC. And he hands over the call to John Eastman to say, we want you to organize the false slate of electors. That’s all we had in the past. We now know she calls Donald Trump back soon after the call and says, I accept your request, which means it’s about him, it’s not about Eastman. And their other lawyers for the Trump campaign who say to the committee that it was Donald Trump who put Giuliani in control of this false slate of electors and what Giuliani was doing, as far as they were concerned, was executing what Donald Trump wanted them to do. That’s pretty devastating.”

That led Goodman to conclude:

“Then there is a bunch of other testimony that we hadn’t heard before from Cassidy Hutchinson, saying that Mark Meadows was significantly involved, following it closely, making dozens of calls to try to operationalize the false slate of electors. I think they’re in some pretty deep trouble with both of those.”


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Hakeem Jeffries Trolls Trump’s 2024 Campaign And It’s Guaranteed To Enrage The Donald

Even though he has formally announced that he’s seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump’s so-called campaign is struggling to get off the ground, according to recent reports.

Business Insider noted:

Aides to former President Donald Trump are surprised by how few allies are showing up at his 2024 campaign events, New York Times star reporter Maggie Haberman said. 

Speaking on CNN Tuesday, Haberman discussed how Trump’s 2024 campaign has gotten off to a slow start, and his plans to gear it up at a campaign event in South Carolina on Saturday.

“I think they are also finding, his team, that people are not swelling around him in the Republican Party in these states the way they had believed,” she said.

“Now he still has supporters and still has his operation, it’s pretty small. I think they thought they would be able to get all of these people to just show up for him.”

How humiliating it must be for Trump to have to beg for support after being able to snap his fingers and have GOP political figures show up.

Those reports must have been on the mind of House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) when he was asked Thursday about Facebook’s decision to reinstate the failed former president to the platform in time for the 2024 campaign.

“I think the issue in terms of the concerns, the danger, I think many of us will have more to say about that,” Jeffries remarked.

But it was what Jeffries said next that’s likely to upset Trump the most:

“To the extent that he moves forward with his so-called presidential campaign. It happens to be a very low-energy campaign, by the way.”

The minority leader added:

“(Some candidates) seem to believe that perhaps dividing America or leaning into extreme narratives that don’t have anything to do with historical reality perhaps might advance their own personal aspirations.”

Expect an angry response from Trump before the end of the day.

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Tuesday Decision By Georgia DA Should Terrify Trump And His Attorneys

A decision announced in court Tuesday by Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis is certain to alarm disgraced former president Donald Trump and his attorneys.

According to CNN, Willis said that a special grand jury impaneled to investigate Trump and some of his allies in their attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election in the Peach State has recommended indictments for “multiple” defendants and the release those names and the charges against them is “imminent.”

“Decisions are imminent,” Willis told Judge Robert McBurney. We want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly, and we think for future defendants to be treated fairly it’s not appropriate at this time to have this report released.”

Donald Wakeford, Fulton County’s chief senior assistant district attorney, echoed Willis’ remarks:

“We think immediately releasing before the district attorney has even had an opportunity to address publicly whether there will be charges or not – because there has not been a meaningful enough amount of time to assess it – is dangerous. It’s dangerous to the people who may or may not be named in the report for various reasons. It’s also a disservice to the witnesses who came to the grand jury and spoke the truth to the grand jury.”

The judge agreed, promising there would be “no rash decisions.”

“No one’s going to wake up with the court having disclosed the report on the front page of a newspaper.”

Why is this such bad news for Trump and others, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who also allegedly tried to get Georgia election officials to “find” additional votes for the failed ex-president? Simple: If no criminal charges were planned, the report could be made public without any delay.

What happens next? Willis will have to decide if she wants to pursue charges against those identified by the grand jury. And that’s where things could get dicey for Trump, CNN notes.

Willis has previously said she could pursue Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) charges in this case, which would allow prosecutors to bring charges against multiple defendants and make the case that Trump and his allies were part of a criminal enterprise.

Racketeering charges also carry enhanced penalties that could send those charged — if convicted — to decades in a Georgia prison.

Things are about to get very interesting who played a part in trying to overturn the will of the voters, and every eye is now on the state of Georgia.

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Trump Is About To Kick Ron DeSantis ‘In The N*ts’ In A Desperate Attempt To Destroy Him: Report

A new poll released Wednesday shows Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) leading failed, one-term, twice-impeached ex-president Donald Trump, which isn’t exactly a surprise.

However, that same poll also shows DeSantis ahead of Trump among Trump voters, a result that must have the former president reeling.

As a result of polling and public criticism of Trump’s fading 2024 bid for the White House, according to Rolling Stone, the disgraced ex-president is planning to kick DeSantis “in the nuts.”

Political insiders close to Trump reveal that the strategy to defeat DeSantis involves going after him on the issue of Social Security, with one source noting, “In a Republican primary, only Donald Trump could effectively go after Ron DeSantis for wanting to cut Social Security.”

The same source added:

“This is where…Trump kicks him in the nuts.”

Additionally, Trump plans to try and paint DeSantis as a political “fat cat” who cares only about the establishment and maintaining the political status quo. Trump will try to portray himself as an “outsider” compared to the Florida governor, an absurd notion coming from someone who was president for four years.

While DeSantis will be getting the majority of Trump’s fire in the months ahead, the same poll also shows the ex-president losing to President Joe Biden if the two meet in a rematch of the 2020 election. DeSantis, it should be noted, also loses in a head-to-head matchup with Biden, suggesting that the GOP is going to be hard-pressed to win the next presidential race, no matter who they have at the top of the ticket.

Trump and DeSantis may be the most well-known names among Republicans, but the simple fact is that neither man may win the nomination in 2024. Someone we haven’t even considered might just rise to the top and swamp both of them. If so, it would be the ultimate in political karma.

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Trump Blames ‘Disloyalty’ Of Evangelicals For The Early Failure Of His 2024 Presidential Campaign

The most immoral man to ever be elected President of the United States has a complaint about the braindead evangelical Christians who eagerly supported him even when he got caught screwing porn stars and paying them off: They’re not being sufficiently loyal to him in his 2024 campaign, and he’s really pissed off about it.

Donald Trump made his complaint during an interview with David Brody of the far-right Real America’s Voice, suggesting that the “disloyalty” of evangelicals was why his latest campaign is struggling so badly.

“That’s a sign of disloyalty. There’s great disloyalty in world of politics and that’s a sign of disloyalty because nobody, as you know… has ever done more for right to life than Donald Trump. Three Supreme Court justices and they all voted [to overturn Roe v. Wade]… they won, they finally won!”

Trump also blamed Christians for the GOP’s failure to win control of both houses of Congress in the 2022 midterm election:

“I was a little disappointed because I thought they could have fought much harder during the ’22 election because they won.”

In recent weeks, Trump has also blamed evangelicals for overplaying the abortion issue by not making sure anti-abortion laws contained exceptions for rape and incest.

Translation: Donald Trump is failing yet again, but it’s not his fault. It’s NEVER EVER his fault. When he goes bankrupt, others are to blame. When he gets caught committing adultery, that’s also the fault of others. And now the 2022 election and upcoming 2024 race can also be blamed on others, because it certainly can’t be Trump’s fault. After all, he’s perfect.

Since Trump is so damn perfect, maybe he needs to start his own religion and make himself the deity. He can be the MAGA god and ask for tithes from his flock. They can easily afford to give him 10% of their net worth, can’t they?

Kneel down and worship, MAGAts! Your tangerine savior demands it.