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Capitol Rioter Whines That He’s ‘Radioactive – No One Wants To Hire Me!’

In today’s edition of “MAGA morons gone to hell,” we have a man by the name of Robert Reeder who got all teary-eyed when he appeared before a judge for his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots that left five people dead.

In federal court, Reeder — who pleaded guilty to charges of illegally parading, demonstrating, and picketing the Capitol — told the judge that he was ever-so sorry for what he’d done and suggested being a part of the insurrection was “the biggest mistake of my life,” according to Scott MacFarlane of NBC 4 Washington:

“I sincerely apologize for my shameful actions. I committed unacceptable actions for being there. I know it was really tough for the police… I’ve always supported the police 110%.”

Yeah, he supported the police so much that he took part in an illegal riot that left a member of the Capitol Police Force dead and numerous others injured and with lifelong post-traumatic stress disorder.

After offering up his empty apologies, Reeder began to whine about the toll his actions have had on him:

“I’ve lost my job. I’m radioactive. No one wants to hire me. They just have to Google my name.”

Reeder also said that he is no longer allowed to be a Boy Scout leader and even his church has told him to stay away from services so he won’t be “a distraction” for others in the congregation.

The judge, however, wasn’t all that receptive to Reeder’s tale of woe, McFarlane reports, remarking:

“It’s become evident to me in the riot cases, many of the defendants who are pleading guilty are not truly accepting responsibility. They seem to be trying to get this out of the way as quickly as possible.”

Reeder was sentenced to three months in jail, and his conviction will be public knowledge, meaning that his job prospects probably won’t be any better once he’s released from custody.

Does anyone actually believe Robert Reeder is contrite? If so, then you’d probably be interested in some lovely lakefront property I’m trying to unload.


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Trump’s Latest BIG LIE: Calls The January 6 Capitol Insurrection ‘A Hoax’

It’s safe to say that there’s only one thing that failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump actually excels at: Lying.

Whether it’s his endless lies about having never sexually assaulted or harassed anyone, his bragging about being a “great businessman” (so great he filed for bankruptcy on multiple occasions), or his endless whining about how he actually won the 2020 election (though he has never provided a shred of evidence or factual support), Trump does indeed lie more often than he breathes.

And now we can add a new lie to the Trump repertoire: The January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was just “a hoax.”

That lie was brought out of the bullshit bag Donald carries with him wherever he goes during his “Save America” rally in Perry, Georgia, over the weekend, and it almost went unnoticed until journalist Aaron Rupar shared a clip on Twitter of the disgraced ex-president telling the crowd:

“This is what’s going on with Russia, they made up a hoax. We had to live with it for three years, what kind of a sick perverted mind does that, and it was the lawyer, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats, who made it up. And now they’re doing it again with the January 6th. And they’re doing it again, they’re doing it again.”

Wow! That’s quite a trifecta there: Russia, Hillary Clinton, and Jan. 6! And, as with nearly everything Trump says, it’s not only a lie, it’s also classic psychological projection, which is defined as:

“Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object. The term is most commonly used to describe defensive projection—attributing one’s own unacceptable urges to another. For example, if someone continuously bullies and ridicules a peer about his insecurities, the bully might be projecting his own struggle with self-esteem onto the other person.”

Donald Trump has very low self-esteem. That’s why he brags about how great and brilliant he is. And it’s also why he calls everyone else a liar: To deflect from the fact that he’s the biggest liar on the planet. If you doubt that, just listen to five minutes of a Trump speech and count how many times he says “believe me.” Someone who’s telling the truth will never beg you to believe them. Because they know they have the facts on their side.

Trump is incredibly worried about what the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 is going to uncover about his actions prior to and on that fateful day. If he wasn’t, he volunteer to sit down and give a deposition under oath.

The life of Donald Trump is based on a crumbling foundation of lies. One by one, those lies are about to come back to bite Donnie right on his fat ass.

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Candace Owens Claims Jan. 6 Was Nothing More Than ‘Grandmas Taking Selfies’

According to right-wing activist and author Candace Owens (who once praised Adolf Hitler), the rioting and insurrection that took place on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol wasn’t that big of a deal, and was little more than “grandmas taking selfies.”

During an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo, Owens said President Joe Biden had been wrong to call Jan. 6 “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

“What I love about this rhetoric is as a D.C. resident who was living there on Jan. 6 — I mean, I was nine months pregnant. I wasn’t there, but a couple of blocks down. It’s just hilarious following what was essentially an entire summer of Black Lives Matter burning down our city.”

Ah, yes. Let’s be sure and try to distract everyone from an attempted coup that took place at the urging of former President Donald Trump and instead talk about Black Lives Matter. That’s the oldest trick in the book, and it proves that Owens can’t actually defend the actions of the pro-Trump rioters who attacked and killed police officers.

But it was what Owens said next that’s certain to raise the most eyebrows, if only because it’s complete bullshit:

“And they want me to be fearful about grandmas taking selfies. And the reason for this is because Democrats, again, have lost the plot and they know this. This rhetoric isn’t working on anybody. Nobody believes that Jan. 6 was worse than the Civil War.”

No one said it was worse than the Civil War, Candace. President Biden said it was the worst attack on American democracy since the Civil War. Words matter, but Ms. Owens is only too happy to lie in a pathetic attempt to make her case.

According to Owens, Democrats are attempting to “criminalize conservatives coming together to fight during times when their rights are being threatened.”

“This is really just more totalitarian talk from Joe Biden trying to criminalize half the nation for supporting Donald Trump, who should be in office instead of him.”

Trump should be in office even though he received 7 million fewer votes and lost the Electoral College vote, too? Please! Less than half the country voted for the failed, one-term former president, and he was soundly beaten because he didn’t rise to the biggest challenge of his presidency: Controlling the COVID pandemic.

Here’s the video of Candace making a fool of herself:

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Michael Steele Drags Jim Jordan For Feigning Amnesia: ‘You Know, B**ch, What Time You Called’ Trump!

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has had quite enough of the lies from failed, one-term former President Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress, especially Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who admits he spoke with Trump on January 6, but claims he can’t recall whether it was before a mob of domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol.

When he was asked this week about exactly when he did talk to Trump on that fateful January day, Jordan remarked:

“Yeah, I mean I speak, I spoke with the president last week. I speak with the president all the time. I spoke with him on January 6th. I mean I talk with President Trump all the time. And that’s, that’s, I don’t think that’s unusual. I would expect members of Congress to talk with the President of the United States when they’re trying to get done the things they told the voters in their district to do. I’m actually kind of amazed sometimes that people keep asking this question. Of course, I talk to the president all the time. I talked, like I said, I talked with him last week.”

If you gave a response like that in court, a jury would take about two minutes of deliberation before they found you guilty as homemade sin and sent you to prison for a few hundred years.

Steele saw the video of a very nervous Jordan and told Lincoln Project TV it pissed him off. He didn’t mince words when he laid out his reaction:

“I can tell you the time, the date, the place, I’ve had every conversation with every president of this country. Period, going back to Bill Clinton. I can tell you where I was. I can tell you what was said. This son of a bitch is up there acting like, I don’t know if it was before. I don’t know if it was after. Oh, lordy. Jesus. I gotta look at my notes.

“You know, bitch, what time you called the president, and you know what you said! You’re a grown ass man, stop acting like you’re ten years old and you got caught masturbating by your mama, stop it.”

Yes, yes, and hell yes! Thank you for saying what we were all thinking, Michael.

Jim Jordan (just like his tangerine messiah) has been lying his entire life, and now he’s facing serious consequences for his role on the Capitol riots that left five people dead. He’s a disgusting piece of dung who needs to be flushed into the sewer of historical traitors.