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Trumps May ‘Turn On One Another’ As Prosecutors ‘Go Up The Food Chain’: Report

Each day brings more bad news for failed, one-term former President Donald Trump and his three oldest children, which is leading to speculation that all of them could soon be facing indictment in New York, Georgia, and from the Justice Department.

The threat has become “existential,” according to Trump biographer Tim O’Brien, who said Saturday he believes family members could start turning on each other to save themselves:

“I think you’re going to start to see this vice squeeze in. The Trumps will happily throw underlings under the bus as this gets hotter. I think the question is whether or not the family members will turn on one another as it goes up the food chain.”

O’Brien then went into greater detail about the legal jeopardy facing the Trumps:

“The Manhattan DA’s case has existential consequences to it. Donald Trump and perhaps his children could end up in orange jumpsuits if that case goes the full route. That’s not going to be the case with (New York AG) Letitia James’ prosecution, that’s a civil case. I also think the Georgia case has an existential threat. Donald Trump acting like a 19th-century ward heeler, called up the secretary of state and said find me some votes, and there’s proof of that, there’s evidence.”

It’ll be fun to watch over the next couple of months to see what happens with Donald and his spawn. But if the past is any indicator of what we can expect in the future, Tim O’Brien is right: The entire family is likely to start tossing each other under the bus.


Crime Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump Ivanka Trump

Trump May Let His Children Take The Fall For Him As His Legal Problems Intensify: Report


From a legal perspective, this has indeed been the week from hell for failed, one-term former President Donald Trump, as investigations by New York prosecutors, a special grand jury called for by a Georgia district attorney, and subpoenas from the January 6 committee have all converged to ratchet up the pressure on the ex-president.

Since Donald’s three oldest children are also involved in the alleged crimes he’s committed, it’s fair to ask what exactly he’s willing to do in order to guarantee that he doesn’t go to jail.

According to Margaret Carlson of The Daily Beast, the answer is simple: Trump will probably toss anyone and everyone under the bus to save his own hide. After all, he’s done it before.

New York Attorney General Letitia James this week filed subpoenas for two of Trump’s kids—Ivanka and Don Jr.—as part of her investigation of the Trump Organization. This raises the tantalizing question of whether he’d put his own interests ahead of those of his own children. He’s used to throwing lackeys like Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort under the bus to save his own hide. But would Trump leave Ivanka and Don Jr. with skid marks on their backs?

References to the Trump kids can be found in court documents filed in various jurisdictions, which certainly suggests that they’re in legal trouble, too, and can only be saved if their father agrees to take the rap:

It’s easy to view the Trumps as farce, but there’s an element of tragedy, with the children emulating the sins of the father.

I’m old enough to remember when there was talk of Ivanka as a future president. I’m young enough to now know that’s never going to happen.

James alleges that “Ms. Trump caused misleading financial statements to be submitted to Deutsche Bank and the federal government.” The House committee has “invited” Ivanka to appear, but she is thus far resisting in light of statements the committee already has which indicate she twice asked her father to call off the mob. She made herself scarce in the days leading up to Jan. 6, to her credit, but it does suggest she knew what was in the works.

Will Donald toss Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric to the wolves? Based on his past behavior and the fact that he’s a pathological narcissist, the answer can only be yes.

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Eric Trump Has An Online Meltdown As New York AG Tish James Closes In On Him

It’s been a very bad 48 hours for Eric Trump, who found out that his phone records have been obtained by the House Select Committee on the January 6 Capitol insurrection and is now facing added pressure thanks for a court filing from New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The court filing hit the Trumps like a bolt of lightning, as James made it clear that she has “significant evidence” of criminal acts by the Trump Organization that she continues to pursue:

James, who launched her probe in 2019, also said in the court filing that the former president “had ultimate authority over a wide swath of conduct by the Trump Organization” that involved fraudulent misstatements to financial institutions, the Internal Revenue Service, and other parties.

That means bank and tax fraud. The Trumps have been suspected of those crimes for years.

But rather than remain calm and consult his attorneys, Eric Trump decided he’d have a childish meltdown and share it with the internet, firing off tweets that are certain to come back to haunt him and his family as the case against them moves forward.

What exactly was accomplished with that hissy fit? Does he think mean tweets are going to convince Ms. James to drop the case against him and the Trump Organization? If so, then Eric’s even dumber than he looks.

Eric quickly got hit with a massive dose of internet karma. Take a look:


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January 6 Committee Has Obtained Eric Trump And Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Phone Records: Report

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has obtained the phone records of former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric, and those of Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is engaged to Donald Trump Jr.

According to CNN, the phone logs were obtained with a subpoena:

It appears to be the first time the select committee has issued a subpoena that targeted a member of the Trump family, in what marks a significant escalation of the investigation into Trump’s role in the January 6 insurrection. The decision to subpoena communication records involving the Trump family underscores the aggressive tack the committee is taking as it races to complete its investigation while battling Trump in court over access to documents from his administration.

Phone records will show who communicated with whom when it came to planning the Jan. 6 insurrection which left five people dead. They will also help the committee determine if there was a larger conspiracy involving individuals who may have been able to remain anonymous until now.

Eric Trump and Guilfoyle were instrumental in the attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election:

Both Eric Trump and Guilfoyle played prominent roles in Trump’s “Stop the Steal” efforts, including fundraising off the lie that the election was stolen. Both spoke at the January 6 rally on the Ellipse that preceded the attack on the Capitol.

The records may also help the committee flesh out the text messages and phone records it has received from others, like former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, as well as fundraisers and rally organizers.

So far, the Jan. 6 committee has issued subpoenas for the phone records of 100 individuals as they continue to investigate who was responsible for the violence that took place on that day.

The records the panel now has are very specific and came from multiple devices, CNN notes:

The newly obtained records include the cell phone number used by Eric Trump, according to sources familiar with the number. The cell phone number for Guilfoyle was confirmed by sources familiar with her number and her text messages. The committee previously identified this number as Guilfoyle’s number in text message exchanges with other witnesses.

Though it hasn’t yet been confirmed, it’s safe to assume the committee has also subpoenaed the phone records and logs of devices belonging to the ex-president and his son, Don Jr., both of whom are also under investigation for allegedly illegal financial dealings by the Trump Organization.

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January 6 Committee Has Evidence Incriminating Donald Trump And His Sons: Report

The House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection is about to begin holding public hearings, and according to a reporter familiar with the what’s happening inside the committee, they will present evidence which incriminates former President Donald Trump and his two oldest sons, Don Jr. and Eric.

Appearing on MSNBC, Hugo Lowell of The Guardian noted that open hearings will allow the committee to lay out proof that Trump and members of his family directly coordinated with the insurrectionists:

“The Select Committee is unlikely, I think, to issue an interim report in the next few weeks and months, but what they are going to do is hold a series of televised public hearings where they want to show the American public what the committee has learned in its closed-door evidence gathering process to date.”

Lowell added that so far the Jan. 6 panel has interviewed about 300 people and obtained more than 30,000 documents, including emails and text messages which implicate former White House officials and others connected to the ex-president:

“Including, of course, Tump’s former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, who turned over a series of really damning messages that seemed to incriminate the White House and Trump, and Trump’s sons, and Fox News hosts, and Republican members of Congress, so this is a really big deal. And this is going to feature large in how the committee moves forward. They’re still going to be doing investigations and evidence gathering on the side, but I think they’re going to really ramp up the pace and try and share with the American people what they’ve learned to date.”

The hearings will also increase pressure on the Justice Department, which can file criminal charges against anyone who violated federal law. And if attacking the seat of American government isn’t a crime, then what in the hell is?