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Federal Appeals Court Says Multimillion Dollar Fraud Suit Against The Trumps Will Proceed

An enormous class action lawsuit filed against former President Donald Trump and his three oldest children — Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka — will move forward despite pleas from the Trumps that the case be allowed to go to arbitration.

According to Courthouse News, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that the lawsuit, accuses the Trumps of running a pyramid scheme to hawk the services of American Communications Network, which allegedly ran a multilevel marketing scheme that bilked investors and never produced the financial returns it promised:

“Trump and three of his children — Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump — appeared from 2005 to 2015 in promotional television ads, at events and in magazines touting American Communications Network, a telecommunications company that offers business seminars and encourages enrollees to bring in new recruits.

“In a 2018 federal class action, four investors who said they lost hundreds or thousands of dollars investing with ACN sought damages from the then-first family and their corporate entity, the Trump Organization, saying they concealed that ACN paid them handsomely for their endorsements.”

Here’s how the scheme worked: ACN made investors pay $499 up front so they could register with the promise that they could then earn commissions by selling products at “motivational rallies.” At those rallies, family and friends were shown a DVD to encourage them to pony up money for their share of a massive payday promised in ACN’s promotional materials, many of which featured the Trumps encouraging people to pay money so the could reap the rewards, which never materialized.

In the lawsuit, investors reported they made back “less than 10%” of their initial investment.

Much like another illegal scheme, Trump University, the only people who made money in the ACN/Trump deal were the principals: ACN and the Trump family.

A class action judgement against the Trumps could put a massive dent in their bottom line at a time when the Trump Organization is reportedly hemorrhaging money and the former president is unable to lure investors to his struggling real estate business.

The Trump Organization is also under criminal indictment for engaging in tax fraud over the course of decades. Those indictments were handed down earlier this month.

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Report: Eric Trump ‘Flipped Out’ On Election Night And Asked ‘How Can This Be Happening?’

On the evening of November 3, 2020, as it became increasingly clear that Donald Trump was losing in states he thought he would win, a wave of panic swept over the Trump family, according to I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year, a new book by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post.

Leonnig and Rucker note that what had been predicted by many began to take shape early on Election Night, and that was bad news for Trump:

“As the night wore on, some of Trump’s advisers began to worry. Public polls, as well as the Trump campaign’s internal surveys, had long projected that the race was Biden’s to lose, and that prediction was bearing out as more precincts reported votes from battleground states.”

When Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden shortly before 11:30 p.m., all momentum shifted firmly to the Democrats, and the air began to go out of Trump and his campaign team:

“Trump, who had been watching Fox, was livid. He could not fathom that the conservative news network he had long considered an extension of his campaign was the first news organization to call Arizona for Biden. This was a betrayal. His top advisers, who had been in the Map Room at the time, rushed upstairs to see the president. Giuliani followed them.”

Eric Trump, who had been following returns in the White House Map Room and had confidently predicted his father would win at least 322 electoral votes (he actually wound up with 232, far below Eric’s rosy projection), began to lose it totally, according to the book:

“‘The election is being stolen,’ the president’s 36-year-old son said. ‘Where are these votes coming from? How is this legit?’

“He yelled at the campaign’s data analysts, as if it were their fault that his father’s early leads over Biden were shrinking. ‘We pay you to do this,’ he said. ‘How can this be happening?'”

Eric’s brother, the perpetually clueless Don Jr., insisted:

“There’s no way we lose to this guy.”

But they did lose. And they lost by a wide margin, with Biden and Kamala Harris winning by a margin of 306 to 232 votes in the Electoral College.

Why all the surprise from the Trumps? Because they believed their own bullshit. They presented a false narrative and began to think it was real. They fell for their own con job.

But what probably terrified Donald, Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka the most as the election results rolled in was the cold reality that now they wouldn’t have the legal protections afforded to sitting presidents. There would be no willing accomplice at the Justice Department to protect them. The indictments could begin as soon as the Donald was no longer head of state.

And the indictments have indeed begun. More are on the way. Because karma is catching up with the Trumps. And there’s nothing they can do to forestall the inevitable.


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Enraged Eric Trump Accuses ‘The Left’ Of Thinking Fireworks Are Racist

Conservatives, Republicans, and right-wingers are in one hell of a quandary: They’re at odds with the public on nearly every single issue. They’re not attempting to reach out to expand their base of support, and so they’re left with nothing but bullshit issues such as attacking social media, trying to create new culture wars they can beat the drum about, and using fear to work their voters into a frenzy.

But as we saw in 2020, when Democrats come out and vote, Republicans lose because they’re outnumbered and aren’t adding any new supporters to their ranks.

The result is the sort of thing that just took place with Eric Trump, who appeared on Newsmax and began railing about how “the left” is opposed to shooting fireworks and considers such celebrations to be racist.

Eric was spoon-fed his topic by Newsmax host Carl Higbie, who referenced an article from National Geographic that air pollution from fireworks displays impacts communities of color more negatively than it does others:

That led Higbie to remark:

“The left needs to make everything about the color of our skin. The left woke media are working hard to cancel everything about this country. They’ve already started trying with the Fourth and look at this national geographic saying fireworks are now racist.

“Are you kidding me? Fireworks are now racist? Just stick to writing about the mating patterns of snow leopards.”

Nowhere in the article from National Geographic is racism mentioned because inanimate objects can’t be racist or bigoted, unlike Newsmax hosts or their moronic guests.

Speaking of morons, that’s when Eric joined the whining, telling Higbie:

“They want to get rid of our Pledge of Allegiance, they want to get rid of our national anthem, they want to get rid of ‘under God. Frankly, you mentioned the fireworks and I’m glad you did.”

Well of course he did, Eric. It’s all part of this set piece that you and Higbie agreed to participate in.

Eric then resorted to lying, a favorite tactic of anyone with the last name of Trump:

“Remember last year at Mt. Rushmore on Fourth of July, I was there with my father and the great governor of that great state Kristi Noem. And we had the greatest fireworks celebration above Mt. Rushmore with literally you know B2’s, B1’s, B2’s flying overhead.

“I mean it was incredible. I mean there was no more patriotic day. And then guess what? Biden and the Democrats this year, you know what they do? They cancel the fireworks over Mt. Rushmore. No better, more iconic symbol.”

But the fireworks display at Mount Rushmore wasn’t canceled because the Biden administration wanted to keep people from celebrating. The reason is that the National Park Service determined it would be a bad idea to expose visitors and staff at the park to COVID-19 or some of the mutated variants that are now killing the unvaccinated.

Everything coming from the mouths of Republicans these days is a giant lie. They lie about who won the last election. They lie about how the U.S. economy is struggling when it’s stronger than it’s been since 1984.

Lies. That’s what the GOP now stands for. Big lies, medium-sized lies, and small lies. But it’s all a lie, and it proves that Republicans are bereft of any ideas or principles. All they have left is their bullshit, their authoritarianism, and their hatred. They deserve to go the way of the dinosaurs. And the sooner the better.

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Legal Scholar Proves Trump And His Children Will Be Indicted By The Fall Of This Year

Thursday’s indictment of the Trump Organization by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. was a disappointment to some because it didn’t include the names of the former president or any of his three eldest children, all of whom are top executives for the company.

But just because there were no charges against any of the Trumps, that doesn’t mean they’re in the clear, according to noted legal scholar Jennifer Taub, who has carefully dissected the indictment and predicts members of the Trump family are far from in the clear.

Writing in Washington Monthly, Taub lays her cards on the table in the very first paragraph:

“Subtle hints in and surrounding this document foreshadow future legal trouble for Mr. Trump himself. With the grand jury expected to meet three times per week for much of the year, we should expect a superseding indictment by fall, one that could include other executives in the Trump Organization including the president’s sons, Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump, as well as the former president himself.”

Taub also explains how she arrived at her prediction of charges being just months away and carrying the name “Trump” without “corporation” immediately following it:

“The very first overt act that seems to indicate the ex-president’s involvement was Donald Trump on behalf of the corporation entering into a lease around March 31, 2005 for an apartment in Manhattan on Riverside Boulevard (the Trump Place building). That lease had a rider that permitted only Allen Weisselberg and his wife to occupy the apartment and to use it as their primary residence.

“Why is this lease rider important? Well, it communicates that the grand jury knows that Donald Trump knew Weisselberg was living in the apartment on the company’s dime.”

In other words, there was a conspiracy. Two or more people were involved in a scheme to break the law. That makes it a conspiracy. If they even planned to commit a crime, that alone is a conspiracy. And Thursday’s indictment makes it clear that the failed, one-term for president would have known all about the tax avoidance schemes Weisselberg was charged for.

The Trump children, as top corporate officers, are also part of a criminal conspiracy, meaning they can expect to see their names emblazoned on future indictments.

All of this, Taub concludes, means that we need to sit tight and wait a while longer, because the “big fish” are about to get their share of karmic justice, too:

“It might be a huge psychological hurdle to ask the men and women of a grand jury to indict a former president. Perhaps the first step of charging his businesses will make them comfortable when they are later given evidence of Trump’s connection to the same or similar fraudulent schemes.

“Who knows for sure? But, what I am certain of is this. For Trump, the worst is yet to come.”

Remember how Weisselberg was shown being marched into the DA’s office in handcuffs yesterday? Trump was reportedly apoplectic when he saw that. Just imagine how upset he’ll be when the cuffs are on his own wrists.