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Eric Trump Gets Brutally Mocked For Claiming His Family’s Assets Are The ‘Mona Lisas’ Of Real Estate

Social media erupted with laughter and mockery over the weekend in response to remarks made by Eric Trump in which he suggested the Trump Organization’s properties were the “Mona Lisas” of real estate.

During a Saturday appearance on Fox “News,” Eric insisted, “Our assets are worth a fortune,” and adding:

“They’re the Mona Lisas of the real estate world.”

Despite Eric’s protestations, New York Attorney General Letitia James has already received a judgement of fraud against the Trump Organization and the company could be hit with fines and penalties that exceed a half billion dollars, which would likely lead to the complete dissolution of Trump Org.

However, it was the Mona Lisa comparison that drew the most reaction on Twitter.


Crime Eric Trump The Trump Organization WTF?!

Eric Trump Goes On A Whiny Rant About Potholes And Murder After He Concludes His Testimony

After he concluded his second day of testimony in the business fraud trail brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Eric Trump went on a bizarre, disjointed rant about murderers and potholes, suggesting that his daddy’s company, the Trump Organization, is one of the richest and most important in the United States because it employs thousands of people.

Eric began by defending his old man’s corporation, which he serves as an executive vice president for.

“Yeah, well, guys, it was a great day. But what the state is trying to do with my father is absolutely insane! We have one of the greatest companies anywhere in the world. We employ thousands of New Yorkers. These people, they make their living relying on us! They feed their families, relying on us! We’ve never missed a note. We’ve never missed a payment. We’ve never defaulted on a loan. We’ve got some of the greatest properties in the world.”

Then came the obligatory attack on James.

“And because you have an attorney general that plays politics with everything, you’ve seen that time and time again. She effectively went after the last governor and threw him out of office, because you want to run that you got 2% in the polls. All of you saw that. She’s come after my father ruthlessly.”

After complaining that James has a “Trump is in this court” every day, he added:

“At the same time, you have people getting shot in the streets. You had a little kid that got shot in the head in Times Square recently. You had people getting thrown in front of trains, in stations! The city is going to hell, guys. And I hate to say that I’m a person who left the city because it’s going down the tubes and it breaks my heart because there’s no place I love more in the world.”

Eric then borrowed a favorite phrase of his daddy’s: Rigged. Which is appropriate since the Trumps have been trying to rig everything in their favor for decades.

“But she’s using a broken system. She’s using a rigged system. And it’s very, very sad. And I know the truth will come out in the end. We haven’t done a single thing wrong. They’re trying to disqualify my father for 2024. He’s leading in all the polls. And it’s sad that this is the United States of America. And right now, make no mistake about it, maybe through your very lenses, the entire world is watching this and they’re laughing about what’s going on. The entire state of Florida right now, when they value a property like Mar-a-Lago and $18 million is laughing, is laughing at New York State and laughing at New York state attorney general and laughing at, quite frankly, a court system. Guys, we deserve better than this. Let’s get the murderers off the street. Let’s take care of the crime. Let’s rebuild our infrastructure. Everywhere you drive in New York, you hit a pothole and your car gets destroyed and they’re going after a guy who employs thousands of people in the state, employed them through COVID. The deepest, darkest times of this state, runs a great organization, literally puts food on the table for thousands of people.”

Why is the system rigged? Because the Trump family is finally being held accountable for their crimes and they’re furious to find out the law applies to everyone, including trust fund assholes like them.

Even if none of the Trumps wind up going to prison, seeing them financially bereft would in many ways be a satisfactory karmic victory.


Donald Trump Eric Trump The Trump Organization WTF?!

Eric Trump Told Prosecutors His Job Was ‘Pouring Concrete’ On His Dad’s Building Projects 

Though his official title at the Trump Organization is executive vice president, Eric Trump wants us all to believe that one of his main job duties while working for his father was “pouring concrete,” according to a deposition in the ongoing New York fraud trial that could leave the family-owned company penniless.

Eric has already given a deposition for the fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, and that was one of the topics of discussion today on “Deadline: White House.”

New York Times reporter Susanne Craig discussed Eric’s deposition and how it will be viewed by Judge Arthur Engogon, who will make the final decision on how large of a financial penalty to impose on Trump Org. AG James is seeking at least $250 million in fines and penalties.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked Craig about Eric’s deposition, specifically a section where he said:

“It’s extremely inconsistent with what my role is at the company. I don’t remember this. I’m not on here. I never signed this document.”

“He goes on to say, Sue, ‘I don’t recall this. I pour concrete. I manage properties. I don’t focus on appraisals. It’s just not what I do in my day-to-day responsibilities.’ Obviously, the judge has already found the company liable for fraud. What kind of witness is Eric Trump?”

Craig replied:

“I think he’s going to be — for the attorney general, I mean — they’re being called as sort of hostile witnesses,” said Craig. “It’s interesting. I read through the depositions today, and I read through some of Don Jr.’s. I think we’re going to hear a lot of ‘I don’t remember’ and then a lot of pushback potentially about that. I mean, these are three individuals who are high executives at the company after their father left the company to go to the White House they got pay raises, you know? They’re making, each of them at the time, were making a few million, $2 million a year, roughly. I mean, they should be in on this.”

Then came a discussion of the disgraced ex-president’s son suggesting that he did much of the day-to-day physical work at the company, with Craig noting, “I don’t think Eric Trump was out pouring concrete. I mean, the last time they had a new project was 2008. So — and in terms of a full construction project, I mean, they’ve done some rehabs and stuff like that since. But he shouldn’t be pouring concrete if he’s making that much money. So what was he doing?”

She concluded:

“I think he’s going to get a lot of pushback on the statements that he doesn’t remember,” added Craig. “They said it so many times. Eric’s full deposition is, you know — is out there. I’ve read it. It was amazing how many times he said he just couldn’t remember. And these are properties like — Seven Springs is one he was intimately involved with. He lived there for a time. He has a long history with it. You know, I think the judge may find it hard to believe that he doesn’t remember.”

Eric Trump has never done an honest day’s work in his life. Neither has his father or any of the Trump spawn. They’re all professional grifters who deserve to be bankrupt and behind prison bars.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:


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Ivanka’s Testimony In NY Fraud Trial Likely To Be ‘Highly Damaging’ To Her Father And Brothers

When she takes the stand next Friday in a New York courtroom, Ivanka Trump will likely be the star witness who makes New York Attorney General Letitia James’ case a slam dunk and results in the Trump Organization being thrown into financial chaos.

As Business Insider reports, Ivanka’s testimony “could prove highly damaging to her father and two eldest brothers, Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump – Trump Organization vice presidents who, like their father, are defendants in James’ lawsuit.”

The civil fraud trial accuses the Trumps and their company of inflating the value of properties to obtain favor enormous business loans at low interest rates, and most of those deals were negotiated by Ivanka herself.

As Donald Trump’s top loan negotiator, Ivanka Trump indeed excelled at securing rock-bottom interest rates, they say, saving her father as much as $150 million on $400 million in Deutsche Bank loans used to develop Trump’s palm-studded Florida golf course, his luxury hotel in Washington, DC, and the Chicago tower that is his tallest skyscraper.

The terms on the golf course loan were so good, “She didn’t even want to negotiate on it,” Kevin Wallace, James’ senior enforcement counsel, noted four weeks ago, during opening statements.

According to AG James, those loans were obtained via fraud, and that is the crux of the case against the Trump family and their company.

Ivanka’s testimony won’t do her any personal legal harm because she was excluded from the New York case because the statute of limitations has expired on her culpability, according to an appellate court decision handed down earlier this year.

Another thing to watch will be how the disgraced former president responds to his daughter’s testimony, with some suggesting he might begin attacking her as a way to defend himself from any legal liability.

Ironically, in what could wind up being the biggest surprise of all, Donald’s favorite child may also be the one who destroys him.


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Eric Trump Praises His Daddy For Burying Ivana Trump At New Jersey Golf Resort: ‘An Incredible Man’

According to Eric Trump, his father, failed one-term former president Donald Trump did the right thing by burying Eric’s mother, Ivana, on his New Jersey golf resort.

Specifically, Ivana is buried on the first hole of the Bedminster golf course, which struck many as odd and even tasteless.

But Eric says the choice of burial place proves what “an incredible man” his dad is.

According to OK Magazine, “Former President Donald Trump’s second eldest son, Eric Trump, praised his father as an ‘amazing’ man with a ‘heart of gold,’ citing his decision to have Eric’s mother, Ivana Trump, be buried at the New Jersey Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.”

Speaking with Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake, Eric was asked, “Was your dad pretty supportive when all that happened, when your mother passed away?”

Eric replied, “Incredibly.”

“I will say so much so that you know we have a family funeral plot in New Jersey, and he was the one to say, you know, ‘I want her with us.’ … It was pretty amazing again, you know, kind of a wife long removed — ex-wife long removed. He’s an incredible man. He’s got a heart of gold.”

Don’t all of us wish we could be buried on a golf course? That’s every woman’s dream, isn’t it? Because then your ex-husband who cheated on you can visit anytime he likes and maybe even take a piss on your grave whenever he wants. How romantic!