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Trump Org. Insider: Donald Is About To Throw His Kids Under The Bus To Save Himself

What do you suppose Donald Trump’s first thoughts were when he found out that a new grand jury had been empaneled in Manhattan as the investigation into him and the Trump Organization escalates?

Safe to say he was angry, even enraged. After all, this is a man who believes he’s above the law.

After the anger came fear, a cold chill up his spine and neck as images flashed into his brain of him being handcuffed and marched off to a prison cell somewhere in New York.

And then, after the anger, beyond the fear, was likely this thought: Who can I sacrifice to save myself? Who is expendable?

According to Barbara Res, the former Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, everyone is expendable to Donald Trump, including his own children.

Res was a guest on MSNBC Saturday, telling host Alex Witt what she believes is going on inside Trump’s head right now:

“Well, first of all, I think he’s going berserk

“I think he’s so angry. All the things that he put in place, the things he put in place to get elected the first time and almost get elected the second time, both were unreasonably based, and all the other things, the attorney general and the kinds of — the judges and all the things that he thought he had working for him all of a sudden are not there anymore. it’s — he can’t avoid this. This happened and this is something he thought he could avoid.”

Berserk. What an apt description of the deeply unstable failed, one-term former president, and it led Res to note that Trump will do whatever it takes to save his own hide:

“And I’m sure he’s looking for people to blame. He’s screaming at people, everybody, he’s probably blaming [Allen] Weisselberg, he’s blaming his sons, his daughter, you know, anyone that’s available to him. And he will, I think, throw any one of them under the bus to protect himself.”

Sound farfetched? Do you find it hard to believe Donald would feed his beloved Ivanka to the wolves? It’s textbook behavior for someone with narcissistic personality disorder, which the former president clearly suffers from.

At this very moment, Donald Trump is scheming and looking for an exit. It doesn’t matter who he has to destroy in order to protect himself, even his own flesh and blood.

Of course, Donnie should keep something in mind: His family may have already turned on him and sold him out to protect themselves. Betrayal, after all, is a two-way street.

Here’s Barbara Res on MSNBC:

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Key Witness Says Manhattan Prosecutors Are Asking Lots Of Questions About Eric Trump

If you were wondering what names might be on any indictments that are handed down by the newly empaneled grand jury in Manhattan being overseen by District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., some information from a key witness in the investigation of Donald Trump and the Trump Organization says one name that came up when she spoke with prosecutors was that of Eric Trump.

Jennifer Weisselberg is the ex-daughter-in-law of Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, and she was a guest on Ari Melber’s MSNBC show, “The Beat” recently where she confirmed that investigators did indeed ask her about the former president’s middle son:

“You know, I just found out recently when the attorney general’s office initially called me, I didn’t know it was on the heels of Allen Weisselberg’s deposition last July and August, but they initiated a call to me in early September and right before Eric was deposed. And, so, then we had a long interview, and they did bring up Eric, yes.”

One of the main things we know about Eric is that he serves as Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization and was the person who ostensibly ran the day-to-day operations of his father’s company while his dad was serving as president.

As for that deposition Eric gave, CNN reported back in October of last year:

“Eric Trump, who runs day-to-day operations of the family real estate empire, sat for a deposition on Monday as part of the New York Attorney General’s investigation into whether the Trump Organization improperly inflated the value of its assets, a person familiar with the matter tells CNN.

“The deposition follows a court battle over whether he would sit for testimony and provides a key step in the New York civil investigation into the Trump Organization.

“Trump, who according to court records was scheduled to sit for the deposition on Monday, sat for the hearing virtually, the person said, adding that it ended around 5 p.m.”

Clearly, it’s not just the failed, one-term former president who is under active investigation by prosecutors. His three children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — are also being looked at for their role in any crimes that may have been committed at the Trump Organization.

Here’s hope the three Trump spawn are also headed to prison. That way it can be a family affair.


Don Trump Jr. Gets Mocked Online After His Embarrassing Arrest Record Leaks Out

The 2020 Trump for president reelection campaign repeatedly harped on one name more than any other when they try to attack presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden: The former vice president’s son, Hunter.


From the president to his spokespeople and family members, the cheap shots were focused squarely on Hunter Biden, especially the fact that he had a substance abuse problem years ago (which Hunter freely admits to) and that somehow he made money illegally in Ukraine and China, though they fail to provide a shred of evidence to support their specious allegations regarding his finances.

Donald Trump Jr. has been especially vocal over the past couple of months when it comes to tweeting at Hunter Biden, which makes the fact that Junior was arrested for being publicly intoxicated all the more ironic. Publicly intoxicated in New Orleans, perhaps the hardest-drinking city in the country. And at Mardi Gras, no less!


How fully trashed and obnoxiously drunk do you have to be to be arrested in New Orleans during Mardi Gras?! That’s like getting a speeding ticket at the damn Indy 500!

Malcolm Nance, a former Naval intelligence officer and frequent guest on MSNBC, made Don Jr’s humiliating arrest public on Twitter:

Yes, busted on Hillary Street! If you tried to write this as fiction, an editor would hand it back to you and say, “It’s just not believable; try again.”

And that led to others also remarking on the fact that a then-23-year-old Don Jr. was put in the slammer for being too drunk for cops in Party City USA, aka New Orleans:


Here’s an idea: The next time Junior sarcastically asks “Where’s Hunter?” on social media, perhaps we should all respond to him this way: We know where you were, Traitor Tot: In the drunk tank.

Karma is such a beautiful thing when it takes a giant bite out of someone as deserving as Junior.


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Judge Allows Massive Fraud Lawsuit Against The Trump Family To Move Forward

A federal judge has dealt a major blow to Donald Trump, his family, and the Trump Corporation by refusing to stay a massive lawsuit that accuses the Trumps of running a pyramid scheme that allegedly bilked investors out of millions of dollars. Those investors are now seeking a large settlement that could possibly endanger the already shaky financial situation of the family-held company.

According to Law and Crime:

“The complicated and anonymous class action lawsuit, filed by a Jane Doe and others, resulted in motions to stay the proceedings and interlocutory appeals by the Trumps, the Trump Corporation, and a third party called ACN Opportunity, LLC. ACN was ordered to produce documents relevant to the claims. Interlocutory appeals are appeals to higher courts filed in the midst, rather than at the conclusion, of lower court litigation.

“The judge, Lorna G. Schofield, a Barack Obama appointee, said the lawsuit would not be put on hold.”

Judge Schofield’s ruling is also problematic for Trump because it threatens to expose many of his shady business practices as part of the lawsuit and could also result in his three eldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — having to give depositions and appear in open court as part of the lawsuit.

The suit, which is a class action filing, accuses the Trump family and their business of promoting a multi-level marketing — aka pyramid — scheme, which was known as the ACN Opportunity, LLC:

“ACN, the plaintiffs said, was a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’ that relied on Trump and his family ‘conn[ing] each of these victims into giving up hundreds or thousands of dollars,’ in violation of various state laws.”

Conning and grifting are the only two enterprises Trump and his spawn have ever excelled at. When they’re unable to do so, they wind up filing for bankruptcy and moving on to another con job.

The Trumps had attempted to force the suit into arbitration so that discovery could be kept secret. Additionally, there are reportedly recordings of Donald Trump that will be introduced as evidence in the ACN lawsuit. Those alone could wind up being humiliating for the president and others in his orbit.

For now, the case moves forward, and facts will be coming out left and right. That alone is reason for Donald Trump to be worried. As we know, he’s never been a fan of facts or the truth.

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Former Prosecutor Says Trump’s Kids May Have To Take The Fall For Their Father’s Crimes

Even though former President Donald Trump has been in the news recently regarding eight years of his tax returns being made available to the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., a former prosecutor said Saturday that the Donald’s three eldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — may be the ones who wind up taking the biggest legal hit when it comes to their father’s alleged crimes.

Former assistant Manhattan District Attorney Daniel Alonso was a guest on CNN. He was asked for his thoughts on the case being built by Vance. Alonso began by laying out the full range of crimes the former president may potentially be indicted for:

“He faces peril in multiple jurisdictions, but the Stormy Daniels payment is a discrete set of facts. And if they can get over one weird hurdle in New York on the falsification of business records, that could have legs. Michael Cohen was reimbursed by the Trump Organization and presumably the Trump Organization did not correctly list the information in their records. And there is that recording of Cohen and Trump talking about one of the payments. So I think that that could be a discrete case of falsification of business records, assuming that they can prove the felony count which the statute of limitations hasn’t yet expired.”

And then there’s the numerous alleged financial crimes which could also be lurking in the Trump tax filings, Alonso continued:

“The other stuff, it is certainly very much worth investigating. There are discrepancies between what they are telling the insurance companies and banks and tax authority, very substantial … I think a lot of that remains to be seen. There are — there is a lot of evidence, a lot of people to talk to, and there have been accountants and lawyers presumably who were all involved in this.”

Alonso then explained how it may wind up being the Trump spawn who have to pay the biggest price for their father’s wrongdoing:

“One last thing I want to say, it is not necessarily Donald Trump, right? He may not be the defendant. They may not have enough on these accounting issues to charge him, they may have enough to charge the Trump Organization or other executives, including the kids or others at the organization. Or the CFO. So there are lots and lots of unknowns here, and I wouldn’t assume that the defendant is definitely going to be Donald Trump.”

The possibility of the Trump children being in legal jeopardy raises what may be the biggest questions of all: Are Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric willing to do decades in prison for daddy? Or would they turn state’s evidence to save their own skin?

Here’s Daniel Alonso on CNN: