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Donald Trump Jr’s Humiliating Arrest Record Leaks Out And Twitter Has A Field Day

The 2020 Trump for president reelection campaign repeatedly harped on one name more than any other when they tried to attack Joe Biden: The former vice president’s son, Hunter.


From the president to his spokespeople and family members, the cheap shots were focused squarely on Hunter Biden, especially the fact that he had a substance abuse problem years ago (which Hunter freely admits to) and that somehow he made money illegally in Ukraine and China, though they fail to provide a shred of evidence to support their specious allegations regarding his finances.

Donald Trump Jr. has been especially vocal over the past couple of months when it comes to tweeting at Hunter Biden, which makes the fact that Junior was arrested for being publicly intoxicated all the more ironic. Publicly intoxicated in New Orleans, perhaps the hardest-drinking city in the country. And at Mardi Gras, no less!


How fully trashed and obnoxiously drunk do you have to be to be arrested in New Orleans during Mardi Gras?! That’s like getting a speeding ticket at the damn Indy 500!

Malcolm Nance, a former Naval intelligence officer and frequent guest on MSNBC, made Don Jr’s humiliating arrest public on Twitter:

Yes, busted on Hillary Street! If you tried to write this as fiction, an editor would hand it back to you and say, “It’s just not believable; try again.”

And that led to others also remarking on the fact that a then-23-year-old Don Jr. was put in the slammer for being too drunk for cops in Party City USA, aka New Orleans:


Here’s an idea: The next time Junior sarcastically asks “Where’s Hunter?” on social media, perhaps we should all respond to him this way: We know where you were, Traitor Tot: In the drunk tank.

Karma is such a beautiful thing when it takes a giant bite out of someone as deserving as Junior.


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Trump’s Kids Removed From Lawsuit After Saying Their Dad Was The ‘Largest Beneficiary’ Of Fraud

Donald Trump’s three oldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — have been dropped from a fraud lawsuit in New York after their depositions “made clear” that the failed former president was the “architect, principal actor, and largest beneficiary of the fraudulent scheme.”

The lawsuit, which was filed five years ago, alleges that the ex-president deliberately misled viewers of “Celebrity Apprentice” by hawking investments in a desktop video phone that never materialized, despite Trump swearing it was to be the next big thing in telecommunications, according to Bloomberg.

As part of the agreement, depositions testimony from the three children — who worked closely with their father while his TV show aired — can still be used at trial. The former president and his company, Trump Corp., remain defendants. 

Roberta Kaplan, who serves as attorney for the plaintiffs, remarked, “That is why we proposed this stipulation in the first place: Donald J. Trump and the company he used to carry out the scheme, The Trump Corporation, are the right defendants as we move toward a jury trial,”

Clifford S. Robert, who represents the Trump children, said he was pleased by the news:

“It’s about time. They never should have been in this baseless lawsuit in the first place.”

The video phone was repeatedly pushed by Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice” but smartphones later made it obsolete.

In ads for the video phone, Trump claims, “Trust me — it’s changing everything. The absolute truth is that this technology will be present in every home within the next several years.”

He was paid nearly $9 million over ten years to promote the device, which was made by ACN Opportunity LLC.

The twice-impeached former president and his three oldest kids are still facing fraud charges filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James.


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Trump Tells Iowa Rally Attendees: ‘Some Of Us Have Horrible Children’

During a rally in Sioux City, Iowa on Thursday evening, disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached ex-president Donald Trump seemed to suggest that his children are “horrible” and don’t deserve to inherit a dime from him, providing that he still has any money left when he leaves this world.

Campaigning for GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley and Gov. Kim Reynolds, Trump went on a riff about the estate tax (which he called the “death tax”), saying he had virtually eliminated it while in the White House.

“So that now, when you pass away, you can leave — if you like your child, I always say, if you don’t like, leave it to charity.
“Some of us have horrible children.”

The former president then asked attendees:

“Do you have horrible children?. Does anybody have, like a child, where you really are not going to leave your farm?”

Ironically, Trump’s remarks came the same day that MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin noted the ex-president’s lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James may have been filed so he can keep his plan of succession secret.

Rubin shared her thoughts on Twitter, writing:

“The lawsuit accuses N.Y. A.G. Tish James of pursuing him for political reasons, rhetoric heard before. So beyond smearing James, what’s the real purpose of the lawsuit?

“The Trust is the ultimate owner of the various entities that comprise the Trump Organization. But it is also more. As Trump himself notes in this new lawsuit, ‘The Trust contains his private estate plan and present decisions regarding the disposition of his assets upon death.’ And he is hellbent on ensuring that New York’s attorney general — and by extension, the public — don’t learn about that plan or the true state of his assets.”

Indeed, if Trump’s after-death estate plans became public, it might well give some in his family all the incentive they need to cooperate with prosecutors such as James.

The Donald’s comments set off weaves of speculation, laughter, and mockery on social media.

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Don Jr. Proclaims He Has ‘Two Words’ For Viewers: ‘Joe Biden Is A Freaking Idiot’

It’s one thing to be a pompous ass with a moronic opinion. But it’s quite another to not even know how to count.

That’s the lesson Donald Trump Jr. decided to give us today, and he did it while trying to make fun of someone else for the very same thing he did.

Speaking on Friday, President Joe Biden remarked:

“Let me start off with two words: Made in America.”

OK, so the president made a mistake. But let’s recall that his predecessor (who just so happens to be Junior’s daddy) once called Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, Tim Apple.

As he often does, Trump tried to lie his way out of the embarrassment, posting a incredibly lame excuse on Twitter:

At a recent round table meeting of business executives, & long after formally introducing Tim Cook of Apple, I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words. The Fake News was disparagingly all over this, & it became yet another bad Trump story!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 11, 2019

And yet Don Jr. (a.k.a. Traitor Tot) thought he’d make a video and try to troll Biden, despite the fact that his trolling almost always comes back to bite him right on his rump.

In the video, Junior proudly proclaims, “I’ve got two words for you. Two words for you: Joe Biden is a freakin idiot.”

Maybe Junior is trying to mock Biden by using more words than he needed, but Twitter users weren’t impressed, and they quickly used the video to lay a major social media beatdown on the ex-president’s clueless spawn.

So who exactly is the freaking moron? Go look in the mirror, Junior, provided you’re not using the mirror for something else.

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Eric Trump Declares: No One ‘Has Done More For Christianity’ Than My Daddy – No One!

Now that whey can sense their old man is in very deep legal trouble that he cannot bribe, talk, or worm his way out of, the two oldest male Trump spawn, Don Jr. and Eric, are desperately trying to wage a public PR campaign on his behalf, as under the mistaken belief that anyone wants to hear their bullshit other than the last dregs of humanity who still believe every word a Trump utters.

At something called Northern Kentucky Freedom Fest that’s being this weekend, Eric got up and regaled the pitiful excuse of a crowd with tales of what a great man his, according to

Eric Trump told the crowd that when he found out the FBI was raiding Mar-a-Lago last month, he said he immediately thought: ‘What the hell are 30 FBI agents doing outside our gate?’”

“Shouldn’t they be standing outside of Hunter Biden’s house?” he asked. The crowd roared and Eric Trump continued, firing back at President Joe Biden for suggesting some Trump supporters are fascists.

“He’s using the FBI to protect his son while raiding his political opponents’ house. Tell me what’s fascism,” Eric Trump said.

But there was something else Eric said that has set off waves of laughter and revulsion online. He said, “There’s no one who’s done more for Christianity than Donald Trump. No one.”

Is that right, Eric? Are we talking about the same Donald Trump who has been married three times, cheated on all of his wives, paid hush money to a porn star, and was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl with his BFF Jeffrey Epstein, whom he likely had killed while in federal custody? Is that the guy who has done more for Christianity than anyone else? More than Pope Francis? More than Jesus himself?

Or is it the same Donald Trump who mocked Christians while he was still president, commenting:

But Trump’s promises to protect religious freedom, his nomination of pro-life judges, and his gushing—“I love the evangelicals. And they love me,” he said in a 2016 line that he repeated last year—is not a sentiment he consistently upholds in private. He reportedly revealed as much in 2015, commenting on a story about an Atlanta millionaire televangelist who turned to his followers to raise the $60 million it costs to own a Gulfstream private jet. “They’re all hustlers,” Trump reportedly told Michael Cohen.

Same guy, Eric, or some other Donald Trump we haven’t yet met because he doesn’t exist except in your fervent fantasies?

Social media was both amused and disgusted by Eric’s absurd comment, and they let him have it.