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Tom Cotton Gets His A*s Handed To Him When He Accuses Democrats Of Being Soft On Putin

During a debate in the Senate on the lifting of sanctions on a pipeline, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) accused Democrats of “appeasing” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Newsweek reports:

Cotton took broad aim at how the Democrats had handled Moscow in criticism, referring in particular to the Biden administration’s suspension of sanctions on entities involved with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Critics, including both Republicans and Democrats, say that the pipeline, which will take gas between Russia and Germany, gives Putin a geopolitical advantage. The pipeline was stalled by German lawmakers this week.

That led Cotton to remark:

“The simplest way to deter invasion of Ukraine, the simplest way to deter Russian aggression, is to draw clear red lines of enforcement, something that Joe Biden will not do, something that apparently the Democratic senators will not force him to do.”

In response, New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen immediately fired back at Cotton, reminding him that he’d been allowed to visit Russia while the Russian government refused to grant her entry:

“I just have to take real umbrage at your suggestion, Sen. Cotton. I’m the one who Vladimir Putin refused a visa to get into Russia, because of my opposition to Russia, and to what Putin was doing.”

She then added:

“He didn’t deny you a visa to get into the country. So don’t talk to me about how I’ve not been tough enough on Russia, because that dog won’t hunt!”

Keep in mind this is the same Tom Cotton who refused to impeach failed, one-term former President Donald Trump for extorting our Ukrainian allies unless they agree to help him trash President Joe Biden. He delayed military aid to them at a time when Ukraine was being harassed and threatened with attack by Putin’s military.

Do us all a favor, Sen. Cotton: Sit down and shut the hell up.

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Former National Security Official: Putin Used Women To Manipulate Trump

For years, many have wondered exactly why failed, one-term former President Donald Trump was so deferential and complimentary of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Did Putin have kompromat — i.e. compromising information — on Trump, or was the Donald somehow beholden to the Russian thug/leader for other reasons?

According to former National Security Council official Fiona Hill, who specialized in Russia and Europe and served in the Trump administration, Putin used beautiful women to distract and manipulate the ex-president.

Speaking to Molly Jong-Fast of The Daily Beast for the “New Normal” podcast, Hill noted that Putin’s efforts were taken directly from the KBG playbook he had used for decades.

Hill said Trump admired Putin as being tough and devious:

“He saw Putin as the kind of epitome of the badass populist, frankly, you know, the kind of person that he wanted to be: super-rich, super powerful, no checks and balances, and essentially being able to stay in power forever.”

And when Putin would meet with Trump, he used women to distract the U.S. president and make him pliable for whatever suggestions or policies the Russian autocrat had in mind:

“Putin made a big point, a big show of introducing Trump to the interpreter. Here’s a really pretty woman. She’s also a brilliant interpreter, but it was clearly meant to get Trump to look at her and not to be paying attention to what Putin was saying.”

Hill’s remarks match up with those made by former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, who writes in her new book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now about the beautiful interpreter:

“As the meeting began, Fiona Hill leaned over and asked me if I had noticed Putin’s translator, who was a very attractive brunette woman with long hair, a pretty face, and a wonderful figure,” Ms Grisham writes.

“She proceeded to tell me that she suspected the woman had been selected by Putin specifically to distract our President.”

While Ms Boyarskaya looked prim and proper in a demure dress during the meeting, glamour shots obtained by East2West News show her posing in a tight leather one-piece number with thigh-high boots, among other outfits.

Donald Trump is a serious threat to U.S. national security. If he happens to win a second term in 2024, this country will likely become nothing more than a Russian satellite under the complete control of the Kremlin.

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Devin Nunes Sues MSNBC Because Rachel Maddow Exposed His Ties To Russia

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) — who is fresh off losing a lawsuit he filed against CNN — is now suing the parent company of MSNBC, NBCUniversal Media, for defamation because MSNBC host Rachel Maddow dared to reveal his many connections to Russia and Russian operatives who tried to influence the 2016 presidential election.

According to Bloomberg:

“California Republican Congressman Devin Nunes sued NBCUniversal Media alleging that MSNBC’s liberal talk show host Rachel Maddow defamed him with on-air suggestions he’d conspired with a Russian agent to rig the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump.

“Nunes, who is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, says Maddow has repeatedly targeted him with defamatory statements that accuse him of obstruction of justice and treason. Nunes said Maddow has also called for him to lose his committee post and be stripped of his security clearances.”

What exactly did Maddow say that Nunes is claiming was defamatory? Well, she let the world know about his many ties to Russia and Russian nationals who played a part in running a smear campaign against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump, who was favored by the Kremlin.

Here’s what Maddow reported on March 8, 2021:

“Last summer, the Senate Intelligence Committee in the house learned that same guy, Derkach, had mailed a stack of unknown materials to Devin Nunes, who is the top Republican on the Intelligence Committee to this day. Andrei Derkach singled out by name by the Director of National Intelligence as someone under Vladimir Putin‘s direct purview who helped run this organization targeting our election last year. Congressman Nunes accepted a package from him. What was in it? Congressman Nunes has refused to answer questions about what he has received from Andrei Derkach.”

The problem for Nunes is that every single word of what Maddow said is true and easily fact-checked against declassified congressional and intelligence reports on the 2016 election.

So why is Nunes suing? He claims that Maddow and MSNBC never contacted him for comment and therefore he wasn’t allowed to present his side of the story. However, given the fact that Nunes constantly lies, his accusation is almost certainly false.

Also, a journalist as precise and seasoned as Maddow would never air a story without reaching out for comment from Nunes or an official representative who could speak on behalf of the congressman.

The highly litigious California Republican will lose the suit against NBCUniversal, the same way he’s lost all of the other defamation suits he’s filed against media companies — including Twitter — which dared to allow accounts that were critical of Nunes to remain on their platform.

Devin Nunes is a Russian asset. All the lawsuits in the world won’t change that fact.


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Fox News Host Says Russia Now Has A Jet Than Can Fly At ‘Twice The Speed Of Light’

During Wednesday morning’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” host Jillian Mele reported that Russia now has a fighter jet that can fly at “nearly twice the speed of light.”

According to Mele:

“The jet features stealth characteristics and the ability to cruise at supersonic speeds. The new aircraft is smaller than other Russian fighter jets but can fly at a speed of almost twice the speed of light.

“The new design can also be converted into an unpiloted version.”

Co-host Steve Doocy then chimed in:

“Unpiloted. so you would control it by a computer or a person running it just like a video game.”


“That boggles my mind.”

It boggles her mind? That would require that she actually have a mind instead of just being a paid news reader who reiterates whatever’s on the teleprompter.

As Albert Einstein explained with his theory of relativity, nothing can travel at a speed that’s faster than the speed of light. explains Einstein’s thinking on the subject of traveling faster than light:

“Even using the most precise measurements possible, the speed of light remains the same for an observer standing still on the face of the Earth as it does for one traveling in a supersonic jet above its surface. Similarly, even though Earth is orbiting the sun, which is itself moving around the Milky Way, which is a galaxy traveling through space, the measured speed of light coming from our sun would be the same whether one stood inside or outside of the galaxy to calculate it. Einstein calculated that the speed of light doesn’t vary with time or place.”

Even worse for Mele is that Fox itself totally disproves what she said, with their website reporting:

“The prospective warplane, marketed under the project name Checkmate, has one engine and is designed to be smaller and cheaper than Russia’s latest Su-57 two-engine stealth fighter, also built by Sukhoi. It can fly at a speed of 1.8-2 times the speed of sound, has a range of 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) and a payload of 7,400 kilograms (16,300 pounds), the jet’s makers said.”

Later today, perhaps Jillian Mele will tell us that gravity isn’t real and Sir Isaac Newton was wrong.

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Tucker Carlson Got Busted Playing Footsie With The Kremlin – Now He’s Screaming He Was Set Up

A week and a half ago, Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced on his nightly show that the National Security Agency (NSA) had been spying on him, telling his viewers:

“Yesterday, we heard from a whistleblower within the U.S. government who reached out to warn us that the NSA — the National Security Agency — is monitoring our electronic communications, and is planning to leak them in an effort to take this show off the air. Now, that’s a shocking claim, and ordinarily we’d be skeptical because it is illegal for the NSA to spy on American citizens. It’s a crime. It’s not a third-world country. Things like that should not happen in America.”

Why would the NSA be the least bit interested in Tucker Carlson? Granted, he’s on television nightly, but he lies so much and pumps out so many bogus conspiracy theories that nothing he says can be taken seriously.

Unless, of course, Carlson was reaching out to an adversarial government in an attempt to arrange an interview with one of the most despised men on the face of the planet.

According to Vox:

“Tucker Carlson was talking to U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin shortly before the Fox News host accused the National Security Agency of spying on him, sources familiar with the conversations tell Axios.”

Think about that for a moment: An American going through intermediaries who contacted the Kremlin, either via phone or email, about meeting with Putin, who is believed to have personally signed off on a deliberate attack on the 2016 election and who is also in charge of various Russian intelligence agencies that continue to target the United States via computer hacking and ransomware attacks.

Quite frankly, Carlson’s lucky the FBI hasn’t paid him a visit and asked why he’s making contacts with sources inside of Russia.

Once again, quoting Axios:

“Those sources said U.S. government officials learned about Carlson’s efforts to secure the Putin interview. Carlson learned that the government was aware of his outreach — and that’s the basis of his extraordinary accusation, followed by a rare public denial by the NSA that he had been targeted.”

In other words, Carlson knew he’d gotten busted reaching out to Russia and tried to suggest he was being set up by U.S. intelligence. But it also begs the question of why Carlson or Fox didn’t make the government aware of their contacts in advance, which is often done by reporters who are attempting to communicate with foreign leaders.

Something about Carlson’s paranoid ramblings suggests there’s more to this story that has yet to come out. And when it does, don’t be surprised if the Fox host and his network are proven to have been on the brink of having broken the law.

This story isn’t over with, and that should terrify Tucker Carlson.