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Congressman Warns: Trump’s Inability To Post Bond In Fraud Case Makes Him A ‘Massive Security Risk’

Now that attorneys for failed one-term former president Donald Trump have revealed to the court that their client cannot post bond for the $464 million judgment imposed on him by a New York court in February, some are suggesting that the disgraced ex-head of state is now a serious security risk and could be for sale to the highest bidder.

According to CNN, Trump’s lawyers claim they approached dozens of bond underwriters who said they would not provide the necessary funding.

Trump’s attorneys said he has approached 30 underwriters to back the bond, which is due by the end of this month.

“The amount of the judgment, with interest, exceeds $464 million, and very few bonding companies will consider a bond of anything approaching that magnitude,” Trump’s lawyers wrote. (Trump himself was ordered to pay $454 million; the $464 million includes the disgorgement for his adult sons Don Jr. and Eric.)

An insurance broker, Gary Giulietti, who testified for Trump during the civil fraud trial, signed an affidavit stating that securing a bond in the full amount “is a practical impossibility.”

In the filing, Trump’s attorneys also argued, “The amount of the judgment, with interest, exceeds $464 million, and very few bonding companies will consider a bond of anything approaching that magnitude.”

And that, according to Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL), makes Donald Trump a serious threat to the national security of the United States.

On Twitter, Casten argued, “The presumptive @GOP nominee for President is desperate for $464M (and counting) which he cannot personally access. That fact alone makes him a massive national security risk; any foreign adversary seeking to buy a President knows the price.”

Casten then added other facts to bolster his case against Trump.

Ask yourself this question: Who has the most to gain (other than Trump and his family) if he’s elected in November?

If the nations of Russia and Saudi Arabia immediately came to mind, then you understand Congressman Casten’s concerns and why Trump should either be forced to divulge all of his financial information to voters or drop out of the presidential race. A man who has divided loyalties cannot be trusted with the most valuable secrets this country possesses.

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Jack Smith Has Evidence Trump Shared Top Secret Nuclear Information With A Foreign National

After he left the White House and was residing at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort, multiply-indicted former president Donald Trump allegedly shared highly sensitive information about the U.S. nuclear submarine fleet with the resident of a foreign country, according to a disturbing report from ABC News that could have serious implications for American national security.

Months after leaving the White House, former President Donald Trump allegedly discussed potentially sensitive information about U.S. nuclear submarines with a member of his Mar-a-Lago Club — an Australian billionaire who then allegedly shared the information with scores of others, including more than a dozen foreign officials, several of his own employees, and a handful of journalists, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The potential disclosure was reported to special counsel Jack Smith’s team as they investigated Trump’s alleged hoarding of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, the sources told ABC News. The information could shed further light on Trump’s handling of sensitive government secrets.

Prosecutors and FBI agents have at least twice this year interviewed the Mar-a-Lago member, Anthony Pratt, who runs U.S.-based Pratt Industries, one of the world’s largest packaging companies.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Pratt mentioned to Trump that he believed Australia should begin buying its submarines from the United States, which reportedly led the ex-president to divulge to vital piece of classified information: The number of warheads each U.S. sub carries and how close they can get to their Russian counterparts without being detected.

Such critical information would be invaluable to the Russian navy and the intelligence agencies of other U.S. adversaries because the information is closely held and never disclosed because doing so would dangerously jeopardize the entire American sub fleet.

Pratt then began to disseminate the information Trump told him, ABC News notes.

In emails and conversations after meeting with Trump, Pratt described Trump’s remarks to at least 45 others, including six journalists, 11 of his company’s employees, 10 Australian officials, and three former Australian prime ministers, the sources told ABC News.

While Pratt told investigators he couldn’t tell if what Trump said about U.S. submarines was real or just bluster, investigators nevertheless asked Pratt not to repeat the numbers that Trump allegedly told him, suggesting the information could be too sensitive to relay further, ABC News was told.

The former president faces decades behind bars for illegally removing and storing classified information in unsecured banker’s boxes at his Florida resort. He may also have disseminated or even sold some of the information in those documents to nations such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, both of which Trump has lavished with praise.

Can it be any clearer that Donald Trump need to be placed in custody until his trial has concluded? Every day he remains free he’s a clear and present danger to the national security of this country.


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‘National Security Risk’ Greene Exposes Classified Info At Wednesday House Hearing: Video

Proving that she remains just as much of a national security risk as she was on January 6, 2021, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) blurted out classified information during a Wednesday hearing on the border.

The hearing, which was held in Texas so that Congressional Republicans could have a photo op and pretend to give a damn about anything but scoring political points, featured testimony from U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, who was asked by Greene about explosives found on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Chief Ortiz, are you aware that there was an explosive device found by Border Patrol agents on January 17th in an area called No Man’s Land, and there’s surveillance of who put it there? And guess what? It wasn’t Americans; it was cartels. Are you aware of that?”

Ortiz replied:

“I will tell you that some of this information that I receive, I receive in a confidential [sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF)], so I’m going to be a little hesitant of briefing what I know and what I don’t know with respect to some of those, an event like that.”

Undeterred by that warning, Greene bulldozed ahead like the loose cannon she always has and will be.

“I understand, Chief Ortiz, but I’m not going to be confidential because I think people deserve to know,” Greene huffed. “Our Border Patrol agents should not be in those type of conditions where they are at risk of being blown to pieces by the cartels, who, by the way, are criminals, and they should be treated as such.”

“As a matter of fact, I’ve co-sponsored legislation to declare war on the cartels because they are definitely declaring war on us, the American people, and our Border Patrol agents, and I’ve had enough of it, and I know Americans have had enough of it.”

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is About To Have Access To ‘The Most Sensitive Secrets In Government’: Report

Now that she has successfully helped Kevin McCarthy ascend to the highest position in Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is poised to have tremendous power that could well wind up threatening American national security.

The New York Times reports House Republicans are preparing to put forth a resolution creating a special subcommittee within the Judiciary Committee that will turn its focus to the FBI and U.S. intelligence services to investigate what they claim is the “weaponization of the federal government” in the Biden administration.

Greene will be a key figure in all of the planned investigations because McCarthy has promised to allow her to serve on committees after she was stripped of her committee assignments by Democrats in the last Congress.

The Georgia Republican has publicly stated that she would love to serve on the Judiciary Committee even though she doesn’t have a law degree. And if Greene is indeed placed on the committee or a Judiciary subcommittee, she would instantly have access to some of the most top-secret information in the world because Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wants his committee to “receive the same highly classified information that intelligence agencies make available to their oversight committee, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.”

“Intelligence Committee members have access to some of the most sensitive secrets in the government, including information about covert actions, which are not shared with other lawmakers. Traditionally, House leaders tend to place on the intelligence panel members of their party they think are especially trustworthy not to disclose classified information.”

The Times also notes that “While Mr. Jordan’s investigative unit will be housed within the Judiciary Committee, its 13 members — eight of whom would be Republicans — will not be limited to lawmakers on that panel.”

McCarthy will be hard-pressed to deny Greene a seat on some committee that has access to secret information, and that alone is reason to fear for U.S. national security.

 “Mr. McCarthy has already promised her a spot on the House Oversight Committee, and she broke with other far-right members to support his speakership bid from the first ballot, as did Mr. Jordan. Such a situation could result in lawmakers trying to scrutinize a Justice Department investigation as that inquiry potentially examines some of those same lawmakers’ conduct concerning the events of Jan. 6.”

A perfect example of another member of the GOP who could also soon be allowed to access such sensitive information is Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA), whose cell phone was seized by the FBI in August of last year as part of the ongoing investigation of the Capitol insurrection. When asked if he would be allowed to access information related to Jan. 6, Perry had this to say on Sunday:

“Why should I be limited — why should anybody be limited just because someone has made an accusation? I get accused of all kinds of things every single day, as does every member that serves in the public eye. But that doesn’t stop you from doing your job. It is our duty and it is my duty.”

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18 Former Trump Officials Say His ‘Standing Order’ On Declassifying Top Secret Documents Is BS

According to disgraced, one-term former president Donald Trump, he had a “standing order” that stipulated any classified documents he took from the Oval Office to the White House residence residence, meaning it wasn’t improper or illegal for him to have thousands of top secret files at his Mar-a-Lago resort because he had already declassified them.

But 18 former officials who served in the Trump administration, no order was ever issued and the ex-president is lying yet again, according to a report from CNN.

“Nothing approaching an order that foolish was ever given,” said John Kelly, who served as Trump’s chief of staff for 17 months from 2017 to 2019. “And I can’t imagine anyone that worked at the White House after me that would have simply shrugged their shoulders and allowed that order to go forward without dying in the ditch trying to stop it.”

Mick Mulvaney, who succeeded Kelly as acting White House chief of staff, also dismissed the idea and told CNN he was “not aware of a general standing order” during his tenure.

A senior White House official dubbed Trump’s assertion of automatic declassification “total nonsense,” adding, “If that’s true, where is the order with his signature on it? If that were the case, there would have been tremendous pushback from the Intel Community and DoD, which would almost certainly have become known to Intel and Armed Services Committees on the Hill.”

Another fact that directly undercuts Trump’s claim of a “standing order” of declassification according to David Laufman, the former chief of the Justice Department’s counterintelligence division, is that “Programs and officials would have been notified. There is no evidence they were.”

Multiple sources said they believed that Trump’s claim the documents were declassified was nothing more than a transparent attempt to try to defend himself for taking the documents to Mar-a-Lago.

“There is a process to declassify, the president can’t just wave a magic wand,” a former senior Trump White House official said.

Meanwhile, Trump and his ragtag collection of so-called “attorneys” are trying to get the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant unsealed without any redactions, a move that could threaten the lives of federal law enforcement officials and jeopardize the ongoing Justice Department investigation of whether or not the former president violated the Espionage Act.

A federal magistrate said Thursday that the DOJ has until Thursday, Aug. 25 to submit a redacted version of the affidavit which he will then rule on.