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Lauren Boebert Says SHE’S A Victim Of The Club Q Mass Shooting

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert wants us all to feel sorry for her because she says that she’s also a victim of the Club Q mass shooting that left five dead and 17 others injured in Colorado Springs last Saturday.

During an appearance on One America News Network, Boebert claimed the families of the Club Q victims “don’t even have time to grieve before the Left starts pointing the blame and trying to find a cause for this instead of actually going after the deranged shooter, the evil person who did this.”

And then came the congresswoman’s claim that she’s just as much of a victim as those who were shot at the nightclub.

“I’ve been accused of just about every mass shooting there has been. I’ve been blamed for all of it. It has to come to an end. The Left is pissed I won my election, so they’re trying to find something to go after me about.”

Yeah, as if there’s any shortage of things we can “go after” Boebert for. After all, this is the same woman who has said the following things:

Boebert’s victimhood claim was met with righteous scorn on Twitter.

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Tucker Carlson’s Latest Attack On Pete Buttigieg: He ‘Lied’ About Being Gay

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is absolutely livid because he claims that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg didn’t “even admit that he was gay” until a few years ago and “lied about it for reasons he has never been asked to explain.”

Carlson made his remarks in reference to the mass shooting at an LGBTQ bar in Colorado Springs that left five dead and dozens of others injured.

“Pete Buttigieg, of course, couldn’t pass up a moment like this. It’s not like Pete Buttigieg wants to talk about how things are going over at the Transportation Department, which he supposedly runs. Short answer not well.”

That led Carlson to go on an extended rant about Buttigieg in which he accused the transportation secretary of using the Colorado shooting to advance his political aims:

“No, Pete Buttigieg wants to talk about identity. He always wants to talk about identity. And the funny, ironic thing is and the tell just a few years ago, Buttigieg wouldn’t even admit that he was gay. He hid that and then lied about it for reasons he has never been asked to explain. Why not?

“But whatever. Now he is happy to use his sexual orientation as a cudgel to bash you repeatedly in the face into submission. Quote, here’s his latest, ‘If you’re a politician or media figure who sets up the LGBTQ community to be hated and feared, not because any of us who ever harmed you, but because you find it useful that don’t you dare act surprised when this kind of violence follows.'”

The Fox host concluded:

“Buttigieg, now that you’re admitting you’re gay after lying about it, since we’re talking about identity. What do you have to say about that? Well, nothing. Weirdly, Pete Buttigieg hasn’t said anything, nor has he apologized for attacking other people on false pretenses.”

As with nearly everything said by Carlson and the other prime time hosts on Fox, the premise of his argument against Buttigieg is based on bullshit and outright lies that have absolutely no grounding in fact. Instead, they emanate from a place of hatred, homophobia, and self-loathing.

Buttigieg has indeed addressed why he was so reluctant to come out before he did, writing:

“I was well into adulthood before I was prepared to acknowledge the simple fact that I am gay. It took years of struggle and growth for me to recognize that it’s just a fact of life, like having brown hair, and part of who I am.”

And Buttigieg also explained why he remained closeted while serving in the military, noting:

“For individual servicemembers, that meant hiding who they were from the people they trusted with their lives. In some cases it meant living a life that was less than whole.”

Poor Tucker. He can’t stand the fact that Pete Buttigieg is more accomplished than he’ll ever be.

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Fox News Accuses The Biden Administration Of Being ‘Too Pro-Christmas’

For years, Fox News and others on the right have suggested that liberals and progressives are antagonistic to anything religious or sacred, even going so far as to declare that there’s a “War on Christmas.”

Now, however, it seems Fox has decided that the Biden White House is “too pro-Christmas” and is overlooking Thanksgiving, according to Alex Henderson of AlterNet.

At 6 PM on Monday, November 21, Fox News announced its “all-American Christmas tree lighting.” But only four later, on far-right host Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, “The Ingraham Angle,” the following words appeared on the screen: “Biden White House Jumps the Gun on Christmas.”

Twitter quickly reminded Fox of their enormous hypocrisy.

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Speaker Of The House Jim Jordan? Here’s How It Could Happen

For months now, the conventional political wisdom has suggested that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) holds the inside track to be the next Speaker of the House if and when Republicans won the House in the midterm elections.

With the election decided and the GOP holding a slim majority in the House, efforts have begun to secure the votes McCarthy needs to ascend to the highest office in Congress.

But it now looks like McCarthy may not have the support he needs to be Speaker, which leaves open the possibility that a more hardline conservative could garner the votes needed to be Speaker of the House, Aaron Blake notes in an article he wrote for The Washington Post.

So far, four House Republicans have said or suggested they’re not supporting McCarthy. And the likeliest 2022 election outcome is that House Republicans will end up with 221 or 222 votes in the chamber, giving McCarthy around a three- or four-vote cushion in the speaker vote. (You need a majority to be elected speaker.)

Where things go from here largely depends not only on these Republicans’ commitment to opposing McCarthy — which is a valid question, given the pervasive posturing in politics — but also how they would register that discontent.

According to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), McCarthy will never be Speaker.

Speaking with former White House adviser Steve Bannon on his podcast, Gaetz explained the reason for his certainty that McCarthy doesn’t have the votes he needs.

“Five members which include myself, Andy Biggs, Bob Good, Matt Rosendale and now most recently Ralph Norman have all come out and said that our no vote on McCarthy is firm. It was not just a no vote within the Republican conference. It is a no vote we intend to carry to the floor.

“Republicans are expected to hold a four-seat majority. So five of us saying publicly we have no intention of voting for McCarthy; we are firm in our opposition to him, well, that ought to trigger a realization among Republicans that we need a consensus candidate.”

So who might that “consensus” candidate be? The name that keeps coming up is Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), who appeals to the extreme right-wing of House Republicans and might just be able to cobble together enough votes for a majority if McCarthy is left in the lurch.

Jordan, it should be noted, would be a nightmare as Speaker, eager to try and settle scores with anyone he disagrees with politically. He’d also fast track efforts to impeach President Joe Biden and insist that Republicans investigate many others in the Biden administration. He’d tie raising the debt ceiling to cuts in Medicare and Social Security and endanger U.S. national security in any number of ways.

In other words, if Jim Jordan becomes Speaker of the House, American democracy will once again be threatened from within.

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Newt Gingrich Says Herschel Walker Is A Better Black Person Than His Democratic Opponent 

Proving yet again that he knows even less about race then he does politics, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is now claiming that Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker deserves to win the December runoff against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) because he’s a better “African-American.”

Speaking with right-wing host Charlie Kirk on Real America’s Voice, Gingrich remarked:

“I think that Herschel Walker has the courage, the integrity to be a really remarkable U.S. senator. And I think, having an African-American with his background — somebody who is good at business, somebody who has given over 400 speeches on military bases to help young people dealing with PTSD because of his own experience with having had concussions playing football.”

Gingrich continued:

“I think Herschel would be such a dramatic improvement over Sen. Warnock, who is a hardline, um, left-wing politician, that I really do think that it’s worth a lot of effort to make sure Herschel wins.”

The real reason Gingrich identifies so closely with Walker is probably because both of them are serial adulterers and hypocrites who are emblematic of today’s Republican Party. They want to impose their beliefs on others but don’t think their so-called “religion” applies to them.