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VIRAL VIDEO: Lauren Boebert Proves On The Gun Range That She Understands NOTHING About Firearm Safety

Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert absolutely loves guns, even though she doesn’t know a damn thing about the Constitution and what it says about the issue of guns and laws regulating them.

Lauren thinks the Second Amendment is absolute and no laws whatsoever can be passed that regulate guns in any manner whatsoever, despite the fact that the amendment reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Well regulated. Clearly, regulations are allowed or the Founding Fathers would have left off that phrase and just said that the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

And yet, as much as Lauren wants to hug her guns and possibly even make out with them (do you doubt she’d try?), she doesn’t know squat about gun safety, which should be required if you’re going to be operating a weapon that can kill people.

In the video below, which was posted on Twitter by Patriot Takes, you can see Boebert firing off a few rounds at a gun range, but she gets frustrated when her hair keeps flying wildly as she fires the rifle she’s shooting.

To rectify that situation, Boebert goes over and grabs a pair of safety goggles to put atop her otherwise empty head and hold her hair in place while she continues to shoot.

Just one problem: She doesn’t put the safety on the rifle before she puts the weapon down. A man standing next to her does so.

While she was at it, why didn’t Lauren just go ahead and wave the gun around in the direction of others? After all, she’s already proven that gun safety is a completely foreign concept to her, as Twitter users quickly reminded her.

Since Republicans won’t let us have any sensible gun control legislation, can we at least pass some laws that won’t allow showboating morons in Congress?


Donald Trump Viral Video WTF?!

What?! Trump Tells Crowd At North Carolina Rally ‘We Have To Keep Our Country Gay!’

Something very strange happened Friday evening at the rally failed, one-term former president Donald Trump held in Wilmington, North Carolina.

During his speech (which seemed to go on forever), it sounded like the disgraced, twice-impeached ex-president said that he and his supporters “have to keep our country gay.”

According to Mediaite, the remark was clearly a mistake.

“To stop the destruction of our country and save the American dream, you must vote Republican. Joe Biden and the Democrat arsonists do not care one bit about the pain and suffering they’re causing you or your family or our once great country. Remember, I was going to say, was going to use an expression, ‘We have to keep our country gay,’ but it’s not… I mean, for some reason, it’s just not great anymore. And we can name those reasons. And we’re going to discuss them tonight.”

That set off peals of laughter and mockery on Twitter.

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The View Co-Hosts Have A Field Day Mocking Trump’s Legal Problems: ‘I’m Thinking Him Into Jail’

The co-hosts of “The View” ripped into failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump on Thursday, mocking him and making fun of his mounting legal problems a day after New York Attorney General Letitia James announced she was filing a civil lawsuit against the Trump Organization, the ex-president, and his three oldest children, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Additionally, Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity Wednesday night that he had declassified thousands of documents he illegally took from the White House by “thinking” about them.

That led Whoopi Goldberg to close her eyes as if thinking, which caused co-host Joy Behar to ask:

“What are you doing, Whoopi? Thinking about it.”

Goldberg replied:

“I’m thinking him going to jail.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin, who is a former federal prosecutor, noted:

“It’s a 220-page lawsuit, and it lays out his financial statements for years and years and years. And it also says that he wildly inflated the worth of nearly every one of his properties and overall. That lawsuit said that 11 of his annual financial statements included more than 200 false and misleading asset valuations. You can get put in jail for just doing that one thing, just one.”

Behar added that since Trump loves to exaggerate everything, he’ll likely do the same thing when he gets to prison:

“He’ll go to jail and be, like, it’s the biggest, most beautiful cell I’ve ever been in. 14,000-square-foot cell I’m in. One more thing. you know, when Rosie O’Donnell went after him, everybody remembers that, right? The thing that got him really ticked off, not the hair thing. He didn’t care about that. It was because she went after the money. She said he doesn’t have the money. He’s a liar and an exaggerator and that made him so vicious. He was like a vicious animal. He really was.”

GOP Gun Crime Viral Video

WATCH: Ted Cruz Gets Confronted On Flight And Asked If He Can Name Any Of The Uvalde Victims

A supporter of Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke confronted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on a flight and asked him to name a single victim of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that took place in May. Video of that encounter is going viral on social media.

The video, which was posted on the Twitter account of Beto for Everyone is prefaced with this note:

“Senator Cruz was on my flight, and I asked him to name any of the Uvalde victims. He couldn’t.”

When the video begins, the Beto supporter remarks:

“Hey, we’re in Houston? I thought we were going to Cancun?”

Cruz doesn’t respond, but the man continues, telling the Texas Republican:

“Senator, thank you for everything you’ve done since Uvalde. All those podcast episodes must have raised a lot of money for you.”

Cruz finally speaks, insisting that he tried to pass school security legislation, but Democrats refused to support more security guards or metal detectors in public schools.

To that, the man retorts:

“How did you have time when you were recording a shit ton of podcast episodes?”

When another passenger says the man should let Cruz “fly in peace,” the O’Rourke supporter responds:

“I’m fine,” and Cruz can can fly in peace when “children can be buried in peace.”

Cruz asks the man filming if he knew “the facts at all,” the man responds with a question of his own:

“Do you know any of the names of the Uvalde victims?”

Cruz insists he does indeed know the names of victims from Robb Elementary, but never once utters a single name to back up that claim, telling the man:

“You don’t care about the facts. You’re a partisan — that’s ok.”

As he turns away, the O’Rourke supporter rightly asks:

“You’re not a partisan?”


Congress GOP Gun Crime Viral Video WTF?!

Viral Video: Marjorie Taylor Greene Appears To Kick A Gun Control Activist Who Disagrees With Her

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) appears to have committed a crime that was caught on video today in Washington, D.C.

Greene was walking and talking to activists who support sensible gun control. The congresswoman is vehemently opposed to any laws that would regulated guns in any manner whatsoever.

One of the activists, Santiago Mayer, the executive director of Voters of Tomorrow asked Greene about her staunch opposition to laws that would help reduce mass shootings, to which Greene replied:

“Shame on you. You know what? Go move to another country where they take away your guns.”


“I want to live in a country where kids don’t get shot.”

A sneering Greene told Mayer:

“You’re not even a grateful American.”

Another woman who was wearing a blue dress, then inquired of Greene:

“How does the second Amendment prevent gun violence?”

If you watch closely at the 1:15 mark of the video, it appears that Greene kicks the woman to make her move out of her walking path. The startled woman is clearly surprised, and a few seconds later an aide to Greene mentions that it’s against the law to block a member of Congress.

As she walks past the woman in the blue dress, Greene seems to say that she should just consider being kicked an “accident.”

Mayer later confirmed that Greene had indeed kicked a member of his team: