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WATCH: Trump Gets Loudly Booed When He Shows Up At Football Game In South Carolina

Failed one-term, twice-impeached and multiply-indicted ex-president Donald Trump showed up at the annual Palmetto Bowl college football game between Clemson and South Carolina on Saturday, and based on the reception he received, it certainly looks like even the Deep South is ready to see him disappear from the political scene.

Video of Trump’s arrival at the game was posted on Twitter by Fox Carolina Sports Director Beth Hoole, who wrote, “Former President Donald Trump has arrived ahead of kickoff at Williams-Brice Stadium.”

At about the 10 second mark of the video, which has gone viral, you can clearly hear many in the crowd lustily booing the disgraced former president, and that led to plenty of commentary on social media.


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WATCH: Margie Greene Gets Brutally Schooled For Not Knowing How The Government Works

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) got her headed handed to her by a Democratic colleague when she snarkily suggested that the Democrat was too old to understand the way legislation is advanced in Congress.

During debate on a funding bill to keep the government from shutting down at the end of the week, Greene rose and remarked:

GOP showboats like Greene don’t know the first thing about legislating. All they want to do is obstruct and lead insurrections. And Margie is among the very worst of them.


“My Democrat colleague across the aisle, who’s 80 years old and has been here over 30 years, just said we’re on the verge of a shutdown. She probably just forgot that a few hours ago, she voted for the continuing resolution that will extend the budget, and we are not on the verge of a shutdown.”

While Greene was correct the House had passed the funding legislation, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) promptly gave her a lesson in how a bill becomes a law.

“It may be that the gentlelady doesn’t know that there is another body attached to the U.S. Congress called the United States Senate,” DeLauro said. “And they have to vote on the continuing resolution.”

“That may be a basic lesson in civics. There is the House. There is the Senate. And there is the president.”

GOP showboats like Greene don’t know the first thing about legislating. All they want to do is obstruct and lead insurrections. And Margie is among the very worst of them.


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WATCH: Near ‘Literal Brawl’ Starts When GOP Senator Threatens Union Leader Testifying Before Committee

In what was once known as “the greatest deliberative body on earth,” today, a Republican senator threatened to fight a union leader who was testifying before a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

Teamsters President Sean O’Brien was the witness, according to Mediaite, when Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) referenced several barbs the two men have traded in recent months.

For example, O’Brien posted this in June:

That led Mullin to tell O’Brien:

“Sir, I wish you was [sic] in the truck with me when I was building my plumbing company myself and my wife was running the office because I should remember working pretty hard and long hours. ‘Pretends like he’s self-made. What a clown, fraud always has been, always will be. Quit the tough guy act in these Senate hearings. You know where to find me. Any place, any time, cowboy.”

Mullin then added: “Sir, this is a time, this is a place. You want to run your mouth. We can be two consenting adults. We can finish it here.”

O’Brien: “Okay, that’s fine. Perfect.”

Mullin: “You want to do it now?”

O’Brien, accepting the challenge: “I’d love to do it right now.”

Mullin: “Well, stand your butt up, then.”

O’Brien: “You stand your butt up.”

As Mullin stood and started to take a ring off his finger, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) intervened:

“Hold it. Stop it. Stop it. No, no. Sit down. Sit down! You’re a United States senator!”

When O’Brien asked if he could respond to what Mullin had said, Sanders insisted he couldn’t, telling him, “No, you can’t. This is a hearing.”

Here’s the video:

The greatest deliberative body on earth? Sure, until a redneck like Markwayne Mullin tries to turn it into a boxing match.


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WATCH A House Democrat Confound And Humiliate Lauren Boebert With One Simple Question

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) proved her unmatched ignorance once again today during a debate on a spending bill in which she was unable to answer a simple question from one of her Democratic colleagues.

The House of Representatives was debating a bill when Boebert attempted to add an amendment which would have prohibited any funds going to so-called sanctuary cities, leading Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) interjected:

“I rise in perplexion. I’m asking you to yield for a question.”

Boebert: “Sure. Ask your question.”

“What funds in this bill are used for the purposes you are opposed to?” Hoyer asked.

“This is precautionary,” Boebert responded.

“Precautionary for what?” Hoyer inquired.

“There are sanctuary city policies that are in place that are allowing the refuge of illegal aliens in this and there is an influx of crime and drugs in these cities and there is no way for these folks to even report what is taking place because they are protected under this fake policy that has been created that is subduing the actual rule of law that we have in the Constitution of the United States,” Boebert insisted.

Hoyer: “I understand that, but what you’ve said none of the funds in this bill can be spent for that objective. What funds are in this bill that are to be spent for this objective?”

“I have seen this administration use all sorts of funds to protect illegal aliens,” Boebert said.

“There are no funds in this bill to do that,” Hoyer noted. “So this is just an opportunity for you to stand and perhaps speak about an important subject, I understand that. But there are no funds in this bill to accomplish that objective. You don’t believe that the chairman would put funds in to accomplish that objective, do you?”

Once again, the Colorado Republican insisted she didn’t trust the Biden administration to spend money correctly, which led Hoyer to retort:

“If we do this amendment, any subject that anybody has an interest in would be subject to such an amendment. The rules committee has waived points of order, contrary to what they said they wanted done when we were in charge, because they didn’t want points of order, but there are no funds in this bill, Mr. Speaker, for the objective that the gentlelady wants to prevent.”

“This amendment has no place in this bill because there is no money in this bill,” he added. “You can argue about the sanctuary cities and argue about the border and do all of that, but this is not the bill to do it on.”

Lauren Boebert doesn’t know how to legislate or govern. About the only thing she’s any good at is vaping and giving hand jobs to her boyfriend in public.

Here’s the video from C-SPAN:


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WATCH Josh Hawley Get His A*s Handed To Him When He Attacks DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) was in full asshole mode today during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee which featured testimony from Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

Hawley asked Mayorkas about a DHS officer who posted anti-Semitic messages on social media, according to Mediaite, including one “of a Hamas paraglider with a machine gun, and the caption ‘Free Palestine.'”

Another message from the same DHS official read, “F-ck Israel.”

That led Hawley to inquire, “Mr. Secretary, what’s going on here? Is this typical of people who work at DHS? This is an asylum & immigration officer who is posting these, frankly, pro-genocidal slogans and images on the day that Israelis are being slaughtered in their beds. What have you done about this?”

The secretary tried to answer, only to have Hawley ask, “Has she been fired.”

Mayorkas: “That individual has been placed in administrative leave.”

“So she has not been fired?” Hawley said, adding:

“Has she admitted, contrary to law, individuals who should not be in this country, or denied Jewish refugees, whose genocide she’s advocating, asylum that they deserve?”

Mayorkas said twice that he couldn’t discuss a personnel matter.

Hawley then began lecturing the DHS secretary:

“I can’t believe that you would come to this committee knowing about this! I’ve written to you about it. You know all about it! And you come here, and you’re unwilling to answer, and suggest that it’s wrong of me to even ask the question! Quite frankly, Mr. Secretary, I think that your performance is despicable and I think the fact that you’re not willing to provide answers to this committee is absolutely atrocious.”

Mayorkas asked, “Mr. Chairman, may I?”

The chair, Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) replied, “If you’d like to have a minute to respond —”

Mayorkas: “Oh, I would, and I’m not sure I’ll limit it to 60 seconds.”

Peters: “That’s fine.”

And that’s when Mayorkas let loose on Hawley.

“Number one, what I found despicable was the implication that — this language, tremendously odious — actually could be emblematic of the sentiments of the 260,000 men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, number one.”

“Number two, Sen. Hawley takes an adversarial approach to me in this question, and perhaps he doesn’t know my own background. Perhaps he does not know that I’m a child of a Holocaust survivor. Perhaps he does not know that my mother lost all of her family at the hands of the Nazis. And so, I find his adversarial tone to be entirely misplaced. I find it to be disrespectful of me and my heritage. And I do not expect an apology, but I did want to say what I just articulated.”

When Hawley asked if he could respond to the secretary, the chairman told him he couldn’t, so Mayorkas got the last word, or in this case, the last words.

Josh Hawley is going to lecture a man whose mother lost her family to the Holocaust on the dangers of anti-Semitism? Instead, he should do what he did on Jan. 6 and run away like the coward he is.