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Haunting New Ad From The Biden Campaign Has The GOP Running Scared

Hours after failed one-term former president Donald Trump gave his mealy-mouthed statement regarding his current position on the issue of abortion and restricting the right of a woman to choose, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign released an ad that quickly went viral online and has Republicans running scared as they desperately try to distance themselves from new anti-choice laws being implemented in states such as Arizona.

NBC News reports the campaign ad deals with a Texas woman who sought to have an abortion and nearly died after she was denied one.

The 60-second ad, which first aired Monday on MSNBC, focuses on Amanda Zurawski, a Texas woman who sued the state after, she said, she almost died from a miscarriage. In the video, Zurawski and her husband, Josh, discuss how they had started buying things for the baby while Amanda was pregnant, including a baby book.

“At 18 weeks, Amanda’s water broke,” the ad’s text said. “She had a miscarriage.”

As the couple continues to recount memories of the pregnancy, text on the screen reads, “Because Donald Trump killed Roe v. Wade, Amanda was denied standard medical care to prevent infection, an abortion.”

But that’s just the beginning of Amanda’s nightmare, as she eventually wound up rushed to intensive care after suffering from sepsis. She nearly died on two separate occasions and may now never be able to have children, all because the state of Texas passed a restrictive anti-abortion law.

The ad ends with this line: “Donald Trump did this.”

Indeed, Trump did play a role in Amanda Zurawski’s ordeal. He appointed three right-wing justices to the U.S. Supreme Court who ruled that states can tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

As you’d expect, Republicans are now trying to distance themselves from the growing political firestorm that has been caused by their draconian laws, the Guardian reported from Arizona, the latest state to decide women have no right to make decisions about their reproductive health.

Republicans in the state took a surprising stance for a party that has historically championed abortion restrictions – they denounced the decision.

Some of the criticisms of the Tuesday ruling came from politicians who had previously supported the 1864 ban or cheered the end of Roe v Wade.

Trump and every Republican who played a role in the anti-abortion movement now have to own the morass they’ve created and pay a political price with voters, the majority of whom say the government doesn’t belong in private decisions made by a woman and her doctor.

Trump and his GOP did this. Never forget that fact.

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New Questions Raised About Trump’s Health As Video Shows Him ‘Hiding’ His ‘Bum Leg’

A new video making the rounds on social media has some suggesting that failed former president Donald Trump may have serious health issues that he’s attempting to hide from the voters.

OK Magazine reports that the video set off a wave of comments after it began circulating on Twitter.

“While at the LIV Golf Tournament in Miami, Fla., on Sunday, April 7, the ex-president, 77, was seen doing his signature move — but some people thought he was trying to create a distraction from his leg.”

It does look like Trump might be favoring one leg, which started a discussion of the matter online.

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Trump Supporter Says It’s OK Trump Cheated On His Wives: ‘Even Jesus Dated A Hooker’

If you thought you’d heard all of the absurd excuses and rationalizations Trump supporters can make for the bad behavior of their political lord and savior, you may want to go ahead and grab ahold of your socks, because what you’re about to read could well blow them right off your feet.

BoingBoing notes that Davram Stiefler of the Good Liars interviewed a MAGA member who was easily identified by the T-shirt he was wearing. The shirt depicted “Trump as the Terminator with the ‘I’ll be back’ catchphrase.”

But that’s nowhere near the most bizarre thing that took place during said interview, because the Trump fan suggested the Donald’s many affairs are simply irrelevant if you study the Bible and see who Jesus “dated.”

MAGA man: If you look at the history of Jesus, it was hundreds of years later before he was recognized, and that’s probably the same thing that’s going to happen to Donald Trump.

Stiefler: When you see him, the presence that he has in the room, the way he kind of commands the crowd and the way that he’s…

MAGA man: I think that he’s been picked by God, yes.

Stiefler: He wears lifts on his shoes, he wears a lot of make up. He wears a girdle to hold in his belly. Is that something God would do?

MAGA man: First off, if you knew anything about the apostles, they were pretty much all trash. They all had their bad qualities, and even Jesus was dating a hooker.

Actually, Jesus was not dating a hooker. The MAGA man seems to be referencing Mary Magdalene, who may have been a prostitute and was a follower of Christ. But nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were dating or involved in any manner whatsoever.

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a Trump supporter doesn’t know what the Bible says. After all, most of them are fake Christians who proclaim their faith but don’t know the first thing about what’s actually in the Bible. If they did, they damn sure wouldn’t be so bigoted towards people of color, immigrants, and women.

The MAGA man in the video got plenty of reaction on Twitter.

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Roseanne Barr Calls College Students ‘Devil-Worshiping, Baby Blood’ Drinkers

Washed-up former sitcom star Roseanne Barr has always been controversial and even downright disgusting at times. Remember the way she trashed the National Anthem back in 1990? If not, here’s her so-called “performance.”

Since then, Barr has joined the extreme right wing of American politics, proudly supporting failed one-term ex-president Donald Trump and his policies.

Barr is now actively campaigning on behalf of Arizona GOP Senate candidate Kari Lake, who lost a Senate race in 2020 and is back to try again, despite her constant whining that she actually won four years ago.

Recently, Barr announced that she was headed to Mar-a-Lago for a pro-Lake fundraiser. But the language she used raised more than a few eyebrows.

And then on Thursday Barr posted a video in which she attacked college students in the U.S., suggesting that they’re all devil worshipers who drink the blood of children, a hateful trope that dates back to centuries-old anti-Semitic lies and has been adopted by members of the QAnon cult.

Looking like a white trash imitation of the Norma Desmond character in the 1950 classic film “Sunset Boulevard,” Barr tells viewers, “How’re you doing? I’m here at Mar-a-Lago supporting Kari Lake, and it was a fantastic evening and our Trump is here, being the DJ, and I’ve just danced and everyone’s amazed.”

Then came the call for students to drop out of college.

“So I’m just going to say to you, please drop out of college, because it’s going to ruin your liiiiiives. Do me a favor, drop out, they don’t teach you nothing good, uh, email me or Twitter me or whatever you call me, and I’ll help you with your life, but you gotta get out of college, because it isn’t nothing but a bunch of devil-worshipping, baby blood-drinking, Democrat donors.”

“Love ya!”

Reaction to Barr’s unhinged rant was immediate, with some suggesting she should seek professional help and others urging her to go f*ck herself right back into obscurity.


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Must-See Video: Trump Tries To Say The Lord’s Prayer And Fails Miserably

While he repeatedly claims to be a defender of the Christian faith in the United States, failed one-term former president Donald Trump also fails to prove that he understands even of the most basic tenets of Christianity.

Remember when he was asked in 2015 to name his favorite Bible verse, Trump was unable to, saying there were “so many” and he couldn’t choose just one.

Just last week, Trump began hawking a “God Bless the USA Bible.” Did he do it out of the goodness of his heart? No. Instead, he made sure that he receives some of the profits from each $59.95 copy sold, a dead giveaway that he doesn’t understand what Jesus meant when he said you cannot serve God and mammon.

And now we have video proof that Donald doesn’t know the words to one of the most basic portions of the Christian prayer liturgy, the Lord’s Prayer, which most 5th graders can easily recite.

“Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen.”

A video of Trump shot over the Easter weekend provides evidence that he has no clue what the words are in the Lord’s Prayer, and the clip soon went viral on social media. Take a look:

Trump’s MAGA supporters would likely tell you their hero was just having a bad day, or couldn’t hear the prayer and was therefore unable to follow along.

But it turns out this isn’t the first time Donnie has flubbed the prayer, as Ron Filipkowski noted on Twitter.

Social media didn’t hold back after seeing the videos of the prayer-challenged, one-term ex-president.