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Twitter Erupts With Laughter In Response To Marjorie Greene’s ‘If I Were President Right Now’ Posting

Based on a posting she made today on Twitter, it appears that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) does indeed have presidential ambitions, despite the fact that she isn’t even assured of winning next Tuesday’s GOP primary in her home state.

Be sure and note that Marge conveniently neglected to mention how she would “rip the noose” off American business, but it’s probably safe to assume that worker protections and workplace safety rules would be long gone so that employers could place their workers in the most hazardous situations imaginable without facing any legal or financial liability. It’d be America circa 1910, with predatory capitalists treating their employees like slaves and even insisting that children need to be employed, too. But don’t worry. They promise to pay the kids at least 50 cents a day for a good 10 hours of hard labor.

If Marjorie Taylor Greene was president, the United States would be the biggest shithole country (to borrow a phrase from Marge’s lord and savior, Dotard Don) on the face of the planet.

Twitter had a field day with Greene’s delusions of grandeur:

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Twitter Explodes With Mockery After Don Jr. Dubs Himself The ‘MAGA Prince’

How did you spend your weekend?

You might have watched a baseball, basketball, or soccer game. If so, here’s hoping the team you were cheering for won.

Chances are you didn’t spend any of your time over the past two days making a meme of your face pasted over the head of the late music superstar Prince.

Then again, you also probably didn’t have any powdered “inspiration” (snort snort) to keep you up all night and in desperate need of something, ANYTHING to do.

However, if you’re a spoiled trust fund brat like Donald Trump Jr., you likely did stay up for 48 hours straight and decide the best way to spend some of your time was to make a meme (or pay someone to make one) that you could share with the world.

BEWARE! What you’re about to see may induce uncontrollable projectile vomiting. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

There was also this tweet from Junior:

Literal violence? Dude, that’s what you allegedly do to your nostrils every chance you get.

Also, how dare this incompetent weasel of a human being compare himself to Prince, who had more talent in his little finger than the entire Trump family, a bunch of grifters who have never worked or brought joy to anyone their entire lives.

Twitter was having none of it, and they blasted Traitor Tot with mockery and wrath.


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Musk Wants To Reverse Trump’s Twitter Ban But Also Says He May Not Buy The Platform After All

Earlier today, Elon Musk made it clear that he believes failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump should be allowed back on the Twitter social media platform.

CNN reports:

“I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump, I think that was a mistake,” Musk said. “I would reverse the perma-ban. … But my opinion, and Jack Dorsey, I want to be clear, shares this opinion, is that we should not have perma-bans.”

Dorsey, Twitter’s cofounder and former CEO, tweeted Tuesday following Musk’s remarks that he does “agree” there shouldn’t be permanent bans on Twitter users. “There are exceptions … but generally permanent bans are a failure of ours and don’t work,” he said.

Everywhere you looked online, the lifting of the Trump ban was the BIG NEWS, but something else Musk said makes it sound like he’s not sure he’s going to actually purchase the company:

“I would reverse the permanent ban. I don’t own Twitter yet. So this is not like a thing that will definitely happen, because what if I don’t own Twitter?”

Musk may also be aware that he cannot pass muster with the federal agencies which must approve such massive business deals. Or perhaps he realizes that buying Twitter is not exactly the sort of thing he wants to spend $44 billion on.

Additionally, there are suggestions that Musk has had major financial reversals as a result of recent stock market losses and no longer has the cash in hand that he needs to complete the deal.

Whatever the actual reason, it sounds like Musk is now having second thoughts about such an enormous outlay, especially with the tech sector taking such a devastating hit in the market.

For his part, Trump has said he doesn’t plan to return to Twitter and will instead focus on his own social media platform, Truth Social, which is widely seen as a massive failure.

So is Musk in or out? At the moment, that’s a bigger question than whether or not Trump makes another appearance on Twitter.

Abortion Donald Trump Jr. Social Media Supreme Court WTF?!

WTF?! Don Jr. Says SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Was Leaked Because Elon Musk Is Buying Twitter

In what may well go down in history as one of the most vapid and moronic statements ever made by a human being, Donald Trump Jr. claimed Sunday during an appearance on Fox News that the reason a draft opinion of a Supreme Court ruling was leaked to Politico this week is because Elon Musk is buying Twitter.

Good luck trying to figure out that sort of convoluted logic.

Don Jr. was a guest on “Sunday Morning Futures,” where he told host Maria Bartiromo:

“These people (liberals) are living in a bubble. They’re not looking for a level playing field. They’re looking for an advantage. They were always thrilled when they have that advantage as though they don’t have enough advantages already.”

He then added:

“They had all of social media, again, until you came up with Truth Social and then Elon Musk said, ‘Hey, how about some free speech on Twitter as well?’ Oh my God! You know, the outrage and the panic. And you see it.

“And that’s why you see the leak about the Supreme Court. They need something and they have nothing to motivate their people.”

What?! What in the hell does all that even mean? Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter, so that led to Justice Samuel Alito writing an opinion that will overturn Roe v. Wade? And then a liberal leaked the opinion to “motivate” Democratic voters?

A conservative could just as easily have been the leaker, as Jonathan Chait of New York magazine pointed out earlier this week when he appeared on MSNBC:

“I want to be clear that I have no idea who leaked this and it definitely could have come from the left. but I wrote this because so much of the commentary from the right simply assumed that the leaks that come from the left and ignored the fact that we have a smaller leak three days before from the Wall Street Journal that had the same effect they’re decrying, which is to put public pressure on the justices to rule in a certain way. That is the reason why they say this leak is so dangerous, because it subjects the justices to this kind of lobbying and that is exactly why the Wall Street Journal was leaked this early version, and they really had the inside scoop on the breakdown inside of the court.”

It has long been suggested that Donald Trump Jr. may have a substance abuse problem. Based on what he said earlier today, he’s either on drugs or even dumber than we thought.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Heavily Trolled For Posting Bizarre ‘UltraMAGA’ Picture Of Herself On Twitter

It’s been said more than once that the MAGA movement which is led by failed, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump isn’t actually a political party per se, but more of a cult.

Several years ago, Dr. Steve Eichel came up with a “checklist of characteristics” which are found in cults. Here’s a few of those characteristics:

  • The group is focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment.
  • The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.
  • The group is preoccupied with making money.
  • Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

Sounds a lot like what we’ve seen since Trump first announced he’d be running for president, doesn’t it?

One of the most devoted MAGA cult members is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who speaks of Trump with a reverence that’s downright creepy.

And yet, something Greene posted on Twitter Friday raised more than a few eyebrows. Take a look:

Is that downright deranged or what? Twitter users certainly thought so, and they let Margie know it.